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7 Oct 1999
Hey! what's up? I am just writing to say I love your site, and have bookmarked it. The convoy battle section is cool, and I LOVE the new Events on this day feature. keep up the good work!
  David Clark

24 Dec 1997
Just a short note to compliment you on the excellent content of the Web site. If only more so-called "information" sites on the Web were like this! Not only is the data comprehensive and seemingly well-researched, but the format is logical and easy to use. I particularly like the focus on U-Boat crew experiences, which makes the whole subject come alive by the insight it gives into true life stories.
  John Hart

4 Jul 2000
I am an Ausralian who was a boy during the second war, my father was killed at El-Alamein - I served in Vietnam in the army ---there are many sites concerning air and land forces-but I happened to find your site by accident-what a wonderful find-I can only just barely imagine your work load-I find this site incredibly informative--you have the true happenings and events-not those hysterical myths---once again I congratulate you on a magnificent informative site-----best of luck for future adventures.
  Norman Harley

11 Nov 1997
Hi, this is an unreal page with heaps of useful and interesting information. I am just about to finish [...] school in Brisbane, Australia and have found the information provided, very useful for my final Marine Studies assessment on the Battle of the Atlantic. This site is also good for personal interest as I am a lover of the sea and maritime operations. Thanks for the great info!
  Mado Paulsen

1 May 2002
I`m living in Poland and U-Boats very interesting me. This is the BEST site in the NET. Thanks to all who made this powerfull site!
  Artur Hostynek

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