Allied Commanders



Knights Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)

CommanderDate  Command
Vice-Admiral Andrewes, William Gerrard, DSO, RN2 Feb 1951  

Vice-Admiral Barry, Claud Barrington, DSO, RN10 Jun 1948  
Vice-Admiral Beloe, Isaac William Trant, DSC, RN12 Jun 1965  
Vice-Admiral Beverley, William York La Roche, RN5 Jun 1952  
Vice-Admiral Biggs, Hilary Worthington, DSO, RN12 Jun 1958  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Bligh, Timothy James, DSO, DSC, OBE, RNVR22 Oct 1963  
Vice-Admiral Bridge, Arthur Robin Moore, RN8 Jun 1950  
Vice-Admiral Burrell, Henry Mackay, RAN11 Jun 1960  

Vice-Admiral Campbell, Ian Murray Robertson, DSO, RN9 Jun 1955  
Vice-Admiral Carlill, Stephen Hope, DSO, RN13 Jun 1957  
Vice-Admiral Cazalet, Peter Grenville Lyon, DSO, DSC, RN9 Jun 1955  
Rear-Admiral Clarke, Charles Philip, DSO, RN1 Jan 1954  
Admiral Clarke, Marshal Llewelyn, DSC, RN1 Jan 1946  
V.Adm. Cole, Antony Bartholomew, DSC, RN13 Jun 1964  
Vice-Admiral Collins, John Augustine, RAN1 Jan 1951  
Vice-Admiral Cunninghame-Graham, Angus Edward Malise Bontine, RN1 Jan 1951  

Vice-Admiral Day, Archibald, DSO, RN1 Jan 1954  
Vice-Admiral Dowling, Roy Russell, DSO, RAN1 Jan 1957  

Vice-Admiral Eaton, John William Musgrave, DSO, DSC, RN31 May 1956  
Vice-Admiral Enright, Philip King, RN1 Jan 1952  
Vice-Admiral Ewing, Robert Alastair, DSC, RN1 Jan 1962  

Vice-Admiral Fisher, Douglas Blake, OBE, RN1 Jan 1946  

Vice-Admiral Gregory, George David Archibald, DSO, RN13 Jun 1964  

Vice-Admiral Harrington, Wilfred Hastings, DSO, RAN8 Jun 1963  
Vice-Admiral Hawkins, Geoffrey Alan Brooke, DSC, RN5 Jun 1952  
Vice-Admiral Hezlet, Arthur Richard, DSO, DSC, RN1 Jan 1964  

Rear-Admiral Irving, Edmund George, OBE, RN1 Jan 1966  

Vice-Admiral Kinahan, Harold Richard George, RN1 Jan 1949  

Rear-Admiral (Retired) Martin, Benjamin Charles Stanley, DSO, RN11 Jun 1946  
Vice-Admiral McCall, Henry William Urquhart, DSO, RN7 Jun 1951  
Rear-Admiral Miers, Anthony Cecil Capel, VC, DSO, RN13 Jun 1959  
Vice-Admiral Morgan, Llewellyn Vaughan, DSC, RN9 Jun 1949  
Rear-Admiral Morse, John Anthony Vere, DSO, RN18 Dec 1945  

Vice-Admiral Nicholson, Randolph Stewart Gresham, DSO, DSC, RN2 Jan 1950  

Vice-Admiral Pedder, Arthur Reid, RN1 Jan 1959  
Vice-Admiral Pizey, Charles Thomas Mark, DSO, RN1 Jun 1953  
Vice-Admiral Poland, Albert Lawrence, DSO, DSC, RN1 Jun 1953  

Vice-Admiral Raw, Sidney Moffat, RN1 Jun 1954  
Vice-Admiral Rawlings, Henry Bernard, OBE, RN4 Sep 1945  
Vice-Admiral Richmond, Maxwell, DSO, OBE, RN13 Jun 1957  
Vice-Admiral Robertshaw, Ballin Illingworth, RN1 Jan 1958  

Vice-Admiral Sayer, Guy Bourchier, DSC, RN1 Jan 1959  
Rear-Admiral Scott, William David Stewart, RN11 Jun 1977  
Vice-Admiral (retired) Simeon, Charles Edward Barrington, RN14 Jun 1945  
Capt. Slattery, Matthew Sausse, RN1 Jan 1960  
Capt. Stevens, John Felgate, RN24 Jul 1945  
Vice-Admiral Syfret, Edward Neville, RN18 Dec 1945  
Vice-Admiral Symonds-Tayler, Richard Victor, DSC, RN1 Jan 1951  

Vice-Admiral Talbot, Arthur Allison FitzRoy, DSO, RN1 Jan 1964  

Rear-Admiral Vian, Philip Louis, DSO, RN31 Mar 1942  

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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