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The high speed transport USS Horace A. Bass of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeHigh speed transport
Displacement1400 BRT 
Length306 feet 
Complement201 men 
Armament1 5" gun
6 40mm AA (3x2)
6 20mm AA (6x1)  
Max speed23.5 knots
EnginesTurbo-electric, 2 shafts 
Power12000 HP 
Notes on classThese ships were Rudderow class destroyer escorts converted to high speed transports during construction.  

All ships of the Crosley class

US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Arthur L. Bristol (APD 97)
USS Balduck (APD 132)
USS Begor (APD 127)
USS Belet (APD 109)
USS Beverly W. Reid (APD 119)
USS Brock (APD 93)
USS Burdo (APD 133)
USS Carpellotti (APD 136)
USS Cavallaro (APD 128)
USS Cook (APD 130)
USS Cread (APD 88)
USS Crosley (APD 87)
USS Diachenko (APD 123)
USS Don O. Woods (APD 118)
USS Donald W. Wolf (APD 129)
USS Earhart (APD 113)
USS Earle B. Hall (APD 107)
USS Francovich (APD 116)
USS Gosselin (APD 126)
USS Harry L. Corl (APD 108)
USS Horace A. Bass (APD 124)
USS Hunter Marshall (APD 112)
USS John Q. Roberts (APD 94)
USS Joseph M. Auman (APD 117)
USS Julius A. Raven (APD 110)
USS Kinzer (APD 91)
USS Kirwin (APD 90)
USS Kleinsmith (APD 134)
USS Kline (APD 120)
USS Knudson (APD 101)
USS Myers (APD 105)
USS Ray K. Edwards (APD 96)
USS Raymon W. Herndon (APD 121)
USS Rednour (APD 102)
USS Register (APD 92)
USS Ringness (APD 100)
USS Rogers Blood (APD 115)
USS Ruchamkin (APD 89)
USS Scribner (APD 122)
USS Tollberg (APD 103)
USS Trunxton (APD 98)
USS Upham (APD 99)
USS Walsh (APD 111)
USS Walter B. Cobb (APD 106)
USS Walter S. Gorka (APD 114)
USS Walter X. Young (APD 131)
USS Wantuck (APD 125)
USS Weiss (APD 135)
USS William J. Pattison (APD 104)
USS William M. Hobby (APD 95)

50 High speed transports of the Crosley class.

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