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Ordered10 Apr 1941
Laid down6 Mar 1942 Deutsche Werft AG, Hamburg (werk 353)
Launched8 Oct 1942
Commissioned23 Dec 1942Kptlt. Helmut Ellmenreich
23 Dec 1942 - 5 Jul 1943  Kptlt. Helmut Ellmenreich
1 patrol
23 Dec 1942-31 May 1943  4. Flottille (training)
1 Jun 1943-5 Jul 1943  10. Flottille (active service)
SuccessesNo ships sunk or damaged

Sunk 5 July, 1943 north-east of Cape Finisterre, Spain, in position 43.38N, 09.13W, by depth charges from a British Liberator aircraft (Sqdn. 53/G). 55 dead (all hands lost).

Loss position

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Attacks on this boat and other events

8 Jun 1943
Approx. 14.00 hrs, mid-Atlantic south of Iceland: the boat was attacked and damaged by depth charges from a British Hudson (RAF Sqdn 269/K, pilot Sgt R.B. Couchman) near convoy SC-132.A follow up attack by a second Hudson (269 Sqdn RAF/H, pilot F/O J.A. Turnbull) was frustrated when the depth charges failed to release on two attack runs. Flak damaged the aircraft in several places, and F/O Turnbull then warned an arriving American Catalina (USN VP-84) that the boat would remain surfaced and fight it out. The flying boat shadowed U-535 without attacking until she was able to escape at dusk. (Sources: Franks/Zimmerman)

5 Jul 1943
The sinking of U-535 16.55 hrs, off Cape Vilano, Spain: a group of 3 inbound boats (U-170, U-535 and U-536) was attacked by British Liberator BZ751 (RAF Sqdn 53/G, pilot F/S W. Anderson, RNZAF). All three boats successfully evaded the first attack, and U-536 was only strafed in the second because the depth charges failed to release. As leading boat, U-536 then gave the signal to dive, but for unknown reasons U-535 remained surfaced and had to face the next attack alone. Despite flak damage to wings, fuselage and tailplane, the aircraft straddled U-535 with 8 depth charges just abaft the conning tower and she sank with all hands. Due to the flak damage and a wounded crewman, the aircraft left the area immediately and returned to base. (Sources: Franks/Zimmerman)

2 recorded attacks on this boat.

Men lost from U-boats

Unlike many other U-boats, which during their service lost men due to accidents and various other causes, U-535 did not suffer any casualties (we know of) until the time of her loss.

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