The U-boat war in Maps

Cape Verde Islands

These islands, in the middle of the Atlantic, saw some serious U-boat and U-boat Hunting activity during the war. The most famous of these is the capture of U-505 (Oblt. Harald Lange) in 1944.

U-boats lost near the Cape Verde Islands


1943. 1944.

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10 German U-boats lost in the Cape Verde area.

Enemy We Killed, My Friend, The

Jones, David C.

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The Enemy We Killed, My Friend. Jones, David C., 1999. (transl.)
German Submarine Warfare 1914-1918 in the Eyes of British Intelligence. Koerver, Hans Joachim, 2010.
In Peril On The Sea. Bell, R.W. and Lockerbie, D.Bruce, 1984.

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