WWI U-boat commanders

Heino von Heimburg

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 4/07)

20 ships sunk with a total of 44,892 GRT
3 warships sunk with a total of 10,777 tons
8 ships damaged with a total of 49,699 GRT

Born:24 Oct 1889  
Died:Oct 1945 Stalingrad 

Heino von Heimburg


21 Apr 1908Fähnrich zur See
10 Apr 1911Leutnant zur See
22 Apr 1914Oberleutnant zur See
28 Apr 1918Kapitänleutnant
1 Oct 1932Fregattenkapitän
1 Jul 1934Kapitän zur See
1 Aug 1939Konteradmiral
1 Apr 1942Vizeadmiral


Iron Cross 2nd class
Iron Cross 1st class
8 Nov 1915Hausorden von Hohenzollern
 Ottoman Empire Iron Half Moon
 Imperial Austrian Order of the Iron Crown
 Empire Silver Medal Imtiaz with Scimitars
 Knight's Cross with War Decoration Austrian Order of Leopold
Friedrich August Kreuz
11 Aug 1917Pour le Mérite
 Badge U-Boat War
 Honor Cross for Combatants

U-boat Commands

UB 1425 Mar 1915 - 4 Dec 1915
UB 154 Jun 1915 - 17 Jun 1915
UB 146 Feb 1916 - 16 Jun 1916
UC 221 Jul 1916 - 13 Jul 1917
UB 685 Oct 1917 - 1 Jul 1918
U 3514 Oct 1918 - 11 Nov 1918


Was awarded the Pour le Mérite on 11 August 1917 in recognition of outstanding naval operations and for having sunk 62.000 BRT of enemy shipping, including the British submarine E20 and the British troop transport HMS Royal Edward, in the Mediterranean. He also sank the Italian submarine Medusa and the Italian cruiser Amalfi.

At the end of WWII Soviet forces abducted Heino von Heimburg, a then 55-year-old retired naval officer and transported him to POW camp near Stalingrad. He died there in late 1945.

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