WWI U-boat commanders

Robert Moraht

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 4/01)

45 ships sunk with a total of 129,569 GRT
1 warship sunk with a total of 18,300 tons
3 ships damaged with a total of 9,420 GRT
1 ship taken as prize with a total of 186 GRT

Born:7 Sep 1884 Sonderburg 
Died:26 Aug 1956 Hamburg 

Robert Moraht


10 Apr 1901 Seekadett
22 Apr 1902 Fähnrich zur See
29 Sep 1904 Leutnant zur See
30 Mar 1906 Oberleutnant zur See
9 Dec 1911 Kapitänleutnant
5 Feb 1920 Korvettenkapitän
31 Jul 1920 Out of naval service
1 Oct 1942 Fregattenkapitän


prewar  Order of the Crown
 Iron Cross 2nd class
 Iron Cross 1st class
 Friedrich-August Cross (Oldenburg)
29 Mar 1917  Royal House Order of Hohenzollern
12 Nov 1917  Pour le Mérite

U-boat Commands

U 6415 Apr 1916 - 17 Jun 1918


Was awarded the Pour le Mérite for outstanding leadership and distinguished naval planning and successful operations between 19 and 25 October 1917 when he sank seven Allied merchant ships in the Mediterranean. On the 25th he attacked an Allied convoy of eight ships and sank two of them in the same amount of minutes! When he returned with U 64 to the Austria-Hungarian base at Pola he received the Pour le Mérite personally out of the hands of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. At the time he held the rank of Kapitänleutnant

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