WWI U-boat commanders

Otto Schultze

Korvettenkapitän (Crew 4/00)

53 ships sunk with a total of 132,567 GRT
1 warship sunk with a total of 5,250 tons
7 ships damaged with a total of 28,753 GRT
2 warships damaged with a total of 2,540 tons

Born:11 May 1884  
Died:22 Jan 1966  

Otto Schultze


27 Sep 1903Leutnant zur See
21 Mar 1905Oberleutnant zur See
22 Mar 1910Kapitänleutnant
28 Apr 1918Korvettenkapitän


 Empire Silver Medal Imtiaz with Scimitars
 Military Merit Cross
 Ottoman Empire Iron Half Moon
 Prussian Cross Twenty-fifth year of Service
Friedrich August Kreuz
Iron Cross 1st class
Iron Cross 2nd class
23 Jun 1917Hausorden von Hohenzollern
 Badge U-Boat War
18 Mar 1918Pour le Mérite

U-boat Commands

U 6311 Mar 1916 - 27 Aug 1917
U 6315 Oct 1917 - 24 Dec 1917


Awarded the Pour le Mérite for outstanding leadership and distinguished naval planning and successful submarine operations. He sank a total of 175.000 BRT of enemy shipping, among these the British cruiser HMS Falmouth and the troop transport SS Transylvania and two other transports.

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