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U234 and German Atomic bomb
Posted by: Wayne Grover ()
Date: June 08, 2000 11:29PM

One German U-Boat captain, Johann-Heinrich Fehler changed the course of history and prevented Japan from obtaining Germany's atom bomb plans and enriched uranium at a crucial time of the impending U.S. invasion of Japan. When he sailed from Norway on April 16, 1945, he had on board the plans for an atomic bomb nearly 85% complete, requiring but a short time more to design the trigger. Also on board was 550 Kg of enriched uranium and two Japanese, science officers to oversee the transfer in Japan. Unknown to most U-Boat buffs, U-234 also had Germany's top nuclear scientists aboard to assist the Japanese in rapid development of their own atomic bomb to use on the fast approaching American forces.You won't find much mention of the German scientist being aboard because a net of total secrecy was thrown over the whole event after Fehler disobeyed orders directly from Hitler to get the sub to Japan. When Fehler heard the war in Europe was over, he turned in mid-Atlantic, radioed the American Navy and was met by a small floatilla of U.S. warships that escorted U-234 and its crew to Portsmouth, NH where the FBI and military intelligence units were waiting. A news blackout was issued after local papers trumpeted the capture of the sub, but crewmen who survived have since revealed the full story. The two Japanese committed suicide rather than face capture by the Americans. The German scientists were quickly absorbed into our own nearly complete atomic bomb program and within two months, the U.S. detonated its first atomic blast in New Mexico. THINK ABOUT THIS: Had Fehler obeyed orders and taken the U-234 to Japan, the course of history could well have been altered and millions of Americans lives would have been lost....maybe even the Pacific War. This is the best kept secret of WWII. If The hunt for Red October thrilled you, this story is fact and its implications far more history making. Wayne Grover, Author001@AOL.Com

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