The German U-boats

U-48 returning to base
The most successful U-boat of WWII, U-48 returning to base after a successful patrol.

U-boat Index

All 1153 U-boat profiles! Also includes 14 foreign submarines and all the U-boats laid down but not commissioned.

U-boats Today

Are any U-boats left today and where are they? You can find them in museums in Germany, USA, Britain and Finland.

U-boat Types

41 pages of techical info covering all the U-boat types, ranging from the smallest coastal boats to the huge supply and mine vessels.

U-boat Fates

All the known fates, losses, scuttled, surrendered etc.

The Flotillas

All combat and training units
also their bases

U-boat Shipyards

Who built the boats? Locations, types and contracts.

Dive Into History

Here you can learn about the U-boat wrecks that you can scuba dive onto.


A set of pages dealing with U-boat related history.

U-boat books

Literally thousands of books related to the U-boat War of both wars.

U-boat movies

See our selection of U-boat movies.


Set of maps graphically showing various aspects of the U-boat War, including where the U-boats were lost at sea.

U-boat Operations

Where did the boats fight? Covers both combat areas and special missions.

Most successful U-boats

A simple page on the most successful boats and the commander that ensured that their boat performed.

Convoy Battles

Huge new section covering all the convoys hit by U-boats in the war plus detailed information on the convoy routes used. Also a page on the most famous convoy battles.


A new superset of pages which deals with the various technical aspects of the U-boat war, both in offense and defence.

Announcement board

Here we'll list interesting news within our scope, such as U-boat restorations, discoveries, dive sites and more.

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