U-boat fates

U-boats Today
The U-995 at Laboe, Germany seen from nearby Memorial.


Surrendered in 1945, now a war memorial in Laboe, Germany. See its gallery page.


Raised in 1957 after being scuttled in 1945, now in a museum boat in Germany.


Raised from the Kattegat in 1993. Now in restoration at Birkenhead, England.

3 more XXI boats

Did you know that 3 Type XXI boats are still existing in Hamburg, Germany?.


Captured by the US Navy in 1944. Now in Chicago, USA.


The prototype for the Type IIA boats. Now in the Finnish Military Museum.

Dive Into History

Here you can learn about the U-boat wrecks that you can scuba dive onto.

Midget boats

Listing the roughly 20 midget boats still around in museums around the world.

See our pages on the U-96 (Das Boot) Museum in Munich.

U-boat fates