The Men of the U-boats

This is a set of pages which contains pages such as the Top U-boat Aces, Commanders that sank over 50,000 tons of shipping and much more.

Most successful U-boat commanders

This section shows the most successful U-boat commanders of WWII.

List of all U-boat commanders

On this database you can read about all U-boat commanders in WWII (over 1,400 of them).

Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz

Commander-in-Chief of the German U-boats.

German War Decorations

All medals and decorations awarded to the U-boat force, with all the known recipients of each award listed. This section also includes decorations won before serving in U-boats (in Merchant Raiders, Minesweepers, the Luftwaffe, ...)

The Commander Interviews

Here you can listen to famous U-boat commanders speak of their experiences in their own words!

Kriegsmarine Uniforms

A 6-page set dealing with the various uniforms worn both on the boat and on shore.

Dönitz at Nuremberg

A 4-page narrative on the trials against Dönitz.


U-boat high command

Knights Cross winners

Here you can find the most highly decorated U-boat personnel. We have created bio pages for all the Knights Cross winners.

Diamonds Winners (2)
Swords Winners (5)
Oak Leaves Winners (29)
Knights Cross Winners (144)

Youngest and oldest on patrols

Who were the youngest and oldest U-boat commanders who went out on patrol? This page has top 10 of each age group.

Listing of all personnel files

This listing shows the men we have files on that were not U-boat commanders themselves. They are mostly highly decorated personnel from the U-boats service.

Kriegsmarine Ranks

Explains all the different ranks of relevance.

U-boat Officers illustrations

Many great drawings of famous officers.

Other interesting pages

   Food carried on U-boats