Greatest U-boat Commanders

Karl-Friedich Merten Karl-Friedrich Merten

Joachim Schepke
Joachim Schepke

Top Aces

Commanders with Over 100,000 tons sunk each

These men sank over 820 ships and over 4,6 million tons of allied shipping.

Commanders with Over 50,000 tons sunk

This is a compilation of the excellent commanders that didn't quite make it to the "premier league" :)

Capital Warships sunk

The Allies lost 2 battleships, 3 aircraft carriers, 3 escort carriers and 6 cruisers to the U-boats. See also largest ships sunk.

Special Achievements

This page will list some of the more spectacular achievements undertaken by U-boat officers in the war. This will include daring attacks, narrow escapes and more.

Largest U-boat victims

Allied vessels of roughly 20,000 GRT and larger sunk in the war and the men who sank them.