On these sets of pages we will collect information on how the Kriegsmarine training its U-boat personnel both pre-war and during the conflict. The first 3 papers are all from Mr. David Westwood as seen on the footer of this page.


Dealing with the origins and formation of the U-boat Arm of the Kriegsmarine.

The Preparation and training of U-Boat Crews 1925-1945

The title explains it all ...

The Crews

The annual intake of Naval officers was known as "crews". This explains all the famous crews and lists famous officers of those crews.

The Effect of War

Covers how the training methods were forced to adapt to the immediate needs for more men in combat flotillas.

The material here was written by David Westwood
- from c.2 of PhD "The German UBoat Arm 1935-1945" by David Westwood (King's College, University of London, 1983).