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11 December

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U-boat Shipyard report

Ordered (0) Laid down (4) Launched (4) Commissioned (3)
No U-boat orders on this date1940: U-172
1942: U-858, U-1164
1944: U-2367
1941: U-607, U-608, U-661
1944: U-2534
1940: U-147
1941: U-600
1944: U-2349
These are commissioned boats. For more see our Shipyard pages.

Allied Ships hit on this date

 U-boatCommanderName of shipTonsCountryConvoy
 U-38LiebeGaroufalia 4,708   gr
 U-94KuppischEmpire Statesman 5,306   brSLS-56
 U-96Lehmann-WillenbrockRotorua 10,890   brHX-92
 U-96Lehmann-WillenbrockTowa 5,419   nlHX-92
 U-374FischelHMS Lady Shirley 477   br
 U-374FischelHMS Rosabelle 515   br
 U-443PuttkamerHMS Blean (L 47) 1,087   brKMF-4
 U-223W├ĄchterHMS Cuckmere (K 299) total loss1,300   brKMS-34
 U-365TodenhagenHMS Cassandra (R 62) (d)1,710   brRA-62
* Unless otherwise noted the ships listed here were sunk. (d) = damaged

See all Allied ships hit by U-boats during WWII.

Attacks on this day


U-67. The boat was depth charged by the British corvette HMS Bluebell. This attack was thought to have sunk U-208 but instead slightly damaged U-67. (FDS/NHB)

U-652. At 1439 hours (Berlin time), while west of Ustica Island in position 38.42N, 12.51E, the Dutch submarine HrMs O 24 (Lt.Cdr. O. de Booy, RNN) fired three torpedoes at a German U-boat. A full bow salvo of four torpedoes was intended but the enemy changes course after the third torpedo had been fired which then all missed. The fourth bow torpedo was not fired. According to the German log U-652 spotted the periscope of the attacker and course was changed. Shortly afterwards two torpedo tracks were sighted.

U-boats lost

No U-boats were lost on this date, 11 December.

- For more information on U-boat losses check out our Fates section.

U-boat Men Lost or Wounded

There were no men lost from U-boats on this date, 11 December.

- For more information on Men lost from U-boats check out this page.

Personnel Information

The following men were born on this day:
Werner Hartmann (1902), Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (1911), Manfred Schneider (1920).

See the entire U-boat commander listing showing all U-boat commanders.
We might include more officers (Allied and Axis) at a later date.

U-boat departures and arrivals on 11 December

This section shows the U-boat departures and arrivals from bases on this day of the year. Current country names shown with harbour names. Boats entering port display days at sea during that patrol.


U-boats entering base:
To Wilhelmshaven, Germany: U-31 (23 days)


From Bergen, Norway: U-576
From Brest, France: U-83
From Kristiansand: U-128
From St. Nazaire, France: U-573


From Kiel, Germany: U-586

U-boats entering base:
To Brest, France: U-441 (5 days)
To Lorient, France: U-504 (115 days)


From Kiel, Germany: U-716
From La Pallice: U-952
From St. Nazaire, France: U-641 (lost 40 days later)

U-boats entering base:
To Brest, France: U-764 (47 days)


From Bergen, Norway: U-1009
From Bogenbucht: U-313, U-995
From Horten, Norway: U-1233
From Kristiansand: U-905
From Marviken: U-1055
From Narvik, Norway: U-956

U-boats entering base:
To Batavia U-219 (111 days)

U-boats at sea on 11 December

Boats entering port on this day are not counted, but boats departing for patrol are. (+) indicates the boat was lost during this patrol.


U-13, U-20, U-23, U-28, U-29, U-30, U-38, U-43, U-47, U-48, U-57, U-61.
12 boats at sea.


U-37, U-43, U-52, U-65, U-94, U-96, U-99, U-100, U-103, U-140.
10 boats at sea.


U-43, U-67, U-68, U-74, U-77, U-83, U-86, U-105, U-107, U-108, U-124, U-126, U-127 (+), U-128, U-129, U-130, U-131 (+), U-134, U-332, U-371, U-372, U-374, U-375, U-431, U-432, U-434 (+), U-451, U-453, U-557 (+), U-559, U-562, U-565, U-566, U-568, U-569, U-573, U-574 (+), U-575, U-576, U-584, U-652, UA.
42 boats at sea.


U-24, U-67, U-81, U-83, U-86, U-91, U-92, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-109, U-118, U-123, U-124, U-125, U-126, U-128, U-129, U-130, U-134, U-135, U-154, U-155, U-159, U-161, U-163, U-164 (+), U-172, U-174, U-175, U-176, U-177, U-178, U-181, U-182 (+), U-183, U-185, U-203, U-211, U-212, U-214, U-217, U-221, U-225, U-257, U-301, U-336, U-356 (+), U-371, U-373, U-375, U-378, U-380, U-405, U-409, U-410, U-432, U-435, U-439, U-443, U-445, U-453, U-455, U-460, U-461, U-463, U-465, U-505, U-507 (+), U-508, U-510, U-513, U-514, U-515, U-518, U-519, U-524, U-552, U-553, U-561, U-562, U-563, U-564, U-565, U-569, U-591, U-592, U-593, U-600, U-602, U-604, U-609, U-610, U-615, U-618, U-621, U-623, U-626 (+), U-628, U-653, U-657, U-663, U-664, U-706, U-758, UD-3.
106 boats at sea.


U-9, U-68, U-73 (+), U-92, U-103, U-107, U-129, U-154, U-155, U-170, U-172 (+), U-178, U-190, U-193, U-219, U-223, U-228, U-230, U-238, U-269, U-270, U-275, U-277, U-284 (+), U-302, U-305 (+), U-311, U-354, U-358, U-364 (+), U-382, U-387, U-390, U-391 (+), U-392, U-407, U-415, U-421, U-424, U-445, U-471, U-488, U-510, U-515, U-516, U-530, U-541, U-543, U-544 (+), U-545 (+), U-593 (+), U-596, U-616, U-618, U-625, U-629, U-636, U-641 (+), U-645 (+), U-653, U-667, U-672, U-734, U-741, U-744, U-761, U-801, U-843, U-846, U-850 (+), U-952, U-960, U-962, U-972 (+), U-976, U-981.
76 boats at sea.


U-181, U-195, U-248 (+), U-275, U-286, U-293, U-295, U-296, U-299, U-310, U-313, U-318, U-322 (+), U-325, U-365 (+), U-396, U-400 (+), U-427, U-481, U-485, U-486, U-636, U-637, U-650 (+), U-668, U-679 (+), U-680, U-722, U-772 (+), U-773, U-775, U-806, U-843, U-862, U-869 (+), U-870, U-877 (+), U-905, U-956, U-958, U-965, U-978, U-979, U-991, U-995, U-997, U-1003, U-1009, U-1020 (+), U-1053, U-1055, U-1163, U-1202, U-1209 (+), U-1223, U-1227, U-1228, U-1230, U-1231, U-1232.
60 boats at sea.

General Events on 11 December


U-30 was forced to return to base due to engine trouble.

U-61 was unable to lay mines in the Firth of Forth as planned due to the presence of numerous enemy escorts.


A memorable day in U-boat history: U-65 was the first U-boat to cross the Equator, in Grid FC 39.


German declaration of war against USA.
This immediately led to the full engagement of US naval forces in Europe and of U-boats in US waters in Operation Drumbeat in January 1942.

U-574 received support (supplies, etc.) at Vigo, Spain.


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