Italian submarines in World War Two

Acciaio (AC)

Acciaio (USMM)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassPlatino 1 (24) 
Laid down 21 Nov 1940 Odero-Terni-Orlando, Muggiano
Launched22 Jun 1941
Commissioned30 Oct 1941
End service
Loss date12 Jul 1943
Loss position
History Probably sunk at 0020 hours on 12th July 1943 by Hudson 'Q' of 608 Squadron (Pilot Officer R.F. Burling) which attacked a submarine in 37°37'N, 08°03'E.

Was previously reported as sunk by the submarine HMS Unruly on 13th July 1943 off Cape Vaticano in 38°35'N, 15°49'E but the submarine attacked was Benedetto Brin and she was missed.



CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Giulio Chialamberto1 Nov 194131 Dec 1941
T.V. Raul Galletti4 Feb 19423 May 1942
T.V. Ottorino Beltrami3 May 194222 Feb 1943
T.V. Vittorio Pescatore25 Mar 194312 Jul 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
4 Sep 19410635La Spezia4 Sep 19412025La SpeziaExercises.

10 Sep 19410625La Spezia10 Sep 19411935La SpeziaExercises.

11 Sep 19410945La Spezia11 Sep 19411350La SpeziaExercises escorted by MAS 568.

23 Sep 19410855La Spezia23 Sep 19411435La SpeziaExercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria and MAS 505.

25 Oct 19410915La Spezia25 Oct 19411645La SpeziaExercises, escorted by the auxiliariy Capodistria and MAS 570.

27 Oct 19410900La Spezia27 Oct 19411710La SpeziaExercises, with the submarine Mocenigo escorted by MAS 570.

30 Oct 19410900La Spezia30 Oct 19411200La SpeziaExercises, escorted by MAS 573.

Chialamberto, Giulio10 Nov 19411030Muggiano10 Nov 19411730Muggiano50Trials.

Chialamberto, Giulio15 Nov 19411000Muggiano15 Nov 19411700Muggiano48Trials with the submarine H 1 escorted by the destroyer Premuda and MAS 570.

Chialamberto, Giulio18 Nov 19410930Muggiano18 Nov 19411730Muggiano61Trials with the submarines Mocenigo and Colonna. Escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone, Santantioco and Capodistria.

Chialamberto, Giulio9 Dec 19410900Muggiano9 Dec 19411400Muggiano7Trials with the submarine Ambra. Escorted by the auxiliaries Taormina, Capodistria and Crotone.

Chialamberto, Giulio16 Dec 19410905Muggiano16 Dec 19411805Muggiano72Trials in company with the submarines Platino and H 6 and the destroyer Premuda, the torpedo boat Carini, the tugs Capodistria, Crotone, Santatioco, Torre Annunziata and Favignana.

Chialamberto, Giulio29 Dec 19410840Muggiano29 Dec 19411715Muggiano49Trials.

22 Jan 19420849Muggiano22 Jan 19421630Muggiano36Trials with the submarine Cobalto. Escorted by Mesco, Favignana and MAS 505.

26 Jan 19420846Muggiano26 Jan 19421725La Spezia48Trials and passage Muggiano-La Spezia.

Galletti, Raul4 Feb 19420855La Spezia4 Feb 19421736La Spezia60,5Exercises with electric G7e torpedoes, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Galletti, Raul6 Feb 19421030La Spezia6 Feb 19421730La Spezia2Gyrocompass trials.

Galletti, Raul7 Feb 19420907La Spezia7 Feb 19421553La Spezia10,5Silent running trials.

Galletti, Raul9 Feb 19420900La Spezia9 Feb 19421618La Spezia50,2Diving trials to a depth of 80 metres and machine-gun firing exercises.

Galletti, Raul16 Feb 19420900La Spezia16 Feb 19421745La Spezia12,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul19 Feb 19420848La Spezia19 Feb 19421200La Spezia5,5Exercises with the submarines Ambra and Rismondo, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Porto Sdobba.

Galletti, Raul20 Feb 19420820La Spezia20 Feb 19421437La Spezia20,7Gunfire exercises.

Galletti, Raul2 Mar 19420753La Spezia2 Mar 19421700La Spezia40,8Exercises firing torpedoes by day. Escorted by the torpedo boat La Masa and the auxiliaries Crotone, Torre Annunziata and Santantioco.

Galletti, Raul11 Mar 19421835La Spezia12 Mar 19420135La Spezia35Exercises firing torpedoes by night with the torpedo boat Carini.

Galletti, Raul12 Mar 19420740La Spezia12 Mar 19421137La Spezia35Search for torpedoes.

Galletti, Raul14 Mar 19420945La Spezia16 Mar 19421755Augusta710,2Passage La Spezia-Augusta. Uneventful.

1Galletti, Raul26 Mar 19421854Augusta12 Apr 19420815Augusta1751Escorted out by the minesweeper Maria Capo Colonne for a patrol north of Libya, between 33°55'N and 34°05'N, and between 22°50'E and 23°50'E. On 8th April, ordered to Grids 7610 and 7636 (60 miles to the west of her initial area), but her patrol was cut short due to serious engine defects which required two months of repairs.
  27 Mar 19420845At 0845 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  27 Mar 19421320At 1320 hours, a vessel was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres. The submarine maneuvered to attack on the surface, but then sighted an aircraft at a distance of 4,000 metres. It proved to be Italian and the vessel was later identified as a hospital ship.
  30 Mar 19420420At 0420 hours, a Catalina aircraft was sighted at a distance of 300 metres, flying at an altitude of 300-400 metres and steering 110° and the submarine crash-dived.

Galletti, Raul28 Apr 19421525Augusta28 Apr 19421835Augusta7Trials.

Galletti, Raul30 Apr 1942Augusta30 Apr 1942Augusta7The Prince of Piedmont, who in 1946, as Umberto II, would become the last King of Italy [his reign would last only a month], visited the submarine base at Augusta and boarded Acciaio to review her crew.

Galletti, Raul2 May 19420810Augusta2 May 19421130Augusta14,1Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Diversi.

Beltrami, Ottorino6 May 19420810Augusta6 May 19420949Augusta12Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Diversi.

Beltrami, Ottorino8 May 19420850Augusta8 May 19421228Augusta9Exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino13 May 19420837Augusta13 May 19421227Augusta14,3Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Diversi.

Beltrami, Ottorino27 May 19420813Augusta27 May 19421405Augusta34Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Partenope.

Beltrami, Ottorino29 May 19420505Augusta29 May 19421450Augusta55,9Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boats Partenope and Lince.

2Beltrami, Ottorino29 May 19421920Augusta30 May 19420148Augusta80,6Sailed with the submarine Giada for a patrol west of Malta to intercept a cruiser squadron reported to have sailed from Gibraltar for an eastward destination. Escorted by the auxiliary Diversi but recalled by MARICOSOM at 2227 hours on the 29th. The light cruisers Eugenio di Savoia and Monteccucoli escorted by the destroyers Ascari and Oriani had also sailed. They were all recalled, including the submarine Alagi ,who had sailed from Trapani, when it was learned that the enemy squadron had reverted course. The enemy force was made of up of the light cruiser HMS Charybdis and the destroyers HMS Westcott and HMS Wrestler and they had sailed to search for the disabled submarine Argo.

Beltrami, Ottorino1 Jun 19420210Augusta2 Jun 19421512Cagliari421,3Passage Augusta-Cagliari with the submarine Giada.

3Beltrami, Ottorino4 Jun 19420325Cagliari12 Jun 19420943Cagliari926,5Patrolled north of Cape Caxine (Algeria) between 37°20'N and 37°40'N, and between 01°40'E and 02°20'E.
  10 Jun 19420735At 0735 hours, a Bristol Bombay aircraft was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres and the submarine dived.

4Beltrami, Ottorino12 Jun 19421533Cagliari17 Jun 19421650Cagliari626Patrolled between 37°20' N and 37°40' N, and between 05°20' E and 05°40' E (Grid 9025, north of Cape Caxine (Algeria) with the submarines Bronzo, Emo, Giada, Uarsciek and Mocenigo. On 14th June, ordered to Grid 5801 (60 miles to the east).
  14 Jun 19422200At 2200 hours, Acciaio received information that two damaged steamers would be passing near its position and altered course to 330° to intercept. Nothing was sighted at 0030 on the 15th and the submarine returned to her patrol zone.

5Beltrami, Ottorino19 Jun 19422345Cagliari21 Jun 19421615Augusta403,9Sailed to operate between 34°20'N and 36°00'N, and between 16°00'E and 19°00'E, on a patrol line with the submarines Otaria, Emo and Uarsciek against an enemy convoy from the east (VIGOROUS), but at 1515 hours on the 20th, she was ordered back to Augusta. She was met by the torpedo boat Partenope and later by the submarines Alagi and Dessiè and they were being escorted to Augusta by the torpedo boat Abba.

Beltrami, Ottorino25 Jun 19422345Augusta27 Jun 19421456Cagliari429,2Passage Augusta-Cagliari.

Beltrami, Ottorino10 Jul 19421410Cagliari11 Jul 19421020La Maddalena219,5Passage Cagliari-La Maddalena with the submarine Platino.

6Beltrami, Ottorino22 Jul 19421400La Maddalena8 Aug 19421345La Maddalena1369,7Patrolled south of the Balearic Islands, between 37°40'N and 38°00'N, and between 02°20'E and 02°40'E.
  30 Jul 1942083837° 52'N, 2° 48'EAt 0838 hours, an aircraft was seen which appeared to be a Swordfish and the submarine dived.
  6 Aug 1942051837° 49'N, 2° 06'EAt 0518 hours, a dark shape that could have been the conning tower of a submarine was sighted in poor visibility. The submarine tried to close but the target appeared to open fire at 0523 hours and contact was lost.
  7 Aug 1942065238° 58'N, 3° 20'EAt 0652 hours, a steamer was sighted at 15 miles on a northerly course, 14 knots. It passed out of range.

Beltrami, Ottorino19 Aug 19421058La Maddalena19 Aug 19421442La Maddalena22Trials.

Beltrami, Ottorino20 Aug 19421238La Maddalena20 Aug 19421615La Maddalena20Trials.

Beltrami, Ottorino11 Sep 19420800La Maddalena11 Sep 19421300La Maddalena32Exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino13 Sep 19422355La Maddalena15 Sep 19421450Augusta459Passage La Maddalena-Augusta with the submarines Bronzo and Platino.

Beltrami, Ottorino3 Oct 19420829Augusta3 Oct 19421255Augusta28Exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino14 Oct 19420728Augusta14 Oct 19421326Augusta57Speed trials.

Beltrami, Ottorino5 Nov 19420725Augusta6 Nov 19422340Cagliari477Passage Augusta-Cagliari.
  5 Nov 19421712
1710 (e)
38° 45'N, 15° 16'EAt 1712 hours, the lookout on the port side aft spotted a large bubble of air at a distance of 800 metres followed by three torpedo tracks. The helm was put hard to starboard and two torpedoes missed astern, the nearest at 20 metres, and the third passed under the keel near the deck gun, on a 160° angle.

At 1713 hours, a fourth torpedo was sighted and the submarine kept turning to starboard and it passed on a parallel run 60 metres to port.

The attack was made by the submarine HMS P 43 (Lt. A.C. Halliday, RN), later renamed HMS Unison. At 1658 hours, she had sighted the Italian submarine steering 267° at 12 knots. At 1710 hours, she fired a salvo of four torpedoes from a range of 1,400 yards. They missed and the target was observed to have turned northward.

7Beltrami, Ottorino7 Nov 19420320Cagliari13 Nov 19421344Cagliari903Sailed for a patrol between 37°05' N and 37°15' N and between 07°30' E and 08°00' E and this was reached at 0215 hours on the 8th. During the same day, she received an order to proceed to Cape Bougaroni and patrol between 37°20' N and the coast. On 10th November, she was was ordered to patrol off Algiers between 37°00' N and the coast and between 02°40' E and 03°00' E.
  8 Nov 1942044137° 10'N, 7° 45'E
(0) Position is approximate.
At 0441 hours, a warship was observed to be firing her machine-guns at an aircraft. It was believed to be an Italian submarine.
  9 Nov 1942205537° 05'N, 4° 16'EAt 2055 hours, a submarine of the DANDOLO class was sighted on an opposite course. This was possibly Axum returning from patrol.
  10 Nov 19420617
0530 (e)
36° 59'N, 2° 51'E
(0) 174° - 37° N, 02° E - 22 miles (Lord Lotham) or 36°38N, 02°02E.
At 0604 hours, a large warship was sighted on the starboard beam at a distance of 5,000 metres.

At 0610 hours, it was identified as a cruiser of the LEANDER class because of its single funnel and four gun turrets. The target appeared to proceed at 8 knots.

At 0617 hours, a pair of torpedoes were fired from bow tubes at a range of 1,300 metres, followed a minute later by another pair. The third torpedo passed between turret 4 and the stern but no explosion was observed although one was heard.

At 0626 hours, three depth charges were heard, followed by two more and it was believed they had been dropped by the cruiser. Acciaio was slightly damaged. More depth charges followed at 0628, 0714 and 0915 hours but the submarine succeeded in eluding her adversaries.

The target may have been the armed trawler HMT Lord Lotham (FY 113, 464 tons) escorting convoy T.E.1. She reported being missed by a torpedo at that time although the position does not match (unless there is a typographical error).
  12 Nov 1942213537° 49'N, 7° 12'EAt 2135 hours, a submarine was sighted.

Beltrami, Ottorino17 Nov 19421655Cagliari18 Nov 19422110Naples295Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Beltrami, Ottorino4 Jan 19431111Naples4 Jan 19431806Naples28Trials and exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino6 Jan 19431354Naples6 Jan 19431644Naples2Periscope tests.

Beltrami, Ottorino8 Jan 19430827Naples8 Jan 19431512Naples28Exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino9 Jan 19430912Naples9 Jan 19431530Naples24Gunfire exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino11 Jan 19430815Naples11 Jan 19431430Naples29Trials and exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino12 Jan 19430901Naples12 Jan 19430931Naples1Changed moorings.

Beltrami, Ottorino12 Jan 19431455Naples12 Jan 19431725Naples1Periscope test.

Beltrami, Ottorino13 Jan 19431135Naples14 Jan 19432035La Spezia340Passage Naples-La Spezia.

Beltrami, Ottorino19 Jan 19430715La Spezia19 Jan 19431404La Spezia30Torpedo firing exercises.

Beltrami, Ottorino20 Jan 19431252La Spezia20 Jan 19432050La Spezia55Speed trials.

Beltrami, Ottorino23 Jan 19430812La Spezia23 Jan 19431518La Spezia2Gyrocompass tests.

Beltrami, Ottorino25 Jan 19430230La Spezia26 Jan 19431110Cagliari365Passage La Spezia-Cagliari.

8Beltrami, Ottorino27 Jan 19431730Cagliari17 Feb 19431225Cagliari1864Patrolled between 37°20'N and the African coast and between 06°00'E and 06°20'E (between Cape Carbon and Cape Bougaroni).
  2 Feb 1943005336° 58'N, 5° 13'EAt 0053 hours, a bomber strafed the submarine twice but missed.
  7 Feb 19432327
2330 (e)
37° 22'N, 6° 14'EAt 2324 hours, the Officer of the Watch spotted an object of the horizon. Shortly after it was identified as a destroyer of the JERVIS class steering 230° at 18 knots.

At 2327 hours, a pair of torpedoes were fired from the stern tubes at a range of 2,000 metres. The submarine submerged upon firing and explosions were heard after 80 and 87 seconds. The torpedoes had actually missed.

This was the minelayer HMS Abdiel and she avoided the two torpedoes, She had just laid a minefield off Bizerta during the night of 6-7th February.

Puccini, Sergio24 Feb 19431327Cagliari24 Feb 19431734Cagliari22Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio27 Feb 19430915Cagliari28 Feb 19430905La Maddalena219Passage Cagliari-La Maddalena for repairs through (1) Point B Cagliari (2) 39°20'N, 10°20'E (3) 41°00'N, 10°20'E (4) Point A; 40°55'N, 09°30'E.

Puccini, Sergio12 Mar 19431317La Maddalena12 Mar 19431853La Maddalena27Exercises.

Pescatore, Vittorio30 Mar 19431015La Maddalena30 Mar 19431250La Maddalena28Exercises and command transferred to T.V. Vittorio Pescatore.

Pescatore, Vittorio2 Apr 19431020La Maddalena2 Apr 19431104La Maddalena1Changed moorings.

9Pescatore, Vittorio3 Apr 19431508La Maddalena17 Apr 19430640La Maddalena1523Patrolled between 39°00'N and 39°40'N, and between 05°00'N and 05°40'E and off Cape de Fer, on a barrage line with Velella, Axum and Argo.
  4 Apr 1943201039° 40'N, 5° 14'EAt 2010 hours, three aircraft were seen and the submarine dived.
  5 Apr 1943212539° 10'N, 5° 34'EAt 2125 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 1,500 metres and the submarine dived.

Pescatore, Vittorio17 Apr 19430854La Maddalena17 Apr 19430926La Maddalena1Changed moorings.

Pescatore, Vittorio18 Apr 19431100La Maddalena19 Apr 19430830NaplesPassage La Maddalena-Naples. The German submarine chaser UJ-2210 was alerted that she might encounter the submarine south of Ponza Island.

Pescatore, Vittorio19 Apr 19430944Castellammare di Stabia19 Apr 19431130Castellammare di Stabia246Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia (mileage from 18 April 1943).

Pescatore, Vittorio30 Apr 19430805Castellammare di Stabia30 Apr 19431205Castellammare di Stabia12Exercises.

Pescatore, Vittorio5 May 19430210Castellammare di Stabia7 May 19430834Bonifacio269Passage Castellammare di Stabia-Bonifacio. Heard only Hydrophone noises.

Pescatore, Vittorio29 May 19431100Bonifacio29 May 19431135Bonifacio0Changed moorings.

Pescatore, Vittorio9 Jun 19430530Bonifacio9 Jun 19430740La Maddalena20Passage Bonifacio-La Maddalena.

10Pescatore, Vittorio12 Jun 19431715La Maddalena22 Jun 19430722La Maddalena1000Patrolled between 38°40'N and 39°20'N and 05°40'E and 06°20'E. On 18th June, she was ordered to a new area between the parallel 37°40'N, and a line from Cape Bougaroni and Cape de Fer, and between meridians 06°34'E and 07°20'E.
  13 Jun 1943081540° 30'N, 7° 05'EAt 0815 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 15,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  15 Jun 1943012238° 14'N, 6° 40'EAt 0122 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 2,000 metres. At 0130 hours, the submarine dived.
  17 Jun 1943231038° 17'N, 7° 06'EAt 2310 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  19 Jun 1943220837° 10'N, 7° 05'EAt 2208 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 3,000 metres and the submarine dived.

11Pescatore, Vittorio10 Jul 19430215La Maddalena27 Jul 1943Date???Sunk with all handsSailed for patrol with the submarine Argento to patrol in zones 108 [between 37°20'N and 37°40'N, 08°20'E and 08°40'E] and 102 [between 37°40'N and 38°00'N, 08°20'E and 08°40'E] respectively through Point B (Punta Scorno) to point 40°40'N, 07°50'E then south to parallel 38°00'N and thence to patrol areas (also mentioned via (a) 41°08'N, 08°19'E (b) 40°40'N, 07°50'E then straight south until 38°00'N). At 1943 hours on 13th July, she was ordered to zone 171. At 1345 hours on 16th July, she was ordered via 39°00'N, 15°00'E (northwest of Stromboli) and point M3 (Cape Vaticano) to zone 80 off the east coast of Sicily (zone A and B) and to keep east of 15°50'E while charging batteries. [she was replacing Brin who had been assigned to the area but had abandoned her patrol because of defects] She disappeared without a trace (five officers and forty-one ratings missing). Postwar research attributed her loss to a torpedo from HMS Unruly but the submarine attacked was Brin. At 1315 hours on 23rd July, she was ordered to carry out an offensive reconnaissance from the southeast corner of her zone on course 149° to 36°16'N, 16°05'E hence course south to parallel 36°06'N and then to lower half of zone 83. She was to have returned to Naples on about 27th July 1943. On 24th July Marina Messina was alerted that the submarine would be returning through the Messina Strait via point S.1 (Capo Dell'Armi or near 37°57'N, 15°41'E) and M3 (Cape Vaticano) and would require escort (none were available) but the submarine did not show up. She may have been sunk on 12th July by Hudson 'Q' of 608 Squadron.
  12 Jul 1943002039° 40'N, 5° 14'EAt 0020 hours, Hudson 'Q' of 608 Squadron, piloted by Pilot Officer R.F. Burling, detected a submarine by radar at a distance of 9 miles. It was proceeding on the surface, steering 110° at 6-8 knots. The U-boat submerged as the aircraft dived on the submarine firing eight rockets from 500 feet. The first five overshot by 20 to 40 feet, the remainder could not be observed, as the aircraft flew over the spot. A large oil patch was observed approximately 600 yards long and 50 yards wide.

There is little doubt that the submarine attacked was Acciaio as her patrol area was just a few miles to the west - but was she sunk? We have no solid evidence that she was the victim of this attack. On the other hand, we have not seen evidence of any other attack that could have disposed of her. Giada was in the adjacent area (grid squares 107 and 114) and reported to be in 38°20' N, 08°20' E at 0515 hours, but did not report any attack.
  18 Jul 1943
0400 (e)
At 0400 hours, an aircraft reported a U-boat steering 180° and later altered to 090°. The submarine escaped. This was U-407.
  19 Jul 1943
2255-2315 (e)
At 2255 hours, Hudson (HZ.215) of 221 Squadron (Flight Lieutenant N. Barron), attacked an Italian submarine but the depth charges hung up. A German U-boat was seen in the same position at 2315 hours and was reported to surface forces. It was probably U-81 (OL Johann-Otto Krieg) in both cases. No evidence this was Acciaio.

94 entries. 80 total patrol entries (11 marked as war patrols) and 24 events.

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