Italian submarines in World War Two

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)

ClassBragadino (30) 
Laid down 3 Feb 1927 Cantieri Navale Tosi di Taranto, Taranto
Launched21 Jul 1929
Commissioned16 Nov 1931
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Bandino Bandini20 Feb 194018 Aug 1940
T.V. Carlo Fecia di Cossato18 Aug 194026 Aug 1940
C.C. Manlio Minucci26 Aug 194019 Sep 1940
C.C. Mario Vannutelli19 Sep 194030 Nov 1941
T.V. Luigi Andreotti1 Dec 19413 Dec 1941
T.V. Luigi Andreotti13 Dec 19418 Jan 1942
C.C. Raffaello Allegri29 Jan 19425 Feb 1942
C.C. Loris Albanese5 Feb 19427 Apr 1942
C.C. Alberto Campanella8 Apr 194210 Apr 1942
C.C. Giuseppe Caito10 Apr 194224 May 1942
T.V. Lodovico Grion25 May 194220 Jun 1942
T.V. Adriano Pini21 Jun 194217 Apr 1943
C.C. Francesco Pedrotti18 Apr 194327 May 1943
T.V. Alpinolo Cinti26 May 194317 Sep 1943
C.C. Renato Frascolla17 Dec 19439 Mar 1944
S.T.V. Giovanni Magi10 Mar 194421 Mar 1944
C.C. Antonio Dotta22 Mar 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Bandini, Bandino31 May 19401026Augusta31 May 19401630Augusta29Exercises.

Bandini, Bandino21 Jun 19402325Augusta23 Jun 19400938Naples295Passage Augusta-Naples.

1Bandini, Bandino24 Jun 19401607Naples28 Jun 19401426Tobruk865Supply mission to Tobruk: brought 27 tons of material for the Italian Air Force.
  25 Jun 19401530
(0) 4 miles from Cape Dell'Armi (or near Melito Porto Salvo).
At 1530 hours, Bragadino was fired upon twice in error by the A/S auxiliary Marongiu (A.S.3) of Gruppo Cacciasommergibile Messina. Marongiu was not aware that only submerged submarines should be attacked near the Italian coast.

Bandini, Bandino29 Jun 19402105Tobruk4 Jul 19401930Taranto707Passage Tobruk-Taranto.
  30 Jun 19401343
1345 (e)
33° 49'N, 23° 16'EAt 1343 hours, an aircraft was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres and Bragadino crash-dived. She has reached a depth of 15 metres when she was shaken by the explosions of three bombs. She escaped by going down to 80 metres.

This was a Swordfish of 824 Squadron from HMS Eagle. It actually dropped six 100-lb bombs. At the time the British Mediterranean fleet was 10 miles west of the submarine on an easterly course and turned southward to avoid the submarine.
  1 Jul 1940103535° 14'N, 22° 14'EAt 0910 hours, an aircraft was sighted astern following a parallel course to the submarine. Bragadino crash-dived and went down to 80 metres.

At 1035 hours, two bombs exploded near on the port side of the submarine but without causing damage. More explosions followed. About two hours later, propellers sound were picked up and about twenty depth charges were heard until 1835 hours.
  2 Jul 1940121535° 14'N, 22° 14'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1215 hours, the submarine was at a depth of 40-50 metres when several bombs or depth-charges were heard. Bragadino was taken down to 80 metres. At 1300 hours, another thirteen depth charges were heard but the submarine escaped damage.

Fecia di Cossato, Carlo18 Aug 1940Taranto26 Aug 1940TarantoIn Taranto. Change in command.

Minucci, Manlio26 Aug 1940Taranto19 Sep 1940TarantoRefit in Taranto.

Vannutelli, Mario1 Oct 19400820Taranto1 Oct 19401259Taranto35,8Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Oct 19400758Taranto2 Oct 19401300Taranto33,3Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Oct 19400815Taranto5 Oct 19401800Taranto59,5Exercises.

2Vannutelli, Mario8 Oct 19402006Taranto9 Oct 19401100Taranto87,4Hydrophone Watch in 40°00'N, 17°20'E. Uneventful.

Vannutelli, Mario11 Oct 19400820Taranto11 Oct 19401709Taranto36,5Exercises.

3Vannutelli, Mario14 Oct 19402100Taranto15 Oct 19401025Taranto72Hydrophone watch for A/S search in 40°00'N, 17°20'E. Uneventful.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Oct 19401140Taranto17 Oct 19402010Taranto52,5Exercises.

4Vannutelli, Mario18 Oct 19402100Taranto19 Oct 19400905Taranto75,8Hydrophone watch for A/S search in 40°00'N, 17°20'E.

5Vannutelli, Mario23 Oct 19402100Taranto24 Oct 19401010Taranto82Hydrophone watch for A/S search in 40°00'N, 17°20'E.

6Vannutelli, Mario26 Oct 19401310Taranto5 Nov 19401740Taranto916Laid 24 mines off Navarino (Morean coast).
  29 Oct 1940114036° 54'N, 21° 47'E
(0) 250° - Tsihli Baba Rock (36°54'30" N, 21°47'17" E) - 0.7 mile.
At 1140 hours, Bragadino laid minefield J 7 AN, three rows of eight T.300 mines each.
  31 Oct 19400800-1800
1456-1500 (e)
From 0800 to 1800 hours, Bragadino reported to have been hunted by four destroyers. During the evening, she moved 15 miles away.

The destroyers were actually HMS Diamond and HMS Ilex who dropped one and seven depth charges respectively.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Nov 19401430Taranto12 Nov 19400925Pola529Passage Taranto-Pola. Uneventful.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Dec 19400800Pola2 Dec 19401250Pola32Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Dec 19400800Pola6 Dec 19401800Pola56Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Dec 19400800Pola7 Dec 19401702Pola52Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Dec 19400750Pola10 Dec 19401802Pola52,5Exercises, escorted by the tug Tenace.

Vannutelli, Mario14 Dec 19400800Pola15 Dec 19400130Pola81Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Dec 19400745Pola18 Dec 19400145Pola77,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Dec 19401530Pola22 Dec 19400230Pola75Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Vannutelli, Mario26 Dec 19400750Pola26 Dec 19401830Pola53,5Attack exercises with the submarines Adua and Des Geneys, on the torpedo boat Audace. Escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio and the submarine chaser Laurana.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Dec 19400750Pola28 Dec 19401700Pola60Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Dec 19400750Pola30 Dec 19401615Pola48Sailed with the submarine Adua, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Jan 19410755Pola3 Jan 19411645Pola46Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Jan 19410835Pola7 Jan 19411400Pola30,5Gunfire exercises with the submarines Adua, Des Geneys and Fisalia, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Vannutelli, Mario8 Jan 19410750Pola8 Jan 19411705Pola61,5Attack exercises with the submarine chaser Laurana.

Vannutelli, Mario16 Jan 19410740Pola16 Jan 19411730Pola57Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Jan 19411620Pola19 Jan 19410215Pola51Sailed with the submarines Des Geneys and Adua escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio for torpedo firing exercises with torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario20 Jan 19410745Pola21 Jan 19410010Pola74Exercises with the submarine Adua escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera, Volta, Audace and Laurana.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Jan 19410745Pola23 Jan 19411715Pola57Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario25 Jan 19410745Pola26 Jan 19410130Pola88Attack exercises on the torpedo boat Audace escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Jan 19410910Pola28 Jan 19411900Pola73Sailed with the submarines Adua and Fisalia, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with the sloop Diana.

Vannutelli, Mario29 Jan 19410735Pola29 Jan 19411740Pola47Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Vannutelli, Mario31 Jan 19410815Pola1 Feb 19410100Pola56Attack exercises on the torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Feb 19410830Pola6 Feb 19411700Pola45Exercises escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Feb 19411600Pola8 Feb 19410145Pola53Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario16 Feb 19410930Pola16 Feb 19411655Pola53Sailed with the submarines Fisalia and Adua, escorted by the auxiliaries Laurana and Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Feb 19411100Pola19 Feb 19411250Pola14Exercises with the submarine Fieramosca, escorted by the tug Tenace.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Feb 19410815Pola25 Feb 19410045Pola68Exercises with the submarine Fieramosca, escorted by the tug Tenace.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Feb 19410830Pola27 Feb 19411740Pola46Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario1 Mar 19410815Pola1 Mar 19411800Pola55,81Exercises with the submarines Toti, Adua and Fisalia, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Mar 19411745Pola3 Mar 19410245Pola58Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Mar 19411730Pola8 Mar 19410210Pola50Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Mar 19410815Pola10 Mar 19412315Pola82Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario13 Mar 19410802Pola13 Mar 19411640Pola46Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario14 Mar 19410815Pola15 Mar 19410010Pola63Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Mar 19410830Pola15 Mar 19411620Pola57,05Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Mar 19410815Pola17 Mar 19411430Pola45Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Mar 19410815Pola20 Mar 19410015Pola65Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Laurana and San Giorgio.

Vannutelli, Mario25 Mar 19410800Pola25 Mar 19411705Pola51Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Mar 19410800Pola27 Mar 19411830Pola57Exercises with the submarines Jalea, Medusa and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario31 Mar 19410945Pola31 Mar 19411930Pola55Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario1 Apr 19410830Pola1 Apr 19411730Pola28Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Laurana.

7Vannutelli, Mario7 Apr 19411925Pola8 Apr 19410720Pola4A/S patrol.

8Vannutelli, Mario8 Apr 19411945Pola9 Apr 19410715Pola4A/S patrol.

9Vannutelli, Mario9 Apr 19411945Pola10 Apr 19410730Pola4A/S patrol.

10Vannutelli, Mario13 Apr 19411945Pola14 Apr 19410730Pola4A/S patrol.

11Vannutelli, Mario14 Apr 19411945Pola15 Apr 19410730Pola4A/S patrol.

12Vannutelli, Mario17 Apr 19411500Pola18 Apr 19410945Pola99Sailed with the submarine Des Geneys, for a hydrophone watch in 45°21'N, 13°13'E, to cover the passage of the battleship Roma.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Apr 19411655Pola23 Apr 19411710Pola0,7Entered dock?

Vannutelli, Mario27 Apr 19410730Pola27 Apr 19410800Pola1,3Left dock?

Vannutelli, Mario1 May 19410830Pola1 May 19411410Pola25Exercises, with the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario6 May 19410730Pola6 May 19411855Pola43,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 May 19410730Pola7 May 19411800Pola40Exercises with the submarine Pisani, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Vannutelli, Mario9 May 19410750Pola9 May 19411830Pola33,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario12 May 19411000Pola13 May 19410130Pola88Exercise, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio and the torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario14 May 19410715Pola14 May 19411855Pola33Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Vannutelli, Mario16 May 19410720Pola16 May 19411845Pola64Sailed for torpedo firing exercises in zone 5 with the submarine Alagi, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, using the torpedo boat Cantore as target.

Vannutelli, Mario17 May 19411030Pola17 May 19411850Pola30Exercises escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Vannutelli, Mario19 May 19410730Pola19 May 19411820Pola53Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 May 19410730Pola22 May 19410230Pola104Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario27 May 19411930Pola28 May 19410330Pola50Exercises with the submarine Bausan.

Vannutelli, Mario31 May 19410703Pola1 Jun 19410140Pola101Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Jun 19410830Pola2 Jun 19411840Pola39Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario4 Jun 19410730Pola4 Jun 19411620Pola60,2Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Jun 19410715Pola6 Jun 19411830Pola67Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Jun 19410715Pola7 Jun 19411240Pola45,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Jun 19411045Pola10 Jun 19410220Pola85Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario14 Jun 19410730Pola15 Jun 19410230Pola95Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario16 Jun 19410750Pola16 Jun 19411820Pola58Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Jun 19410720Pola18 Jun 19411600Pola56Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario20 Jun 19410810Pola20 Jun 19411840Pola53Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Jun 19410730Pola21 Jun 19411730Pola34Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Jun 19410750Pola23 Jun 19411745Pola58Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario25 Jun 19410600Pola26 Jun 19410150Pola109Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Jun 19410720Pola27 Jun 19411820Pola63Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Jun 19410700Pola28 Jun 19411300Pola45Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Principessa Mafalda.

Vannutelli, Mario29 Jun 19411405Pola29 Jun 19411415Pola0,5Entered dock? Refit until September 1941. On 17th August 1941, she was ordered to transfer to 4.GRUPSOM for transport missions, but did not go until the end of November.

Vannutelli, Mario13 Sep 19410810Pola13 Sep 19411630Pola28Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore.

Vannutelli, Mario14 Sep 19410905Pola14 Sep 19411615Pola52Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Sep 19410710Pola15 Sep 19411810Pola88Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Indesiamo.

Vannutelli, Mario29 Sep 19410710Pola29 Sep 19411745Pola43,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Sep 19410740Pola30 Sep 19411345Pola28,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario1 Oct 19411010Pola1 Oct 19411600Lussin Piccolo42Exercises with the auxiliary San Giorgio and passage Pola-Lussin Piccolo.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Oct 19410535Lussin Piccolo2 Oct 19411930Pola115Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Oct 19410855Pola3 Oct 19411800Pola12Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario4 Oct 19411315Pola4 Oct 19411840Pola34Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario13 Nov 19410830Pola13 Nov 19411735PolaTrials, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Nov 19411300Pola21 Nov 19411850PolaTrials.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Nov 19410815Pola22 Nov 19411700PolaTrials.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Nov 19410715Pola24 Nov 19411438PolaTrials.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Nov 19410350Pola30 Nov 19410115Brindisi368Passage Pola-Brindisi. Rammed in error by the destroyer Solferino.
  29 Nov 19412009
(0) Off San Andrea di Missipezza Light (near Brindisi).
At 2009 hours, Bragadino was proceeding in the searched channel between Brindisi and the San Andrea di Missipezza Light, when a tanker and a torpedo boat were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. The submarine made the recognition signal but was not answered. It was repeated four more times with the same result.

These were the tanker Arca (2,238 GRT, built 1885) escorted by the torpedo boat Solferino. The torpedo boat opened fire on the submarine with machine guns and rammed her near the deck gun, throwing C.C. Mario Vannutelli against the Breda machine gun mount and injuring him. Fortunately, the machine gun rounds of the torpedo boat hit the lower part of the conning tower without wounding anyone. Vannutelli was apparently the only casualty of the encounter.

Andreotti, Luigi2 Dec 19411447Brindisi3 Dec 19410955TarantoPassage Brindisi-Taranto.

3 Dec 1941Taranto13 Dec 1941TarantoAt Taranto. No Commanding officer?

13Andreotti, Luigi17 Dec 19411400Taranto25 Dec 19412100TripoliSupply mission to Benghazi, but then diverted to Tripoli (35 tons of fuel, 14 tons of ammunition). At 1245 hours on 24th December 1941, she was sighted by the torpedo boat Polluce in 32°50'N, 14°12'E. The submarine ran aground and had to be freed by the tug Ciclope while the torpedo boat Cantore was sailed to provide antiaircraft protection.
  20 Dec 19410415At 0415 hours, during a crash-dive, the hatch was not properly secured and two men had been left outside. The submarine quickly returned to a depth of 12 metres and then surfaced. Sergente Torpediniere Giovanni Taccori was found alive clinging to the periscope but 2o Capo Torpediniere Pietro Spada drowned.
  24 Dec 19412340
(0) 165° - Mellaha Tower - 1.6 mile or off Tagiura Point (near Tripoli).
At 2340 hours, Bragadino accidentally ran aground. The submarine unloaded her cargo with the help of motor fishing vessel and was finally freed at 1730 hours the next day with the help of the tug Ciclope and screened by the torpedo-boat Cantore.

13bAndreotti, Luigi27 Dec 19411305Tripoli28 Dec 19411335TripoliSailed for Taranto via (a) Point B of Ras Halab (b) Point F in 35°14'N, 17°22'E and (c) Point A of Santa Maria di Leuca, but returned as she could not dive properly. British Intelligence was aware of this mission through ULTRA decrypt.

13cAndreotti, Luigi1 Jan 19421234Tripoli4 Jan 19421425Augusta1314Return trip for repairs. Uneventful [mileage from 25th December].
  2 Jan 19420125At 0125 hours, a hospital ship was sighted and believed to be Gradisca.

13dAndreotti, Luigi5 Jan 19421020Augusta5 Jan 19421800Messina70Passage Augusta-Messina.

8 Jan 19421020Messina29 Jan 19421800Messina70Refit at Messina.

Allegri, Raffaello3 Feb 19422330Messina5 Feb 19421105Brindisi320Passage Messina-Brindisi.

Albanese, Loris5 Mar 19420830Brindisi5 Mar 19421545Brindisi40Exercises.

Campanella, Alberto8 Apr 1942Brindisi10 Apr 1942BrindisiIn Brindisi (refit?).

Caito, Giuseppe11 Apr 19421335Brindisi11 Apr 19421630Brindisi18,2Exercises with the submarine Corridoni, escorted by the torpedo boat Orsa and minesweeper R.D.32.

Caito, Giuseppe4 May 19420835Brindisi4 May 19421318Brindisi18Trials.

Caito, Giuseppe9 May 19421300Brindisi9 May 19421710Brindisi3Trials.

Caito, Giuseppe13 May 19420750Brindisi13 May 19421140Brindisi21Exercises.

Grion, Lodovico26 May 19420800Brindisi26 May 19421145Brindisi23Exercises.

Grion, Lodovico20 Jun 19420800Brindisi20 Jun 19421134Brindisi13Exercises.

Pini, Adriano21 Jun 19422000Brindisi22 Jun 19421541Taranto140Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Pini, Adriano24 Jun 19421320Brindisi24 Jun 19421848Brindisi37Trials.

Pini, Adriano26 Jun 19420830Brindisi26 Jun 19421110Brindisi2,5Trials.

14Pini, Adriano27 Jun 19421120Taranto3 Jul 19420550Ras HilalSupply mission to Derna (49 tons of petrol and 1.247 ton of provisions). She arrived off Derna at dusk on 1st July, but could not enter due to bad weather and was told to wait for the departure of the submarine Corridoni. However, Corridoni could not sail because of the bad weather and finally Bragadino was diverted to Ras Hilal. ULTRA sigint had learnt that Italian submarines Atropo, Bragadino, Corridoni and Zoea, used to transport stores to Derna, were passing through 33°20’N, 22°40’E.
  30 Jun 1942035834° 24'N, 21° 30'EAt 0358 hours, a derelict mine was sighted but no action taken except reporting its position by signal.

14bPini, Adriano3 Jul 19422100Ras Hilal8 Jul 19421315Taranto1266Return trip from supply mission to Derna [mileage is for round trip].

Pini, Adriano12 Jul 19420800Taranto12 Jul 19421740Taranto74Exercises.

15Pini, Adriano16 Jul 19421250Taranto20 Jul 19421542Tobruk628Supply mission to Tobruk with 53 tons of petrol.
  20 Jul 19420416At 0416 hours, a small vessel and the submarine dived immediately.

15bPini, Adriano20 Jul 19422010Tobruk25 Jul 19421615Taranto1242Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Jul 19420416At 0416 hours, a small vessel and the submarine dived immediately.
  23 Jul 1942083539° 55'N, 18° 00'EAr 0835 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by machine gun fire after expending 180 rounds of 13.2mm and 170 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Pini, Adriano3 Aug 19420818Taranto3 Aug 19421425Taranto43,5Exercises.

16Pini, Adriano7 Aug 19421017Taranto11 Aug 19421025TobrukSupply mission to Tobruk (58 tons). Uneventful.
  10 Aug 1942
1005C (e)

(e) 34° 02'N, 23° 04'E
A RAF aircraft sighted the submarine and reported its course as 160°, 10 knots. Senior Officer Submarines Alexandria relayed the information to the submarines HMS Taku, HMS Porpoise and HMS Traveller but they were unable to intercept.

16bPini, Adriano11 Aug 19421450Tobruk15 Aug 19420644Augusta1143,5Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Pini, Adriano24 Aug 19420900Taranto24 Aug 19421117Taranto8,5Exercises.

17Pini, Adriano24 Aug 19421806Augusta27 Aug 19420822BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi with 46 tons of stores. Uneventful.

17bPini, Adriano27 Aug 19421740Benghazi30 Aug 19421305Taranto1095,5Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

18Pini, Adriano13 Sep 19421100Taranto17 Sep 19420945BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi with 71 tons of stores.

18bPini, Adriano17 Sep 19421810Benghazi21 Sep 19421420Taranto1112Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Sep 1942204538° 59'N, 18° 28'EAt 2045 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and reported by radio.

Pini, Adriano22 Sep 19420900Taranto22 Sep 19421000Taranto6Exercises.

Pini, Adriano2 Oct 19420800Taranto2 Oct 19421326Taranto34,5Exercises.

19Pini, Adriano4 Oct 19421045Taranto8 Oct 19420908BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi via 33°23'N, 18°30'E. Uneventful.

19bPini, Adriano8 Oct 19421641Benghazi11 Oct 19421500Taranto1129Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

20Pini, Adriano2 Nov 19421045Taranto6 Nov 19421000TobrukSupply mission to Tobruk with 69.076 tons of ammunition. Was to pass through 34°02'N, 22°12'E at 1000 hours on 5th November. Uneventful.

20bPini, Adriano6 Nov 19421730Tobruk11 Nov 19421630Taranto1440Return trip from supply mission via 34°30'N, 22°20'E at 1800/7 and then course 297° for 36°36'N, 17°20'E, then refit. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Pini, Adriano18 Feb 19430840Taranto18 Feb 19431705Taranto40Exercises.

Pini, Adriano22 Feb 19430831Taranto22 Feb 19431559Taranto49Exercises.

Pini, Adriano24 Feb 19430830Taranto24 Feb 19431430Taranto47Exercises with the auxiliary Linnara.

Pini, Adriano25 Feb 19431300Taranto25 Feb 19431535Taranto6Exercises.

Pini, Adriano26 Feb 19431010Taranto26 Feb 19431553Taranto2Exercises.

Pini, Adriano27 Feb 19430530Taranto27 Feb 19431100Taranto37,5Exercises.

Pini, Adriano1 Mar 19431645Taranto4 Mar 19430645Augusta353Passage Taranto-Augusta. Uneventful.

Pini, Adriano19 Mar 19430710Augusta19 Mar 19431546Reggio66Passage Augusta-Reggio to load supplies. This is listed as navigation trip no.19.

21Pini, Adriano22 Mar 19431600Reggio25 Mar 19432045SousseSupply mission to Sousse (50.88 tons of stores). Uneventful.

21bPini, Adriano25 Mar 19432350Sousse28 Mar 19430915Trapani728Return from supply mission. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Pini, Adriano2 Apr 19431700Trapani5 Apr 19431945Naples352Passage Trapani-Naples. Uneventful.

Pedrotti, Francesco21 Apr 19430840Naples21 Apr 19431210Naples24Trials.

Pedrotti, Francesco26 Apr 19431305Naples26 Apr 19431735Naples32Trials.

Pedrotti, Francesco28 Apr 19430507Naples29 Apr 19430906Augusta279Passage Naples-Augusta.

22Pedrotti, Francesco12 May 19431813Augusta16 May 19432055LampedusaSupply mission to Lampedusa. Uneventful. Heard only H.E.

22bPedrotti, Francesco17 May 19430330Lampedusa21 May 19430528AugustaReturn trip from supply mission.
  18 May 1943041134° 38'N, 14° 14'EAt 0411 hours, an aircraft was sighted and Bragadino dived.

22cPedrotti, Francesco21 May 19432200Augusta24 May 19431208Taranto1042Return trip from supply mission [mileage is for round trip].
  22 May 19430015
2357/21 (e)
37° 10'N, 15° 30'EAt 0003 hours, the forward lookout on the port side sighted a shadow bearing 280° but the other persons on the bridge could not make it out.

0015 hours, four torpedo wakes were sighted and Bragadino managed to avoid them, as they missed her on the port side. The Italian submarine remained on the surface and pulled away.

The four torpedoes had been fired by the submarine HMS Unruly (Lieutenant. J.P. Fyfe, RN). She had sighted an outward bound U-boat at 2344 hours on 21st May before firing her torpedoes at 2357 hours, at a distance of 3,000 yards.

Cinti, Alpinolo17 Jun 19430814Taranto17 Jun 19431810Taranto66Trials and sonar exercises with the torpedo boat Lince and the auxiliary Claretta.

Cinti, Alpinolo22 Jul 19430356Taranto22 Jul 19431115Taranto24Trials and exercises.

Cinti, Alpinolo22 Jul 19431245Taranto22 Jul 19432032Taranto26,4Trials and exercises.

Cinti, Alpinolo28 Jul 19430510Taranto28 Jul 19431010Taranto28,5Trials and exercises.

Cinti, Alpinolo5 Aug 19431630Taranto5 Aug 19432015Taranto30Trials and exercises.

Cinti, Alpinolo15 Aug 19430435Taranto15 Aug 19431053Taranto16Trials and exercises with the torpedo boat Sirtori and the corvette Driade.

Cinti, Alpinolo16 Aug 19430831Taranto16 Aug 19431053Taranto15Trials and exercises with the torpedo boat Sirtori and the corvette Driade in 40°26.5'N, 17°02'E.

Cinti, Alpinolo2 Sep 19430505Taranto2 Sep 19431107Taranto25Exercises with the torpedo boats Sirio and Clio.

23Cinti, Alpinolo7 Sep 19431404Taranto11 Sep 19430945Augusta376,5Sailed for patrol off Punta Alice (Calabria, ca. 39°24'N, 17°09'E), but then diverted to Augusta to surrender. At 2234 hours on the 8th, she received the order to submerge to 80 meters until 0800 hours on the 9th then surface and fly the black flag of surrender.
  9 Sep 19431121At 1121 hours, the submarine Squalo was encountered and exchanged recognition signals.
  9 Sep 19431145At 1145 hours, three British corvettes were sighted. Bragadino closed and was ordered to Augusta.
  9 Sep 19431500At 1500 hours, the submarine Bandiera was sighted and closed within voice range to confer.

At 1530 hours, Squalo also joined to exchange information.
  9 Sep 1943220539° 09'N, 17° 55'EAt 2205 hours, a few warships were sighted. Bragadino turned away.
  10 Sep 19431610At 1610 hours, a German aircraft was sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. Bragadino dived immediately.

Cinti, Alpinolo17 Sep 19430613Augusta17 Sep 19431838Malta98Passage Augusta-Malta with submarines Onice, Settembrini, Vortice, Squalo and Zoea.

Marraccini, Augusto20 Oct 19430825Lazaretto Creek (Malta)26 Oct 19431040HaifaPassage Malta-Haifa to join Grupsom Levante with six other Italian submarines. She was unable to participate in the supplying of Leros because of engine defects. She was reported as useless and not worth refitting. Towed back to Taranto to be disarmed.

Marraccini, Augusto30 Nov 19431500Haifa2 Dec 19431520AlexandriaPassage Haifa-Alexandria towed by the depot ship Mocenigo escorted by the destroyers Da Recco and Grecale.

Marraccini, Augusto6 Dec 19430900Alexandria8 Dec 19431530TobrukPassage Alexandria-Taranto with the submarine Corridoni, the depot ship Mocenigo (towing Bragadino) and destroyers Da Recco and Grecale, but when the tow parted they were diverted to Tobruk.

Marraccini, Augusto9 Dec 19431102Tobruk14 Dec 19431250TarantoPassage Tobruk-Taranto towed by the depot ship Mocenigo.

Frascolla, Renato17 Dec 1943Taranto9 Mar 1944TarantoRefit in Taranto.

Magi, Giovanni10 Mar 1944Taranto21 Mar 1944TarantoRefit in Taranto.

Dotta, Antonio12 Jun 19441910Taranto12 Jun 19442040Taranto (Mar Grande)5Exercises.

Dotta, Antonio13 Jun 19440500Taranto (Mar Grande)13 Jun 19440630Taranto5Return trip [just before - at 0000-0300 hours - trained in port with Mezzi d'assalto who set limpets on the hull]. Held in reserve until the end of war.

188 entries. 179 total patrol entries (23 marked as war patrols) and 23 events.

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