Italian submarines in World War Two

Ammiraglio Cagni (CA, N.55)

Ammiraglio Cagni (USMM)

TypeOcean going 
ClassCagni (18) 
Laid down 16 Sep 1939 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched20 Jul 1940
Commissioned1 Apr 1941
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Was to be used as a transport submarine, code name "AQUILA VIII". Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Benedetto Luchetti1 Apr 194131 May 1941
C.F. Carlo Liannazza31 May 19417 May 1943
C.C. Giuseppe Roselli Lorenzini7 May 194323 Apr 1944
C.C. Rino Erler24 Apr 194411 Feb 1945
C.C. Luigi Andreotti12 Feb 1945Aug 1945

Ships hit

DateCommanderShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.3 Nov 1942C.F. Carlo LiannazzaDagombaCargo ship3,845BritishSunk
2.29 Nov 1942C.F. Carlo LiannazzaArgoCargo ship1,995GreekSunk
3.25 Jul 1943C.C. Giuseppe Roselli LorenziniHMS AsturiasArmed Merchant Cruiser22,048BritishDamaged

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
20 Jul 1940Monfalcone20 Jul 1940MonfalconeLaunched.

14 Jan 19410930Monfalcone14 Jan 19411010MonfalconeTrials.

15 Jan 19410930Monfalcone15 Jan 19411415MonfalconeTrials escorted by a tug.

27 Jan 19410945Monfalcone27 Jan 19411530PolaPassage Monfalcone-Pola, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

29 Jan 19410840Pola29 Jan 19411430PolaTrial escorted by the tug Parenzo.

31 Jan 19410845Pola31 Jan 19411430PolaTrials escorted by the tug Parenzo.

1 Feb 19410343Pola1 Feb 19410915PolaTrials escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

2 Feb 19410835Pola2 Feb 19411445PolaTrials escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

3 Feb 19410900Pola3 Feb 19411115PolaDiving trials with the submarine Balilla escorted by auxiliary Laurana.

5 Feb 19410845Pola5 Feb 19411800PolaTrials.

7 Feb 19410850Pola7 Feb 19411745PolaTrials.

8 Feb 19411000Pola8 Feb 1941MonfalconePassage Pola-Monfalcone.

Luchetti, Benedetto1 Apr 1941Monfalcone1 Apr 1941MonfalconeEntered service.

Luchetti, Benedetto4 Apr 19410640Monfalcone4 Apr 19411400VenicePassage Monfalcone-Venice.

Luchetti, Benedetto15 Apr 19411130Venice15 Apr 19411630MonfalconePassage Venice-Monfalcone.

Liannazza, Carlo14 Jul 19410930Monfalcone14 Jul 19411418Monfalcone9,5Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo21 Jul 19410938Monfalcone21 Jul 19411725Pola9,5Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Liannazza, Carlo24 Jul 19410600Pola24 Jul 19412051Pola133Trials with the submarine Pisani.

Liannazza, Carlo29 Jul 19410740Pola29 Jul 19411908Pola77Exercises with Ammiraglio Saint Bon, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera and the torpedo boat Audace.

Liannazza, Carlo31 Jul 19410850Pola31 Jul 19411205Saccorgiana6,5Passage Pola-Saccorgiana for exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Liannazza, Carlo31 Jul 19411511Saccorgiana31 Jul 19411640Pola6,5Passage Saccorgiana-Pola.

Liannazza, Carlo1 Aug 19411139Pola1 Aug 19411601Monfalcone72Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Liannazza, Carlo9 Aug 1941Monfalcone9 Aug 1941MonfalconeJoined MARICOSOM and assigned to 2.GRUPSOM.

Liannazza, Carlo21 Aug 19411045Monfalcone21 Aug 19411542Pola72Passage Monfalcone-Pola. Docked on 25th August.

Liannazza, Carlo29 Aug 19410510Pola29 Aug 19411810Fiume112Sailed with the submarine Ammiraglio Saint Bon for exercises then proceeded to Fiume.

Liannazza, Carlo2 Sep 19410938Fiume2 Sep 19411420Fiume15,5Exercises with Motorboat R.27.

Liannazza, Carlo3 Sep 19411400Fiume3 Sep 19411725Fiume15,4Exercises with Motorboat R.27.

Liannazza, Carlo6 Sep 19411532?Fiume6 Sep 19411756?Pola55Passage Fiume-Pola.

Liannazza, Carlo8 Sep 19410745Pola8 Sep 19411745Pola56Exercises with the submarines Jalea, Des Geneys and Speri, escorted by the auxiliaries Salvore, Jadera and Morrhua.

Liannazza, Carlo9 Sep 19410855Pola9 Sep 19411022Pola8Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo10 Sep 19410756Pola10 Sep 19412015Pola15Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo11 Sep 19410745Pola11 Sep 19411645Pola47Exercises with the submarine Ammiraglio Millo and the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by auxiliary Morrhua.

Liannazza, Carlo12 Sep 19410750Pola12 Sep 19411730Pola130Diving exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo13 Sep 19410800Pola13 Sep 19411752Pola68Exercises escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Liannazza, Carlo17 Sep 19410800Pola17 Sep 19411550Pola63Exercises escorted by San Giorgio.

Liannazza, Carlo18 Sep 19410820Pola18 Sep 19411230Pola26Exercises with the steamer Salvore.

Liannazza, Carlo20 Sep 19410738Pola21 Sep 19411810Taranto522Passage Pola-Taranto. On 22nd September, a diver found a crack in the starboard propeller.

Liannazza, Carlo24 Sep 19411733Taranto24 Sep 19411753Taranto0,8Docked?

Liannazza, Carlo27 Sep 19411820Taranto27 Sep 19411905Taranto5Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo30 Sep 19411331Taranto30 Sep 19411620Taranto26,08Exercises with MAS 4 D.

Liannazza, Carlo3 Oct 19410800Taranto3 Oct 19411155Taranto16Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo10 Oct 19410905Taranto10 Oct 19411837Taranto2,5Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo12 Oct 19410750Taranto12 Oct 19411140Taranto37Exercises with MAS 4 D.

1Liannazza, Carlo15 Oct 19411325Taranto18 Oct 19411830Bardia780Supply mission to Bardia (140.7 tons: 0.5 ton of ammunition and 7379 cans x 20 litres of petrol for 140.2 tons). Uneventful.

1bLiannazza, Carlo18 Oct 19412300Bardia22 Oct 19411330Taranto794Return trip from supply mission to Bardia.
  19 Oct 1941032532° 20'N, 25° 23'EAt 0325 hours, Ammiraglio Cagni had just sailed from Bardia and was on her way to Taranto, when a dark shadow was sighted on the port beam. The submarine was just turning toward it when a gunfire shot was heard followed by a second. Cagni quickly dived as a third shot was heard.

This was HMS Kandahar , one of three destroyers (the others were HMS Griffin and HMS Jaguar) screening the minelayer HMS Abdiel. They were carrying troop reinforcements to Tobruk (operation CULTIVATE). Because of the urgency to reach their destination before daylight, the destroyers did not try to hunt the submarine.

Liannazza, Carlo13 Nov 19411314Taranto13 Nov 19411535Taranto1Changed moorings?

Liannazza, Carlo13 Nov 19411314Taranto13 Nov 19411535Taranto1Trials?

Liannazza, Carlo14 Nov 19411303Taranto14 Nov 19411843Taranto22Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo14 Nov 19411303Taranto14 Nov 19411848Taranto22Exercises.

2Liannazza, Carlo18 Nov 19411305Taranto22 Nov 19411725Bardia760Supply mission to Bardia (142.6 tons: 7350 cans of petrol for 139.6 tons and 3 tons of ammunition). Uneventful.

2bLiannazza, Carlo22 Nov 19412105Bardia25 Nov 19411300Taranto780Return trip from supply mission to Bardia.
  24 Nov 19410805At 0805 hours, a derelict mine was sighted at a distance of 150 metres. It was hit with rifle fire and sank. Twenty seconds later, it exploded, shaking the submarine.

At 1410 hours, a second mine was sighted but the appearance of an aircraft prevented the submarine from disposing of it.

At 1645 hours, a third mine was sunk without difficulty.

Liannazza, Carlo27 Nov 19411300Taranto27 Nov 19411320Taranto1Changed moorings?

Liannazza, Carlo27 Nov 19411300Taranto27 Nov 19411320Taranto1Trials?

Liannazza, Carlo28 Nov 19411500Taranto28 Nov 19411520Taranto1Changed moorings?

Liannazza, Carlo28 Nov 19411500Taranto28 Nov 19411520Taranto1Trials?

Liannazza, Carlo30 Nov 19410800Taranto30 Nov 19411800Taranto3Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo30 Nov 19410800Taranto30 Nov 19411800Taranto3Trials?

Liannazza, Carlo1 Dec 19411345Taranto1 Dec 19411520Taranto5Trials?

3Liannazza, Carlo2 Dec 19411345Taranto5 Dec 19411750Bardia726Supply mission to Bardia (141.2 tons: 139.7 tons of petrol and lubricant, 1.5 tons of food supplies).
  3 Dec 19411125At 0925 hours, an Italian aircraft was sighted and exchanged recognition signals.
  3 Dec 19411125At 0925 hours, an aircraft was sighted and came too close. Cagni opened fire with her machine guns. It made a complete circle and made the recognition signal of the G.A.F. and the submarine answered accordingly.

3bLiannazza, Carlo5 Dec 19412220Bardia9 Dec 19411200Taranto740Return trip from supply mission to Bardia, brought back twenty PoWs (or fifteen?).
  6 Dec 1941020732° 30'N, 25° 10'EAt 0207 hours, a torpedo-boat was sighted. As a precaution, Cagni dived.
  7 Dec 1941024132° 50'N, 23° 20'EAt 0241 hours, a naval force was sighted. Its strength could not be determined, but Cagni made an enemy report at 0339 hours.

4Liannazza, Carlo16 Dec 19411350Taranto17 Dec 19411423Taranto230Sailed for supply mission to Bardia (144.7 tons of provisions) but then recalled.

4bLiannazza, Carlo24 Dec 19411400Taranto27 Dec 19411800Bardia683Supply mission to Bardia (146.7 tons of food supplies). Uneventful.

4cLiannazza, Carlo27 Dec 19412200Bardia31 Dec 19411300Taranto660Return trip from supply mission to Bardia with fifteen British PoWs.
  30 Dec 19411045
1055 (e)
36° 20'N, 19° 40'EAt 1045 hours, an enemy bomber was sighted and attacked, dropping four bombs. Cagni replied with her machine guns and the aircraft returned for three strafing runs.

This was Blenheim 'F' (No.6423, aircraft K7TF) of 203 Squadron piloted by Pilot Officer Hemsted belong to 201 Naval Cooperation Group. He had sighted a submarine steering 300° at 10 knots and dropped from 1500 to 800 feet to carry out the attack. Four 250-lb A/S bombs were released and they all overshot, the nearest being 60 yards off the submarine who took no action. The bomber carried out a strafing run as the submarine took evasive action. She remained on the surface and was shadowed for over an hour before the Blenheim departed. The submarine was described as 200-250 feet in length, coloured grey, with one gun forward and one aft, tall oval shaped conning tower, sharp bows and a short mast on the stern.

Liannazza, Carlo18 Jan 19420800Taranto18 Jan 19421045Taranto20,05Exercises, escorted by the tug Dalmazia.

Liannazza, Carlo21 Jan 19421640Taranto21 Jan 19422315Taranto105Ordered to Augusta but then recalled by MARICOSOM.

Liannazza, Carlo28 Jan 19421644Taranto29 Jan 19421437Augusta299Passage Taranto-Augusta.
  29 Jan 19420210At 0210 hours, the submarine Settimo was encountered and exchanged recognition signals.
  29 Jan 19420505
(0) About 100 miles SEE of Augusta.
At 0505 hours, the destroyer Maestrale escorting the two steamers Probitas and Potestas was sighted. They were proceeding to Taranto.
  29 Jan 19420600
(0) About 90 miles SEE of Augusta.
Two schooners were sighted.

Liannazza, Carlo1 Feb 19421020Augusta1 Feb 19421135AugustaTrials.

5Liannazza, Carlo1 Feb 19421803Augusta5 Feb 19421305TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (147.5 tons of ammunition). Uneventful. Developed a few defects and a leak.

5bLiannazza, Carlo7 Feb 19421455Tripoli9 Feb 19421000Taranto1370Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful.

Liannazza, Carlo25 Feb 19421220Taranto25 Feb 19421604Taranto24Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo3 Mar 19422140Taranto5 Mar 19421200Fiume546Passage Taranto-Fiume.

Liannazza, Carlo31 Mar 19420920Fiume31 Mar 19421320Fiume18Trials. Escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera and two motorboats.

Liannazza, Carlo2 Apr 19420810Fiume2 Apr 19421720Fiume29Torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera and two motorboats.

Liannazza, Carlo3 Apr 19420815Fiume3 Apr 19421815Fiume18Exercises with the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary Jadera and two motorboats.

Liannazza, Carlo12 Apr 19420522Fiume14 Apr 19421410Taranto591Passage Fiume-Taranto at 15 knots.
  13 Apr 19422120At 1330 hours, MARICOSOM informed Cagni that an enemy submarine was sighted at 1330 hours in 132° - Cape S. Maria di Leuca - 23 miles [apparently a bogus sighting].

At 2120 hours, C.C. Liannazza had ordered tubes no. 3 and 4 (forward) and tube no. 12 (aft) to be readied when the torpedo (450mm) accidentally left tube no. 4 for reasons unknown.

At 0155 hours, on the 14th, Cagni and Ametista were informed that an enemy submarine was reported at 2355 hours on the 13th in Grid 3850/3.

Liannazza, Carlo16 Apr 19420900Taranto16 Apr 19421625Taranto3Gyrocompass tests.

Liannazza, Carlo22 Apr 19420803Taranto22 Apr 19421125Taranto29Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo25 Apr 19420656Taranto25 Apr 19421020Taranto21Trials escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Liannazza, Carlo30 Apr 19421015Taranto30 Apr 19421040Taranto2Entered dock.

Liannazza, Carlo5 May 19421327Taranto5 May 19421805Taranto40Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo10 May 19420700Taranto10 May 19421225Taranto55Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo16 May 19420800Taranto16 May 19421550Taranto38,5Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo19 May 19420930Taranto19 May 19421007Taranto6Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo28 May 19421330Taranto28 May 19421620Taranto17Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo21 Jun 19421312Taranto21 Jun 19421815Taranto29Trials and exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo9 Jul 19420801Taranto9 Jul 19421708Taranto49Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo21 Jul 19421611Taranto23 Jul 19420855Pola567Passage Taranto-Pola.

Liannazza, Carlo25 Jul 19420559Pola25 Jul 19421055Monfalcone72,1Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Liannazza, Carlo5 Sep 19420700Monfalcone5 Sep 19421300Monfalcone35Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo10 Sep 19420955Monfalcone10 Sep 19421945Pola105Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Liannazza, Carlo14 Sep 19420915Pola14 Sep 19421615Pola52Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo15 Sep 19421050Pola15 Sep 19421925Pola54Trials.

Liannazza, Carlo16 Sep 19420800Pola16 Sep 19421520Pola48Gyrocompass tests.

Liannazza, Carlo18 Sep 19420840Pola18 Sep 19421240Pola2Gyrocompass tests.

Liannazza, Carlo19 Sep 19420845Pola23 Sep 19422055Taranto796Passage Pola-Taranto. Uneventful.

Liannazza, Carlo29 Sep 19420945Taranto29 Sep 19421100Taranto9Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo30 Sep 19421515Taranto30 Sep 19422140Taranto35Exercises.

Liannazza, Carlo3 Oct 19421611Naples4 Oct 19420855La Maddalena215Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

6Liannazza, Carlo6 Oct 19421830La Maddalena20 Feb 19431830Bordeaux17403Patrolled off Capetown, in area between 01°00'N and 02°00'S, and between 27°00'W and 32°00'W, then headed to Bordeaux (passed Gibraltar on 12 October 1942). This was longest mission of an Italian submarine during WWII (137 days, 17,403 miles).
  17 Oct 1942112033° 00'N, 14° 00'WAt 1120 hours, a smoke was sighted on the horizon. Cagni maneuvered to take a position ahead of the vessel and dived at 1305 hours.

At 1412 hours, the submarine closed to a distance of 1,000 meters before recognising her to be Spanish Rio Francoli (2,078 GRT, built 1909 and aborted the attack.
  3 Nov 19421842
1800 GMT (e)
2° 35'S, 18° 31'WAt 1130 hours, two masts were sighted on the horizon. Cagni proceeded at 15 knots to take a position ahead of the vessel.

At 1703 hours, the submarine submerged for the attack.

At 1842 hours, three bow torpedoes (450mm, W 200 type) were fired from 400 metres. All three hit and she sank.

This was the British Dagomba (3,845 GRT, built 1928) on passage from Takoradi to Trinidad.

Ten killed, twenty-one survivors were rescued by the Portuguese sloop Bartolomeu Dias at 0530 hours on 14th November in 07°05' N, 16°00' W. Twenty-three survivors in a lifeboat were picked up by a Vichy patrol vessel and landed at Dakar. They were interned for a few days before being liberated when the Allies landed in North Africa on 8th November.
  9 Nov 194211035° 28'S, 11° 52'WAt 1103 hours, a twin-engine plane was sighted at 5,000 metres. Cagni dived immediately.
  29 Nov 19422025
2000 (e)
34° 45'S, 17° 42'EAt 1503 hours, a smoke was sighted on the horizon steering 030°. Cagni proceeded to intercept at 15 knots. She could not catch up for an attack in daylight hours so C.C. Liannazza opted for an attack after dark.

At 1915 hours, the attack began but was thwarted by a sudden change of course of the vessel. She was now steering 070°.

At 2025 hours, a pair of torpedoes (450mm, 40 knots) were fired from bow tubes at a distance of 2,500 metres. They missed, apparently due to an irregular course.

This was the Greek steamer Argo (1,995 GRT, built 1920) on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Capetown and Durban.

At 2125 hours, another pair of torpedoes (450mm) were fired from bow tubes. They both hit and the vessel sank. Eighteen were killed [twelve crew members and all six passengers], seven survivors (including Captain Synodinos) were rescued by HMS Rotherham and another eleven by HMAS Norman. HMAS Norman later transferred the survivors she had picked up to HMS Rotherham which landed them at Simonstown in the evening.
  3 Jan 194313051° 35'S, 24° 25'WAt 1305 hours, the submarine Enrico Tazolli was met. Cagni was to cede her eight 450mm torpedoes but the bad weather prevented the operation from being carried out and it was finally cancelled.
  13 Jan 19431530-16201° 00'N, 22° 00'W
(0) German Grid FD 3465.
The German Milk cow submarine U-459 (KK Wilamowitz-Möllendorf) was met and from 1530 to 1620 hours she supplied the Italian submarine with 41 tons of fuel (50 cbm).

An ULTRA intercept had revealed that Cagni was to meet U-459 on 1200 hours on 12th January in 01°03' N, 23°57' W.
  25 Jan 194300453° 22'N, 28° 10'WAt 0045 hours, a fully illuminated steamer was sighted steering 025°. It was believed to be the pre-announced Swiss Eiger (4,386 GRT, built 1929) on a voyage from Bahia to Las Palmas (Canaries).
  7 Feb 1943143229° 10'N, 23° 20'WAt 1432 hours, a German submarine was sighted on a southerly course. Recognition signals were exchanged.
  7 Feb 1943163729° 25'N, 23° 16'WAt 1637 hours, a German submarine was sighted on a northerly course. Recognition signals were exchanged.
  15 Feb 1943175044° 37'N, 9° 56'WAt 1750 hours, a Sunderland aircraft was sighted at 8,000 metres. C.C. Liannazza gave the order to crash dive, but for reasons not revealed, it failed and the submarine surfaced again. The aircrat circled then carried out an attack dropping six medium-sized bombs. They missed the submarine by 20-30 metres. Cagni was also strafed and had one rating killed and one wounded.

This was Sunderland was 'I' (DV961) of 461 Squadron (RAAF) piloted by Flight Lieutenant S.R.C. Wood. He sighted the submarine at a distance of 7 miles, steering 100° and correctly identified it as Italian. It dived from the clouds when it was 2-3 miles away. The submarine was observed to fire a red star cartridge and remained surfaced. Heavy strafing observed to knock men overboard. In an attack from the starboard beam six depth charges were released from 100-150 feet. Owing to a faulty distributor they were released in salvo and overshot. The Sunderland attacked at 44.49 N 09.17 W.

The submarine was covered in spray but was apparently undamaged and submerged two minutes after the attack.
  17 Feb 1943201544° 39'N, 10° 03'WAt 2015 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  18 Feb 1943094044° 47'N, 6° 12'WAt 0940 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  18 Feb 1943144044° 50'N, 5° 40'WAt 1440 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  18 Feb 1943181644° 53'N, 5° 20'WAt 1816 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe4 Jun 19431230Bordeaux4 Jun 19431630Pauillac35Passage Bordeaux-Pauillac.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe16 Jun 19431530Pauillac16 Jun 19431830Le Verdon20Passage Pauillac-Le Verdon.

7Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe17 Jun 19430900Le Verdon18 Jun 19430600Le Verdon225Sailed for Atlantic patrol but turned back due to defects. German documents indicate she actually sailed with Barbarigo and Luigi Torellii at 1000 on 16 June. They were escorted out by Sperrbrecher 5 and the German minesweepers M 262 and M 271. At 1415, they reached point "Gabel" (German Grid BF 9312 or 45°33' N, 01°42' W) where the Sperrbrecher left them to return to Royan. They proceeded through the "Handgepäck" way to Point "Hand" (Grid BF 9281 or 44°57' N, 02°38' W). En route, on reaching the 100-meter depth line, the submarines carried out test dives between 1730 and 1820. Cagni was found to have defects and returned to Le Verdon escorted by the two minesweepers. Our thanks to Dr. Axel Niestlé who provided additional details.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe19 Jun 19430800Le Verdon19 Jun 19431100Pauillac20Passage Le Verdon-Pauillac.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe20 Jun 19431300Pauillac20 Jun 19431700Bordeaux35Passage Pauillac-Bordeaux.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe26 Jun 19431230Bordeaux26 Jun 19431930Verdon55Passage Bordeaux-Verdon.

8Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe29 Jun 19430400Le Verdon20 Sep 19431130Durban11820Sailed with U 160 and U 462 escorted by Sperrbrecher 122 and the minesweepers M 344 and M 24 via points 446 and 442 to BF 6845 (46°03' N, 02°15' W), where U 466 was met together with Sperrbrecher 5 and M 27 and M 28. They proceeded from there to Point Schloß (BF 9125 or 45°27' N, 03°42' W). Sperrbrecher 122 detonated a mine at 0839 on the outbound route and had to return. The M-Boats from Le Verdon continued alone to Pilz. Point Schloß was reached at 2200 and from there the submarines proceeded independently. Gagni' s destination was Singapore where she was to pick up a cargo of rubber (she had a crew of 81). Arrived in the Indian Ocean on 8th September 1943. First ordered to Colombo, but then diverted to Durban. She was met by the corvette HMS Jasmine and brought in and moored to the light cruiser HMS Caradoc. Thanks to Dr Axel Niestlé for the details of the escorts on the first leg of the voyage.
  1 Jul 19430140At 0140 hours, an aircraft was detected with Metox and the submarine dived.
  2 Jul 1943011046° 00'N, 9° 00'W
(0) Very approximate position.
At 0110 hours, an aircraft was detected by Metox and the submarine dived to 50 metres. Six bomb explosions were heard.
  2 Jul 19430955At 0955 hours, fifteen aircraft were seen and the submarine dived.
  2 Jul 19431655At 1655 hours, an aircraft was seen diving from the sun and the submarine dived.
  3 Jul 19431015At 1015 hours, an aircraft was seen diving from the sun and the submarine dived.
  4 Jul 19430833At 0833 hours, an aircraft was seen diving from the sun and the submarine dived.
  4 Jul 19431130At 1130 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  4 Jul 19431635At 1635 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  12 Jul 1943161527° 34'N, 21° 15'WAt 1530 hours, a steamer was sighted steering a northerly course. Two minutes later, Cagni submerged and proceeded to attack at periscope depth.

At 1615 hours, three torpedoes (450mm, one with standard and two with magnetic pistols) were fired from 1,500 metres. After about a minute, a muffled explosion was heard giving a running range of 1,300 metres.

At 1620 hours, three depth charges were heard followed, at 1628 hours, by more. C.C. Roselli Lorenzini believed that the vessel had been hit by a torpedo with a magnetic pistol and the other explosions were perhaps torpedoes hitting the bottom.
  15 Jul 1943143321° 00'N, 23° 00'WAt 1433 hours, two masts were sighted on the horizon at 12,000 metres. Cagni proceeded to intercept at 12 knots.

At 1720 hours, the submarine submerged and prepared to launch two torpedoes from forward tubes.

At 1834 hours, the vessel was recognised as Portuguese and the attack broken off.
  19 Jul 1943092815° 20'N, 21° 05'W
(0) Position at noon.
At 1128 hours, a vessel was sighted. One minute later, Cagni submerged to the attack.

At 1300 hours, it was recognised as a Swish ship and the attack aborted.
  22 Jul 194303586° 52'N, 20° 45'WAt 1510 hours on 21st July, a smoke was sighted on the horizon. Cagni proceeded to intercept at 13 knots.

At 1547 hours, she submerged for a stern attack with two torpedoes. The vessel appeared to be a 3,000-ton armed merchant cruiser with four medium-sized gun and six multiple machine gun mounts.

At 1713 hours, the sudden loss of periscope depth prevented the attack from being carried out and contact was lost.

At 1845 hours, the submarine surfaced and sighted the vessel again and trailed her for an attack after dark.

At 0243 hours, on 22nd July, Cagni had gained a position ahead of her target and submerged.

At 0358 hours, two torpedoes (450mm) were fired from bow tubes at a distance of over 2,000 metres. They missed. After 12 minutes, explosions were heard believed to be from depth charges. The submarine surfaced and sighted the vessel at 8,000 metres. An attempt to give chase was quickly given up as fuel consumption was becoming a problem.
  25 Jul 19430149
0100Z (e)
6° 40'N, 21° 00'WAt 0145 hours, the shadow of a warship was sighted at 2,000 metres. Initially, it was thought to be a destroyer steering 025° at 15 knots. Cagni turned to make a stern attack but she quickly passed at 600-800 metres before it could be made.

At 0146 hours, the shadow of a large ship was observed proceeding on a parallel course to the destroyer.

At 0149 hours, two torpedoes (450mm) were fired from bow tubes at a distance of 2,500 metres aimed at this target believed to be an aircraft carrier. As another destroyer was now sighted about 1,000 metres astern of the submarine, C.C. Roselli Lorenzini took her down to 110 metres. After 154 seconds, two explosions were heard followed by a louder one.

At 0245 hours, Cagni surfaced but heavy rain had reduced visibility to the minimum and nothing could be seen.

This was actually the armed merchant cruiser HMS Asturias (22,048 tons, built 1926), zigzagging at 9.7 knots. One torpedo was observed to miss ahead, the other hit amidship. The explosion was muffled. Her engine room, boiler room and auxiliary engine room were flooded, but she managed to crawl away steering 036° at 5 knots. The "aircraft-carrier" was actually a floating dock towed by the tugs Thames and Roode Zee proceeding in company. They had been screened by the corvettes HMS Clarkia, HMS Woodruff and HMS Cowslip, the sloop HMS Milford and the armed whaler HMS Southern Gem and the armed trawler HMS Inkpen.

The floating dock, tugs and remaining escorts continued on their way. HMS Clarkia and HMS Southern Gem stood by the stricken vessel and were joined by the frigate HMS HMS Exe on 26th July, followed a few hours later by the sloop HMS Folkestone and the tug Zwarte Zee who took HMS Asturias in tow. On the following day, the frigate HMS Moyola brought pumps and other equipment. HMS Asturias arrived at Freetown at 0400Z hours on 1st August.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe8 Nov 19431715Durban16 Nov 19431816Kilindini (Mombasa)1856Passage Durban-Kilindini escorted by the armed yacht HMS Virginia. She was instructed not to take offensive action against enemy submarines, but that enemy surface vessels could be attacked. It was briefly considered to sent her to Leros in a supply role but this did not work out.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe18 Nov 19430830Kilindini (Mombasa)25 Nov 19431600Aden1754Passage Kilindini-Aden escorted by armed yacht HMS Virginia.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe8 Dec 19430600Aden13 Dec 19431520Suez1400Passage Aden-Suez.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe14 Dec 19430800Suez14 Dec 19431930Port Said70Passage Suez-Port Said. Refit lasted 4 months. Then used for A/S training in Palermo.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe17 Dec 19431415Port Said18 Dec 19430700Haifa165Passage Port Said-Haifa.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe28 Dec 19431330 or 0830/27?Haifa2 Jan 19441400Taranto1050Passage Haifa-Taranto. Proceeding at 11 knots, diving by day between 25° E and 20° E, through 33°57'N, 25°00'E at 1800B hours on the 30th and 34°15'N, 21°55'E at 1400B hours on the 31st. A long refit followed.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe4 Apr 19440708Taranto4 Apr 19441440Taranto45Trials.

Roselli Lorenzini, Giuseppe7 Apr 19440800Taranto7 Apr 19441710Taranto51Trials.

Erler, Rino26 Apr 19440700Taranto26 Apr 19441330Taranto41Trials. On 28 April 1944, she was assigned to training duties at Palermo.

Erler, Rino1 May 19441730Taranto3 May 19441130Palermo352Passage Taranto-Palermo with corvette Sfinge and joined (part of the way ) with convoy HA.39A.

Erler, Rino5 May 19440600Palermo5 May 19441730Palermo51Exercises with the destroyers USS Kendrick (DD-612) and USS Mackenzie (DD-614). At 1125A, a C-47 reported a submarine in 38°21'N, 12°50'E and the two destroyers were ordered to the scene.

Erler, Rino14 May 19440800Palermo14 May 19441740Palermo48Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-559.

Erler, Rino15 May 19440830Palermo15 May 19441740Palermo47Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-690.

Erler, Rino16 May 19440830Palermo16 May 19441750Palermo47Exercises.

Erler, Rino17 May 19440830Palermo17 May 19441830Palermo48Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-503.

Erler, Rino18 May 19440830Palermo18 May 19441850Palermo49Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-532.

Erler, Rino20 May 19440800Palermo20 May 19441830Palermo50Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-34 and the patrol vessel the patrol vessel USS SC-532.

Erler, Rino22 May 19440600Palermo22 May 19441615Palermo52Exercises.

Erler, Rino23 May 19440615Palermo23 May 19441625Palermo49Exercises.

Erler, Rino24 May 19440620Palermo24 May 19441620Palermo49Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1235.

Erler, Rino26 May 19440615Palermo26 May 19441600Palermo48Exercises with the patrol vessels the patrol vessels USS SC-638 and USS SC-676.

Erler, Rino29 May 19440600Palermo29 May 19441605Palermo48Exercises.

Erler, Rino30 May 19440600Palermo30 May 19441530Palermo48Exercises with the minesweepers USS YMS 13, USS YMS 15 and the patrol vessels USS SC-535 and USS SC- 979.

Erler, Rino31 May 19440600Palermo31 May 19441600Palermo48Exercises with the fleet tug USS Hopi (ATF-71).

Erler, Rino2 Jun 19440615Palermo2 Jun 19441415Palermo47Exercises with the minesweepers USS YMS 15 and USS YMS 355.

Erler, Rino3 Jun 19440615Palermo3 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-591 and USS PC-627.

Erler, Rino6 Jun 19440615Palermo6 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the minesweepers USS YMS 13, USS YMS 15.

Erler, Rino7 Jun 19440600Palermo7 Jun 19440830Palermo14Exercises.

Erler, Rino8 Jun 19440630Palermo8 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises.

Erler, Rino9 Jun 1944Palermo9 Jun 1944Palermo47Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-248 and the patrol vessels USS PC-591 and USS SC-1044.

Erler, Rino10 Jun 19440615Palermo10 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-20 and the patrol vessel USS SC-534. Defective sound gear forced SC-534 to abandon the exercise at 1055 hours and, with YMS-20, she escorted back the submarine.

Erler, Rino12 Jun 19440615Palermo12 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the destroyers USS Kendrick (DD-612) and USS Mackenzie (DD-614). [They were escorting the light cruiser USS Brooklyn (CL-40).]

Erler, Rino14 Jun 19440615Palermo14 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the destroyers USS Kendrick (DD-612) and USS Mackenzie (DD-614).

Erler, Rino16 Jun 19440615Palermo16 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-771.

Erler, Rino17 Jun 19440615Palermo17 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-1029.

Erler, Rino22 Jun 19440615Palermo22 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-82 and the patrol vessel USS PC-551.

Erler, Rino23 Jun 19440615Palermo23 Jun 19441515Palermo61Exercises.

Erler, Rino25 Jun 19440615Palermo25 Jun 19441430Palermo47Exercises with the destroyers USS Parker (DD-604) and USS McLanahan (DD-615) of DESRON 16.

Erler, Rino30 Jun 19440615Palermo30 Jun 19441230Palermo41Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-621, USS SC-651 and USS SC-692.

Erler, Rino1 Jul 19440620Palermo1 Jul 19441247Palermo43Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-546.

Erler, Rino3 Jul 19440611Palermo3 Jul 19441230Palermo41,5Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-651.

Erler, Rino4 Jul 19440614Palermo4 Jul 19441225Palermo40Exercises with USS YMS-34 and the patrol vessel USS SC-651.

Erler, Rino6 Jul 19440600Palermo6 Jul 19441212Palermo41Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-251 and the patrol vessels USS SC-530 and USS SC-693.

Erler, Rino7 Jul 19440610Palermo7 Jul 19441215Palermo42,5Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-34 and the patrol vessel USS PC-627.

Erler, Rino10 Jul 19440617Palermo10 Jul 19441540Palermo45,5Exercises.

Erler, Rino11 Jul 19441110Palermo11 Jul 19441742Palermo41Exercises with the destroyer USS Nields (DD-616).

Erler, Rino19 Jul 19440610Palermo19 Jul 19441348Palermo45Exercises with the destroyer USS Ellyson (DD-454) and USS Rodman (DD-456).

Erler, Rino21 Jul 19440632Palermo21 Jul 19441245Palermo41Exercises.

Erler, Rino27 Jul 19440606Palermo27 Jul 19441350Palermo44Exercises with the destroyers USS Kendrick (DD-612) and USS Mackenzie (DD-614).

Erler, Rino28 Jul 19440833Palermo28 Jul 19441440Palermo41Exercises with the destroyer USS Ellyson (DD-454).

Erler, Rino30 Jul 19440608Palermo30 Jul 19441223Palermo39Exercises with the destroyers USS Boyle (DD-600) and USS Champlin (DD-601).

Erler, Rino1 Aug 19440626Palermo1 Aug 19441330Palermo46Exercises with the destroyers USS Kendrick (DD-612) and USS Mackenzie (DD-614).

Erler, Rino5 Aug 19440606Palermo5 Aug 19441308Palermo44,5Exercises with the destroyers USS Woolsey (DD-437) and USS Ludlow (DD-438).

Erler, Rino8 Aug 19440628Palermo8 Aug 19441332Palermo47Exercises with the destroyers USS Woolsey (DD-437), USS Ludlow (DD-438).USS Ludlow (DD-438) and USS Edison (DD-439).

Erler, Rino14 Aug 19440715Palermo14 Aug 19441332Palermo44Exercises with te minesweeper USS YMS-36.

Erler, Rino31 Aug 19440756Palermo31 Aug 19441431Palermo43Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1246.

Erler, Rino1 Sep 19440632Palermo1 Sep 19441257Palermo56Exercises with Italian corvette Sfinge.

Erler, Rino6 Sep 19440715Palermo6 Sep 19441418Palermo46Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino8 Sep 19440616Palermo8 Sep 19441223Palermo46Exercises.

Erler, Rino10 Sep 19440734Palermo10 Sep 19441425Palermo42Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1246.

Erler, Rino12 Sep 19440630Palermo12 Sep 19441248Palermo40Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino15 Sep 19440600Palermo15 Sep 19441227Palermo41Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino22 Sep 19440746Palermo22 Sep 19441454Palermo43Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino23 Sep 19440618Palermo23 Sep 19441238Palermo42Exercises with the Italian corvette Gru.

Erler, Rino25 Sep 19440615Palermo25 Sep 19441247Palermo41Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Leslie L.B. Knox (DE-580) of CortDiv 45 (Escort Division 45) and other allied vessels of TF 60.

Erler, Rino26 Sep 19440600Palermo26 Sep 19441240Palermo42Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Durant (DE-389), USS Calcaterra (DE-390), USS Chambers (DE-391) and USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Erler, Rino27 Sep 19440647Palermo27 Sep 19441524Palermo46Exercises with thge destroyer escorts USS Vance (DE-387), USS Riley (DE-579), USS Metivier (DE-582) and USS Eugene E. Elmore (DE-686).

Erler, Rino2 Oct 19440618Palermo2 Oct 19441249Palermo40Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-530.

Erler, Rino4 Oct 19440612Palermo4 Oct 19441253Palermo49Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-627.

Erler, Rino7 Oct 19440920Palermo7 Oct 19441558Palermo49,5Exercises with the patrol vessel USS SC-651.

Erler, Rino9 Oct 19440814Palermo9 Oct 19441454Palermo44Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino10 Oct 19441048Palermo10 Oct 19441708Palermo41Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino12 Oct 19440624Palermo12 Oct 19441251Palermo48,5Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino13 Oct 19440602Palermo13 Oct 19441249Palermo44,5Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1246.

Erler, Rino14 Oct 19440605Palermo14 Oct 19441240Palermo42Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino16 Oct 19440603Palermo16 Oct 19441241Palermo43Exercises with the destroyer USS Jouett (DD-396) and other allied vessels.

Erler, Rino17 Oct 19440750Palermo17 Oct 19441833Palermo61Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Buckley (DE-51), USS Reuben James (DE-153), USS William T. Powell (DE-213), USS Spangenberg (DE-223) and USS Robert I. Paine (DE-578) of CortDIV 66, followed by exercises with CortDIV 15 (Escort Division 15) with the destroyer USS Moffett (DD-362) and the destroyer escorts USS Amick (DE-168), USS Atherton (DE-169), USS Booth (DE-170), USS Cooner (DE-172) and USS Eldridge (DE-173) of CortDIV 15. The patrol vessel USS PC-1246 cleared the exercises area of fishing craft.

Erler, Rino21 Oct 19440615Palermo21 Oct 19441248Palermo46,5Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-1244 and USS PC-1246.

Erler, Rino22 Oct 19440608Palermo22 Oct 19441255Palermo43Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino25 Oct 19440607Palermo25 Oct 19441257Palermo45Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1173.

Erler, Rino26 Oct 19440610Palermo26 Oct 19441256Palermo47,5Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Holton (DE-703), USS Cronin (DE-704) and USS Parle (DE-708).

Erler, Rino27 Oct 19440840Palermo27 Oct 19441740Palermo48Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Earl V. Johnson (DE-702) and USS Frybarger (DE-705), followed by the destroyer USS Sampson (DD-394) and the destroyer escort USS Ahrens (DE-575).

Erler, Rino31 Oct 19440620Palermo31 Oct 19441255Palermo44,5Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino1 Nov 19440755Palermo1 Nov 19441426Palermo43Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1246.

Erler, Rino2 Nov 19440600Palermo2 Nov 19441240Palermo42Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino4 Nov 19440602Palermo4 Nov 19441245Palermo44Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino6 Nov 19440615Palermo6 Nov 19441235Palermo43Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1595.

Erler, Rino7 Nov 19440618Palermo7 Nov 19441240Palermo43Exercises with the minesweepers USS YMS-251.

Erler, Rino8 Nov 19440615Palermo8 Nov 19441241Palermo46Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino10 Nov 19440740Palermo10 Nov 19441415Palermo49,5Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-1168 [her war diary, N.O.I.C. Augusta and the Admiralty War Diaries mistakenly identifies the submarine as "Dandolo"] and USS PC-1140 (who sent one officer and five ratings on Cagni to observe the proceedings] and other allied vessels.

Erler, Rino12 Nov 19440608Palermo12 Nov 19441256Palermo44Exercises with the minesweepers USS YMS-199, USS YMS-303 and other allied vessels.

Erler, Rino14 Nov 19440810Palermo14 Nov 19441438Palermo41,5Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1140 (who sent one officer and five ratings on Cagni to observe the proceedings].

Erler, Rino16 Nov 19440800Palermo16 Nov 19441703Palermo59,5Exercises with the destroyer USS Selfridge (DD-357) and the destroyers escorts USS Otter (DE-210), USS Hubbard (DE-211), USS Hayter (DE-212), USS Schmitt (DE-676), USS Varian (DE-798), USS Scroggins (DE-799) and the patrol vessel USS PC-1595.

Erler, Rino18 Nov 19440612Palermo18 Nov 19441305Palermo49Exercises with the British escort destroyer HMS HMS Eggesford, American minesweeper USS YMS-164 and French patrol vessel P-9 [N.O.I.C. Augusta and the Admiralty War Diaries mistakenly identify the submarine as "Dandolo"].

Erler, Rino22 Nov 19440605Palermo22 Nov 19441256Palermo45Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1173.

Erler, Rino24 Nov 19440622Palermo24 Nov 19441257Palermo52,5Exercises with Italian corvette Gru. On 27th November 1944, she was given seven days for repairs and they were completed on 5th December 1944.

Erler, Rino9 Dec 19440755Palermo9 Dec 19441443Palermo45Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino14 Dec 19440808Palermo14 Dec 19441455Palermo46,5Exercises with Italian corvette Gru.

Erler, Rino20 Dec 19440750Palermo20 Dec 19441431Palermo44Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino22 Dec 19440748Palermo22 Dec 19441447Palermo47Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino24 Dec 19440750Palermo24 Dec 19441440Palermo45Exercises with the minesweepers USS Incredible (AM-249) and USS Pinnacle (AM-274).

Erler, Rino29 Dec 19440749Palermo29 Dec 19441427Palermo46,5Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1596 and other allied vessels.

Erler, Rino2 Jan 19450748Palermo2 Jan 19451432Palermo41Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-1169 and USS PC-1595.

Erler, Rino3 Jan 19450745Palermo3 Jan 19451429Palermo42Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-1140, USS PC-1596, USS PC-1595 (or USS PC-1597 ???).

Erler, Rino4 Jan 19450749Palermo4 Jan 19451434Palermo42Exercises with the minesweepers USS Incessant (AM-248).

Erler, Rino9 Jan 19450750Palermo9 Jan 19451414Palermo41Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino10 Jan 19450746Palermo10 Jan 19451437Palermo42Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1593

Erler, Rino11 Jan 19450744Palermo11 Jan 19451430Palermo42Exercises with Italian corvettes Flora and Gru.

Erler, Rino13 Jan 19450752Palermo13 Jan 19451445Palermo43Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino15 Jan 19450741Palermo15 Jan 19451427Palermo42Exercises with the fleet tug USS Hopi (ATF-71).

Erler, Rino19 Jan 19450751Palermo19 Jan 19451456Palermo44Exercises with allied vessels.

Erler, Rino24 Jan 19450750Palermo24 Jan 19451440Palermo42Exercises with Italian corvette Flora.

Erler, Rino30 Jan 19450748Palermo30 Jan 19451510Palermo43Exercises with the minesweepers USS Chickadee (AM-59) and USS Pheasant (AM-61).

Erler, Rino2 Feb 19450751Palermo2 Feb 19451423Palermo41Exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-164.

Erler, Rino5 Feb 19450749Palermo5 Feb 19451426Palermo41Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1174.

Erler, Rino6 Feb 19450750Palermo6 Feb 19451411Palermo40Exercises with American vessels.

Erler, Rino7 Feb 19450754Palermo7 Feb 19451424Palermo40Exercises with American vessels.

Erler, Rino9 Feb 19450751Palermo9 Feb 19451408Palermo41Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1140.

Erler, Rino10 Feb 19450751Palermo10 Feb 19451415Palermo40Exercises with the tug USS Moreno (ATF-87).

Andreotti, Luigi19 Feb 19451045Palermo19 Feb 19451710Palermo41Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi26 Feb 19450740Palermo26 Feb 19451303Palermo40Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1168.

Andreotti, Luigi6 Mar 19450803Palermo6 Mar 19451241Palermo38Exercises with Italian corvette Flora.

Andreotti, Luigi9 Mar 19450752Palermo9 Mar 19451300Palermo40Exercises with the fleet tug USS Hopi (ATF-71).

Andreotti, Luigi13 Mar 19451140Palermo13 Mar 19451804Palermo41Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi15 Mar 19450748Palermo15 Mar 19451415Palermo42Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1169.

Andreotti, Luigi16 Mar 19450745Palermo16 Mar 19451420Palermo43Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1595.

Andreotti, Luigi20 Mar 19450739Palermo20 Mar 19451401Palermo42Exercises with the minesweeper USS Pheasant (AM-61).

Andreotti, Luigi21 Mar 19451227Palermo21 Mar 19451706Palermo37Exercises with the minesweepers USS Implicit (AM-246) and USS Incredible (AM-249).

Andreotti, Luigi24 Mar 19450740Palermo24 Mar 19451300Palermo39Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1140.

Andreotti, Luigi3 Apr 19450810Palermo3 Apr 19451434Palermo41Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi5 Apr 19450812Palermo5 Apr 19451441Palermo42Exercises with the minesweepers USS YMS-17 and USS YMS-164.

Andreotti, Luigi7 Apr 19450750Palermo7 Apr 19451418Palermo41Exercises with the patrol vessels USS PC-1186 and USS PC-1246.

Andreotti, Luigi9 Apr 19451106Palermo9 Apr 19451728Palermo42Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi11 Apr 19450805Palermo11 Apr 19451431Palermo42Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi12 Apr 19450818Palermo12 Apr 19451342Palermo39Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi13 Apr 19450850Palermo13 Apr 19451530Palermo41Exercises with American vessels.

Andreotti, Luigi20 Apr 19450801Palermo20 Apr 19451423Palermo41Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1593.

Andreotti, Luigi7 May 19450800Palermo7 May 19451432Palermo41Exercises with the minesweeper USS Chickadee (AM-59).

Andreotti, Luigi16 May 19450806Palermo16 May 19451227Palermo35Exercises with American vessels. As of 15 May 1945, Cagni was informed that her services were no longer required.

Andreotti, Luigi23 May 19450915Palermo24 May 19451608Taranto345Passage Palermo-Taranto. The submarine was detached from duty with the U.S. Navy operating base at Palermo. No more sorties for the rest of the war.

275 entries. 246 total patrol entries (8 marked as war patrols) and 38 events.

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