Italian submarines in World War Two

H 1 (H1, P.56)
H 1

ClassH (19) 
Laid down 31 May 1916 Canadian Vickers, Montreal
Launched16 Oct 1916
Commissioned23 Dec 1916
End service
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 23rd March 1947.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Alberto Galeazzi5 Feb 194030 Jun 1940
T.V. Alberto Torri1 Jul 194023 Aug 1941
T.V. Francesco Pedrotti23 Aug 194130 Aug 1941
T.V. Raul Galletti30 Aug 19411 Feb 1942
T.V. Enrico Lesen d'Aston2 Feb 19425 Mar 1942
T.V. Renzo Fossati9 Mar 194224 Mar 1942
S.T.V. Luigi Ginocchio24 Mar 194227 Apr 1943
C.C. Gino Andreani27 Apr 19439 Jun 1943
T.V. Augusto Marraccini10 Jun 19435 Oct 1943
S.T.V. Luciano Barca6 Oct 194317 Nov 1943
T.V. Antonio Canezza17 Nov 194317 Jun 1945
S.T.V. Giuseppe Sassone17 Jun 194525 Jul 1945
T.V. Antonio Canezza26 Jul 1945Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Galeazzi, Alberto9 Jun 19402400La Spezia13 Jun 19400625La Spezia193,5Patrolled between La Gorgona and Cape Corso.

2Galeazzi, Alberto19 Jun 19402300La Spezia25 Jun 19401006La Spezia375,5Defensive patrol with H.8 195° - Genoa Light - 15 miles.

Torri, Alberto29 Jul 19400738La Spezia29 Jul 19401240La Spezia52Exercises.

Torri, Alberto4 Aug 19400737La Spezia4 Aug 19401203La Spezia23Exercises.

Torri, Alberto14 Aug 19400825La Spezia14 Aug 19401535La Spezia49Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 Sep 19401337La Spezia18 Sep 19401830La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto20 Sep 19401220La Spezia21 Sep 19400145La Spezia47Exercises.

Torri, Alberto14 Oct 19401142La Spezia14 Oct 19401640La Spezia19,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto14 Dec 19400842La Spezia14 Dec 19401640La Spezia26,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto21 Dec 19400845La Spezia21 Dec 19401505La Spezia32Exercises.

Torri, Alberto30 Dec 19400840La Spezia30 Dec 19401225La Spezia22Exercises.

Torri, Alberto9 Jan 19410910La Spezia9 Jan 19411530La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 Jan 19410842La Spezia18 Jan 19411545La Spezia30,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto27 Jan 19410858La Spezia27 Jan 19411545La Spezia33Exercises.

3Torri, Alberto2 Feb 19411958La Spezia3 Feb 19411400La Spezia97Defensive patrol with H.4, in 43°46'N, 09°45'E, between La Spezia and Livorno, against an enemy force which might bombard the Italian coast. Uneventful.

4Torri, Alberto3 Mar 19411704La Spezia4 Mar 19411250La Spezia129Sailed for defensive patrol with H.6, escorted by the torpedo boats Carini and La Masa, 215° - Tino Light - 39 miles. Uneventful.

5Torri, Alberto25 Mar 19411845La Spezia26 Mar 19411050La Spezia97,5Defensive patrol with H.4, in 43°45'N, 09°30'E. Uneventful.

6Torri, Alberto6 Apr 19412005La Spezia9 Apr 19410902La Spezia171,5Defensive patrol with H.6, in 43°45'N, 09°15'E. Uneventful.

7Torri, Alberto9 May 19411840La Spezia10 May 19411030La Spezia93,5Defensive patrol with H.4 in 43°58'N, 09°06'E. Uneventful.

8Torri, Alberto13 May 19411745La Spezia14 May 19411024La Spezia96,5Defensive patrol with H.6, in 43°52'N, 09°06'E, between La Spezia and Livorno. Uneventful.

Torri, Alberto28 May 19410810La Spezia28 May 19411655La Spezia24,5Exercises.

9Torri, Alberto3 Jun 19411755La Spezia4 Jun 19410936La Spezia83,5Defensive patrol with H.6, in 44°03'N, 09°20'E. Uneventful.

10Torri, Alberto4 Jun 19411825La Spezia5 Jun 19410812La Spezia82Defensive patrol with H.6, in 44°00'N, 09°20'E.

11Torri, Alberto6 Jun 19411845La Spezia8 Jun 19410606La Spezia156Patrolled in 44°00'N, 08°56'E, on a defensive line with Da Procida and H.6. Uneventful.

Torri, Alberto14 Jul 19410712La Spezia14 Jul 19411217La Spezia32,5Exercises.

Torri, Alberto18 Jul 19410800La Spezia18 Jul 19411200La Spezia3Gyrocompass tests.

12Torri, Alberto19 Jul 19411800La Spezia20 Jul 19410820La Spezia128Defensive patrol between (a) 43°40'N, 09°45'E (b) 43°47'N, 09°49'E (c) 43°51'N and 09°07'E and (d) 43°58'N, 09°11'E. Uneventful

13Torri, Alberto21 Jul 19411630La Spezia22 Jul 19411126La Spezia151Defensive patrol between (a) 43°40'N, 09°45'E (b) 43°47'N, 09°49'E (c) 43°51'N, 09°07'E and (d) 43°58'N, 09°11'E, between La Spezia and Livorno. Uneventful.

14Torri, Alberto23 Jul 19411800La Spezia24 Jul 19410830La Spezia117A/S patrol between (a) 43°40'N, 09°45'E (b) 43°47'N, 09°49'E (c) 43°51'N, 09°07'E and (d) 43°58'N, 09°11'E. Uneventful.

15Torri, Alberto25 Jul 19411800La Spezia26 Jul 19410835La Spezia130A/S patrol between (a) 43°40'N, 09°45'E, (b) 43°47'N, 09°49'E (c) 43°51'N, 09°07'E and (d) 43°58'N, 09°11'E. Uneventful.

16Torri, Alberto27 Jul 19411800La Spezia28 Jul 19410935La Spezia110,5A/S patrol between (a) 43°47'N, 09°55'E (b) 43°41'N, 09°55'E (c) 43°41'N, 09°30'E and (d) 43°47'N, 09°30'E. Uneventful.

17Torri, Alberto29 Jul 19411800La Spezia30 Jul 19410850La Spezia122,5A/S patrol between (a) 43°47'N, 09°55'E (b) 43°41'N, 09°55'E (c) 43°41'N, 09°30'E and (d) 43°47'N, 09°30'E. Uneventful.

18Torri, Alberto1 Aug 19410045La Spezia5 Aug 19410810La Spezia383Patrolled with H.4 in 43°52.5'N, 09°12'E direction 300° - 10 miles, against a possible raid by a naval force from Gibraltar.

19Torri, Alberto7 Aug 19412330La Spezia9 Aug 19411145La Spezia183Defensive patrol with H.4 in 43°52.5'N, 09°12'E. Uneventful.

Torri, Alberto12 Aug 19410845La Spezia12 Aug 19411310La Spezia25,5Exercises.

20Torri, Alberto13 Aug 19411820La Spezia14 Aug 19410820La Spezia73,5Defensive patrol with H.4 in 43°45'N, 09°45'E. Uneventful.

Torri, Alberto19 Aug 19410855La Spezia19 Aug 19411715La Spezia32Exercises.

21Pedrotti, Francesco23 Aug 19412045La Spezia27 Aug 19411730La Spezia413Defensive patrol with H.4, Onice and Colonna on line 252° - 8 miles from 44°13'N, 08°47.5'E. This was following a report of a strong naval force had sailed from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

Pedrotti, Francesco29 Aug 19410855La Spezia29 Aug 19411710La Spezia32Exercises.

Galletti, Raul3 Sep 19410850La Spezia3 Sep 19411710La Spezia33,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul5 Sep 19410838La Spezia5 Sep 19411318La Spezia24,5Exercises with H.4 and H.6, escorted by the auxiliaries Capodistria and Torre Annunziata.

Galletti, Raul7 Sep 19410940La Spezia7 Sep 19411845La Spezia38Exercises.

Galletti, Raul9 Sep 19410842La Spezia9 Sep 19411710La Spezia27Exercises with H.4, escorted by the auxiliaries Capodistria and Santantioco.

Galletti, Raul12 Sep 19410900La Spezia12 Sep 19411512La Spezia29Exercises.

22Galletti, Raul12 Sep 19411615La Spezia15 Sep 19410825La Spezia273Patrolled with Colonna and H.6 in Gulf of Genoa, on a line 6 miles 017°-197° from 44°14'N, 08°59'E, following a report of a British naval force from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

Galletti, Raul19 Sep 19410850La Spezia19 Sep 19411710La Spezia27,5Exercises with Da Procida and H.6 escorted by the auxiliaries S. Antioco, Capodistria, Crotone and Rimini.

Galletti, Raul25 Sep 19410745La Spezia25 Sep 19411630La Spezia34Exercises with with the tug Favignana, MAS 505 and MAS 571.

23Galletti, Raul26 Sep 19411830La Spezia29 Sep 19410850Santa Margherita Ligure248,5Patrolled with Da Procida, Beilul, H.4 and H.6 in Gulf of Genoa, on a line miles 6 miles 153°-333° from 44°11'N, 08°56'E, in anticipation of an enemy force from Gibraltar. Uneventful except for sighting antiaircraft fire from the direction of Genoa.

Galletti, Raul30 Sep 194118300720Santa Margherita Ligure30 Sep 19411228La Spezia39Passage Santa Margherita Ligure-La Spezia.

Galletti, Raul30 Sep 19410720Santa Margherita Ligure30 Sep 19411228La Spezia39Passage Santa Margherita Ligure-La Spezia.

Galletti, Raul2 Oct 19410720La Spezia2 Oct 19411430La Spezia43Exercises.

Galletti, Raul8 Oct 19411825La Spezia9 Oct 19410023La Spezia43Exercises with H.4 and H.6, escorted by the auxiliary Taormina.

Galletti, Raul14 Oct 19411145La Spezia14 Oct 19411742La Spezia26Exercises.

Galletti, Raul18 Oct 19411230La Spezia18 Oct 19411415La Spezia12Exercises.

Galletti, Raul19 Oct 19411846La Spezia19 Oct 19412016La Spezia9,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul21 Oct 19410855La Spezia21 Oct 19411653La Spezia28Exercises with the submarine H.4 escorted by the auxiliary Capodistria.

Galletti, Raul23 Oct 19410725La Spezia23 Oct 19411440La Spezia26Exercises.

Galletti, Raul24 Oct 19410750La Spezia24 Oct 19411148La Spezia22,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Capodistria and Torre Annunziata.

Galletti, Raul31 Oct 19410905La Spezia31 Oct 19411050La Spezia11Exercises with the submarine H.4 escorted by the auxiliaries Capodistria and Crotone.

Galletti, Raul14 Nov 19410858La Spezia14 Nov 19411427La Spezia24Exercises.

Galletti, Raul15 Nov 19410812La Spezia15 Nov 19411538La Spezia33Exercises with the submarine Acciaio, escorted by the destroyer Premuda and MAS 570.

Galletti, Raul21 Nov 19411200La Spezia21 Nov 19411845La Spezia35Exercises.

Galletti, Raul25 Nov 19410830La Spezia25 Nov 19411242La Spezia18Exercises with the submarines H.6, Colonna and Cobalto, escorted by the torpedo boat La Masa and MAS 510.

Galletti, Raul26 Nov 19410830La Spezia26 Nov 19411340La Spezia20Exercises.

Galletti, Raul28 Nov 19411244La Spezia28 Nov 19411539La Spezia25,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul29 Nov 19410857La Spezia29 Nov 19411626La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul2 Dec 19410850La Spezia2 Dec 19411650La Spezia31Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria and two MAS boats.

Galletti, Raul3 Dec 19410930La Spezia3 Dec 19411630La SpeziaExercises with the submarine H.4, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria, MAS 510 and MAS 525.

Galletti, Raul5 Dec 19410854La Spezia5 Dec 19411520La Spezia19Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Favignana, MAS 510 and MAS 525.

Galletti, Raul19 Dec 19410840La Spezia19 Dec 19411350La Spezia25Exercises with the submarines Malachite and Da Procida, escorted by the auxiliaries Porto Sdobba, Crotone and Capodistria, MAS 507 and MAS 510.

Galletti, Raul27 Dec 19410845La Spezia27 Dec 19411326La Spezia25Exercises with the submarine Platino, escorted by the auxiliaries Capodistria and Crotone.

Galletti, Raul30 Dec 19410848La Spezia30 Dec 19411042La Spezia11,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Favignana.

Galletti, Raul2 Jan 19420827La Spezia2 Jan 19421258La Spezia25,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

Galletti, Raul11 Jan 19420820La Spezia11 Jan 19421155La Spezia21Exercises.

Galletti, Raul15 Jan 19420852La Spezia15 Jan 19421540La Spezia23Exercises.

Galletti, Raul28 Jan 19420825La Spezia28 Jan 19421318La Spezia20Exercises with the submarine H.6, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

Galletti, Raul31 Jan 19420837La Spezia31 Jan 19421505Genoa50Passage La Spezia-Genoa for refit.

Lesen d'Aston, Enrico2 Feb 1942Genoa5 Mar 1942GenoaRefit in Genoa.

Fossati, Renzo13 Mar 19420923Genoa13 Mar 19421847Genoa55,5Trials, escorted by MAS 568.

Fossati, Renzo17 Mar 19420855Genoa17 Mar 19421415La Spezia51Passage Genoa-La Spezia, escorted by MAS 569.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Mar 19420755La Spezia24 Mar 19421658La Spezia53Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone, Capodistria and Torre Annunziata.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 Apr 19420800La Spezia1 Apr 19422307La Spezia67Exercises with the submarines Ambra and Bajamonti, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Ginocchio, Luigi3 Apr 19420915La Spezia3 Apr 19420928La Spezia0,5Changed moorings?

Ginocchio, Luigi4 Apr 19420900La Spezia4 Apr 19421005La Spezia3,5Gyrocompass tests.

Ginocchio, Luigi8 Apr 19420723La Spezia8 Apr 19421550La Spezia31,5Exercises with the submarine H.4, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

Ginocchio, Luigi10 Apr 19420745La Spezia10 Apr 19421715La Spezia11Gyrocompass tests.

Ginocchio, Luigi13 Apr 19420800La Spezia13 Apr 19421500La Spezia35,5Exercises, escorted by MAS 567 and the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 Apr 19420800La Spezia15 Apr 19421347La Spezia2,5Gyrocompass tests.

Ginocchio, Luigi17 Apr 19420943La Spezia17 Apr 19421718La Spezia46Exercises.

24Ginocchio, Luigi21 Apr 19422350La Spezia23 Apr 19420923La Spezia198Defensive patrol with the submarines Rismondi and H.4, on a line 6 miles 053°-333° from 44°11'N, 09°10'E in Gulf of Genoa.
  23 Apr 19420504
(0) Near La Spezia.
At 0504 hours, the submarine Francesco Rismondo was sighted.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Apr 19421140La Spezia24 Apr 19421832La Spezia33Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi29 Apr 19421157La Spezia29 Apr 19421732La Spezia30Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi30 Apr 19421140La Spezia30 Apr 19421608La Spezia24Exercises with the submarines H.4 and H.6, escorted by MAS 501.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 May 19420730La Spezia1 May 19421630La Spezia40Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi12 May 19421205La Spezia12 May 19421415La Spezia8,5Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 May 19420932La Spezia15 May 19421732La Spezia40Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi17 May 19420655La Spezia17 May 19421417La Spezia37Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi19 May 19420732La Spezia19 May 19421400La Spezia29Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi21 May 19420900La Spezia21 May 19421300La Spezia23Exercises with the submarines H.4 and H.6, escorted by MAS 509.

Ginocchio, Luigi26 May 19420717La Spezia26 May 19421315La Spezia29Exercises, escorted back by the auxiliary Rimini.

Ginocchio, Luigi29 May 19420747La Spezia29 May 19421530La Spezia39Exercises, escorted by the tug Palmaria.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 Jun 19420613La Spezia1 Jun 19421340La Spezia38Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi5 Jun 19420715La Spezia5 Jun 19421619La Spezia29Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi12 Jun 19420800La Spezia12 Jun 19421620La Spezia36Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi19 Jun 19420742La Spezia19 Jun 19421710La Spezia36,5Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Jun 19420745La Spezia24 Jun 19421725La Spezia39Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi26 Jun 19421140La Spezia26 Jun 19421302La Spezia5Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi27 Jun 19420635La Spezia27 Jun 19421114La Spezia25Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi30 Jun 19420727La Spezia30 Jun 19421238La Spezia26,5Trials.

Ginocchio, Luigi7 Jul 19420645La Spezia7 Jul 19421240La Spezia28A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 Jul 19420736La Spezia15 Jul 19421738La Spezia42A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi18 Jul 19420807La Spezia18 Jul 19421056La Spezia7A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi28 Jul 19420704La Spezia28 Jul 19420910La Spezia13A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 Aug 19420608La Spezia1 Aug 19421118La Spezia21,5Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi5 Aug 19420800La Spezia5 Aug 19420957La Spezia14Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi9 Aug 19420920La Spezia9 Aug 19421430La Spezia30Exercises.

25Ginocchio, Luigi11 Aug 19422345La Spezia14 Aug 19422040La Spezia305Defensive patrol, on a patrol line with H.4, H.6, Rismondi and Bajamonti in Gulf of Genoa. Uneventful.

Ginocchio, Luigi17 Aug 19420704La Spezia17 Aug 19421219La Spezia27Exercises.

26Ginocchio, Luigi18 Aug 19420140La Spezia18 Aug 19422120La Spezia99Defensive barrage in Gulf of Genoa with H.4, H.6 and Bajamonti, in 44°11'N, 09°10'E, but recalled at 1705 hours on the 18th.
  18 Aug 1942111044° 13'N, 9° 07'EAt 1110 hours, the tug Favignana was sighted laying a line of buoys.

At 1215 hours, H.1 closed to voice range to inquire about the presence of this vessel in her patrol area.

Ginocchio, Luigi23 Aug 19421457La Spezia23 Aug 19421850La Spezia23,5Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Aug 19421457La Spezia24 Aug 19421515La Spezia1Entered dock.

Ginocchio, Luigi28 Aug 19421520La Spezia28 Aug 19421610La Spezia1Left dock.

Ginocchio, Luigi31 Aug 19420856La Spezia31 Aug 19421250La Spezia25Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi4 Sep 19420652La Spezia4 Sep 19421520La Spezia41Exercises, escorted by A.S.103, A.S.105 and A.S.108.

Ginocchio, Luigi6 Sep 19420637La Spezia6 Sep 19421700La Spezia51Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi9 Sep 19421920La Spezia10 Sep 19420030La Spezia25Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi10 Sep 19420710La Spezia10 Sep 19421350La Spezia20Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 Sep 19420730La Spezia15 Sep 19421047La Spezia32Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Animoso and submarine chaser 108 and 113.

Ginocchio, Luigi17 Sep 19420722La Spezia17 Sep 19421358La Spezia23Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Sep 19420710La Spezia24 Sep 19421104La Spezia21Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi28 Sep 19420725La Spezia28 Sep 19421000La Spezia14Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi30 Sep 19420724La Spezia30 Sep 19421535La Spezia38Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi2 Oct 19420720La Spezia2 Oct 19421245La Spezia26Sonar (S-Gerät) exercises with the destroyer Velite.

Ginocchio, Luigi3 Oct 19420804La Spezia3 Oct 19421400La Spezia4Gyrocompass tests.

Ginocchio, Luigi6 Oct 19420725La Spezia6 Oct 19421330La Spezia23A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi9 Oct 19420726La Spezia9 Oct 19421553La Spezia36Sonar exercises with the submarine Onice, escorted by the torpedo boats Cigno and Sagittario.

Ginocchio, Luigi12 Oct 19420724La Spezia12 Oct 19421548La Spezia35Sonar exercises with the submarine H.6 and the torpedo boats Ardente and Groppo.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 Oct 19420721La Spezia15 Oct 19421611La Spezia34Sonar exercises with torpedo boats Ardente and Groppo.

Ginocchio, Luigi17 Oct 19420730La Spezia17 Oct 19421605La Spezia38Sonar exercises with the submarine Onice, the torpedo boats Ardente and Groppo, MAS 510 and MAS 556.

Ginocchio, Luigi20 Oct 19420715La Spezia20 Oct 19421750La Spezia37Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat Ardente andthe submarine chaser Zagabria.

Ginocchio, Luigi30 Oct 19420735La Spezia30 Oct 19421525La Spezia32A/S exercises with submarine chaser Regina Elena.

Ginocchio, Luigi5 Nov 19420730La Spezia5 Nov 19421420La Spezia20,5Exercises.

27Ginocchio, Luigi8 Nov 19420115La Spezia11 Nov 19420807La Spezia349Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa with H.4, H.6 and Bajamonti.
  9 Nov 19421250
(0) Off Genoa.
At 1250 hours, a Swiss ship escorted by a motorboat was sighted leaving from Genoa and proceeding south.

Ginocchio, Luigi13 Nov 19420800La Spezia14 Nov 19421058La Maddalena209Passage La Spezia-La Maddalena with H.4.

Ginocchio, Luigi29 Nov 19421545La Maddalena30 Nov 19421222La Spezia206Passage La Maddalena-La Spezia with H.8 and Bajamonti.

Ginocchio, Luigi22 Dec 19420734La Spezia22 Dec 19421241La Spezia13A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi26 Dec 19420733La Spezia26 Dec 19421212La Spezia19A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi29 Dec 19420743La Spezia29 Dec 19421521La Spezia16A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi2 Jan 19430920La Spezia2 Jan 19431421La Spezia21Sonar exercises.
  2 Jan 19431011
(0) Near La Spezia.
At 1011 hours, the periscope of a submarine was sighted. H.1 attempted to ram, but lost contact. The submarine may have been H.2 or H.4 as both were also off La Spezia. No allied or German submarines operated in this area at the time.

Ginocchio, Luigi7 Jan 19430922La Spezia7 Jan 19431653La Spezia42Sonar exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi11 Jan 19430750La Spezia11 Jan 19431340La Spezia31Sonar exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi20 Jan 19430740La Spezia20 Jan 19431600La Spezia35Sonar exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi25 Jan 19430735La Spezia25 Jan 19431646La Spezia40Sonar exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi27 Jan 19431315La Spezia27 Jan 19431615La Spezia24Sonar exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi28 Jan 19430800La Spezia28 Jan 19431315La Spezia23Sonar exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi8 Feb 19430736La Spezia8 Feb 19431640La Spezia37,5A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi8 Feb 19430736La Spezia8 Feb 19431640La Spezia37,5A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi10 Feb 19430740La Spezia10 Feb 19431535La Spezia38A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi13 Feb 19430808La Spezia13 Feb 19431337La Spezia29A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi17 Feb 19431350La Spezia17 Feb 19431820La Spezia26A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi18 Feb 19430814La Spezia18 Feb 19431335La Spezia26A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi23 Feb 19430644La Spezia23 Feb 19431707La Spezia58A/S exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 Mar 19430805La Spezia1 Mar 19431655La Spezia42Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi4 Mar 19431335La Spezia4 Mar 19431847La Spezia30Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi9 Mar 19430730La Spezia9 Mar 19431900La Spezia52Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi11 Mar 19430915La Spezia11 Mar 19431430La Spezia28Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 Mar 19430723La Spezia15 Mar 19431600La Spezia27,5Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi19 Mar 19431303La Spezia19 Mar 19431910La Spezia29Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi22 Mar 19430718La Spezia22 Mar 19431600La Spezia32Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Mar 19430640La Spezia24 Mar 19431650La Spezia30Exercises with the torpedo boats Ardimentoso and Pallade.

Ginocchio, Luigi1 Apr 19430800La Spezia1 Apr 19431444La Spezia41Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi5 Apr 19430732La Spezia5 Apr 19431705La Spezia18Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi10 Apr 19430830La Spezia10 Apr 19431752La Spezia11,8Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi12 Apr 19430736La Spezia12 Apr 19431555La Spezia23,1Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi15 Apr 19431216La Spezia15 Apr 19431651La Spezia17,2Exercises.

Ginocchio, Luigi24 Apr 19430730La Spezia24 Apr 19431445Genoa46Passage La Spezia-Genoa, towing MAS 561 and Panfilo Nino II.

Andreani, Gino2 Jun 19430917Genoa2 Jun 19431858Genoa47Trials.

Marraccini, Augusto17 Jun 19430720Genoa17 Jun 19430945Genoa18Trials.

Marraccini, Augusto18 Jun 19430707Genoa18 Jun 19431110GenoaTrials.

Marraccini, Augusto18 Jun 19431533Genoa18 Jun 19431915Genoa36Trials.

Marraccini, Augusto25 Jun 19431110Genoa25 Jun 19431918La Spezia50Passage Genoa-La Spezia, escorted by the corvette Ibis.

Marraccini, Augusto28 Jun 19430715Genoa28 Jun 19432018La Spezia32,4Exercises.

28Marraccini, Augusto30 Jun 19431740La Spezia1 Jul 19430927La Spezia109Hydrophone watch in Ligurian Gulf.

Marraccini, Augusto2 Jul 19430800La Spezia2 Jul 19431947La Spezia26,7Exercises.

29Marraccini, Augusto3 Jul 19431725La Spezia4 Jul 19430800La Spezia104Hydrophone watch in Ligurian Gulf.

Marraccini, Augusto7 Jul 19430727La Spezia7 Jul 19431430La Spezia31,9Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto10 Jul 19431030La Spezia10 Jul 19431618La Spezia12Demagnetization trials.

Marraccini, Augusto12 Jul 19431346La Spezia12 Jul 19431735La Spezia3Gyrocompass tests.

Marraccini, Augusto13 Jul 19430810La Spezia13 Jul 19431926La Spezia39Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto15 Jul 19430720La Spezia15 Jul 19431930La Spezia39,6Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto18 Jul 19430746La Spezia18 Jul 19431125La Spezia18,1Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto22 Jul 19430748La Spezia22 Jul 19431147La Spezia12,6Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto25 Jul 19430745La Spezia25 Jul 19431330La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto27 Jul 19430733La Spezia27 Jul 19431955La Spezia38Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto30 Jul 19430830La Spezia30 Jul 19431655La Spezia23,5Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto2 Aug 19430720La Spezia2 Aug 19431635La Spezia30Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto5 Aug 19430710La Spezia5 Aug 19431930La Spezia38,7Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto7 Aug 19431045La Spezia7 Aug 19431638La Spezia25,5Exercises.

30Marraccini, Augusto9 Aug 19431632La Spezia10 Aug 19430735La Spezia102,1Defensive patrol in 44°00'N, 09°05'E, in Gulf of Genoa.
  9 Aug 19431812
1825 (e)
At 1812 hours, a destroyer was sighted blowing up at a distance of 20,000 metres. This was Vincenzo Gioberti who had been torpedoed by HM submarine Simoom.
  9 Aug 1943205044° 00'N, 9° 05'E
(0) Italian Grid 2484/1.
At 2050 hours, an enemy submarine was sighted at a distance of 8,000 metres steering 210°. This was HMS Simoom withdrawing after having sunk the destroyer Vincenzo Gioberti. H.1 closed to the attack but lost contact.

Marraccini, Augusto12 Aug 19430740La Spezia12 Aug 19431700La Spezia38Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto16 Aug 19431340La Spezia16 Aug 19431925La Spezia20Trials.

31Marraccini, Augusto17 Aug 19432002La Spezia18 Aug 19430825La Spezia64,5Defensive patrol in Ligurian Gulf.

Marraccini, Augusto21 Aug 19430723La Spezia21 Aug 19431120La Spezia24,2Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto25 Aug 19430708La Spezia25 Aug 19431945La Spezia46,3Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto27 Aug 19430720La Spezia28 Aug 19430126La Spezia57,1Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto31 Aug 19430718La Spezia31 Aug 19431820La Spezia40,8Exercises.

Marraccini, Augusto7 Sep 19431600La Spezia8 Sep 19431230Ajaccio195Passage La Spezia-Ajaccio.

Marraccini, Augusto11 Sep 19430030Ajaccio12 Sep 19430700Portoferraio186Passage Ajaccio-Portoferraio.

Marraccini, Augusto12 Sep 19432100Portoferraio14 Sep 19432030Palermo355Passage Portoferraio-Palermo.

Marraccini, Augusto19 Sep 19431250Palermo20 Sep 19431750S. Maria (Malta)235Passage Palermo-S. Maria (Malta).

Marraccini, Augusto22 Sep 19431250S. Maria (Malta)22 Sep 19431750St Paul (Malta)15Passage S. Maria (Malta)-St. Paul (Malta).

Marraccini, Augusto2 Oct 19430716St Paul harbour (Malta)2 Oct 19430835Quarantine harbour (Malta)12Passage St. Paul harbour-Quarantine harbour (Malta).

Barca, Luciano13 Nov 19430716Malta13 Nov 19430835Malta6Exercises.

Barca, Luciano14 Nov 19430715Malta14 Nov 19431712Malta52Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio18 Nov 19430652Malta18 Nov 19431528Malta48,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio23 Nov 19431325Malta23 Nov 19431720Malta16Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio24 Nov 19431327Malta24 Nov 19431730Malta17Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio27 Nov 19430710Malta27 Nov 19431445Malta47Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio29 Nov 19431330Malta29 Nov 19431656Malta16Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio30 Nov 19430704Malta30 Nov 19431640Malta51Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio1 Dec 19431331Malta1 Dec 19431619Malta15,2Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio2 Dec 19430655Malta2 Dec 19431630Malta58,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio6 Dec 19431332Malta6 Dec 19431642Malta17,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio7 Dec 19431328Malta7 Dec 19431625Malta16Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio8 Dec 19430704Malta8 Dec 19431635Malta55,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio9 Dec 19430715Malta9 Dec 19431608Malta58Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio13 Dec 19431333Malta13 Dec 19431545Malta13,7Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio14 Dec 19431330Malta14 Dec 19431650Malta14,4Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio15 Dec 19431325Malta15 Dec 19431604Malta15,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio18 Dec 19430705Malta18 Dec 19431555Malta59,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Dec 19430710Malta21 Dec 19431645Malta47,4Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio22 Dec 19430705Malta22 Dec 19431347Malta40,9Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio27 Dec 19431330Malta27 Dec 19431640Malta17,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio28 Dec 19431323Malta28 Dec 19431640Malta20Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio29 Dec 19431325Malta29 Dec 19431618Malta18Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio6 Jan 19440715Malta6 Jan 19441415Malta51,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio10 Jan 19441330Malta10 Jan 19441640Malta21Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio11 Jan 19441335Malta11 Jan 19441614Malta18Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio12 Jan 19441056Malta12 Jan 19441759Malta48Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio14 Jan 19440714Malta14 Jan 19440826Malta8Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio15 Jan 19440720Malta15 Jan 19441550Malta58Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio17 Jan 19441340Malta17 Jan 19441555Malta14Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio19 Jan 19440630Malta19 Jan 19441710Malta66Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Jan 19440715Malta21 Jan 19441532Malta55Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio23 Jan 19441340Malta23 Jan 19441607Malta17Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio25 Jan 19441338Malta25 Jan 19441610Malta17,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio31 Jan 19440710Malta31 Jan 19441645Malta64Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio1 Feb 19441335Sliema (Malta)1 Feb 19441555Sliema (Malta)15Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio2 Feb 19441330Sliema (Malta)2 Feb 19441640Sliema (Malta)20Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio3 Feb 19440725Sliema (Malta)3 Feb 19440830Dockyard3Docked.

Canezza, Antonio7 Feb 19440725Dockyard7 Feb 19440830Sliema (Malta)56Undocked and exercises.

Canezza, Antonio8 Feb 19441338Sliema (Malta)8 Feb 19441656Sliema (Malta)20Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio9 Feb 19441328Sliema (Malta)9 Feb 19441635Sliema (Malta)19,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio15 Feb 19441327Sliema (Malta)15 Feb 19441557Sliema (Malta)18Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio16 Feb 19441335Sliema (Malta)16 Feb 19441700Sliema (Malta)18Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio17 Feb 19441040Sliema (Malta)17 Feb 19441515Sliema (Malta)35Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio18 Feb 19441036Sliema (Malta)18 Feb 19441906Sliema (Malta)55Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio19 Feb 19440812Sliema (Malta)19 Feb 19441737Sliema (Malta)54,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Feb 19441715Sliema (Malta)21 Feb 19441800Dockyard3Docked.

Canezza, Antonio27 Feb 19441720Dockyard27 Feb 19441805Sliema (Malta)3Undocked.

Canezza, Antonio29 Feb 19441050Sliema (Malta)29 Feb 19441620Sliema (Malta)41Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio1 Mar 19441050Malta1 Mar 19441610Malta44Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio5 Mar 19440655Malta5 Mar 19441500Malta45Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio7 Mar 19441200Malta7 Mar 19441700Malta40Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio8 Mar 19441205Malta8 Mar 19441735Malta31,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio9 Mar 19440600Malta9 Mar 19441457Malta40Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio11 Mar 19440738Malta11 Mar 19441939Malta53Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio15 Mar 19441725Malta16 Mar 19440945Augusta106Passage Malta-Augusta.

Canezza, Antonio22 Mar 19440835Augusta22 Mar 19441640Augusta40Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio24 Mar 19440720Augusta24 Mar 19441650Augusta47Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio26 Mar 19441805Augusta26 Mar 19442200Augusta19Sailed for Malta, escorted by the armed trawler HMT Unst but turned back because of the bad weather.

Canezza, Antonio27 Mar 19441805Augusta28 Mar 19442200Quarantine harbour (Malta)98Passage Augusta-Quarantine harbour (Malta), escorted by the armed trawler HMT Unst.

Canezza, Antonio29 Mar 19440810Malta29 Mar 19441836Malta49Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio3 Apr 19440720Malta3 Apr 19441855Malta52Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio4 Apr 19440730Malta4 Apr 19441722Malta50Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio8 Apr 19440730Malta8 Apr 19441925Malta55Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio10 Apr 19440730Malta10 Apr 19441915Malta57Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio12 Apr 19440735Malta12 Apr 19441905Malta52Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio13 Apr 19440730Malta13 Apr 19441523Malta44,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio14 Apr 19440730Malta14 Apr 19441835Malta53,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio20 Apr 19440740Malta20 Apr 19441905Malta55Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Apr 19440738Malta21 Apr 19442058Malta81Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio26 Apr 19440735Malta26 Apr 19441835Malta65,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio1 May 19440935Malta1 May 19441620Malta59,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio4 May 19440855Malta4 May 19441912Malta55,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio5 May 19440742Malta5 May 19441522Malta51Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio6 May 19440850Malta6 May 19441850Malta55,4Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio10 May 19440820Malta10 May 19441745Malta50Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio23 May 19441754Malta24 May 19440820Augusta104,5Passage Malta-Augusta.

Canezza, Antonio30 May 19440450Augusta31 May 19441205Taranto286Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Canezza, Antonio20 Sep 19440810Taranto20 Sep 19441510Taranto35Trials.

Canezza, Antonio27 Sep 19440805Taranto27 Sep 19441155Taranto28Trials.

Canezza, Antonio8 Oct 19441300Taranto8 Oct 19441506Taranto11Trials.

Canezza, Antonio8 Oct 19441300Taranto8 Oct 19441506Taranto11Trials.

Canezza, Antonio10 Oct 19440608Taranto10 Oct 19441430Taranto34Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio14 Oct 19440627Taranto14 Oct 19441226Taranto30Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Oct 19440616Taranto21 Oct 19441301Taranto36Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio24 Oct 19441520Taranto26 Oct 19440920Augusta377Passage Taranto-Augusta.

Canezza, Antonio5 Nov 19440530Augusta5 Nov 19441710Malta98Passage Augusta-Malta.

Canezza, Antonio7 Nov 19440725Malta7 Nov 19441522Malta37Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio10 Nov 19440805Malta10 Nov 19441016Malta16Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio15 Nov 19440805Malta15 Nov 19441715Malta42Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio22 Nov 19440810Malta22 Nov 19440908Malta6Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio27 Nov 19440900Malta27 Nov 19441701Malta39Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio28 Nov 19440854Malta28 Nov 19441659Malta40Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio3 Dec 19441047Malta3 Dec 19441817Malta38Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio4 Dec 19440813Malta4 Dec 19441741Malta40Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio13 Dec 19440802Malta13 Dec 19441747Malta40Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio15 Dec 19440700Malta15 Dec 19441740Malta44Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio18 Dec 19440802Malta18 Dec 19441721Malta41Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio30 Dec 19440801Malta30 Dec 19441707Malta41Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio1 Jan 19450806Malta1 Jan 19451007Malta16Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio6 Jan 19450808Malta6 Jan 19451716Malta45Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio11 Jan 19450807Malta11 Jan 19451647Malta41Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio13 Jan 19450801Malta13 Jan 19451615Malta41Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio19 Jan 19450830Malta19 Jan 19451204Malta20Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Jan 19450811Malta21 Jan 19451258Malta25Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio22 Jan 19450805Malta22 Jan 19451005Malta12Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio24 Jan 19450804Malta24 Jan 19451731Malta44Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio26 Jan 19450811Malta26 Jan 19451835Malta57Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio27 Jan 19450827Malta27 Jan 19451300Malta30Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio29 Jan 19450828Malta29 Jan 19451015Malta11Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio9 Feb 19450816Malta9 Feb 19451733Malta44Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio11 Feb 19450803Malta11 Feb 19451730Malta45Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio5 Mar 19451150Malta5 Mar 19451952Malta46,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio7 Mar 19451053Malta7 Mar 19451855Malta48Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio13 Mar 19450720Malta13 Mar 19451544Malta51Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio21 Mar 19451045Malta21 Mar 19451734Malta42,5Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio5 Apr 19451021Malta5 Apr 19451900Malta46Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio7 Apr 19450713Malta7 Apr 19451555Malta48Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio9 Apr 19451043Malta9 Apr 19452019Malta52Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio17 Apr 19450618Malta17 Apr 19452055Malta70Exercises.

Canezza, Antonio26 Apr 19451513Malta27 Apr 19450748Malta115Passage Malta-Augusta.

Canezza, Antonio5 May 19450503Augusta6 May 19451229Taranto255Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Canezza, Antonio5 Jun 19450640Taranto5 Jun 19451310Taranto38Exercises.

Sassone, Giuseppe17 Jun 1945Taranto25 Jul 1945TarantoChange in command.

Canezza, Antonio26 Jul 1945Taranto31 Aug 1945TarantoChange in command.

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