Italian submarines in World War Two

Nereide (NE)

Nereide (USMM)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassSirena (21) 
Laid down 30 May 1931 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched25 May 1933
Commissioned18 Feb 1934
End service
Loss date13 Jul 1943
Loss position37° 25'N, 16° 07'E
Fate Sunk on 13th July 1943 to the east of Sicily in position 37°25'N,16°07'E by depth charges and gunfire from the destroyers HMS Echo and HMS Ilex.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Mario Spano25 Apr 194028 Dec 1940
T.V. Augusto Migliorini21 Jan 194122 Apr 1942
C.C. Pasquale Terra22 Apr 194227 Mar 1943
T.V. Renato Scandola27 Mar 194313 Jul 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Spano, Mario9 Jun 19401500Tobruk14 Jun 19401350Tobruk482Patrolled off Sollum (Egypt), 030° - Ras Azzaz - 90 miles (or 80 miles?) (on a line with Lafolè, Diamante and Topazio, 20 miles apart).
  12 Jun 1940050332° 57'N, 26° 05'EAt 0458 hours, Nereide was at periscope depth when a 12-15,000-ton tanker was sighted.

At 0503 hours, one torpedo (533mm, W 270 type) was fired from a bow tube at a range of 500 metres. It was claimed to have hit. The tanker escaped in low visibility.

This was the Norwegian tanker Orkanger (8,029 GRT, built 1928) proceeding to Alexandria (and shortly after sunk by Naiade). She had initially sailed from Port Said for Malta. At the Italian declaration of war, she was ordered to turn back.

Spano, Mario5 Jul 1940Tobruk5 Jul 19402020TobrukIn Tobruk harbour during an air raid.
  5 Jul 1940
2020 (e)

(0) Tobruk harbour.
During the evening, Nereide was at anchor in Tobruk harbour during an air raid. Her two machine guns fired 180 rounds of 13.2mm at two torpedo bombers who flew only 30 metres away. One of these was Swordfish E4H (lieutenant D.N. Collins, RN) of 813 Squadron from HMS Eagle, actually operating from Dekheila (an airfield just to the west of Alexandria)

At 2020 hours, the aircraft released its torpedo from 350-400 yards aimed at the submarine. Collins claimed that it hit its target and a column of 50-60 feet rose, but Nereide was missed. The Swordfish was hit by three machine gun rounds from the submarine and suffered only minor damage.

On 4th September 1940, Collins, flying the same Swordfish, was shot down by an Italian CR. 42 fighter while attacking the Maritza airfield (Rhodes). The crew of three survived to become PoWs.

Spano, Mario19 Jul 1940Tobruk19 Jul 1940TobrukIn Tobruk harbour during an air raid.

Spano, Mario23 Jul 19401635Tobruk29 Jul 19401335Taranto670Passage Tobruk-Taranto.

Spano, Mario2 Aug 19400400Taranto2 Aug 19401952Brindisi147Passage Taranto-Brindisi.

2Spano, Mario30 Aug 19401215Brindisi22 Sep 19401300Taranto1322Patrolled south of Crete, between following points: Cape Melissa, 34°22'N, 23°30'E, 33°45'N, 24°14'E and 8 miles north of Gaidero Island and south of the coast of Crete.
  13 Sep 19402215
(0) South of Cape Littimos.
At 2215 hours, three enemy destroyers were sighted at 4,000 metres. Nereide dived to attack but could not get into a favourable position.
  17 Sep 19400536-1906
(0) 43 miles south of Cape Gaudo.
Between 0536 and 1906 hours, Nereide was the subject of an A/S search and heard many explosions without suffering any damage.

Spano, Mario22 Oct 19400825Taranto22 Oct 19401600Taranto38Exercises.

3Spano, Mario24 Oct 19402110Taranto25 Oct 19401050Taranto70Hydrophone patrol in Gulf of Taranto.

4Spano, Mario4 Nov 19402105Taranto5 Nov 19401000Taranto82Hydrophone patrol in Gulf of Taranto.

5Spano, Mario6 Nov 19402110Taranto7 Nov 19400955Taranto82Hydrophone patrol in Gulf of Taranto.

6Spano, Mario12 Nov 19400405Taranto13 Nov 19401845Taranto121Defensive patrol in 203° - Torre Ovo - 15' (hydrophone watch). Uneventful.

7Spano, Mario15 Nov 19400245Taranto15 Nov 19401050Taranto50Hydrophone patrol in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

8Spano, Mario21 Nov 19400125Taranto21 Nov 19401116Taranto54Hydrophone patrol in Gulf of Taranto. Uneventful.

9Spano, Mario22 Nov 19400925Taranto1 Dec 19401615Taranto824Patrolled west of Corfu in 39°20'N, 19°32'E within 10 miles on parallel, patrol line with Sirena. Uneventful.

Migliorini, Augusto5 Feb 19411305Taranto5 Feb 19411805Taranto37Exercises escorted by the torpedo boat Pleiadi.

Migliorini, Augusto7 Feb 19410955Taranto7 Feb 19411750Taranto74Trials escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Migliorini, Augusto10 Feb 19410810Taranto10 Feb 19411816Taranto95Exercises escorted by the minesweeper R.D.30.

Migliorini, Augusto18 Feb 19410820Taranto18 Feb 19411645Taranto60Exercises.

10Migliorini, Augusto22 Feb 19410032Taranto22 Feb 19411110Taranto96Defensive patrol in 160° - Cape San Vito - 35' following a report of a battleship off Cephalonia.

11Migliorini, Augusto26 Feb 19410753Taranto3 Mar 19411520Leros749Patrol and passage Taranto-Leros. Uneventful, heard only H.E.

Migliorini, Augusto17 Mar 19411425Leros17 Mar 19411504Leros8Exercises?

12Migliorini, Augusto19 Mar 19411634Leros2 Apr 19411000Leros683Patrolled off Cyrenaica, off Ras el Kenayis, within 20 miles from 33°00'N, 28°40'E on a NE-SW axis . Uneventful. On 24th March, moved 200° - 50 miles to intercept an enemy naval force. Heard only distant H.E.

Migliorini, Augusto19 Apr 19411357Portologa (Leros)19 Apr 19411545Portologa (Leros)12Exercises.

13Migliorini, Augusto20 Apr 19412320Leros26 Apr 19411440Leros731,5Patrolled within 20 miles from 32°40'N, 28°00'E (about 130 miles NW of Alexandria) on a NE-SW axis. Heard only H.E. and abandoned patrol due to defects.

Migliorini, Augusto16 May 19411610Portologa (Leros)16 May 19411823Portologa (Leros)5Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto17 May 19411050Portologa (Leros)17 May 19411220Portologa (Leros)4Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto17 May 19411640Portologa (Leros)17 May 19411807Portologa (Leros)3,7Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto25 May 19410830Portologa (Leros)25 May 19411025Portologa (Leros)7,2Exercises.

14Migliorini, Augusto27 May 19411445Leros1 Jun 19410830Leros518Patrolled in Aegean 12 miles north of Cape Kersoneso, near Cape Sidero. Uneventful.

Migliorini, Augusto9 Jun 19410830Portologa (Leros)9 Jun 19411050Portologa (Leros)17Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto25 Jun 19410737Portologa (Leros)25 Jun 19410842Portologa (Leros)4,2Exercises.

15Migliorini, Augusto10 Jul 19411800Leros19 Jul 19410820Leros310Patrolled in Aegean between Naxos, Mykoni, Nikaria and Danusa, near 37°50'N, 25°40'E.
  12 Jul 19410325
(0) Off Nikaria.
At 0325 hours, the Italian steamer Apuania, towing a MAS boat, was sighted steering 110°.
  16 Jul 19410107
0115 (e)

(0) 230° - Cape Papas (Nikaria) - 8 miles
At 0053 hours, Nereide was cruising on the surface when a submarine was sighted at 6,000 metres.

At 0107 hours, she had closed to 700 metres, to fire two torpedoes from bow tubes at 3-second intervals. The second torpedo broke surface and disappeared. Immediately upon firing, the submarine turned to starboard to bring to bear her deck gun and opened fire with her machine guns. Shortly after, a column of water rose next to the enemy's conning tower and, as the submarine was disappearing, the deck gun scored a hit on the conning tower at less than 200 metres. T.V. Migliorini believed he had sunk the submarine and searched for survivors, but found none.

The submarine was HMS Tetrarch (Lieutenant Commander G.H. Greenway, RN). The confusion had not been one-sided, she was believed to have been attacked by two E-boats (MAS) and crash-dived. Two faint explosions had been heard and thought to be torpedoes hitting the sea bed. She was undamaged.

Migliorini, Augusto2 Aug 19411627Leros2 Aug 19411840Leros12,2Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto16 Aug 19410817Leros16 Aug 19411212Leros32Exercises.

16Migliorini, Augusto18 Aug 19411815Leros20 Aug 19410515Rhodes96Patrolled in 36°30'N, 27°40'E and passage Leros-Rhodes. Uneventful. Sighted or heard only Italian vessels.

17Migliorini, Augusto24 Aug 19411845Rhodes27 Aug 19410615Rhodes203,3Patrolled near Leros in 35°40'N, 26°38'E. Uneventful.

Migliorini, Augusto1 Sep 19412115Rhodes2 Sep 19410754Leros115Passage Rhodes-Leros. Uneventful.

Migliorini, Augusto14 Sep 19412050Leros19 Sep 19411143Brindisi636Passage Leros-Brindisi. Uneventful.

Migliorini, Augusto21 Sep 19411813Brindisi23 Sep 19410715Pola351Passage Brindisi-Pola. Uneventful.

Migliorini, Augusto24 Sep 19410540Pola24 Sep 19411205Monfalcone72Passage Pola-Monfalcone. Uneventful. Then refit until February 1942.

Migliorini, Augusto12 Feb 19421403Monfalcone12 Feb 19421600Monfalcone2Trials.

Migliorini, Augusto15 Feb 19421100Monfalcone15 Feb 19421600Monfalcone28Trials.

Migliorini, Augusto19 Feb 19421135Monfalcone19 Feb 19421430Monfalcone15Trials.

Migliorini, Augusto23 Feb 19421032Monfalcone23 Feb 19421545Pola63Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Migliorini, Augusto26 Feb 19421247Pola26 Feb 19421840Pola7Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto28 Feb 19420824Pola28 Feb 19421400Pola6Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto2 Mar 19420940Pola2 Mar 19421800Pola9Trials and exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto7 Mar 19420810Pola7 Mar 19421520Pola57Trials and exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto8 Mar 19420820Pola8 Mar 19421410Pola14Trials and exercises escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Migliorini, Augusto9 Mar 19422010Pola11 Mar 19420847Brindisi359Passage Pola-Brindisi.

Migliorini, Augusto17 Mar 19421203Brindisi21 Mar 19420747Leros935Passage Brindisi-Leros via 35°30'N, 26°36'E, Point E of Stampalia and Point A of Leros.
  18 Mar 1942094338° 12'N, 19° 12'EAt 0943 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by rifle fire.
  18 Mar 1942105638° 08'N, 19° 15'EAt 1056 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by rifle fire.
  18 Mar 1942123838° 01'N, 19° 20'EAt 1238 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by rifle fire.
  19 Mar 1942181534° 23'N, 23° 25'EAt 1815 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by rifle fire.

Migliorini, Augusto28 Mar 19421320Leros28 Mar 19421820Leros30Exercises.

Migliorini, Augusto1 Apr 19420930Leros1 Apr 19421400Leros30Exercises.

18Migliorini, Augusto4 Apr 19422340Leros15 Apr 19420805Leros768Antisubmarine patrol off Karlovassi in the Aegean in 37°50'N, 24°30'E and north of Nikaria ca. 37°50'N, 25°32'E.
  6 Apr 19422005
(0) Near Nicaria.
At 2005 hours, a hospital ship was sighted steering 300°.
  6 Apr 19422051
(0) Near Nicaria.
At 2051 hours, a second hospital ship was sighted also steering 300°.
  9 Apr 19420405
(0) North of Nicaria.
At 0405 hours, a hospital ship was sighted steering 220°.
  10 Apr 19420110
(0) North of Nicaria.
At 0110 hours, a hospital ship was sighted steering 220°.
  10 Apr 19421454
(0) North of Nicaria.
At 1454 hours, fishing vessel no. 1519 R (most likely Greek) was stopped and her papers examined.
  13 Apr 19421305At 1305 hours, a vessel was sighted steering 030°. She was too far to be intercepted.

19Terra, Pasquale29 Apr 19421425Leros15 May 19420845Leros1187Sailed via Kasos Strait through (1) 34°40'N, 26°40'E (2) 33°40'N, 25°00'E, for patrol between 33°40'N and 34°00'N, and between 22°20'E and 23°20'E in Italian Grids 0225, 0273 and 0211, on a patrol line with Galatea. Following this patrol, several members of the crew reported lacking appetite and showing signs of physical deterioration which was attributed to the lack of fruits and vegetables. Similar signs were observed on Galatea of the same Submarine Group.
  2 May 19421930
2050C (e)
33° 58'N, 22° 58'EAt 1930 hours, a submarine's periscope was sighted and shortly after she surfaced. Nereide gained a favourable position and also surfaced. She made a recognition signal but the other submarine dived and C.C. Terra thought she was German.

This was actually the submarine HMS Porpoise (Lieutenant L.A.W. Bennington, RN) on passage from Malta to Alexandria. At 2050C hours, she sighted Nereide steering 090° and believed it was a German U-boat. She passed a warning to Captain S. One, in Alexandria. It was repeated to HMS Urge, who was expected to be astern of her some 50 miles to the west. HMS Urge had actually been mined off Malta.
  10 May 1942195634° 04'N, 23° 12'EAt 1956 hours, a submarine, believed to be German, was sighted at a distance of 1,200 metres. As a precaution, Nereide dived immediately.

Terra, Pasquale1 Jun 19420800Leros1 Jun 19421345Leros30Exercises.

20Terra, Pasquale4 Jun 19421610Leros5 Jun 19421902Leros306Sailed with the submarine Sirena escorted by the destroyer Sella for a patrol in Aegean. Forced to interrupt mission when water reached the battery causing chlorine fumes.

Terra, Pasquale22 Jun 19420845Leros22 Jun 19421124Leros20Exercises.

21Terra, Pasquale3 Jul 19420124Leros21 Jul 19420548Leros1453Sailed with Ondina for patrol on route to Alexandretta near Ras El Khanzir between 33°40'N and 36°00'N, and between 32°00'E and the Syrian coast
  9 Jul 1942210035° 38'N, 35° 26'EAt 2100 hours, a submarine was sighted. Nereide took avoiding action. This may have been Ondina who was lost two days later.
  11 Jul 19421515-1550From 1515 to 1550 hours, several explosions were heard very close. Nereide was submerged at the time. When she came to periscope depth, nothing was in sight. C.C. Terra believed he may have been bombed by an aircraft.
  13 Jul 19420107
(0) Off Ras El Khanzir.
At 0107 hours, information was received that two steamers had left Alexandretta for Port Said. Nereide altered course to intercept north of Ras El Khanzir. Nothing was sighted or heard.

Terra, Pasquale17 Aug 19420815Leros17 Aug 19421210Leros12Exercises.

Terra, Pasquale24 Aug 19420642Leros24 Aug 19420755Leros10Exercises.

22Terra, Pasquale23 Sep 19420642Leros11 Oct 19421924Leros2329Sailed with Ametista and escorted by the destroyer Sella until 1840 hours on the 23rd and patrolled between 32°50'N and 33°20'N, and between 26°35'E and 27°05'E.
  30 Sep 1942225533° 10'N, 26° 54'EAt 2255 hours, several flares were dropped by aircraft. Nereide dived.
  2 Oct 1942030033° 00'N, 27° 00'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0300 hours, an aircraft was sighted at close range. Nereide crash-dived and surfaced again at 0334 hours.

23Terra, Pasquale12 Dec 19420750Leros28 Dec 19421455Leros1854,5Patrolled in Aegean between 34°20'N and 36°00'N, and between 30°00'E and 30°40'E (Grid 8389). Uneventful.

24Terra, Pasquale8 Jan 19430614Leros22 Jan 19430840Augusta1564,5Patrolled in eastern Mediterranean then to Augusta. Uneventful. According to British intelligence the patrol was between 35°20'N (actually 34°20'N) and 36°00'N and 30°00'E and 30°40'E or Grids 5337, 5937, 5367, 5967.

25Terra, Pasquale7 Feb 19431627Augusta18 Feb 19430810Augusta1111,5Patrolled between 32°40'N and 33°30'N, and between 15°40'E and 16°00'E. On the evening of 13th February, she was moved to a new area between 31°50'N and 32°00'N, and between 15°50'E and 16°40'E. Uneventful.

Terra, Pasquale22 Feb 19432243Augusta25 Feb 19430835Brindisi359Passage Augusta-Brindisi. She collided with the motor boat Marras (A.S.51) as she was leaving the quay at Augusta. The skipper of the motor boat was blamed for the collision. Then repairs and refit until May 1943.

Scandola, Renato5 May 19430905Brindisi5 May 19431630Brindisi14Trials.

Scandola, Renato5 May 19431330Brindisi5 May 19431850Brindisi11Exercises.

Scandola, Renato5 May 19431330Brindisi5 May 19431850Brindisi11Trials.

Scandola, Renato14 May 19430905Brindisi14 May 19431630Brindisi14Exercises.

Scandola, Renato16 May 19430920Brindisi16 May 19431350Brindisi9,5Trials.

Scandola, Renato17 May 19431425Brindisi18 May 19431340Taranto172Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Scandola, Renato4 Jun 19431651Taranto4 Jun 19432232Taranto31Sonar exercises with the torpedo boats Sagittario and Monzambano and the corvette Gabbiano.

Scandola, Renato5 Jun 19431450Taranto5 Jun 19431945Taranto46Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat Monzambano.

Scandola, Renato6 Jun 19431700Taranto6 Jun 19431954TarantoExercises.

Scandola, Renato7 Jun 19430532Taranto7 Jun 19431730TarantoExercises.

Scandola, Renato8 Jun 19430527Taranto8 Jun 19431555TarantoExercises with corvette Gabbiano (sonar) and the tug Portovecchio. She was escorted out by the auxiliary Claretta.

Scandola, Renato12 Jun 19430908Taranto13 Jun 19430110TarantoExercises with steamer Nesazio escorted by the auxiliary Claretta.

Scandola, Renato14 Jun 19430951Taranto14 Jun 19431510TarantoExercises.

Scandola, Renato25 Jun 19432235Taranto1 Jul 19430815Pozzuoli511Passage Taranto-Pozzuoli.
  29 Jun 19430639
(0) Near Cape Dell'Armi.
At 0639 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  29 Jun 19430827
(0) Near Cape Dell'Armi.
At 0827 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  30 Jun 19431805At 1805 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  1 Jul 19430450
(0) Near Naples.
At 0450 hours, in foggy weather, a submarine was sighted. As T.V. Scandola had not been informed of Italian submarines in the area, Nereide was prepared for action. Torpedoes and the deck gun were ready to fire when the submarine appeared to be Italian.

At 0459 hours, visual signals were exchanged and were also answered by a second submarine who was following. These were probably Nichelio and Wolframio who had sailed from Pozzuoli for Portoferraio.

26Scandola, Renato7 Jul 19430105Pozzuoli13 Jul 19430730SunkPatrolled south of Sardinia in 38°55'N, 09°25'E until 10 July, when ordered to patrol 40 miles east of Augusta. Sunk by HM destroyers Echo and Ilex 40 miles east of Augusta. Twenty-nine survivors. At 0007 hours on the 14th, MARICOSOM, unaware of her loss, ordered her to occupy the northern half of zone 81 [between 37°15'N and 37°20'N, and between 15°20'E and 15°40'E].
  12 Jul 1943174637° 30'N, 15° 10'E
(0) Approximate position. Near Catania.
This attack lacks details as Nereide did not return from this patrol.

At 1746 hours, a squadron of ten destroyers was sighted and three torpedoes (533mm, G7e type) were fired from bow tubes at 4,500 metres. Two destroyers were claimed to have been hit. These were probably units from the 5th Destroyer Flotilla.
  13 Jul 1943
0500 (e)

(e) 37° 25'N, 16° 07'E
At 0220 hours, Nereide was cruising on the surface when she was detected at a range of 10,200 yards by the radar of the light cruiser HMS Euryalus and, almost simultaneously, by the radar of the light cruier HMS Cleopatra. The warships were proceeding in company with the destroyers HMS Echo and HMS Ilex (this was Force Q).

0232 hours, the submarine came in sight and HMS Euryalus opened fire with star shells at a range of 5,800 yards, while the two destroyers were sent to the attack.

At 0335 hours, HMS Ilex obtained an ASDIC contact. Depth charging followed:

0338 hours: HMS Ilex (5 DCs set at 100 feet).
0343 hours: HMS Ilex (2 DCs at 150 and 300 feet)
0344 hours: HMS Echo (5 DCs at 150, 250 and 350 feet)
0354 hours: HMS Ilex (5 DCs at 150, 250 and 350 feet)
0431 hours: HMS Ilex (5 DCs at 150, 250 and 350 feet)
0440 hours: HMS Ilex (5 DCs at 350 and 550 feet)
0444 hours: HMS Echo (5? DCs at 350 and 550 feet)
0448 hours: HMS Ilex (5 DCs at 350 and 550 feet)
0455 hours: HMS Echo (5? DCs at 150, 250 and 350 feet)

The submarine suddenly surfaced. HMS Echo opened fire and scored a 4.7" hit abaft the conning tower with her second salvo. The destroyer then crossed ahead the submarine to deliver four depth charges set at 50 feet. The submarine rolled over and sank stern first. HMS Echo picked twenty survivors (five officers, including T.V. Scandola, and fifteen ratings). HMS Ilex picked up seven ratings. Twenty-one ratings were killed or missing.

99 entries. 81 total patrol entries (26 marked as war patrols) and 29 events.

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