Italian submarines in World War Two

Alagi (AL, N.58)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassAdua (23) 
Laid down 19 Feb 1936 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched15 Nov 1936
Commissioned6 Mar 1937
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Stefano Nurra6 May 194015 Nov 1940
C.C. Emilio Gariazzo16 Nov 194019 Nov 1940
C.C. Stefano Nurra20 Nov 194014 Apr 1941
T.V. Giulio Contreas14 Apr 194119 Jan 1942
T.V. Marco Revedin19 Jan 194225 Feb 1942
T.V. Luigi Reni26 Feb 19424 Mar 1942
G.M. Giovanni Gardella5 Mar 19424 Apr 1942
G.M. Alberto Vaccani4 Apr 194222 Apr 1942
T.V. Sergio Puccini23 Apr 1942Aug 1945
G.M. Marino La Nasa21 Feb 194331 Mar 1943

Ships hit

DateCommanderShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.8 Jun 1942T.V. Sergio PucciniAntoniotto UsodimareDestroyer1,917ItalianSunk
2.12 Jul 1942T.V. Sergio PucciniAntaresCargo ship3,723TurkishDamaged
3.12 Aug 1942T.V. Sergio PucciniHMS KenyaLight Cruiser8,720BritishDamaged
4.16 Jul 1943T.V. Sergio PucciniHMS CleopatraLight cruiser5,700BritishDamaged

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1Nurra, Stefano9 Jun 19401550Cagliari20 Jun 19400934Cagliari817Patrolled near Cape Zebib (Bizerta). She may have been sighted by the French submarine Vengeur on 11th June. The French torpedo boats L'Alcyon, Bombarde and L'Iphigénie were sent to hunt her and dropped thirty-two depth-charges but Alagi was not in the vicinity.

2Nurra, Stefano3 Jul 19401447Cagliari6 Jul 19401235Cagliari363Patrolled off Cagliari in 37°40'N,07°12' E, on a line with Axum, Turchese and Aradam. Uneventful.

3Nurra, Stefano15 Jul 19402350Cagliari16 Jul 19400625Cagliari60Sailed for patrol, on a line 10 miles from 37°45'N, 08°20'E, on a patrol line with Aradam to intercept a battleship force, but was quickly recalled.

3bNurra, Stefano22 Jul 19401553Cagliari9 Aug 19402310La Maddalena2209Sailed with Aradam for patrol off Cape Palos and Cape De Gata on 36°00'N parallel between 03°20'W and 04°40'W. Sighted only Spanish and neutral vessels.

4Nurra, Stefano30 Aug 19402105La Maddalena5 Sep 19401050La Maddalena786Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni on a line with Aradam, Diaspro and Medusa, in 38°00'N, 09°00'E. Uneventful, except for a false alarm at 0200 hours on 1st September.

Nurra, Stefano10 Sep 19401649La Maddalena11 Sep 19401240Cagliari172Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari with Medusa.

5Nurra, Stefano23 Sep 19402327Cagliari29 Sep 19401250Cagliari838Sailed with Medusa, preceded by the magnetic minesweeper Balear. Patrolled south of Sardinia, between 37°20'N and 37°40'N, and between 06°40'E and 07°10'E, and off Cape Bougaroni and Cape de Fer. Uneventful. Sighted only a Spanish vessel on 27th September.

6Nurra, Stefano9 Nov 19401842Cagliari13 Nov 19401653Cagliari537Sailed to form a patrol line with Aradam, Axum, Diaspro and Medusa, 315° - La Galite - 140 miles, north of Cape Bougaroni. Uneventful except for the bad weather.

7Gariazzo, Emilio16 Nov 19400107Cagliari19 Nov 19401355Cagliari483Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni in 38°00'N, 06°00'E. Uneventful. Gariazzo had taken over command from C.C. Nurra who was sick and sailed without an executive officer as the latter was also sick.

8Nurra, Stefano26 Nov 19400120Cagliari30 Nov 19401902Cagliari464Patrolled in 37°40'N, 10°00'E on a line with Axum, Diaspro and Aradam. Uneventful.

Nurra, Stefano20 Dec 19401900Cagliari22 Dec 19400940Messina348Passage Cagliari-Messina.

Nurra, Stefano25 Dec 19402355Messina29 Dec 19402015Pola709Passage Messina-Pola. Uneventful, but encountered heavy weather and her starboard engine broke down. Sighted only Italian ships.

Nurra, Stefano2 Feb 19410853Pola2 Feb 19411745Monfalcone69Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Nurra, Stefano4 Apr 19410800Pola4 Apr 19411740Venice75Passage Pola-Venice.

Nurra, Stefano6 Apr 19411050Venice6 Apr 19411230Venice3,5Changed anchorage.

Contreas, Giulio16 Apr 19410935Venice16 Apr 19411615Monfalcone64Passage Venice-Monfalcone.

Contreas, Giulio18 Apr 19410852Monfalcone18 Apr 19411604Monfalcone46Trials escorted by a tug.

Contreas, Giulio30 Apr 19410911Monfalcone30 Apr 19411540Pola70Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Contreas, Giulio2 May 19410842Pola2 May 19410945Pola0,5Trials.

Contreas, Giulio3 May 19410845Pola3 May 19410955Pola1Trials.

Contreas, Giulio4 May 19410835Pola4 May 19411140Pola1Trials.

Contreas, Giulio6 May 19410706Pola6 May 19411845Pola57,5Trials, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Contreas, Giulio7 May 19410830Pola7 May 19411259Pola18Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Gigliola.

Contreas, Giulio8 May 19410800Pola8 May 19411455Pola15Trials.

Contreas, Giulio9 May 19410945Pola9 May 19411118Pola5Trials.

Contreas, Giulio10 May 19410750Pola10 May 19411840Pola73Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Contreas, Giulio13 May 19410747Pola13 May 19411850Pola73Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Contreas, Giulio14 May 19411100Pola15 May 19410309Pola90Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio. Torpedo firing exercise followed in zone 4 escorted by the tug Tenace and using the torpedo boat Cantore as target.

Contreas, Giulio15 May 19411135Pola15 May 19411150Pola0,5Changed anchorage.

Contreas, Giulio16 May 19410800Pola16 May 19411833Pola81Sailed with the submarine Bragadino, escorted by auxiliary Jadera, in zone 5. Used the torpedo boat Cantore as target for torpedo firing exercise.

Contreas, Giulio17 May 19411115Pola17 May 19411441Pola23Exercises with the submarine Axum, escorted by the auxiliary Parenzo.

Contreas, Giulio19 May 19410855Pola19 May 19412320Pola72Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Cantore and the auxiliary Laurana.

Contreas, Giulio23 May 19410204Pola25 May 19412020Messina659Passage Pola-Messina.

9Contreas, Giulio28 May 19411606Messina14 Jun 19411615Messina2078Patrolled between 34°20'N and the south coast of Crete, between 25°20'E and 25°40'E or Grids 2472 and 2484, until 4th June then off Egyptian coast near Ras Azzaz until 10th June.
  29 May 1941162536° 59'N, 17° 26'EAt 1625 hours, a derelict mine was sighted at a distance of 1,000 metres. An attempt to destroy it by machine-gun fire failed.
  6 Jun 1941032532° 10'N, 25° 20'EAt 0325 hours, a destroyer was sighted at a range of 3,000 metres, steering 100° at 15 knots. Alagi maneuvered on the surface at 7 knots to carry out a stern attack but was thwarted when a second destroyer appeared at 1,500 metres. She crash-dived and was not detected. In the following days she sighted only small fishing vessels.
  12 Jun 19411947
(0) Approximately.
At 1947 hours, a Sunderland was sighted steering 290°. Alagi was proceeding on the surface at 9.5 knots and T.V. Giulio Contreas elected to fight it out. The aircraft passed ahead at a height of 100 metres, flashing white lights and ineffectively strafing the submarine. Alagi's light and heavy machine-guns opened fire, claiming repeated hits. The aircraft came back and dropped two bombs, which fell astern of the submarine, without causing damage. However, this time its firing was accurate and hit the conning tower with 15 rounds, mortally wounding gunner Paolo Nuzzo and slightly wounding another. The aircraft was hit and disappeared trailing smoke. Contreas believed that it may have been shot down.

This was a Sunderland from Malta, but the report seems to have been lost.

Contreas, Giulio4 Jul 19410850Messina4 Jul 19411647Messina59Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

Contreas, Giulio8 Jul 19410825Messina8 Jul 19411141Messina14Trials, escorted by the motorboat Arcioni.

Contreas, Giulio8 Jul 19412102Messina10 Jul 19410835Cagliari333Passage Messina-Cagliari.

10Contreas, Giulio16 Jul 19411710Cagliari19 Jul 19410820Cagliari444Sailed with Diaspro to form a patrol line between 37°40'N and 37°50'N and between 05°00'E and 06°00'E, near Cape Bougaroni. Uneventful.

11Contreas, Giulio21 Jul 19411508Cagliari27 Jul 19410942Cagliari727Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni, between 37°30'N and 37°50'N, and between 05°00'E and 06°00'E, on a barrage line with Diaspro.
  24 Jul 1941175837° 45'N, 4° 50'EAt 1758 hours, an aircraft carrier and two destroyers were sighted at a distance of 15,000 metres, steering 085°. Alagi could not get within attacking range.

This was the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal carrying out operation SUBSTANCE.
  25 Jul 19411527
(0) North of Cape Bougaroni.
At 1527 hours, an aircraft carrier, two cruisers and several destroyers were sighted steering 030°, then moving westward. Alagi could not get into an attacking position, losing visual contact at 1643 hours and hydrophone contact at 1932 hours.

This was the aircraft HMS Ark Royal and other ships retiring westward (Operation SUBSTANCE).

12Contreas, Giulio30 Jul 19411934Cagliari5 Aug 19411530Cagliari737,3Patrolled in 37°50'N, between 05°00'E and 06°00'E, on a barrage line with Diaspro. At 0219 hours on 3rd August, she was ordered to 37°30'N, 05°30'E. Several reports were received of a naval force from Gibraltar but Alagi sighted nothing.
  3 Aug 1941232737° 33'N, 5° 03'EAt 0300 hours, information was received of an important convoy sighted, at 2220 hours on 2nd August, in Italian Grid 8327/5, steering 270° at 16 knots. Alagi was ordered to shift her patrol 20 miles south.

At 2327 hours, an illuminated vessel was sighted steering 325°. It was probably French.
  4 Aug 1941033037° 29'N, 5° 08'EAt 0330 hours, an illuminated vessel, probably French, was sighted steering 150°.

Contreas, Giulio7 Aug 19410735Cagliari7 Aug 19411151Cagliari11Exercises with the submarine Aradam, escorted by the minesweeper Balear.

13Contreas, Giulio8 Aug 19410155Cagliari9 Aug 19410834Cagliari221Sailed for patrol west of Galite for a few hours, in 37°40'N, 08°30'E then ordered back. Uneventful.

14Contreas, Giulio22 Aug 19411605Cagliari29 Aug 19410910Cagliari951Patrolled on 37°30'N parallel between 5° E and 6° E (off Bougie) on a patrol line with Serpente.
  27 Aug 1941122438° 25'N, 7° 22'EAt 2233 hours on 26th August, MARICOSOM informed Alagi of the presence of three enemy merchant ships and she proceeded to intercept.

At 0011 hours, the submarine received the order to return to base.

At 1224 hours, a signal from MARICOSOM (1135/27) informed Alagi of a 10-20,000-ton transport in Grid 6580/6, steering 270° at 15 knots. T.V. Giulio Contreas thought that he had a chance to intercept and altered course at maximum speed (9 knots as one of his diesels had defects). From 1935 to 2035 hours, hydrophone effects were heard from this vessel, but it was faster than expected and contact was lost.

At 2245 hours, Alagi was informed of an armed steamer apparently damaged in 37°24' N, 06°54' E and ordered to attack it. This was Deucalion attacked by Bandiera.

  28 Aug 1941104037° 24'N, 6° 50'EAt 0013 hours on the 28th, the submarine was informed of an Italian aircraft shot down and ordered look for survivors.

At 1040 hours, a body was sighted floating in the sea and was recovered. It was T.V. Antonio Forni, naval observer. No survivors were found.
  29 Aug 19410845
(0) At entrance of Cagliari.
At 0845 hours, the body of T.V. Antonio Forni was transferred to the tug Vado.

15Contreas, Giulio2 Sep 19412241Cagliari4 Sep 19411844Cagliari380Sailed with Serpente for patrol in 37°20'N, 06°00'E, between 05°00'E and 06°00'E (off Bougie) to intercept a force from Gibraltar, but at 2015 hours on 3rd Septemeber (about an hour after reaching her patrol position), she was ordered back by MARICOSOM.

16Contreas, Giulio15 Sep 19411304Cagliari26 Sep 19411155Cagliari1049Patrolled in zone K.1 (between 37°14'N and the coast and between 11°00'E and Ras Iddà) [next to Smeraldo in zone K.2] off Cape Bon. Then ordered to zone K.3. Uneventful.
  20 Sep 1941101537° 08'N, 11° 02'EAt 1015 hours, an Italian 20,000-ton motor-ship escorted by four destroyers were sighted on a northerly course. Alagi had been informed of their passage and remained submerged at a depth of 20 meters, with one destroyer passing over her exactly seven minutes later .

This was the troop transport Vulcania escorted by the destroyers Da Recco, Da Noli, Pessagno and Usodimare travelling from Tripoli to Naples.

Contreas, Giulio4 Oct 19411301Cagliari4 Oct 19411648Cagliari21Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper Balear.

17Contreas, Giulio16 Oct 19412358Cagliari21 Oct 19410030Cagliari530Sailed with Aradam, Serpente, Turchese and Diaspro for patrol North of Cape Bougaroni between 37°10'N and 37°50'N, 06°40'E and 07°20'E.
  17 Oct 1941084138° 25'N, 8° 15'EAt 0841 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 7,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  18 Oct 1941050037° 17'N, 6° 32'EAt 0500 hours, a steamer was observed at a distance of 10,000 metres. Alagi could not close to investigate.

At 1405 hours, the submarine received a signal from MARICOSOM (1245/18) indicating an aircraft carrier, a battleship and six destroyers steering 090°, 14 knots at 1132 hours in Italian Grid 9319/5, about 120 miles away.

This was the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, the battleship HMS Rodney, the light cruiser HMS Hermione and seven destroyers carrying out operation CALLBOY.

The submarine altered course to intercept but could not make contact.

18Contreas, Giulio24 Oct 19412256Cagliari3 Nov 19411508Cagliari1050Sailed with Diaspro for patrol between 37°00'N and 37°15'N and 05°20'E and 06°00'E, north of Bay of Bougie and off Cape Cavallo near 36°56'N, 05°24'E. Uneventful. Sighted only French ships.

Contreas, Giulio15 Nov 19411334Cagliari15 Nov 19411719Cagliari22Trials.

Contreas, Giulio19 Nov 19410610Cagliari20 Nov 19411238Naples278Passage Cagliari-Naples, to change periscope.

Contreas, Giulio24 Nov 19410710Naples25 Nov 19411200Cagliari271Passage Naples-Cagliari.

19Contreas, Giulio26 Nov 19412300Cagliari8 Dec 19411100Cagliari1116Patrolled north of Cape de Fer between 37°40'N and African coast and 07°10'E and 07°40'E.
  5 Dec 1941204037° 38'N, 7° 27'EAt 2040 hours, a submarine or antisubmarine vessel was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. Alagi was not in a favourable position and T.V. Contreas elected to submerge.

Contreas, Giulio17 Dec 19410813Cagliari17 Dec 19411305Cagliari24Exercises with auxiliary Balear.

20Contreas, Giulio18 Dec 19412055Cagliari25 Dec 19411210Cagliari731Patrolled off Cape du Fer between 37°30'N and Algerian coast, 07°20'E and 07°30'E. Sighted several French ships.
  19 Dec 1941100037° 44'N, 7° 38'EAt 1000 hours, a submarine similar to Aradam was sighted steering 070°. Alagi dived immediately.

21Contreas, Giulio1 Jan 19421835Cagliari8 Jan 19421725Cagliari1225Patrolled with Axum, Aradam and Turchese, between Malta and Pantelleria, between 34°00'N and 34°20'N, and between 15°20'E and 16°00'E, forming a patrol line as a submarine screen to protect Italian convoys to Libya.
  6 Jan 1942100034° 55'N, 13° 17'EAt 1000 hours, a derelict mine was seen 300 metres away. No attempts were made to destroy it as the heavy seas made the aiming difficult.

Contreas, Giulio18 Jan 19420803Cagliari18 Jan 19421206Cagliari22Trials escorted by the tug Salvore.

Revedin, Marco20 Jan 19420758Cagliari20 Jan 19421206Cagliari24Exercises, escorted by the tug Salvore.

Revedin, Marco23 Jan 19421300Cagliari23 Jan 19421815Cagliari28Exercises with the minesweeper R.D.41.

22Revedin, Marco28 Jan 19421415Cagliari28 Jan 19421930Cagliari46Sailed for patrol with Aradam, Brin, Turchese and Axum between 37°30'N and 38°00'N, and between 06°00'E and 06°10'E, but then recalled.

Revedin, Marco4 Feb 19420705Cagliari4 Feb 19421351Cagliari46Exercises with the minesweeper R.D.34.

23Revedin, Marco8 Feb 19422044Cagliari17 Feb 19421135Cagliari929Sailed with Brin for patrol north of Cap de Fer, between 37°05'N and 37°30'N, 06°55'E and 07°05'E.
  9 Feb 1942074038° 00'N, 7° 30'E
(0) Very approximate position.
0740 hours, a sudden wave carried out the starboard lookout Cosimos Desogus. The submarine turned back and searched until 0900 hours, but he was never found.
  10 Feb 19421405At 1405 hours, information was received of an enemy cruiser and a destroyer sighted at 1215 hours in Italian Grid 6291/5 steering 090° at 20 knots, 190 miles away.

Alagi altered course to westward to intercept, but a new MARICOSOM signal (1702/10) reported them in Grid 1814/6, at 1345 hours, on course 090°, 22 knots. This meant the enemy would be passing 20 miles to the north of her position, the submarine tried to close but only heard H.E.

These were the light cruiser HMS Cleopatra and the destroyer HMS Fortune which arrived at Malta at noon on 11th February.
  11 Feb 1942041537° 20'N, 7° 05'EAt 0415 hours, a steamer was observed on a westerly course. Alagi trailed her until she was recognised as the French Saint Alain (1,956 GRT, built 1930).
  11 Feb 1942060537° 11'N, 7° 11'EAt 0605 hours, a steamer was sighted steering 280°. Upon closing, it proved to be French.

At 1415 hours, Alagi was informed of the passage of an enemy ship, but was too far to take any action.
  12 Feb 1942021037° 17'N, 7° 01'EAt 0210 hours, two ships were sighted. Upon closing, one was identified as the French Château Larose (2,047 GRT, built 1930).
  13 Feb 1942010037° 27'N, 6° 58'EAt 0100 hours, two ships, navigating with lights and following the coast, were sighted on the horizon.

Revedin, Marco21 Feb 19420605Cagliari22 Feb 19421155Naples273Passage Cagliari-Naples for refit.

Reni, Luigi26 Feb 1942Naples4 Mar 1942NaplesRefit.

Gardella, Giovanni5 Mar 1942Naples4 Apr 1942NaplesRefit.

Vaccani, Alberto4 Apr 1942Naples22 Apr 1942NaplesRefit.

Puccini, Sergio28 Apr 19421045Naples28 Apr 19421520Naples20,5Trials.

Puccini, Sergio3 May 19420830Naples3 May 19421658Naples51Trials. Escorted by the torpedo boat Cosenz.

Puccini, Sergio4 May 19420830Naples4 May 19421430Naples27Gyrocompass test.

Puccini, Sergio6 May 19421250Naples6 May 19421830Naples31Trials.

Puccini, Sergio9 May 19421518Naples9 May 19421830Naples20Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio11 May 19421104Naples11 May 19421924Naples33Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio12 May 19421500Naples12 May 19422330Naples40Exercises. Escorted by the torpedo boat Lince.

Puccini, Sergio13 May 19421300Naples13 May 19421916Naples31Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio26 May 19420915Naples26 May 19421405Naples21Trials.

Puccini, Sergio27 May 19420510Naples28 May 19420738Trapani218Passage Naples-Trapani via 40°26'N, 14°15'E and 38°42'05'N, 12°51'E. Escorted by the torpedo boat Castore.

24Puccini, Sergio29 May 19421930Trapani31 May 19420300Trapani138,9Sailed for patrol between 37°40'N and 37°55'N, and between 12°03'E and 12°10'E, south of Marettimo Island, following report of a cruiser and two destroyers sighted at 1330 hours on the 29th in Grid 3523/2 on course 090° at 16 knots. Uneventful.
  30 May 1942223037° 45'N, 12° 06'EAt 2230 hours, a sailing vessel was sighted. Alagi altered away to avoid being seen.

25Puccini, Sergio8 Jun 19420705Trapani18 Jun 19420806Naples1332,8Sailed escorted out by the torpedo boat Dezza, via 38°30'N, 12°00'E, for patrol in area between 37°20'N and 37°45'N, and between 09°20'E and 10°00'E, off La Galite, Ras Enghela and East of Malta.
  8 Jun 1942120038° 21'N, 12° 35'EAt 1200 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen flying in a southerly direction.
  8 Jun 1942123238° 24'N, 12° 15'EAt 1232 hours, a derelict mine was sunk by machine-gun fire.
  8 Jun 1942123538° 23'N, 12° 16'EAt 1235 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen flying in a northerly direction.
  8 Jun 1942150738° 27'N, 11° 48'EAt 1507 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen.
  8 Jun 1942162038° 21'N, 11° 32'EAt 1620 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen.
  8 Jun 1942191738° 10'N, 11° 03'EAt 1917 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 8,000 metres, flying toward the submarine. Alagi dived as the aircraft failed to answer recognition signals.
  8 Jun 19422119
2123 (e)
38° 25'N, 11° 05'E
(0) 273° - Trapani - 72 miles.
At 1942 hours, hydrophone noises were detected.

At 2007 hours, Alagi had come to periscope depth and observed a freighter, escorted by a destroyer, steering 170°. As T.V. Sergio Puccini had not been informed of the passage of Italian ships in this area, at that time, he assumed they were enemy ships and prepared for an attack.

At 2020 hours, the range had closed to 5,000 metres and the flag could be seen, but Puccini could not make out the colours. However, the destroyer was recognised to be of typically British design with four guns in single mounts. Twenty minutes later, another destroyer and two more freighters appeared.

At 2119 hours, three torpedoes (533mm) were fired from bow tubes at ranges varying from 2,000 to 3,000 metres. The "senza bolla" (bubbleless) apparatus failed to work properly and the submarine briefly broke surface. After 3 minutes, a loud explosion was heard followed, very quickly, by three fairly close depth-charge explosions.

At 0007 hours on 9th June, the submarine made an enemy report. However, the success was soon turned into tragedy:

Her victim was the destroyer Usodimare (1917 tons) in convoy with the transports Vettor Pisani (6,339 GRT, built 1939) and Sestriere (7,993 GRT, built 1942), the destroyer Premuda and the torpedo-boat Circe steering 180°, 13 knots. It was the presence of the war prize Premuda (ex-Yugoslav, built in England) who had induced Puccini in error. Usodimare had seen a torpedo track and put the helm hard to starboard, but it was too late. The torpedo struck in boiler room no. 3, breaking her in two and she sank in about 20-30 seconds. The torpedo boat Cigno, MAS 563 and MAS 564 were sailed from Trapani to join Circe to look for the survivors. Five officers and 160 ratings were saved, six officers and 115 ratings were missing (the total included 30 passengers).
  14 Jun 19422105
2022 (e)
37° 36'N, 9° 53'ESince 10th June, MARICOSOM had informed the submarines of ships leaving Gibraltar in an easterly direction, obviously a new attempt to supply Malta.

At 0103 hours, Alagi was informed that this force consisted of a battleship, three destroyers, ten escort vessels and a number of transports. This was rectified at 0735 hours as two aircraft carriers, a battleship, three cruisers and destroyers sighted at 0605 hours in Italian Grid 5801/2, steering 090°, 16 knots. More signals followed.

At 1745 hours, the convoy was sighted through the periscope, in 37°38' N, 09°51' E at distances varying from 10,000 to 20,000 metres.

At 1810 hours, the range was down to 4,000 metres and Alagi now proceeded submerged to close at a depth of 15 metres.

At 1925 hours, a steamer was observed to be hit by a bomb. Five minutes later, a battleship was sighted at a distance of 15,000 metres, steering 335.5° and, at 2045 hours, a cruiser was sighted listing heavily to port. At the same time, to the eastward, an aircraft carrier and a battleship were sighted, followed shortly after by a second aircraft carrier in the process of landing her aircraft at a distance of 7-8,000 metres.

At 2105 hours, two torpedoes (one 533mm and one 450mm) were fired from the stern tubes at a range of 1,500 metres aimed at an aircraft carrier. Due to an error in transmission the 533mm torpedo was fired at an angle of 060° to port instead of to starboard. Alagi now only had one 450mm torpedo left in a forward tube. Both torpedoes missed.

The target was probably the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle with the battleship HMS Malaya, the aircraft carrier HMS Argus and the light cruisers HMS Kenya and HMS Charybdis, screened by destroyers.

Alagi was hunted and depth-charged by the destroyer HMS Marne and then by the minesweeper HMS Speedy who dropped five depth charges. The submarine was claimed probably sunk but escaped damage.

Puccini, Sergio20 Jun 19421005Naples21 Jun 19421700Augusta1332,8Passage Naples-Augusta. Met the submarine Dessié at 0515 hours on the 21st. Was later joined by the submarine Acciaio and escorted to Augusta by the torpedo boat Abba.

Puccini, Sergio25 Jun 19420905Augusta26 Jun 19421815Trapani316Passage Augusta-Trapani. Escorted through the Straits of Messina by motorboat Mazzari (A.S.66).

26Puccini, Sergio3 Jul 19422200Trapani22 Jul 19420850Trapani2756,2Patrolled between 33°40'N and 36°00'N, and between 32°00'E and the Syrian coast.
  6 Jul 1942104034° 48'N, 21° 32'EAt 1040 hours, an aircraft was sighted at a distance of 10,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  7 Jul 1942092034° 13'N, 24° 56'EAt 0920 hours, two aircraft were seen at a distance of 7,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  8 Jul 1942131534° 05'N, 29° 19'EAt 1315 hours, a derelict mine was sighted. Alagi turned back to destroy it but could not locate it.
  12 Jul 19422004
2105 (e)
34° 59'N, 35° 32'EAt 1935 hours, an illuminated ship was sighted at a distance of 10,000 metres. Twenty minutes later, it was identified as an 8-10,000-ton tanker and shortly after recognised as Turkish. She was steering 200° at 12 knots.

At 2004 hours, two torpedoes (533mm) were fired from bow tubes at a distance of 400 metres. About 20 seconds later, a double explosion occurred.

This was the Turkish Antares (3,723 GRT, 1893) on a trip from Alexandretta to Haifa. She was hit by only one torpedo, in the engine room and, had to be beached in 34°48'50" N, 35°52' E, near Tartus, Syria. Refloated on 27th July, with the assistance of the HM tug Henrietta Moller, HM tug Tientsin, the armed whaler HMSAS Southern Isles and the Free French armed trawler Reine des Flots, she was towed to Iskanderun.
  14 Jul 1942014533° 50'N, 34° 59'EAt 0145 hours, a destroyer was sighted. At 0157 hours. Alagi attempted to fire her two stern tubes from about 1,000 meters, but could not get into a good attacking position.
  14 Jul 1942062533° 50'N, 34° 59'EAt 0625 hours, a destroyer was sighted steering 040°. A second destroyer was sighted shortly after, on a northerly course and both hunted the submarine until 1230 hours. Alagi rigged for silent running and escaped.
  16 Jul 1942133534° 05'N, 29° 18'EAt 1335 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  21 Jul 19421458
(0) Off Panarca.
At 1458 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and destroyed by machine-gun fire.

Puccini, Sergio2 Aug 19420800Trapani2 Aug 19421330Trapani28Engine trials and exercises with the minesweeper Avvenive.

27Puccini, Sergio11 Aug 19421215Trapani17 Aug 19420745Trapani672Sailed with Ascianghi and Dessié for patrol between 37°20'N and 38°00'N, and between 10°00'E and 10°40'E, in the Sicilian Channel and off the Tunisian coast, to operate against the PEDESTAL convoy.
  12 Aug 19422105
2111 (e)
37° 26'N, 10° 36'EAt 2000 hours, a huge column of smoke was observed through the periscope at about 20,000 metres. Alagi steered toward it.

At 2020 hours, the convoy came under air attack and put a up a fierce antiaircraft barrage. A destroyer was hit by a bomb. T.V. Puccini counted fifteen vessels of the cruisers, destroyers and freighter types.

At 2100 hours, a violent air attack occurred and two steamers were hit by bombs. At that time the submarine was about 3-4,000 metres away.

At 2105 hours, four torpedoes (533mm) were fired from the bow tubes at a distance of 1,500-2,000 metres aimed at a SOUTHAMPTON class cruiser. Alagi heard three explosions as she dived to the bottom at a depth of 90 metres. Puccini believed that no three hits could have hit the cruiser so perhaps a freighter or a destroyer had also been hit.

The light cruiser HMS Kenya was indeed damaged, hit in the bow (three killed, one wounded), a second torpedo passed under and two more narrowly missed her stern and she returned to Gibraltar escorted by four destroyers. In some books, Clan Ferguson was claimed sunk in this attack. Survivors of Clan Ferguson (of a crew of 101+13 passengers, 12 were killed) reported to have been torpedoed by an aircraft at 2103 hours. The destroyers HMS Ashanti, HMS Penn and the escort destroyer HMS Derwent hunted the submarine but without success.
  14 Aug 19420550+At 0550 hours, the conning tower of a submarine was sighted disappearing in the distance.

28Puccini, Sergio18 Aug 19420400Trapani18 Aug 19422218Trapani171Sailed with Ascianghi and Asteria, escorted by an R.D. (minesweeper) vessel until 0245 hours on the 18th for patrol between 37°20'N and 37°50'N, and between 09°20'E and 10°20'E, off the Tunisian coast but then recalled at 1350 hours on the 18th.

Puccini, Sergio24 Aug 19420830Trapani24 Aug 19421148Trapani28Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio4 Sep 19420805Trapani4 Sep 19421220Trapani24Exercises. Escorted by the minesweeper R.D.18.

Puccini, Sergio25 Sep 19420757Trapani25 Sep 19421128Trapani22Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio28 Sep 19421351Trapani28 Sep 19421830Trapani2Gyrocompass tests.

29Puccini, Sergio7 Nov 19420140Trapani10 Nov 19421540Naples458Patrolled north of Bizerta. Damaged by collision and forced to abort her mission.
  8 Nov 1942115837° 24'N, 10° 14'EAt 1158 hours, Alagi had been at periscope depth to listen to her radio when suddenly a loud noise was heard and she was shoved to a depth of 24 meters. The submarine then dived to 70 meters. Initially it was believed that the submarine had been bombed by aircraft. Her two periscopes were damaged and there were other damages to the conning tower. Later, TV. Puccini believed that he had collided with another submarine.

Alagi had indeed collided with the submarine Diaspro. She was forced to abort her mission.

Puccini, Sergio16 Nov 19420803Trapani16 Nov 19421232Trapani28Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio21 Nov 19420742Trapani21 Nov 19421235Trapani23Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio27 Nov 19420900Naples27 Nov 19421200Naples31Trials.

30Puccini, Sergio30 Nov 19421200Naples10 Dec 19421003Cagliari1269,6Patrolled between 37°00'N and 37°20'N, and between 07°40'E and 08°00'E. Ordered to make a reconnaissance of Bougie. Ordered to Grid 0643 (37°12'N, 08°15'E or 054° - Bone - 30 miles) to intercept a destroyer hit by aircraft (this was the destroyer HMAS Quentin who was sunk by German aircraft).
  8 Dec 1942033536° 45'N, 5° 08'EAt 0335 hours, an MTB was seen and Alagi turned away.
  10 Dec 19420629
(0) Near Cagliari.
At 0629 hours, the submarine Turchese, proceeding on one engine to Cagliari, was encountered. They exchanged recognition signals and Alagi overtook her.

Puccini, Sergio22 Dec 19420850Cagliari22 Dec 19421230Cagliari10,5Trials and exercises

31Puccini, Sergio22 Dec 19421610Cagliari25 Dec 19421100Cagliari512,4Sailed with Giada for defensive patrol through Point A (38°00'N, 08°00'E), Point B (38°00'N, 10°00'E), Point C (38°30'N, 08°30'E) and Point D (37°40'N, 08°30'E) between 37°40'N and 38°00'N and 08°20'E and 08°40'E off Cape Spartivento (Sardinia).
  24 Dec 19420245At 0245 hours, an Axis aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals.
  24 Dec 1942200637° 26'N, 8° 02'E
(0) Approximately.
At 2006 hours, two explosions were heard. These were torpedoes fired by P 219 on the submarine Mocenigo. Alagi did not sight the submarine.
  24 Dec 19422230At 2230 hours, an Axis aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals.
  25 Dec 19420725
(0) Point C of Cape Spartivento.
At 0725 hours, the submarine Giada was encountered and exchanged recognition signals.

32Puccini, Sergio28 Dec 19421715Cagliari10 Jan 19430600Cagliari951,8Sailed for patrol between 37°20'N and 38°00'N, and between 07°40'E and 08°40'E, off Bone and Bougie. At 0030 hours on 4th January 1943, ordered to 37°50'N, 08°40'E [Grid 2984].
  6 Jan 19431810At 1810 hours, a submarine was sighted at a distance of 6-8,000 metres.
  7 Jan 19431900
1856 (e)
37° 28'N, 5° 18'EAt 1900 hours, Alagi was illuminated by a searchlight of an enemy bomber which was sighted at only 500 metres. It flew over the submarine at an altitude of 100 metres and dropped two bombs. Luckily, they missed the stern by 30 to 50 metres. Alagi immediately crash-dived after the explosions.

This was Wellington 'Z' of 179 Squadron. It had detected the submarine at 6 miles and switched the Leigh light when it had closed at half a mile. It dropped four Mark XI Torpex depth-charges from a height of 70 feet and observed one exploding 30 feet from the stern of the submarine. The aircraft circled in the area. When the submarine surfaced at 2000 hours, the aircraft was still there and Alagi had to submerge again.

Puccini, Sergio12 Jan 19430120Cagliari13 Jan 19430754Naples276,2Passage Cagliari-Naples .

Puccini, Sergio16 Jan 19431710Naples18 Jan 19430835La Spezia337,3Passage Naples-La Spezia.

Puccini, Sergio20 Jan 19430907La Spezia20 Jan 19431441Genoa50Passage La Spezia-Genoa and refit.

La Nasa, Marino21 Feb 1943Genoa31 Mar 1943GenoaRefit.

Puccini, Sergio17 Apr 19430901Genoa17 Apr 19431930Genoa65Trials.

Puccini, Sergio19 Apr 19431330Genoa19 Apr 19431830Genoa27,5Trials.

Puccini, Sergio22 Apr 19431314Genoa22 Apr 19432020La Spezia50Passage Genoa-La Spezia.

Puccini, Sergio27 Apr 19430817La Spezia27 Apr 19431925La Spezia60,5Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio28 Apr 19430915La Spezia28 Apr 19431215La Spezia16,5Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio29 Apr 19431420La Spezia30 Apr 19430230La Spezia66Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio18 May 19432012La Spezia19 May 19430610Porto Ferraio82,7Passage La Spezia-Portoferraio.

33Puccini, Sergio31 May 19430300Porto Ferraio13 Jun 19431450La Maddalena1212Patrolled between 38°30'N and 38°40'N, and between 07°00'E and 07°40'E. she was ordered to reconnoitre Philippeville.
  11 Jun 1943024537° 10'N, 7° 05'EAt 0245 hours, two destroyers were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. Alagi closed to 500 meters but appeared to have been sighted and dived immediately. The submarine was depth-charged and slightly damaged. She escaped by going down to 150 meters, and was recalled after reporting the incident.

Puccini, Sergio14 Jun 19432153La Maddalena16 Jun 19430715La Spezia248Passage La Maddalena-La Spezia.

Puccini, Sergio4 Jul 19431430La Spezia4 Jul 1943185La Spezia20,3Trials.

34Puccini, Sergio7 Jul 19430212La Spezia20 Jul 19430815Naples1689,2Initially sailed for patrol in zone 171 (between 38°40'N and 38°50'N and between 07°50'E and 08°20'E). At 1757 hours on 13th July, she was ordered to zone 82 (off East coast of Sicily) through 39°00'N, 15°00'E and point M3. At 2000 hours, on 14th July, she was ordered to pass through the Strait of Messina and 37°50'N, 15°45'E. At 1340 hours on 16th July, she was ordered to area west of zone 86. Returned submerged through the Strait of Messina at 0750-1405 hours on 18th July.
  8 Jul 1943094541° 14'N, 8° 13'EAt 0832 hours, Alagi was sighted by U-407 (KL Ernst-Ulrich Brüller) in German Grid CJ 4357 (41°27' N, 08°10' E), but did not mention it in the report.

At 0945 hours, two aircraft were sighted.
  8 Jul 1943154540° 28'N, 8° 00'EAt 1545 hours, an Italian reconnaissance aircraft was seen.
  15 Jul 19430100-011538° 05'N, 15° 39'EAt 0100 hours, three enemy MTBs were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. They were under fire from coastal batteries. Alagi dived and proceeded to her patrol position.

These were most likely the British MGB-646, MGB-643 and MGB-641 of the 19th MGB Flotilla.
  15 Jul 1943150037° 33'N, 15° 44'EAt 1500 hours, submarine of the BRONZO class was sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres on the surface, steering 180°. This was most probably Nichelio, who had just surfaced and was proceeding to zone 83 (rectangle between 36°50' N and 37°00' N and between 15°20' E and 15°40' E).
  16 Jul 1943010037° 06'N, 15° 51'EAt 0100 hours, a submarine was sighted at distance of 4,000 metres. Alagi continued toward her patrol position.

This was probably Dandolo, who submerged.
  16 Jul 1943033037° 09'N, 15° 50'EAt 0330 hours, three destroyers were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. Alagi could not get closer and gave up any prospect for an attack.
  16 Jul 19430613
0615 (e)
37° 02'N, 15° 55'EAt 0600 hours, three destroyers were observed through the periscope. They were believed to be the same as those sighted earlier.

At 0613 hours, three torpedoes (533mm, G7e type) were fired from the bow tubes (a fourth misfired) at a range of 700-1,200 metres. After 105 seconds a loud explosion was heard giving a running range of 1,500 metres. Alagi went deep to 70-90 metres and, at 0635 hours, heard two escort vessels followed by two patterns of depth charges, but escaped damage.

The target was actually the light cruiser HMS Cleopatra, proceeding in company with the light cruiser HMS Euryalus, escorted by the destroyers HMS Quilliam and HMS Quail. Cleopatra was damaged by one torpedo hit (twenty-three killed), her speed was reduced to 4.5 knots. However, she soon managed to increase speed to 10 knots and was joined by HMS Euryalus who was within sight. At 0938 hour, she was joined by HMS Eggesford, HMS Seaham, HMS Poole, HMS Oriana and a Baltimore aircraft and escorted to Malta.

Puccini, Sergio20 Jul 19430909Naples20 Jul 19431055Pozzuoli8,1Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Puccini, Sergio29 Jul 19432355Pozzuoli31 Jul 19430849La Maddalena201,3Passage Pozzuoli-La Maddalena.

Puccini, Sergio15 Aug 19430003La Maddalena15 Aug 19430735Ajaccio67,7Passage La Maddalena-Ajaccio.

Puccini, Sergio29 Aug 19431914Ajaccio31 Aug 19430747Pozzuoli (Naples)292Passage Ajaccio-Pozzuoli.

35Puccini, Sergio3 Sep 19430154Pozzuoli5 Sep 19431000Pozzuoli375,8Patrolled southwest of Salerno. Uneventful.

36Puccini, Sergio7 Sep 19431445Pozzuoli9 Sep 19431300CivitavecchiaPatrolled southwest of Salerno but, due to defects, was ordered to Genoa with stops at Civitavecchia and Leghorn. At 1345 hours on 8th September, she was probably sighted by HMS Shakespeare, who was in a good position to attack, but did not want to disclose her position as she was to act as a beacon for the Salerno landing. At Civitavecchia, she was boarded by two German officers who ordered her to proceed north.
  7 Sep 1943230039° 58'N, 14° 45'EAt 2300 hours, a submarine was sighted steering to the northwest.

37Puccini, Sergio9 Sep 19431715Civitavecchia11 Sep 19431545BoneSailed northward with German-controlled vessels, but then escaped to Bone.

38Puccini, Sergio14 Sep 19431350Bone16 Sep 19431104Malta1164,3Sailed with the submarines Giada, Galatea, Brin, Marea, Platino and Turchese (the latter had to be towed by Marea and then by a small British vessel). Escorted by the destroyer HMS Isis [mileage is from 7th September].

Puccini, Sergio22 Oct 19431300Malta27 Oct 19431215Haifa1412Passage Malta-Haifa with the submarines Bragadino and Galatea, through 34°19'N, 21°41'E.
  24 Oct 1943150034° 10'N, 23° 10'EAt 1500 hours, three aircraft were sighted flying north and the submarine dived.

Puccini, Sergio9 Nov 19430605Haifa10 Nov 19432045Alexandria353Passage Haifa-Alexandria, escorted by the sloop HMIS Sutlej.

Puccini, Sergio12 Nov 19430740Alexandria12 Nov 19431100Alexandria15Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio13 Nov 19430720Alexandria13 Nov 19431720Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio16 Nov 19430700Alexandria16 Nov 19431700Alexandria40Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio17 Nov 19430725Alexandria17 Nov 19431630Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio19 Nov 19430700Alexandria19 Nov 19431550Alexandria27Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio21 Nov 19430605Alexandria22 Nov 19432110Haifa296Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Puccini, Sergio23 Nov 19430800Haifa 23 Nov 19431234Haifa15Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio20 Dec 19430820Haifa22 Dec 19431030Alexandria329Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Puccini, Sergio23 Dec 19430720Alexandria23 Dec 19431735Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio24 Dec 19430757Alexandria24 Dec 19431535Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio27 Dec 19430730Alexandria27 Dec 19431545Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio29 Dec 19430720Alexandria29 Dec 19431510Alexandria32Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio30 Dec 19430718Alexandria30 Dec 19431455Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio31 Dec 19430730Alexandria31 Dec 19431450Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio8 Jan 19441010Alexandria9 Jan 19442230Haifa310Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Puccini, Sergio8 Feb 19440840Haifa8 Feb 19441020Haifa14Trials.

Puccini, Sergio11 Feb 19440840Haifa11 Feb 19441321Haifa17Trials.

Puccini, Sergio12 Feb 19441454Haifa12 Feb 19441814Haifa21Trials.

Puccini, Sergio13 Feb 19441556Haifa15 Feb 19441548Alexandria330Passage Haifa-Alexandria .

Puccini, Sergio16 Feb 19440956Alexandria16 Feb 19441717Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio16 Feb 19440956Alexandria16 Feb 19441717Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio17 Feb 19440730Alexandria17 Feb 19441754Alexandria39Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio19 Feb 19440728Alexandria19 Feb 19441610Alexandria28Exercises with two British warships.

Puccini, Sergio23 Feb 19440730Alexandria23 Feb 19441940Alexandria55Exercises with two British warships.

Puccini, Sergio24 Feb 19440847Alexandria24 Feb 19441810Alexandria37Exercises with two British warships and a corvette.

Puccini, Sergio25 Feb 19440714Alexandria25 Feb 19441719Alexandria39Exercises with two British warships and two corvettes.

Puccini, Sergio28 Feb 19440610Alexandria28 Feb 19441818Alexandria40Exercises (torpedo launch) with the light cruiser HMS Ajax, then exercises with British destroyers and two corvettes.

Puccini, Sergio29 Feb 19440735Alexandria29 Feb 19441748Alexandria35Exercises (torpedo firing) with the light cruiser HMS Caledon, then exercises with two corvettes.

Puccini, Sergio2 Mar 19440800Alexandria2 Mar 19441606Alexandria28Exercises with two British corvettes.

Puccini, Sergio3 Mar 19440815Alexandria3 Mar 19440930Alexandria6Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio4 Mar 19440820Alexandria4 Mar 19441745Alexandria35Exercises (torpedo firing) with the cruiser HMS Caledon.

Puccini, Sergio5 Mar 19441540Alexandria7 Mar 19440752Haifa310Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Puccini, Sergio1 Apr 19441619Haifa3 Apr 19441022Alexandria310Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Puccini, Sergio4 Apr 19440645Alexandria4 Apr 19441830Alexandria43Exercises with British warships.

Puccini, Sergio5 Apr 19440712Alexandria5 Apr 19441735Alexandria38Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio6 Apr 19440829Alexandria6 Apr 19441855Alexandria24Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio11 Apr 19440830Alexandria11 Apr 19441600Alexandria34Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio12 Apr 19440847Alexandria12 Apr 19441800Alexandria38Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio15 Apr 19440747Alexandria15 Apr 19441640Alexandria32Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio17 Apr 19440643Alexandria17 Apr 19441845Alexandria40Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio19 Apr 19440751Alexandria19 Apr 19441740Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio20 Apr 19440720Alexandria20 Apr 19441605Alexandria27Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio21 Apr 19440650Alexandria21 Apr 19441742Alexandria37Exercises with British warships.

Puccini, Sergio22 Apr 19441619Alexandria24 Apr 19440704Haifa310Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Puccini, Sergio18 May 19441952Haifa20 May 19441701Alexandria311Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Puccini, Sergio22 May 19440751Alexandria22 May 19441524Alexandria28Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio23 May 19440700Alexandria23 May 19441630Alexandria32Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio26 May 19440730Alexandria26 May 19441812Alexandria36Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio27 May 19440630Alexandria27 May 19441525Alexandria31Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio29 May 19440940Alexandria29 May 19441700Alexandria29Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio30 May 19440950Alexandria30 May 19441910Alexandria33Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio31 May 19441230Alexandria31 May 19441930Alexandria28Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio1 Jun 19440635Alexandria1 Jun 19441739Alexandria34,5Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio2 Jun 19440735Alexandria2 Jun 19441359Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio3 Jun 19440730Alexandria3 Jun 19441330Alexandria28,5Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio5 Jun 19441128Alexandria5 Jun 19442130Alexandria34Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio6 Jun 19440700Alexandria6 Jun 19441510Alexandria34Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio7 Jun 19440745Alexandria7 Jun 19441426Alexandria28Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio10 Jun 19440740Alexandria10 Jun 19441503Alexandria31Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio12 Jun 19440750Alexandria12 Jun 19441615Alexandria26Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio13 Jun 19440733Alexandria13 Jun 19441350Alexandria36Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio16 Jun 19440620Alexandria16 Jun 19441730Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio17 Jun 19440620Alexandria17 Jun 19441705Alexandria34Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio18 Jun 19441740Alexandria20 Jun 19440942Haifa311Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Puccini, Sergio6 Aug 19441755Haifa8 Aug 19440955Alexandria330,5Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Puccini, Sergio11 Aug 19440700Alexandria11 Aug 19441730Alexandria32Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio12 Aug 19440710Alexandria12 Aug 19441430Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio14 Aug 19440720Alexandria14 Aug 19441630Alexandria30Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio15 Aug 19440838Alexandria15 Aug 19441630Alexandria32Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio17 Aug 19440634Alexandria17 Aug 19441633Alexandria33Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio21 Aug 19440650Alexandria21 Aug 19441600Alexandria33Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio22 Aug 19440815Alexandria22 Aug 19442215Alexandria35Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio24 Aug 19440755Alexandria24 Aug 19441515Alexandria36Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio26 Aug 19440850Alexandria26 Aug 19441552Alexandria36Exercises.

Puccini, Sergio27 Aug 19441742Alexandria29 Aug 19440815Haifa314Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Puccini, Sergio26 Oct 19440635Haifa27 Oct 19441130Alexandria284Passage Haifa-Alexandria, towed by the destroyer Velite.

Puccini, Sergio29 Oct 19441130Alexandria2 Nov 19441400Taranto910Passage Alexandria-Taranto, towed by the destroyer Velite.
  2 Nov 19440350
(0) 81.5 - Cape Colonne - 31 miles.
At 0350 hours, a derelict mine was fired upon with machine-guns but it was not certain if it had been sunk.

Puccini, Sergio13 Nov 19441430Taranto14 Nov 19441510Brindisi141Passage Taranto-Brindisi, towed by the torpedo boat Sagittario in company with the submarine Diaspro, followed by long refit.

Puccini, Sergio14 May 19450917Brindisi14 May 19451702Brindisi28,8Trials.

Puccini, Sergio29 May 19450905Brindisi29 May 19451248Brindisi14,5Trials.

Puccini, Sergio4 Jun 19450910Brindisi4 Jun 19451420Brindisi19Trials.

Puccini, Sergio6 Jun 19450928Brindisi6 Jun 19451915Brindisi46,5Trials.

Puccini, Sergio27 Jun 19451505Brindisi28 Jun 19451130Taranto141,9Passage Brindisi-Taranto. No further movement until the end of the war.

241 entries. 203 total patrol entries (38 marked as war patrols) and 61 events.

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