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Cristiano Masi

Born  1 Aug 1902Lerici (La Spezia)


  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta
  C.F.Capitano di Fregata


10 May 1943 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare

Career information

COMANDANTE ALFREDO CAPPELLINI (C.C. C.O.): from 30.09.1939 to 25.09.1940.
ETTORE FIERAMOSCA (C.C. C.O.): from 26.09.1940 to 09.03.1941.
Promoted to C.F. ca. March 1941.
ENRICO TOTI (C.F. C.O.): from 09.03.1941 to 27.05.1941.

Commands listed for Cristiano Masi

Submarine Type Rank From To
Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)Ocean goingC.C.30 Sep 193925 Sep 1940
Ettore Fieramosca (FM)Ocean goingC.C.26 Sep 194010 Mar 1941
Enrico Toti (TO)Ocean goingC.F.9 Mar 194127 May 1941

Ships hit by Cristiano Masi

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Cristiano Masi

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)3 Jun 19402300La Spezia5 Jun 19400200Cagliari326Passage La Spezia-Cagliari with Glauco, Tazzoli and Finzi, escorted by the torpedo boat Curtatone.

1.Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)6 Jun 19401100Cagliari14 Jun 19400200Ceuta (Spain)787,5Patrolled off Cape Palos, Cape de Gata and Punta Almina (Madeira). Attempted to enter the Atlantic, but failed. Had to go Ceuta because of rudder defects. Sir Samuel Hoare, the British ambassador in Madrid, insisted that the crew should be interned and reported that it had been done, but it was later learnt that the submarine had sailed during the night of 23rd/24th June.
  14 Jun 19400050
0005 (e)

(e) 35° 44'N, 5° 16'W
At 0020 hours, Comandante Alfredo Cappellini had reported sighting a light cruiser, three destroyers and two gunboats.

At 0050 hours, a destroyer was sighted turning toward the submarine at full speed. Cappellini fired a stern torpedo (533mm) from a distance of 900 metres. This was the destroyer HMS Vidette, who reported being missed astern by the torpedo. The submarine had been reported earlier by the trawler HMT Arctic Ranger. The strong current and shallow depth made maneuvers difficult and C.C. Masi decided to escape to Ceuta where the submarine arrived at 0200 hours.

2.Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)23 Jun 19402330Ceuta29 Jun 19401950La Spezia887,1Passage Ceuta-La Spezia for repairs.
  26 Jun 19402106
2017 (e)

(e) 36° 54'N, 1° 54'W
At 0335 hours, Cappellini had submerged for a listening watch, using the Rovetto apparatus to maintain her trim.

At 2030 hours, at periscope depth, a steamer was observed on a southerly course. She was identified as British.

At 2106 hours, one torpedo (533mm) was fired from a distance of 700 metres, but missed. One minute later, she had to submerge as a Spanish vessel suddenly appeared on a collision course. When she surfaced at 2124 hours, her target had disappeared. This had been the British Cydonia (3517 GRT, built 1927).

Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)14 Jul 19400800La Spezia14 Jul 19401336La Spezia58,5Exercises.

Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)24 Jul 19401320La Spezia24 Jul 19401550La Spezia8Exercises with the submarine Gondar, 5 miles south of Moneglia.

3.Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)28 Jul 19401315La Spezia29 Jul 19401527Cagliari355,6Sailed for patrol off Cape de Gata but interrupted patrol and diverted to Cagliari because of defects.

4.Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)30 Jul 19401605Cagliari9 Aug 19400920La Spezia1635,6Patrolled off Cape de Gata, early return because of defects.

Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)12 Aug 19400630La Spezia12 Aug 19401230La Spezia75Exercises.

Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)18 Sep 19401000La Spezia18 Sep 19401855La Spezia62Exercises.

Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)20 Sep 19401230La Spezia20 Sep 19401625La Spezia20Exercises.

Comandante Alfredo Cappellini (CL, I.4, UIT.24)25 Sep 19400820La Spezia25 Sep 19401905La Spezia86Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)30 Sep 19400930La Spezia1 Oct 19401505Naples330,7Passage La Spezia-Naples.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)2 Oct 19400807Naples5 Oct 19401700Pola880Passage Naples-Pola, assigned to Submarine School. Encountered Italian convoys twice.
  3 Oct 19401800
(0) Off Cape Colonne.
The submarine sighted a convoy of six ships escorted by the armed merchant cruiser Città Di Palermo. They exchanged signals, but the convoy did not interpret them correctly and they turned back. Shortly after, this was cleared up and they resumed their course.
  4 Oct 19400446
(0) Off Cape Colonne.
The submarine sighted a convoy (Beppe, Caucaso, Petrarca and Veloce) escorted by the armed merchant cruiser Città Di Genova. They exchanged signals, but again the convoy did not interpret them correctly and they turned back; shortly after this was cleared up, they resumed their course. Later during the night, Veloce collided with Rina Bianchi which sank (only five saved, twenty-one lost).

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)17 Oct 19400758Pola17 Oct 19401720Pola56,2Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)25 Oct 19400800Pola25 Oct 19400956Pola14Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)29 Oct 19400754Pola29 Oct 19401220Pola44,8Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)8 Nov 19400755Pola8 Nov 19401740Pola37,5Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)14 Nov 19400802Pola14 Nov 19401755Pola59,5Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)15 Nov 19400810Pola15 Nov 19401740Pola14Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)20 Nov 19400820Pola20 Nov 19401730Pola62,9Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)22 Nov 19400800Pola22 Nov 19401730Pola43Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)26 Nov 19400800Pola26 Nov 19401430Pola13,8Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)29 Nov 19400800Pola29 Nov 19401815Pola53,6Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)7 Dec 19400752Pola7 Dec 19401717Pola61Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)10 Dec 19400757Pola10 Dec 19401734Pola75Exercises escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)12 Dec 19400707Pola12 Dec 19401714Pola62Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)13 Dec 19400915Pola13 Dec 19401632Pola59,9Sailed with the submarine Turchese, escorted by the tug Tenace, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)17 Dec 19400813Pola18 Dec 19400130Pola88,4Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)20 Dec 19400800Pola20 Dec 19401907Pola69Sailed for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)23 Dec 19400813Pola23 Dec 19400913Pola1,5Exercises or changed moorings?

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)13 Jan 19410817Pola13 Jan 19411805Leme Channel54,5Passage Pola-Leme Channel with the submarines Adua, Fisalia and Pisani, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Jadera and Volta and exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)14 Jan 19410855Leme Channel (Rovigno)15 Jan 19410055Pola95,2Exercises with the torpedo boat Audace and submarines Pisani, Adua and Fisalia.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)17 Jan 19410812Pola17 Jan 19411120Pola30,4Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)21 Jan 19410930Pola21 Jan 19411811Pola58Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)23 Jan 19410801Pola23 Jan 19411759Pola61,1Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)25 Jan 19410815Pola25 Jan 19411730Pola59,6Attack exercises on the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)3 Feb 19410840Pola3 Feb 19411754Pola48Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)6 Feb 19410816Pola6 Feb 19411711Pola46,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)10 Feb 19410840Pola10 Feb 19411920Pola66,2Exercises with the submarine Pisani, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)14 Feb 19410822Pola14 Feb 19411705Pola53Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)15 Feb 19410920Pola16 Feb 19410045Pola96,9Exercises.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)17 Feb 19410831Pola17 Feb 19411650Pola74,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)19 Feb 19411155Pola19 Feb 19411229Pola6,5Exercises with the submarine Bragadino, escorted by the tug Tenace.

Ettore Fieramosca (FM)24 Feb 19410834Pola25 Feb 19410030Pola94,5Exercises with the submarine Bragadino, escorted by the tug Tenace.

Enrico Toti (TO)12 Mar 19410848Pola12 Mar 19412352Pola75Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Enrico Toti (TO)14 Mar 19410914Pola14 Mar 19412352Pola78Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)15 Mar 19410914Pola15 Mar 19411540Pola52,02Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)20 Mar 19410920Pola20 Mar 19411745Pola136Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)25 Mar 19410828Pola25 Mar 19411739Pola70Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)26 Mar 19410830Pola26 Mar 19411515Pola57Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)8 Apr 19410958Pola8 Apr 19411145Pola4Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 Apr 19410815Pola28 Apr 19411130Pola17Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Enrico Toti (TO)6 May 19410744Pola6 May 19411852Pola68Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)9 May 19411032Pola10 May 19410200Pola114Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)10 May 19410808Pola10 May 19411840Pola69,5Exercises with the submarine Bausan, escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua.

Enrico Toti (TO)16 May 1941Pola16 May 1941Pola87Exercises with the submarine Pisani escorted by the auxiliary Morrhua in zone 2.

Enrico Toti (TO)17 May 19410800Pola17 May 19411815Pola87Exercises with the submarine Pisani escorted by the auxiliary Cilicia.

Enrico Toti (TO)19 May 19410912Pola19 May 19412310Pola67Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)21 May 19410801Pola21 May 19411813Pola61,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)24 May 19410750Pola24 May 19411745Pola73,5Exercises with the submarines Narvalo, Pisani, Speri and Bausan, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio, Jadera and Morrhua.

61 entries. 60 total patrol entries (4 marked as war patrols) and 4 events.

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