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Mario Signorini

Born  12 Nov 1908Rome
Died   2003(94)Rome


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


  Croce di guerra al valore militare
20 Jan 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare
21 Nov 1949 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

ARCHIMEDE (T.V. C.O.): from 18.04.1940 to 30.11.1940.

Commands listed for Mario Signorini

Submarine Type Rank From To
Archimede (AH, I.31)Ocean goingT.V.18 Apr 194030 Nov 1940

Ships hit by Mario Signorini

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Mario Signorini

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.Archimede (AH, I.31)19 Jun 19401430Massawa26 Jun 19400840Assab991,6Patrolled off Aden (or the French colony of Djibouti?). Mission aborted due to a failure in the air conditioning system. Six ratings died.
  20 Jun 1940
(0) Off Aden.
During the day, several crew members of Archimede became sick. Initially, this was believed to have been caused by spoiled food. It was actually due to a failure of the air conditioning system.
  26 Jun 19401000?13° 15'N, 42° 55'E
(0) At Assab.
Archimede was anchored in Assab harbour when she came under attack by three Blenheim bombers. The nearest bomb missed by 20 yards and caused no damage.

Archimede (AH, I.31)3 Jul 19401900Assab4 Jul 19401510Massawa257Passage Assab to Massawa for repairs. The boat was ready to resume sailing on 31 August.

Archimede (AH, I.31)5 Aug 19400645Massawa5 Aug 19401800Massawa65,5Exercises.

Archimede (AH, I.31)13 Aug 19400645Massawa13 Aug 19401800Massawa42,2Exercises.

Archimede (AH, I.31)17 Aug 19400700Massawa17 Aug 19401608Massawa39,5Exercises.

Archimede (AH, I.31)9 Sep 19400800Massawa9 Sep 19401745Massawa53,5Exercises.

Archimede (AH, I.31)18 Sep 19401150Massawa18 Sep 19401800Massawa38Exercises.

2.Archimede (AH, I.31)19 Sep 19402140Massawa23 Sep 19401320Massawa585Patrolled between Gabel Tair and 19° North.

3.Archimede (AH, I.31)5 Oct 19401030Massawa11 Oct 19401200Massawa502,5Patrolled in southern Red Sea.

Archimede (AH, I.31)16 Oct 19400735Massawa16 Oct 19401110Massawa25,5Exercises.

4.Archimede (AH, I.31)24 Oct 19401300Massawa30 Oct 19401040Massawa534,5Patrolled in southern Red Sea.

5.Archimede (AH, I.31)22 Nov 19401200Massawa28 Nov 19401000Massawa586Patrolled in southern Red Sea.
  25 Nov 1940Date approx.On about 25-26th November 1940, Archimede may have attacked an enemy convoy (perhaps convoy S.W.3, the same one attacked by Ferraris) in the Red Sea. No details are available as her patrol report has not survived.

13 entries. 12 total patrol entries (5 marked as war patrols) and 3 events.

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