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Emerico Siriani

Born  6 Jan 1906Fiume
Died   1982(75)Trento


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


30 Jun 1941 Croce di guerra al valore militare

Career information

BEILUL (S.T.V. officer): from 06.09.1939 to November 1940+.
SERPENTE (S.T.V. Navigation Officer): from 30.03.1942 to June 1942+.
Promoted to T.V. on ?
AMETISTA (T.V. C.O.): from 08.03.1943 to 02.06.1943.
ATROPO (T.V. C.O.): From 05.06.1943 to 19.06.1943.
S.9 (T.V. C.O.): From 26.08.1943? to 08.09.1943.
Joined R.S.I.

Commands listed for Emerico Siriani

Submarine Type Rank From To
Ametista (AA)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.8 Mar 19432 Jun 1943
Atropo (AT, N.51)MinelayingT.V.5 Jun 194319 Jun 1943
S 9 ()Sea goingT.V.26 Aug 19439 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Emerico Siriani

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Emerico Siriani

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Ametista (AA)15 Mar 19430905Portolago (Leros)15 Mar 19431114Portolago (Leros)6,7Trials.

Ametista (AA)23 Mar 19431455Portolago (Leros)23 Mar 19431743Parteni13,5Passage Portolago-Parteni.

Ametista (AA)1 Apr 19430930Parteni1 Apr 19431137Portolago (Leros)9,5Passage Parteni-Portolago (Leros).

Ametista (AA)10 Apr 19430803Portolago (Leros)10 Apr 19431204Portolago (Leros)18,5Exercises.

Ametista (AA)18 Apr 19430802Portolago (Leros)18 Apr 19431134Portolago (Leros)28Exercises. On 22nd April 1943, she was reported operational with two periscopes in working order.

Ametista (AA)30 Apr 19430810Portolago (Leros)30 Apr 19431155Portolago (Leros)16,7Exercises.

1.Ametista (AA)6 May 19430903Portolago (Leros)27 May 19431356Brindisi1896,5Sailed with the submarine Onice until the Kaso Straits and patrolled in Gulf of Sirte, between 32°00'N and 32°50'N, and between 17°00'E and 17°40'E. Returned to Brindisi through 38°36'N, 18°48'E. She was instructed not to attack submarines.
  6 May 1943211535° 10'N, 26° 40'EAt 2115 hours, a Swedish relief ship was sighted at 20,000 metres.
  9 May 1943213033° 10'N, 18° 18'EAt 2130 hours, an illuminated ship was sighted at 20,000 metres steering 090°. Ametista closed to about 6,000 meters when the ship was identified as a hospital ship.
  24 May 1943082632° 44'N, 17° 36'EAt 0826 hours, a ship was sighted at 15,000 metres steering 090°. Ametista closed to 4,500 meters, when the ship was identified as a hospital ship. The submarine got as near as 3,000 metres before turning away.
  25 May 1943123035° 40'N, 18° 08'EAt 1230 hours, a squadron of eighteen four-engine bombers were sighted at 6,000 metres steering 330°. Ametista dived immediately to a depth of 50 meters.
  25 May 1943135035° 52'N, 18° 12'EAt 1350 hours, a large aircraft was seen at 8,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  25 May 1943145135° 53'N, 18° 12'EAt 1451 hours, a squadron of 18 four-engine bombers (probably the same squadron sighted before) was sighted at 6,000 metres on a southerly course. Ametista dived.
  26 May 1943015437° 40'N, 18° 38'EAt 0154 hours, a hospital ship was sighted steering 090°.
  27 May 1943110040° 52'N, 18° 16'EAt 1100 hours, the steamer Campidoglio (3,905 GRT, built 1932) was observed proceeding to Brindisi.
  27 May 1943112040° 56'N, 18° 15'EAt 1120 hours, a hospital ship and two "Protected" steamers were sighted. It was probably the hospital ship Gradisca sailing from Bari for Smyrna (Turkey) where a prisonner of war exchange was to take place.

Ametista (AA)29 May 19431800Brindisi31 May 19431117Fiume400Passage Brindisi-Fiume for refit.

2.Atropo (AT, N.51)6 Jun 19432000Augusta10 Jun 19430230LampedusaSupply mission to Lampedusa. Uneventful.

3.Atropo (AT, N.51)10 Jun 19430434Lampedusa10 Jun 19432117LampedusaLeft Lampedusa to submerge during daylight hours outside the harbour and returned to complete the disembarkation of her cargo.

4.Atropo (AT, N.51)11 Jun 19430110Lampedusa16 Jun 19430820Taranto932Return trip from supply mission to Lampedusa (mileage total).
  11 Jun 1943225534° 40'N, 13° 39'EAt 2255 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  11 Jun 1943232034° 40'N, 13° 39'EAt 2320 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.

S 9 ()9 Sep 1943Danzig9 Sep 1943DanzigSeized by the Germans at the armistice. Did not carry out patrols.

21 entries. 12 total patrol entries (4 marked as war patrols) and 11 events.

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