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Aldo Turcio

Born  14 Feb 1907Venice


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


26 May 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
25 Jul 1947 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

From 10.07.1939, served as G.M. on the heavy cruiser FIUME.
Promoted to S.T.V. on ?
ALPINO ATTILIO BAGNOLINI (S.T.V. officer): from 23.10.1940 to January 1942
ALPINO ATTILIO BAGNOLINI (S.T.V. First Officer): from 13,01.1942 to ?
ALPINO ATTILIO BAGNOLINI (S.T.V. resp.): from 08.07.1942 to 11.08.1942 (refit at Bordeaux).
Promoted to T.V. on ?
DANDOLO (T.V. C.O.): from 18.03.1943 to 31.12.1944.

Commands listed for Aldo Turcio

Submarine Type Rank From To
Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)Ocean goingS.T.V.8 Jul 194211 Aug 1942
Dandolo ( DO, I.16)Ocean goingT.V.18 Mar 194331 Dec 1944

Ships hit by Aldo Turcio

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Aldo Turcio

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)8 Jul 1942Bordeaux11 Aug 1942BordeauxRefit and change in command.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)20 Mar 19430840Castellammare di Stabia20 Mar 19431147Castellammare di Stabia22,2Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)21 Mar 19430836Castellammare di Stabia21 Mar 19431145Castellammare di Stabia18Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)22 Mar 19431311Castellammare di Stabia22 Mar 19431525Castellammare di Stabia19,3Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)26 Mar 19430825Castellammare di Stabia26 Mar 19431144Castellammare di Stabia21,3Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)30 Mar 19430835Castellammare di Stabia30 Mar 19431144Castellammare di Stabia22,2Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 Apr 19432400Naples7 Apr 19430840La Maddalena249,5Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

1.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)15 Apr 19431950La Maddalena4 May 19430904La Maddalena1791,5Patrolled between 38°00'N and 38°40'N, and between 06°20 and 07°00'E. On 27th April, was ordered to move to area between 38°00'N and 38°40'N, and between 07°00'E and 07°20'E.
  18 Apr 1943222038° 38'N, 6° 36'EAt 2220 hours, a German aircraft was sighted. No action was taken. Seven minutes later another two aircraft appeared and Dandolo submerged.
  26 Apr 19430408
0310 (e)
38° 23'N, 6° 26'E
(e) 38° 15'N, 5° 52'E
An unknown submarine was seen at a distance of 1,500-2,000 metres, steering 210°. She fired three torpedoes at Dandolo who turned away as two torpedoes passed on the port side and one on the starboard side. Turcio had intended to fire a stern shot, but the smoke emitted by his diesel engines obscured the visibility. This was the Dutch HrMs Dolfijn (Lt. Cdr. H.M.L.F.E. van Oostrom Soede) and she had fired three torpedoes at long range.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 May 19430959La Maddalena6 May 19430708Naples230Passage La Maddalena-Naples.
  5 May 1943130340° 57'N, 10° 08'EAt 1303 hours, a periscope was sighted. Dandolo attempted to fire a pair of torpedoes but only one left the tube, the second misfired. Range was 1,000 metres and two explosions were heard after four minutes. T.V. Turcio assumed that his torpedo had exploded at the end of her run and that the enemy submarine had done the same.

In fact, no allied submarine operated in the area.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)30 May 19430030Naples31 May 19430630La Maddalena230Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)1 Jun 19430500La Maddalena1 Jun 19431130AjaccioPassage La Maddalena-Ajaccio.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 Jun 19431525Ajaccio18 Jun 19430255Naples302,4Passage Ajaccio-Naples.

2.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 Jul 19431330Naples18 Jul 19430730CrotonePatrolled off Augusta (Sicily), operation ZETA. At 2029 hours on the 16th, MARICOSOM ordered her to an area between 36°30'N and 36°50'N, and between 15°07 and 15°50'E. This was countermanded at 2345 on the 16th and she was ordered to Taranto via (1) 37°21'N, 17°00'E. (2) 39°00'N, 28°00? E (sic, should be 17°40'E, this was an error in transcribing the Italian Grid should have been 64 instead of 44) and A.2. At 1045 hours on the 18th, Dandolo was alerted by SUPERMARINA that an enemy submarine was in Grid 4734 (39°00'N, 17°00'E) at 0900 hours on the 18th.
  15 Jul 1943223037° 19'N, 15° 55'EAt 2230 hours, the conning tower of a submarine was seen, this was probably Alagi. Dandolo turned away.
  16 Jul 1943011637° 04'N, 16° 02'EAt 0116 hours, a dark object, believed to be a submarine, was observed. This was probably Alagi. Dandolo submerged.
  16 Jul 1943030737° 04'N, 16° 02'E
(0) Italian Grid 2866/5
At 0257 hours, a naval squadron was sighted at 5,000 metres. They were believed to be two battleships of the KING GEORGE V class escorted by four destroyers. Ten minutes, later, Dandolo fired a salvo of four torpedoes from her bow tubes at a range of 2,000 metres. Two loud hits were heard. This has not been confirmed. T.V. Turcio had also intended to turn and fire his stern torpedoes, but one of the torpedoes exploded after a run of 500 metres and fearing of being discovered, he took his submarine deep.
  17 Jul 1943003537° 15'N, 16° 14'EAn unidentified aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  17 Jul 1943030237° 02'N, 16° 14'EAn unidentified aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  17 Jul 19432230
1957 or 2203B (e)
37° 22'N, 16° 52'E
(e) 37° 17'N, 16° 53'E
At 2225 hours, Dandolo was suddenly attacked by an aircraft which appeared from the dark part of the horizon. It dropped four bombs and two depth charges. Two bombs hit the base of the conning tower and two bombs missed the stern, while the two depth-charges, estimated at 200 kg, lodged in the cavity of the counter turret. Luckily, those that hit failed to explode or Dandolo would have been destroyed, but the two depth charges prevented the submarine from diving for fear they would detonate. The aircraft was Wellington 'K' (MP617) of 221 Squadron piloted by Flying Officer W. Lewis. It had sighted a large Italian submarine, estimated at 1,000 tons armed with two guns, one fore and one aft. Lewis decided to attack up moon and approached from the port beam releasing five depth charges from a height of only 50 feet, the last depth charge observed to be exploding under the hull abaft while the rear gunner fired off 100 rounds of his machine gun. After the attack, the bomber remained in the area, observing the submarine still on the surface, circling tightly, smoke and fumes pouring from the conning tower. Lewis attempted to contact surface vessels in the area to home them in, but failed to get an answer. At 0020 hours, the aircraft left the scene. Dandolo abandoned her patrol and, at 2322 hours, informed MARICOSOM of her predicament and that she would be off Cape Colonne at 0600 hours.

3.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 Jul 19432030Crotone19 Jul 19430650Taranto591Passage Crotone-Taranto, escorted by the corvette Scimitarra.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Oct 19431230Taranto9 Oct 19431850Taranto39Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)20 Oct 19430825Taranto20 Oct 19431430Taranto47Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)25 Oct 19430732Taranto25 Oct 19431255Taranto31Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)2 Nov 19431345Taranto3 Nov 19431030Augusta259Passage Taranto-Augusta.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 Nov 19431346Augusta5 Nov 19431545Augusta5Supplied with water.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 Nov 19430710Augusta18 Nov 19430926Augusta5Supplied with water.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 Nov 19431110Augusta18 Nov 19431920Augusta46Exercises with the escort destroyer HMS Eggesford.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)22 Nov 19430920Augusta22 Nov 19431026Augusta3Changed anchorage.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)2 Dec 19430650Augusta2 Dec 19431658Augusta60A/S exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Dec 19430645Augusta7 Dec 19431755Taranto274Passage Augusta-Taranto with Giada, Brin, Mameli escorted by the torpedo boats Aliseo, Fortunale, Riboty, Abba, corvette Urania and the trawler HMT Grilse with convoy AH.11.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 Dec 19430930Taranto14 Dec 19431037Taranto0,6Docked.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)24 Dec 19430945Taranto24 Dec 19431430Taranto0,6Undocked.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)3 Jan 19441215Taranto5 Jan 19441510Pantelleria438Passage Taranto-Pantelleria with Marea, Mameli, Vortice and Speri escorted by destroyer Grecale.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Jan 19441450Pantelleria6 Jan 19441510Pantelleria5Weather report mission.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Jan 19440650Pantelleria9 Jan 19441905Algiers461Passage Pantelleria-Algiers with Mameli, Marea, Vortice and Speri, escorted by destroyer Grecale.
  9 Jan 19441102
1124 (e)
36° 47'N, 5° 37'E
(e) 37° 21'N, 4° 42'E
(0) German Grid CH 9525.
Goffredo Mameli observed an explosion 250-300 metres to starboard side and, shortly after, another about 250 metres to port. The escorting destroyer Grecale signalled that they were under air attack, but these were actually premature explosions from torpedoes fired by U-616 (OL Siegfried Koitschka). The Italians vessels were unaware that they had been under attack from a U-boat and, for security reasons, were diverted to Algiers.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)11 Jan 19440700Algiers13 Jan 19441240Gibraltar559Passage Algiers-Gibraltar.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)27 Jan 19440700Gibraltar27 Jan 19441240Gibraltar15Passage Gibraltar-Bermuda with Marea, Mameli, Vortice and Speri, escorted by the destroyer USS Neunzer (DE-150). They turned back as Tito Speri had engine defects.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)29 Jan 19440805Gibraltar13 Feb 19441543Bermuda3367Passage Gibraltar-Bermuda with Marea, Mameli, Vortice and Speri escorted by the destroyer escort USS Neunzer (DE-150). During the passage, carried out A/S exercises with Neunzer on 7th February. Escorted in by the tug USS Cherokee (AT-66).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 Apr 19440835Port Royal5 Apr 19441840Port Royal78Exercises with the minesweeper USS Despite (AM-89).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Apr 19440705Port Royal8 Apr 19441845Port Royal85Exercises with the destroyer escort USS Jack W. Wilke (DE-800).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Apr 19440652Port Royal9 Apr 19441730Port Royal62Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 Apr 19440653Port Royal13 Apr 19441809Port Royal8Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 Apr 19440630Port Royal14 Apr 19441855Port Royal61Exercises with TASK GROUP 23.1.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)20 Apr 19440705Port Royal20 Apr 19441904Port Royal90Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)21 Apr 19440630Port Royal21 Apr 19441904Port Royal98Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Mason (DE-529), USS Riley (DE-579) and USS Weeden (DE-797).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)23 Apr 19440737Port Royal23 Apr 19441755Port Royal72Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer USS Ingraham (DD-694) and Task Group 23.1.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)24 Apr 19440705Port Royal24 Apr 19441713St. George87Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)27 Apr 19440712Port Royal27 Apr 19441713St. George66Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)28 Apr 19440700Port Royal28 Apr 19441904Port Royal87Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer USS Ingraham (DD-694) and Task Group 23.1.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)29 Apr 19440715Port Royal29 Apr 19442123Port Royal93Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)11 May 19440705Port Royal11 May 19441805Port Royal72Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 May 19440635Port Royal13 May 19441820Port Royal85Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 May 19440640Port Royal14 May 19441710Port Royal76Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)15 May 19440705Port Royal15 May 19441850Port Royal86Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583) and the frigate USS Sandusky (PF-65).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 May 19440552Port Royal16 May 19441735Port Royal89Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)17 May 19440655Port Royal17 May 19441750Port Royal76Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS George A. Johnson (DE-583).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 May 19440653Port Royal18 May 19441902Port Royal89Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)19 May 19440600Port Royal19 May 19441750Port Royal100Exercises with the destroyers USS Bearss (DD-654), USS Mansfield (DD-728) and USS Brush (DD-745).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)21 May 19440650Port Royal21 May 19441746Port Royal84Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Holton (DE-703).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)23 May 19440625Port Royal23 May 19441800Port Royal86Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Holton (DE-703).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)24 May 19440630Port Royal24 May 19441746Port Royal88Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Holton (DE-703).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)25 May 19440550Port Royal25 May 19441555Port Royal75Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Holton (DE-703).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)27 May 19440638Port Royal27 May 19441750Port Royal80Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Holton (DE-703).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)31 May 1944Time?Port Royal31 May 1944Time?St. George17Passage Port Royal-St George.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Jun 19440655St. George6 Jun 19441740Port Royal79Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)7 Jun 19440650Port Royal7 Jun 19441730Port Royal71Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Carter (DE-112).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Jun 19440640Port Royal8 Jun 19441800Port Royal100Exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-1597. Also possibly also with the destroyer escort USS Carter (DE-112).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Jun 19440605Port Royal9 Jun 19441705Port Royal83Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Carter (DE-112).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)10 Jun 19440615Port Royal10 Jun 19441753Port Royal97Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Carter (DE-112).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)11 Jun 19440630Port Royal11 Jun 19441753Port Royal21Exercises with the destroyers USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697), USS Collett (DD-730) and USS Taussig (DD-746).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)12 Jun 19440710Port Royal12 Jun 19441900Port Royal90Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 Jun 19440555Port Royal13 Jun 19441709Port Royal80Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Oberrender (DE-344), USS Lawrence C. Taylor (DE-415) and the destroyer USS Taussig (DD-746), but the latter had to opt out due to a defective sonar.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 Jun 19440652Port Royal14 Jun 19441740Port Royal71Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)15 Jun 19440647Port Royal15 Jun 19441845Port Royal98Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 Jun 19440645Port Royal16 Jun 19441720St. George65Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 Jun 19440730St. George18 Jun 19441748Port Royal65Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)19 Jun 19440640Port Royal19 Jun 19441940Port Royal98Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)20 Jun 19440628Port Royal20 Jun 19441850Port Royal95Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)21 Jun 19440810Port Royal21 Jun 19441000St. George17Passage Port Royal-St George.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)27 Jun 19440810St. George27 Jun 19441000Port Royal17Passage St George-Port Royal.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)1 Jul 19440649Port Royal1 Jul 19441805Port Royal70Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)3 Jul 19440835Port Royal3 Jul 19441045St. George17Passage Port Royal-St George.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Jul 19440605Port Royal8 Jul 19440903St. George17Passage St George-Port Royal.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)30 Jul 19441232St. George30 Jul 19441340St. George9Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)31 Jul 19440605St. George31 Jul 19441715St. George74Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Willis (DE-395), USS Janssen (DE-396) and USS Wilhoite (DE-397) from the USS Bogue (CVE-9) group. Possibly other ships from this group were also involved.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)1 Aug 19440635Port Royal1 Aug 19441715Port Royal84Exercises with the destroyer USS Haynsworth (DD-700) and the destroyer escort USS Maurice J. Manuel (DE-351).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)2 Aug 19440640Port Royal2 Aug 19441720Port Royal72Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)3 Aug 19440530Port Royal3 Aug 19441705Port Royal107Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Aug 19440638Port Royal6 Aug 19441748Port Royal77Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Aug 19440635Port Royal9 Aug 19441535Port Royal66Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)12 Aug 19440635Port Royal12 Aug 19441630Port Royal69Exercises with the destroyers USS Ault (DD-698), USS Haynsworth (DD-700) and the destroyer escort USS Moore (DE-240).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 Aug 19440625Port Royal13 Aug 19441815Port Royal90Exercises with the destroyers USS Waldron (DD-699) and USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 Aug 19440605Port Royal14 Aug 19441640Port Royal81Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Doyle C. Barnes (DE-353) and USS Silverstein (DE-534).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 Aug 19440610Port Royal16 Aug 19441740Port Royal84Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)17 Aug 19440625Port Royal17 Aug 19441820Port Royal86Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Ulvert M. Moore (DE-442).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)18 Aug 19440642Port Royal18 Aug 19441800Port Royal103Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)19 Aug 19440630Port Royal19 Aug 19441717Port Royal82Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Ulvert M. Moore (DE-442).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)20 Aug 19440632Port Royal20 Aug 19441835Port Royal98Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Ulvert M. Moore (DE-442).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)23 Aug 19440625Port Royal23 Aug 19441445Port Royal64Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)24 Aug 19440635Port Royal24 Aug 19441750Port Royal85Exercises with the destroyer USS Haynsworth (DD-700).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)25 Aug 19440620Port Royal25 Aug 19441700Port Royal80Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)26 Aug 19440810Port Royal26 Aug 19440945St. George17Passage Port Royal-St George.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)31 Aug 19440755St. George31 Aug 19441728Port Royal80Passage St George-Port Royal.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)1 Sep 19440636Port Royal1 Sep 19441700Port Royal79Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)2 Sep 19440635Port Royal2 Sep 19441630Port Royal77Exercises with the destroyers USS Waldron (DD-699) and USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)3 Sep 19440630Port Royal3 Sep 19441815Port Royal83Exercises with the destroyer USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)4 Sep 19440630Port Royal4 Sep 19441725Port Royal74Exercises with the destroyers USS Waldron (DD-699) and USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Sep 19440620Port Royal6 Sep 19441700Port Royal77Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)7 Sep 19440720Port Royal7 Sep 19441825Port Royal100Exercises with the destroyers USS Purdy (DD-734) and USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD-748).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Sep 19440635Port Royal8 Sep 19441727Port Royal86Exercises with the destroyers USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656) and USS John W. Weeks (DD-701).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Sep 19440630Port Royal9 Sep 19441709Port Royal82Exercises with the destroyer USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD-748). A hurricane was anticipated in the next days.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)10 Sep 19440640Port Royal10 Sep 19441700Port Royal69Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)11 Sep 19441840Port Royal11 Sep 19441920Port Royal3Changed anchorage. A hurricane was coming from the south.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)12 Sep 19441920Port Royal12 Sep 19441940Port Royal3Changed anchorage. CVE exercises were cancelled.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 Sep 19440628Port Royal13 Sep 19441805Port Royal78Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)14 Sep 19440635Port Royal14 Sep 19441750Port Royal78Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Lloyd E. Acree (DE-356) and USS Kendall C. Campbell (DE-443).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 Sep 19440640Port Royal16 Sep 19441750Port Royal100Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)17 Sep 19441250Port Royal17 Sep 19441815Port Royal2Changed anchorage.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)19 Sep 19440640Port Royal19 Sep 19441615Port Royal75Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)21 Sep 19440700Port Royal21 Sep 19441725Port Royal73Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)23 Sep 19440647Port Royal23 Sep 19441740Port Royal74Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)25 Sep 19440630Port Royal25 Sep 19441841Port Royal86Exercises with the destroyer escorts USS Woodson (DE-359) and USS Bray (DE-709).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)26 Sep 19440700Port Royal26 Sep 19441755Port Royal84Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)4 Oct 19440712Port Royal4 Oct 19441855Port Royal86Exercises. Possibly with the destroyer escort USS Johnnie Hutchins (DE-360).

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 Oct 19440710Port Royal5 Oct 19442020Port Royal104Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)6 Oct 19440745Port Royal6 Oct 19441430Port Royal65Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 Oct 19441602Port Royal17 Oct 19440820Portsmouth (N.H.)795Passage Port Royal-Portsmouth (N.H.) for major refit.

127 entries. 121 total patrol entries (3 marked as war patrols) and 10 events.

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