This Wolfpack operated from 8 May 1941 to 20 Jun 1941.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-43Wolfgang Lüth17 May 194116 Jun 1941 
U-46Engelbert Endrass19 May 19416 Jun 1941 
U-48Herbert Schultze2 Jun 19418 Jun 1941 
U-66Richard Zapp24 May 19415 Jun 1941 
U-73Helmut Rosenbaum31 May 194116 Jun 1941 
U-74Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat13 May 194122 May 1941 
U-75Helmuth Ringelmann2 Jun 194120 Jun 1941 
U-77Heinrich Schonder6 Jun 194120 Jun 1941 
U-93Claus Korth8 May 194126 May 1941 
U-94Herbert Kuppisch8 May 194129 May 1941 
U-97Udo Heilmann8 May 194127 May 1941 
U-98Robert Gysae8 May 194127 May 1941 
U-101Ernst Mengersen2 Jun 194120 Jun 1941 
U-108Klaus Scholtz2 Jun 194120 Jun 1941 
U-109Hans-Georg Fischer13 May 194123 May 1941 
U-110Fritz-Julius Lemp9 May 19419 May 1941U-boat was lost
U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt13 May 19415 Jun 1941 
U-201Adalbert Schnee8 May 194113 May 1941 
U-204Walter Kell5 Jun 194116 Jun 1941 
U-553Karl Thurmann13 Jun 194120 Jun 1941 
U-556Herbert Wohlfarth10 May 194120 May 1941 
U-557Ottokar Arnold Paulssen25 May 194120 Jun 1941 
U-751Gerhard Bigalk16 Jun 194120 Jun 1941 

Daily positions of Wolfpack West

Daily positions of U-boats of Wolfpack West. The letters are each assigned to one specific boat.

U-boat position. U-boat lost from the Wolfpack.

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Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
8 May 1941U-97Udo Heilmann Ramillies4,553brOB-317
9 May 1941U-110Fritz-Julius Lemp Bengore Head2,609brOB-318
9 May 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Empire Cloud (d.)5,969brOB-318
9 May 1941U-110Fritz-Julius Lemp Esmond4,976brOB-318
9 May 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Gregalia5,802brOB-318
10 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Aelybryn (d.)4,986brOB-318
10 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Empire Caribou4,861brOB-318
10 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Gand5,086beOB-318
13 May 1941U-98Robert Gysae HMS Salopian (F 94)10,549brSC-30
13 May 1941U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt Somersby5,170brSC-30
20 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth British Security8,470brHX-126
20 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Cockaponset5,995brHX-126
20 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Darlington Court4,974brHX-126
20 May 1941U-109Hans-Georg Fischer Harpagus5,173brHX-126
20 May 1941U-94Herbert Kuppisch John P. Pedersen6,128nwHX-126
20 May 1941U-94Herbert Kuppisch Norman Monarch4,718brHX-126
20 May 1941U-98Robert Gysae Rothermere5,356brHX-126
20 May 1941U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt San Felix (d.)13,037brOB-322
21 May 1941U-93Claus Korth Elusa6,235nlHX-126
21 May 1941U-98Robert Gysae Marconi7,402brOB-322
22 May 1941U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt Barnby4,813brHX-126
29 May 1941U-557Ottokar Arnold Paulssen Empire Storm7,290brHX-128
2 Jun 1941U-108Klaus Scholtz Michael E.7,628brOB-327
3 Jun 1941U-75Helmuth Ringelmann Eibergen4,801nlOB-327
3 Jun 1941U-48Herbert Schultze Inversuir (d.)9,456brOB-327
3 Jun 1941U-75Helmuth Ringelmann Inversuir9,456brOB-327
4 Jun 1941U-101Ernst Mengersen Trecarrell5,271brOB-327
5 Jun 1941U-48Herbert Schultze Wellfield6,054brOB-328
6 Jun 1941U-48Herbert Schultze Tregarthen5,201brOB-329
6 Jun 1941U-43Wolfgang Lüth Yselhaven4,802nlOB-328
8 Jun 1941U-108Klaus Scholtz Baron Nairn3,164brOB-328
8 Jun 1941U-108Klaus Scholtz Dirphys4,240gr
8 Jun 1941U-48Herbert Schultze Pendrecht10,746nlOB-329
9 Jun 1941U-101Ernst Mengersen Trevarrack5,270brOB-329
10 Jun 1941U-108Klaus Scholtz Christian Krohg1,992nwOB-329
10 Jun 1941U-204Walter Kell Mercier7,886beOB-330
13 Jun 1941U-77Heinrich Schonder Tresillian4,743brOB-330

33 ships sunk (191,414 tons) and 4 ships damaged (33,448 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

Diving stations

Peter Dornan

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