U-Boot im Focus - new magazine

by Gudmundur Helgason

The cover of the first issue

This is the first issue of a new U-boat photo magazine called U-Boot im Focus that has just been published. It contains 51 pages of U-boat photos with 59 photos and several illustrations and maps as well. Each photo is explained, sometimes in great historical detail, and the history behind it given.

The text is in German and English and explains each photo nicely (we’ve seen very few of these photos before but most are new in publications and that’s very exciting). A French translation is also available upon request.

Overall the magazine is very well presented, quality paper and printing and of very high quality (better than most I’ve seen on various topics). Our forum readers will surely recognize some of the contributors to this work.

The creators come from Luftwaffe (German air force of WWII) background when it comes to expertise. For years they have published a similar magazine "Luftwaffe im Focus" for all Luftwaffe enthusiast and specialists. They also show here they know their stuff regarding U-boats.

This magazine is highly recommended.

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This article was published on 17 Mar 2007.

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