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Die Wölfe

Deutsche U-Boot-Kommandanten im 2. Weltkrieg

By Vause, Jordan
(Wolf - U-Boat Commanders in World War II)
1999, Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart
ISBN 3613020025
Hardcover, 255 pages
book is in German language

Descripton: "A balanced examination of the image of a U-Boat skipper. Whilst it may be criticised by some, this book is a valuable contribution to the published works of the U-Bootwaffe. Its value lies in the fact that the differing views of several living U-Boat officers, are discussed, not merely comments from those no longer able to respond."

Includes larger sections on Jürgen Oesten, Wolfgang Lüth, Victor Oehrn, Erich Topp, Karl-Friedrich Merten, Herbert Werner, and Karl Dönitz. Günther Prien, Joachim Schepke, and Otto Kretschmer are mentioned briefly, as are Oskar Kusch and Horst Bredow of the U-boot-Archiv.

Berichte verschiedener deutscher U-Boot-Kommandanten.