English language novels



by McDaniel, J.T.
2004, Riverdale Electronic Books
ISBN 0971220751
Trade paperback, 300 pages
This powerful novel follows the crew of the U.S.S. Bacalao from the builder's yard in Connecticut, to the harrowing Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and on through the hell of the Pacific war. Bacalao is one of the best submarine novels in years.

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Bear Island

by MacLean, Alistair
1971, Doubleday
ISBN 0449200361
243 pages
This novel deals only indirectly with U-boats, with the action taking place a quarter century after the end of World War II. Since it is a mystery novel, it wouldn't do to spoil the plot... A movie loosely based on this book deals more with U-boats.
- This book has been translated into other languages

The Bowmanville Break

by Shelley, Sidney
1968, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ltd., Toronto
Loosely based on a rebellion and escape attempt orchestrated by Otto Kretschmer at the Bowmanville prison camp in Canada. Although it contains the standard disclaimer that any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely accidental, Kretschmer is immediately recognizable in the figure of Wilhelm Modersohn, aka Silent Willi, U-boat ace whose name is mentioned in company with those of Prien and Schepke. The novel recounts the elaborate escape strategies used by the prisoners and the tactics the prison camp officials employed to track the escapees to the U-boats that were to carry them back to Germany. This novel was the basis for the movie The McKenzie Break.

The Captain

by de Hartog, Jan
1966, Atheneum
ISBN 0689100647
Hardcover, 434 pages
A fictional biography of the Commodore of the Dutch tugboat fleet, including action against U-boats during escort duty with convoys to Murmansk.
- This book has been translated into other languages

Cayman Gold

by Hankins, John
1996, Writers Club of America
ISBN 1889260002
This is a historical fiction in two parts. The first contains the well-researched last days of the Third Reich in 1945 and two IXC U-boats somehow involved in covert operations. Then the book switches over to present times in the Cayman Islands where the story is continued. This is a very good book that I recommend if you like this kind of book, and who doesn't :)
You can read sections from the book and order it here

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Churchill's Gold

by Follett, James
1993, Mandarin
ISBN 0749304960
Paperback, 223 pages
In early 1941, an American whaleman whose wife was killed in the sinking of the Athenia takes his revenge by sinking a U-boat by ramming. He is then persuaded to use his ship to carry the last of England's wealth, $240 million in gold, from South Africa to England. Through information supplied by a double agent, the Germans learn of this plan and send out a U-boat to waylay the whaler. The rest of the novel is a suspenseful account of the chase. Originally published 1980.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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The Commerce War

by Taylor, Carl T.
Unarmed Merchant Ships against German Submarines in World War I
1999, Mountain Empire Publications, Clifton Forge, VA, USA
ISBN 0966470915
Paperback, 104 pages
Thie book is fiction, but many incidents are basically true. It should be accurate historically.



by Pope, Dudley
1988, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 0802709605
A wounded British naval officer begins a second career as intelligence expert in a section charged with coming up with anti-U-boat strategy. The problem is that convoys seem to be attacked by assailants that appear out of nowhere. A traitor within is suspected.

Crooked Cross Factor

by Hart, Derek
2002, Writer's Club Press
ISBN 0595242286
Paperback, 296 pages
A Cold War thriller. One of the plot threads involves a sunken WWII U-boat loaded with gold.

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The Cruel Sea

by Monsarrat, Nicholas
1999, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1580800467
Paperback, 520 pages
The story is about convoy escorts, first aboard the corvette H.M.S. Compass Rose, and later on the frigate H.M.S. Saltash. The story follows the men of both ships from 1939 to the end of the war. First published 1951. A movie of the same name was based on this book.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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by Stephenson, Neal
1999, Avon Books
ISBN 0380973464
Hardcover, 928 pages rough cut edition
This is a high-tech novel which has its roots in WWII German U-boats and crypto technologies. Roughly half the book takes place in WWII with the rest in current times.

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by Pope, Dudley
1983, Hamlyn, London
ISBN 0708912710
Paperback, 323 pages
Good yarn by a good storyteller, but a bit far-fetched in premise. Drifting in the winter Atlantic, hoping to be picked up by a U-boat, a group of British Marines and other adventurers hope to capture an Enigma and confidential books. Excellent description of the insides and operations of a U-boat.

The Deep Atlantic

by Dillon, Peter
A Story of the Western Seaboard
2009, Kenilworth & Collins
ISBN 0956118909
Paperback. 432 pages. Long section of Type XXI U-boat

When Jack Duggan descends to the ocean floor to enter the World War II U-boat he has discovered off the west coast of Ireland, he thinks his only problem will be decompression sickness. He is wrong.

Jack is unaware that his every move is being monitored by MI5; that the U-boat is at the very centre of a high-risk undercover operation. And that his past is about to catch up with him in the form of an IRA hardliner with nothing but vengeance in mind.

Jack’s in more than deep water.

He’s in deep trouble…

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Deep Their Grave

by Gyles, Tony
2000, Brick Tower Press
ISBN 0953173712
Paperback, 273 pages
A novel about a merchant ship and her crew in World War II based on the author's experiences.

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Die for the Queen

by Scott, Douglas
1981, William Collins, London
ISBN 0436444267
A novel that tells the story of the sinking of Royal Oak by Prien. It also describes his personal life (most likely imaginary) with Kretschmer and a few others.

A Drowning War

by Winton, John
1992, Ulverscroft Large Print Books
ISBN 070891621X
Paperback, 286 pages
Originally published 1985.

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The Drumbeater

by Clive Allan
2014, Troubador/ Matador imprint
ISBN 9781783062195
Paperback, 514 pages
When skeletal remains are found buried on a beach near the remote Scottish village of Glendaig, the evidence points to murder… to a crime dating back seventy years to the dark days of World War Two. The task of unravelling the mystery falls to history graduate NEIL STRACHAN, now a career cop, fast tracked into a new role on Northern Scotland’s Major Enquiry Unit. When Neil calls upon German naval historian, Matthias Fuchs, to help identify the remains, a name soon emerges, that of a dashing young U-boat ace who mysteriously disappeared in 1941... Korvettenkapitan MAX FRIEDMANN. Neil seeks the assistance of Glendaig’s elderly residents, but encounters an impenetrable wall of silence, causing him to suspect that they know far more about the young submariner than they’re willing to impart. With more questions arising than answers, and under mounting pressure from his cynical boss, DCI Alex Brodie, to wrap up the enquiry, Neil embarks on a race against time to discover the truth. He begins to unravel a tale of subterfuge, escape and astounding loyalty. A tale that will ultimately reveal a secret that could have changed the course of World War Two…and a tale with one final shocking twist!

Either Way Dead

by Gyles, Tony
2002, Brick Tower Press
ISBN 0953173755
Paperback, 309 pages
A novel about a German operation against the Queen Mary, the biggest troop transport during World War II.

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by Harris, Robert
1996, Random House
ISBN 0804115486
Paperback, 372 pages
A really good novel dealing with the Enigma code-breaking effort of the Allies at Bletchley Park.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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A Flock of Ships

by Callison, Brian
1970, Collins, London
ISBN 0002212560
256 pages
The story of a convoy and its mysterious journey. "The best war book I have ever read." (Alistair McLean)


The Gatecrashers

by Fullerton, Alexander
1992, Ulverscroft Large Print Books
ISBN 0708982603
297 pages
Originally published in 1984.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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by Simpson, George and Burger, Neal
1976, New English Library
ISBN 0440154219
Paperback, 287 pages
In this mystery novel, an American submarine lost in World War II mysteriously reappears on the surface in 1974. The boat's last mission is rerun with strange consequences.
- This book has been translated into other languages


The Golden U-boat

by Henrick, Richard P.
1996, Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN 082175470X
Paperback, 384 pages
This book deals with one of the last of Germany's subs that escaped just before May 1945 and is used by a neo-nazi group to transport heavy water and tons of gold bars to South America for the 4th Reich. The boat meets a U.S. Los Angeles and a Russian Alfa Class attack submarine during her transit and loses the fight. First published 1991.

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The Good Shepherd

by Forester, C.S.
1955, Little, Brown and Company, Boston
ISBN 078380363X
310 pages
This is a novel about a 37-ship convoy escorted across the Atlantic by three destroyers (American, Polish and British) and a Canadian corvette. The American commander of the USS Keeling (Mahan-class) is also the escort commander and encounters U-boats at virtually every turn.
It was first published in 1955 and Life Magazine called it "The greatest adventure story to come out of World War II." -- from the cover of the book.
- This book has been translated into other languages


Grey wolf

by David Huffman
A Novel in History
2009, CreateSpace
ISBN 1449909078
Paperback, 266 pages
World War Two is about to begin and a German Naval Officer is going to war. Again. Oskar Keppler, a U-boat veteran of the Great War, takes command of the Type VII submarine U-115. Based on the actual War Diary of a German U-boat at the outset of World War II, this novel presents the U-boat experience from the perspective of those who lived it. Vivid descriptions of life in a diesel-electric powered submarine: day after day of mundane drilling, horrendous smells and ever deteriorating food are punctuated by moments of action, elation, terror and dread. In perhaps the most important single patrol of the first half of the Battle of the Atlantic, a handful of men will change the balance of power, and strategic capabilities of their adversary, for years to come.

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H.M.S. Ulysses

by MacLean, Alistair
1959, William Collins, London
ISBN 0385041837
This is a classic that tells the story of a convoy heading towards Murmansk in winter 1943. The book describes the conditions in which the convoy men had to survive. Lots of U-boat action. Highly recommended!
- This book has been translated into other languages

Hatteras Blue

by Poyer, D.C. (a.k.a David Poyer)
1992, St. Martin's Press, New York
ISBN 0312927495
227 pages
Reader's comment: Very, very good. I read it twice. It has given me my first knowledge of Walter Boats. Originally published 1989.

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His Majesty's U-boat

by Reeman, Douglas
1973, Putnam
ISBN 0515078638
Paperback, 292 pages
This novel is loosely based on the incident of the HMS Graph (ex U-570). A U-boat is captured by the British, studied and fitted out for an English-speaking crew, and used for purposes of infiltration.


Hitler's Last Gasp

by Krutein, Manfred
The Miracle Weapon
1995, Amador Publishers
ISBN 0938513192
Paperback, 193 pages
As the end of WWII approached, many Germans believed rumors about a Miracle Weapon. This novel shows a dramatic encounter between an American OSS officer, a German U-boat commander and a Nazi SS officer. They fight for control of the weapon, directed at the U.S. East Coast. At the end the action is declared a national secret, with all documents sealed for fifty years.

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An Honorable German

by Charles McCain
2009, Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 0446538981
Hardcover, 384 pages

When World War II begins, Max Brekendorf, a proud young German naval officer, fights for his country with honor and courage. With the unstoppable German war machine overrunning Europe, Max looks ahead to a bright future with his fiancée, Mareth. But as the war progresses, their future together becomes less and less certain. German victories begin to fade. In the North Atlantic, Max must face the increasing strength of the Allies on ever more harrowing missions. Berlin itself is savaged by bombing, making life for Mareth increasingly dangerous and desperate. And as the Third Reich steadily crumbles, Nazi loyalists begin to infiltrate Max's crew and turn their terror on Germany's own armed forces.

Recognizing what his nation has become, Max is forced to make a choice between his own sense of morality, and his duty to the Reich. With its stirring, rarely seen glimpse of the German home front during WWII, vivid characters, and evocation of the drama and terror of war at sea, An Honorable German is a suspense-filled story of adventure, of love and loss, and of honor and redemption.

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Ice Brothers

by Wilson, Sloan
1979, Arbor House, New York
ISBN 0380536110
517 pages
The adventures of two friends, patrolling the Greenland coast, in a small USCG converted fishing trawler, during World War II.
- This book has been translated into other languages

Iron Coffin

by Mannock, John
A Novel
2004, Signet Military Fiction
ISBN 0451211405
Paperback, 383 pages
Fictional account of U-113 (VIIc) stranded and repaired in Louisiana Bayou. Although fiction, operational accuracy is maintained, boat numbers are taken from non-existent or uncommisioned boats of the correct type. Lots of realistic action and U-boat personnel are treated most faviourably--not as "nazi" or piratical sterotypes. A "fun" read with a wealth of fairly accurate and complicated technical action in replacing U-boat shafts, radio location, hard hat and draeger diving. Author was commercial diver and did considerable research to ensure accuracy of detail (other than fanciful location).

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The Iron Pirate

by Reeman, Douglas
1987, Pan Books, London
ISBN 0330299441
Paperback, 295 pages
In the summer of 1944, a German heavy cruiser receives the order to attack and destroy enemy shipping in the Atlantic. An admiral arrives on board with some mysterious boxes...

Killing Ground

by Reeman, Douglas
1991, Heinemann Ltd., London
ISBN 0330316362
The Battle of the Atlantic through British and German eyes.

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Kleber's Convoy

by Trew, Anthony
2002, Robert Hale
ISBN 0709070217
Kleber, commanding a 15-boat wolfpack, is determined to destroy a 35-ship convoy to Murmansk. A British Vice-Admiral with twenty-six escort vessels is equally determined that he will not. The author commanded an escort vessel on the Northern convoys. First published 1974.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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The Land That Time Forgot

by Burroughs, Edgar Rice
1999, Bison Books
ISBN 0803261543
Hardcover, commemorative edition, 448 pages
An American off to World War I, who in civilian life was a builder of submarines, has two ships sunk from under him by U-33, a U-boat he himself had built. The crew of the second ship sunk manage to capture the U-boat, including its captain. Unable to get to a friendly port because they are repeatedly shelled on sight, then steered on a false course by a traitor among the merchant crew, the U-boat ends up in the South Pacific. Needing water and fuel, they make landfall on an island which they soon discover is inhabited by prehistoric monsters and ape-men. A movie was later based on this novel. Originally published 1918.

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The Last Command

by Gray, Edwyn
1977, Seeley, Service & Co. Ltd., London
ISBN 0854221476
Edwyn Gray, author of several U-boat books wrote a series of novels with Konrad Bergman as the main character. The four novels ("No Survivors" in 1974, "Action Atlantic" in 1975, "Tokyo Torpedo" in 1976 and "The Last Command" in 1977) follow Bergman's U-Bootwaffe career from his pre-war training, through the war as a U-boat commander, culminating in his part in an attempt to smuggle Hitler to Argentina. His obvious disenchantment with the Nazi regime ensures that the missions assigned him are suicidal.

The Night Boat

by McCammon, Robert R.
1990, Avon Books
ISBN 0671732811
261 pages
A horror novel based on a Type VIIC on patrol in the Caribbean. Basically the U-boat gets trapped underwater and the crew are put under a curse by the local islanders. Forty or so years later a diver finds a metal cylinder in the sand which after a lot of uncovering becomes an unexploded depth charge. Of course he lets it fall and tries to get away when the ensuing explosion occurs and the night boat is jarred loose and rises to the surface. Originally published 1980.

The Omega Deception

by Bayer, John F.
2000, Broadman & Holman
ISBN 0805419667
Paperback, 320 pages
Novel about U-boat launched rocket developed in Peenemunde.

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An Operational Necessity

by Griffin, Gwyn
1999, Harvill Press
ISBN 186046596X
Paperback, 416 pages
This book deals with the subject of the U-852 (U-996 in the book) which sank a ship and then fired on the wreckage killing many of the ship's crew. The book covers this incident, the later sinking of the U-boat, and the war crimes trial but in novel form with fictional crew members. The title comes from the claim that destroying the wreckage was an "operational necessity" to avoid Allied aircraft. Originally published 1967.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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Pandora's Curse

by DuBrul, Jack
2001, Onyx Books
ISBN 0451409639
Paperback, 480 pages
Geologist Philip Mercer joins a mixed group of Americans, Germans, Russians, and others on an expedition to Greenland to visit an abandoned US Army base. Soon, people are murdered, horrible Nazi secrets are uncovered, and the American with the help of a female German doctor (extremely good looking, of course) must save his friends, the Pope, and possibly the entire world through the use of U-1062, found hidden in a Greenland cave. Excellent reading, similar to Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series.

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The Reich Mutiny

by Reynolds, William
1994, 1stBooks Library
ISBN 0759655510
Paperback, 505 pages
From the publisher: Based on a factual account of a previously undisclosed incident aboard a German U-boat off the coast of Florida in 1942. Two Americans get involved in Nazi-sponsored sabotage, become unwitting participants in a mutiny at sea, and are forced underground.


Rockets of the Reich

by Kinrade, Kim
2000, BainBridgeBooks
ISBN 1891696149
Hardcover, 250 pages
In this fastpaced novel, Hitler has conceived a plan to launch a nuclear attack against the United States through rockets fired from an island off the coast of Nova Scotia. An officer of the US Coast Guard and a Canadian army veteran find an unlikely ally in a German U-boat commander as they struggle to foil the plan before it's too late.

Rules of Encounter

by Kennedy, William P.
1992, St. Martin's Press, New York
ISBN 031206182X
Novel, exposing a conspiracy theory behind the sinking of Lusitania, with Winston Churchill casted as a chief blackhat, conspiring to single out the Irish Fenians, drag US into the war, and defamate the Hun with one throw of a stone - he orders high explosives being loaded aboard the Lusitania, makes the Cunard New York representative lower the ticket prices, so that more Americans would board her, then leaks that info to the Fenians, and through them - to Germany and U-20.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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Run Silent, Run Deep

by Beach, Edward L.
1986, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 0870215574
Hardcover, 343 pages
This is a book every sub enthusiast should read. Beach, commander of an American sub in WWII, depicts daily life on a submarine and the excitement of battle through the eyes of the book's hero, Captain Richardson. Includes detailed technical descriptions of American submarines. A movie based loosely on this book stars Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. First published 1955.
- This book has been translated into other languages


A Sailor of Austria

by Biggins, John
1994, St. Martin's Press, New York
ISBN 0312105347
369 pages
This book is a very good read. A lot of detail is given, so one can get the feel for life in the service of the Hapsburg submarine corps of the First World War. The novel is told from the point of view of a surviving U-boat commander, who is Czech, and is reminiscing about his career in the Adriatic from an old folks' home. The novel gives one a good feeling for life aboard WWI U-boats, starting with adventures aboard a Holland-class boat, and then moving on to U-boats that Austria-Hungary had purchased from Germany.

San Andreas

by MacLean, Alistair
ISBN 0002228300
Hardcover, 246 pages
A novel about a hospital ship which must deal with sabotage while crossing U-boat infested waters.

Sea of Glory

by Wales, Ken
A Novel Based on the True WWII Story of the Four Chaplains and the U.S.A.T. Dorchester
2001, Broadman & Holman Publishers
ISBN 0805450009
In 1943, the U.S.A.T. Dorchester was torpedoed by a German submarine en route to a top-secret radar installation in Greenland. The four Army chaplains on board were quite different from each other: a Methodist pastor, Jewish rabbi, Dutch Reformed minister, and Catholic priest. Yet in the terror following the attack by deadly U-boats, the chaplains united in a final sacrifice that transformed every survivor who saw it-and inspired one man to trade the bitterness of the past for the promise of the future.

Sea-Wolf Hunter

by Collenette, Eric J.
A Ben Grant Story
1989, William Kimber, Wellingborough
ISBN 0718307259
Hardcover, 176 pages
A story of hunting U-boats in Britsh submarine Tarantula. Hero is Ben Grant.

A Share of Honour

by Fullerton, Alexander
1983, Pan Books, London
ISBN 0708982417
Paperback, 282 pages
- This book has been translated into other languages

Sharks and Little Fishes

by Ott, Wolfgang
1976, Ballantine Books
ISBN 0345303903
This highly acclaimed novel realistically describes the life of a German U-boat officer in WWII. The first 300 pages focus on minesweepers, at which point the main character transfers to U-boats. His commander is hard and bitingly sarcastic, feared by the crew, but has already racked up 100,000 tons of shipping sunk and bears a grudge against the British because he once observed through his periscope a British surface ship machine gunning survivors of a sinking U-boat. The remainder of the book is a succession of hellish experiences - North Atlantic storm, Caribbean heat, on shore a gruesome revenge attack by the Maquis, torpedo tubes used as not-so-cold storage for the bodies of fallen crewmen, and various mutilations suffered by the crew in the line of duty. A movie based on the book was released in 1957.
- This book has been translated from another language


Sink the Hood

by Harding, Duncan
2000, Severn House Publishers, London
ISBN 0727855751
Hardcover, 219 pages

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Storm Warning

by Higgins, Jack
2000, Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN 042517607X
A U-boat appears briefly in this book. The commander of this U-boat is one of the main characters in the book. After his capture and subsequent escape he attempts to reach Germany on a sailing ship. First published 1976.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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by Fullerton, Alexander
1984, Academy Chicago
ISBN 0583122957
224 pages
Describes several patrols of an S-type British WWII submarine, based at Trincomalee, on the Far East front. First published 1953.
- This book has been translated into other languages

The Hunt for the Saboteur

by Garland, Landon
2002, iUniverse
ISBN 0595249345
In the summer of 1949 a retired FBI agent, using a metal detector to search for shipwrecked artifacts on a Virginia beach, discovers a cache of buried weapons, remnants of uniforms and two identification tags. Upon further investigation the weapons prove to be of German manufacture, and the uniforms and ID tags are identified as belonging to two German naval officers. After researching police and FBI files the agent learns that two German saboteurs came ashore south of Virginia Beach in 1944...

Those in Peril

by Follett, James
1994, Mandarin
ISBN 0749319631
The fictional epic journey of U-395's voyage home, including a spy story, U-boat combat and a dramatic rescue operation.

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Thunder Point

by Higgins, Jack
1994, Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN 0425143570
Paperback, 356 pages
Story of a British intelligence agent diving on a mysterious U-boat found in the Caribbean. The commander’s briefcase, believed to hold incriminating documents listing prominent families supporting the Nazi party, is believed to be on board. As with all Jack Higgins novels it is fast-paced, and this one makes you want to go search for the sunken boats! A movie of the same title was made a few years later.
- This book has been translated into other languages

To Kill The Leopard

by Taylor, Theodore
1993, Harcourt Brace & Co.
ISBN 0151240973
Hardcover, 297 pages
From the publisher: "Aboard the tanker S.S. Galveston, American Sully Jordan has joined the vital dash across the Atlantic to a besieged Great Britain. Beneath the surface of those same chill waters, prowls the U-122 - the invincible German U-boat commanded by a man known as "The Leopard." As the battle rages, these two men face off in a clash of explosive force." As he sets the scene, Theodore Taylor's action-packed narrative cuts swiftly between the German and Allied camps skillfully delineating each side's complex tactics in tracking the enemy's actions. Fascinating details of the British use of subtle psychological warfare, the French Resistance's intricate espionage network, American expediency, and Germany's advanced technology and single-minded determination to win the war take us gradually to the climactic denouement.

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The Torch Bearers

by Fullerton, Alexander
1983, Michael Joseph, London
ISBN 0708982123
290 pages
- This book has been translated into other languages

Torpedo Run

by Reeman, Douglas
1981, Hutchinson & Co., London
ISBN 0688001335
290 pages
From the publisher: It was 1943. On the Black Sea the Russians were fighting a desparate battle to regian control, but their naval defences let them down. At last the British agreed to help their allies and sent a flotilla of motor torpedo boats under the command of John Devane.

A Twist of Sand

by Jenkins, Geoffrey
1974, Ulverscroft Large Print Books
ISBN 0854562508
Reader's comment: Fiction, regarding experimental German U-boats in South African waters. Originally published 1961. A movie based on this book was released in 1968.
- This book has been translated into other languages


by Rene D. Egle
2006, Llumina Press
ISBN 978159526698
472 pages, Paperback & Hardcover
November 1944. Germany is losing World War II. In a last, desperate attempt to turn the tide, German High Command send a U-boat loaded with the latest in weapons technology and uranium to meet with the Japanese in the Philippine Sea. U-1706 also carries highly sensitive documents. November 2004 High in the mountains of the Black Forest at the Freiberg Institute, two young scientists make a revolutionary breakthrough during a routine experiment. Instead of a test cube, they transport an entire submarine from the past to the future. Stranded in the 21st century, U-1706 with all its crew is soon sighted in Southeast Asia, drawing the attention of American Intelligence. The two German scientists must race U.S. operatives to find the boat and make contact, to prevent the worst.


by Collins, Max Allan
2000, Avon Books
ISBN 0380812908
Paperback, 245 pages
This World War II novel is about a U.S. Navy mission to capture an Enigma encryption machine from an active German Type VIIC U-boat, U-571.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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by Follett, James
1992, Mandarin
ISBN 0750504676
Novelization of the capture of U-570 and the attempt of the IWO to sink the surrendered vessel after his escape from a prison camp. Otto Kretschmer plays a part in the story as well.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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by Baudzus, Arthur
2003, Riverdale Electronic Books
ISBN 0971220778
Paperback, 260 pages
A novel about the ill-fated six-month voyage of U-859 from Kiel to almost within sight of Penang, where she was sunk by a British submarine. This partly fictionalized account was written by one of the 20 men who swam up to a new chance at life from the sunken U-boat.

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U-9: A Damned Un-English Weapon

by Thesing, Jim
2013, Merriam Press
ISBN 1482644851
Paperback, 272 pages, 1 map (also available in hardcover)
On the eve of World War I, expectations were low for Germany's small flotilla of undersea boats. But just seven weeks into the war, U-9 sank three British armored cruisers, killing nearly 1,500 men. The following morning, headlines blared on the front pages of the world's newspapers. The U-boat had arrived. This novel, inspired by memoirs written in the 1920s, weaves historical fact with an imagining of how both German and British officers and seamen may have experienced this event.

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A U-Boat Called Patricia

by Bradshaw, Ross
1993, Excalibur Books, London
ISBN 1856342948
Paperback, 160 pages

Voyage of the Grey Wolves

by Wilson, Steven
2004, Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN 0786016728
Mass Market Paperback, 352 Pages
Fiction. An interesting story taking place at the very end of WWII. A respected u-boat commander is put in command of a flotilla of Type XXI boats whose mission is to launch rockets at England. Doenitz and Godt appear as characters. It also tells the story of the British Navy Captain determined to stop them. An intersting fictional thriller accurate in technical and historical details.

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The Waiting Game

by Fullerton, Alexander
1983, Academy Chicago
ISBN 0583117589
Originally published 1961.
- This book has been translated into other languages

When Duty Whispers Low

by Gobbell, John J.
2002, St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0312274912
It’s 1943 and the U.S. Navy is caught in a fierce battle against the Japanese in the South Pacific. At stake is the Allies’ newly won Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. But Isoroku Yamamoto, admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet and architect of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, desperately wants Guadalcanal back. Calling it Operation I, Yamamoto throws everything into the foray, scraping together top-line dive bombers and torpedo planes from all over the Pacific to carry out a series of Pearl Harbor-sized raids in the Solomons. In response, the Allies introduce the proximity fuse to the fleet – a top-secret antiaircraft detonator that can greatly assist the U.S. Navy in their desperate fight against Japanese dive bombers and torpedo planes. However, in the heat of battle, Commander Jerry Landa refuses to use the fuse – and pays the price as his destroyer, the USS Howell, is torn in half by Japanese “Val” dive bombers. Lieutenant Commander Todd Ingram confronts Landa, questioning his authority as the once-close friends become enemies in the midst of battle. As Ingram and Landa fight to survive Operation I, Yamamoto personally directs the air raids from Rabaul that will return him to the glory of December 7, 1941, raids that will facilitate the recapture of Guadalcanal and will cripple the U.S. Navy forever. Filled with epic battles, romance, and the brutality of war, When Duty Whispers Low is a tale that will transport the reader to the South Pacific during World War II with a story as vibrant and stunning as anything Gobbell has ever written.

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With Honour in Battle

by McDaniel, J.T.
2003, Riverdale Electronic Books
ISBN 0971220735
Paperback, 300 pages
At the end of 1944, Korvettenkapitän Hans Kruger, Germany's top U-boat ace, is exhausted and in need of rest. Instead, he is given command of U-2317, an experimental U-boat with a temperamental propulsion system that promises virtual immunity from attack, but also carries the potential of blowing up at any moment. Now Kruger must contend with a triumphant enemy, as well as jealous superiors and the intrusion of the war into his shattered personal life. First published 2001.

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Wreckers Must Breathe

by Innes, Hammond
1992, Collins, London
ISBN 0854566449
Hardcover, large print, 343 pages
A bit far-fetched story about a secret undersea U-boat base in Cornwall, England(!) and its destruction by a British Intelligence officer in 1939. Originally published 1967.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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