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Help on book merchant links

On Feb 14, 2002 we launched a new service where we automatically check the availability of all of our book titles at several book sellers. This means that hundreds of book titles are always being listed here with up-to-date prices* and ordering status.

We hope you like this new service, which we have tried to link to all sections on the site that might benefit from them.

This is an example of how these book links work:

Get Grey Wolf now at (£ 11.99)

In the case here above you can see that we have different book sellers that have this title (Grey Wolf) available. You can see their prices and if interested you can click on the vendor name (like and purchase the book right then and there.

As always, if you purchase books through any one of those links will get a small commission from that sale and thus you can help us sustain this site.

* In order to reduce server load we check the prices and availability about once a week (we are still experimenting with the interval for best results). The most current availability and price info we have on the vendors is seen here below: (20 Mar 2020) - 176 entries (16 Mar 2020) - 683 entries (12 Nov 2019) - 1 entries

709 individual book titles linked (many to more than one seller).