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The Land That Time Forgot

By Burroughs, Edgar Rice
1999, Bison Books
ISBN 0803261543
Hardcover, commemorative edition, 448 pages
The book is a fiction

Descripton: An American off to World War I, who in civilian life was a builder of submarines, has two ships sunk from under him by U-33, a U-boat he himself had built. The crew of the second ship sunk manage to capture the U-boat, including its captain. Unable to get to a friendly port because they are repeatedly shelled on sight, then steered on a false course by a traitor among the merchant crew, the U-boat ends up in the South Pacific. Needing water and fuel, they make landfall on an island which they soon discover is inhabited by prehistoric monsters and ape-men. A movie was later based on this novel. Originally published 1918.

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