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By Kijanen, Kalervo
(Submarine alarm)
ISBN 9519545700
80 photos
book is in Finnish language

Descripton: The book is out of print and extremely hard to find even in second hand bookstores in Finland. Excellent book! More than 80 photos, a list of known crew members 1930-1944, and fascinating reading. One example is the occasion (5 November 1942) when Vetehinen deliberately rammed(!) the Soviet submarine Sjtsja 305, after having missed with two torpedoes fired from a distance of around 250 meters, and opening fire with both the 76 mm and 20 mm cannons! The Soviet submarine sank, the Finnish U-boat developed a leak (naturally!), but was repaired in Åbo (Turku) 15-22 November 1942…. The book also lists ten Soviet books used in Chapter 16: Soviet Naval History.

- This book has been translated into other languages.