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Assault on a Queen

By Finney, Jack
1959, Simon & Schuster
The book is a fiction

Descripton: It's not too hard to find if you have access to used book stores. It also appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in about 1961 as "The U-19's Last Kill".

The story is about a rag-tag group of ex-submariners from the US, UK and Germany, who raise a WWI UBI class boat that was laid on the sea bed by a commander dying of influenza in 1918. The pirates get the boat to the surface, refurbish it enough to operate one last time, and proceed to hold up the Queen Mary for the jewels, cash and securities in the purser's safe. The book was later made into a movie.

From the review: This well-written novel by an author perhaps better known for his Invasion of the Body Snatchers combines fast-paced adventure with psychological study. Several disparate characters come together to form a group whose goal is to raise a ...
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