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The Good Shepherd

By Forester, C.S.
1955, Little, Brown and Company, Boston
ISBN 078380363X
310 pages
The book is a fiction

Descripton: This is a novel about a 37-ship convoy escorted across the Atlantic by three destroyers (American, Polish and British) and a Canadian corvette. The American commander of the USS Keeling (Mahan-class) is also the escort commander and encounters U-boats at virtually every turn.
It was first published in 1955 and Life Magazine called it "The greatest adventure story to come out of World War II." -- from the cover of the book.

- This book has been translated into other languages.

From the review: This novel follows a U.S. Navy convoy commodore through the course of a North Atlantic convoy bound for Britain, from the journey's beginning to the meeting with a British escort in the Western Approaches. The author makes rich use of symboli ...
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