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Submarine Torbay

By Chapman, Paul
1989, Robert Hale, London
ISBN 0709038216
Hardcover, 187 pages, 16 photos and 5 maps

Descripton: As part of the First Submarine Flotilla operating out of Alexandria, the Torbay sank or damaged four enemy warships, three tankers, ten merchant vessels and nineteen schooners and caiques. Seven special operations were carried out, including the landing of Lt-Col Keyes and 25 commandos for the attack on Rommel's headquarters in North Africa, as well as the night-time rescue of 130 Commonwealth soldiers from a Cretan beach. HMS Torbay was a T-class submarine and made 11 patrols during 1941-1942. Paul Chapman was at 21 years of age second-in-command of HMS Torbay. His book is a personal account of Torbay's patrols.

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