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Titanic and Other Ships

By Lightoller, Charles Herbert
1935, Ivor Nicholson & Watson
Hardcover, 344 pages

Descripton: This book details the wildly adventurous career of Titanic officer Charles Herbert Lightoller. After surviving the Titanic disaster, Lightoller went on to command a torpedo boat in the Nore Defence Flotilla, and two destroyers of the Dover Patrol. A first-hand account, giving a vivid picture of how the "gentlemen of the other firm" felt towards the U-boats. Lightoller sank Werner F├╝rbringer's UB-110, and it is interesting to compare his account of their encounter with the one in Fips. The hardcover edition is a rarity, there is also a paperback edition, published by Bay Tree Press, which is more readily obtained. There is a hypertext at