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Vesikko - Suomenlahden hiljainen vartija

By Merensilta, Timo
(Submarine Vesikko)
2009, Hobby-kustannus Oy
ISBN 9789525334074
Hardcover, landscape A4, 224 pages (48 color pages)
book is in Finnish language

Descripton: Finnish submarine Vesikko was the prototype of the first submarine type of German Navy in 1930's, the Typ II. Vesikko was real hi-tech in its time. It served both the raise of Germany’s submarine weapon and the Finnish Navy in its fight against the Baltic fleet of Soviet Navy. * More than 200 top quality photographs * Lots of unpublished technical drawings * Colour profiles and scale drawings * Vesikko vs. German Type II * Vesikko in peace time and in action The main text is in Finnish with an English summary. Extended photo captions in English. Please, wisit the site: