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Sukellusveneella UC57 Vapaussotaan

By Tuompo, W.E.
(Onboard Uboat UC-57 to the Liberation War)
1934, Oy Sanatar
book is in Finnish language

Descripton: In November 1917 U-boat UC-57 transported a group of Finnish freedom fighters from Germany back to the homeland. The men then set up a clandestine radio station in Helsinki and participated the uprising when the Liberation War began in January 1918. The book tells about UC-57's voyages in the Baltic Sea in 1915-1917, ending with UC-57 lost at sea with all hands. The book includes several photos of the UC-57, of Kapitanleut. Wissmann, the CO, and of the memorial statue erected in the Loviisa archipelago to the landing place.