Black May

by Gannon, Michael
1998, Harpercollins
ISBN 0060178191
Hardcover, 492 pages, 43 b&w photos
Michael Gannon wrote the awesome Operation Drumbeat (see our review) so this one is anticipated by many people. I've reviewed this excellent book which is really a must-read. It covers Allied anti-submarine tactics and developments. Then it covers in great detail the battle for ONS.5 and then spends a considerable time on the battle for the Bay of Biscay during the summer of 1943.

Translations of this title include:


Schwarzer Mai

by Gannon, Michael
(Black May)
Die Entscheidung im U-Boot-Krieg
1999, Ullstein Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 3550069871
Hardcover, 527 pages

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