Italian submarines in World War Two

Vettor Pisani (PN)

TypeOcean going 
ClassPisani (4) 
Laid down 18 Nov 1925 Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone
Launched24 Nov 1927
Commissioned15 Jun 1929
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Junio Valerio Borghese9 May 194010 Sep 1940
T.V. Gaetano Iaccarino11 Sep 194014 Oct 1940
T.V. Giovanni Cantù15 Oct 194022 Oct 1940
C.C. Bruno Zelik23 Oct 19404 Nov 1941
C.C. Ferdinando Calda5 Nov 194112 Dec 1941
C.C. Alberto Agostini12 Dec 194117 Jan 1942
C.C. Ferdinando Calda18 Jan 19424 Jun 1942
C.C. Athos Fraternale5 Jun 194217 Aug 1942
C.C. Libero Sauro18 Aug 194219 Aug 1942
C.C. Athos Fraternale20 Aug 19422 Nov 1942
C.C. Mario Resio3 Nov 194213 Sep 1943
T.V. Alfredo Fellner14 Sep 194327 Nov 1943
S.T.V. Aldo Andolfi28 Nov 194315 Jul 1944
T.V. Luigi De Ferrante17 Jul 194415 Aug 1944
T.V. Giacomo Scano16 Aug 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Borghese, Junio Valerio4 Jun 19400801Augusta4 Jun 19401516Augusta49Exercises.

1Borghese, Junio Valerio17 Jun 19401745Augusta23 Jun 19401955Augusta706Patrolled 30 miles west of Malta in 36°00'N, 13°40'E. Uneventful.

2Borghese, Junio Valerio9 Jul 19400027Augusta12 Jul 19400645Augusta313Patrolled 30 miles west of Malta in 36°40'N, 17°20'E, on a patrol line with Brin, Settimo, Settembrini and Sciesa.
  11 Jul 19402245
(0) Off Augusta.
A submarine which was thought to have been Benedetto Brin. The latter did not report any sighting.

3Borghese, Junio Valerio15 Jul 19401236Augusta18 Jul 19400835Augusta324Patrolled west of Malta in 35°45'N, 15°30'E on a SE-NW axis, on a patrol line with Brin.
  16 Jul 19401255
(0) Off Malta.
Vettor Pisani was proceeding at a depth of 62 meters when fifteen bombs were dropped by an aircraft. The submarine was undamaged.

Borghese, Junio Valerio22 Jul 19400100Augusta24 Jul 19401720Pola736Passage Augusta-Pola.

Iaccarino, Gaetano11 Sep 1940Pola14 Oct 1940PolaRefit in Pola. Change in command.

Cantù, Giovanni15 Oct 1940Pola22 Oct 1940PolaRefit in Pola. Change in command.

Zelik, Bruno16 Nov 19400815Pola16 Nov 19401536Pola25,4Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno22 Nov 19400758Pola22 Nov 19401605Pola52Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno26 Nov 19400918Pola26 Nov 19401630Pola54,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno29 Nov 19400755Pola29 Nov 19401715Pola63Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno4 Dec 19400800Pola4 Dec 19401700Pola61,2Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Zelik, Bruno6 Dec 19400800Pola6 Dec 19401725Pola55,4Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno11 Dec 19400812Pola11 Dec 19401715Pola56,9Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno14 Dec 19400800Pola15 Dec 19400340Pola81,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno19 Dec 19400800Pola19 Dec 19401736Pola57,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno21 Dec 19401610Pola22 Dec 19400150Pola65Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Zelik, Bruno27 Dec 19400805Pola27 Dec 19401730Pola59,3Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno30 Dec 19400800Pola30 Dec 19401730Pola61,1Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Zelik, Bruno2 Jan 19410945Pola2 Jan 19411650Pola53Sailed with the submarine Adua, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera for attack exercises on torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno4 Jan 1941Pola4 Jan 1941Pola81,4Exercises with the submarine Adua escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Zelik, Bruno7 Jan 19410900Pola8 Jan 19410050Pola81,4Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno9 Jan 19410800Pola9 Jan 19411610Pola54,1Exercises with the auxiliary Laurana.

Zelik, Bruno13 Jan 19410800Pola15 Jan 19410100Pola138,1Exercises. Apparently stopped at Rovigno on 14th January then passage to Pola with torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary Jadera and submarines Adua, Fieramosca and Fisalia.

Zelik, Bruno16 Jan 19410800Pola16 Jan 19411645Pola64,9Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno21 Jan 19410800Pola21 Jan 19411645Pola64,8Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno23 Jan 19410803Pola23 Jan 19411745Pola63,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno25 Jan 19410800Pola26 Jan 19410212Pola81,2Attack exercises on the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno28 Jan 19411617Pola29 Jan 19410130Pola61Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno30 Jan 19410805Pola30 Jan 19411730Pola64,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno31 Jan 19410810Pola1 Feb 19410100Pola89,5Attack exercises on the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno3 Feb 19410810Pola3 Feb 19411900Pola67,4Sailed with the submarine Fisalia, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio, for exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno7 Feb 19410820Pola8 Feb 19410045Pola82Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno8 Feb 19411750Pola9 Feb 19410140Pola66Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno10 Feb 19410818Pola10 Feb 19412029Pola54,9Exercises with the submarine Fieramosca, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.
  10 Feb 19411454
(0) Near Island of S. Caterina (near Rovigno).
The submarine was returning from exercises due to the sudden fog when she ran aground but later managed to disengage herself. An inquest exonerated C.C. Zelik from responsibility.

Zelik, Bruno23 Feb 19410823Pola23 Feb 19411700Pola54,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno24 Feb 19410810Pola24 Feb 19411830Pola65,1Sailed with the submarines Fisalia and Adua, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno26 Feb 19410813Pola26 Feb 19411654Pola63,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno28 Feb 19410815Pola1 Mar 19410115Pola75,3Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana and then by San Giorgio, for night firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno1 Mar 19411741Pola2 Mar 19410050Pola63Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Zelik, Bruno3 Mar 19410810Pola3 Mar 19411825Pola61,4Exercises with Des Geneys, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries San Giorgio, Jadera and Laurana.

4Zelik, Bruno6 Mar 19410811Pola7 Mar 19410010Pola97,9Sailed for defensive patrol, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Tenace.

Zelik, Bruno8 Mar 19410820Pola8 Mar 19411700Pola54,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno10 Mar 19410815Pola10 Mar 19411750Pola59,8Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno12 Mar 19410920Pola12 Mar 19411726Pola27,2Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno13 Mar 19411746Pola13 Mar 19412330Pola45Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Zelik, Bruno15 Mar 19410820Pola15 Mar 19412351Pola70,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno18 Mar 19410826Pola18 Mar 19411700Pola48,4Exercises with the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno20 Mar 19410815Pola20 Mar 19411830Pola62,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno21 Mar 19410815Pola21 Mar 19411420Pola43,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno26 Mar 19410825Pola26 Mar 19411734Pola64,9Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno29 Mar 19411746Pola30 Mar 19410050Pola49Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno31 Mar 19411145Pola31 Mar 19411713Pola77,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno1 Apr 19410815Pola1 Apr 19411715Pola52,9Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Laurana and San Giorgio.

5Zelik, Bruno4 Apr 19411540Pola5 Apr 19411000Pola103,5Hydrophone watch with the submarine Des Geneys, to cover an Italian convoy in northern Adriatic in 45°12'N, 12°57'E. Uneventful.

Zelik, Bruno6 Apr 19411955Pola7 Apr 19410725Pola4,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno7 May 19410800Pola7 May 19411740Pola51,8Exercises with the submarine Bragadino, escorted by auxiliary San Giorgio.

Zelik, Bruno9 May 19410725Pola9 May 19411825Pola61,6Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by auxiliary Gigliola.

Zelik, Bruno10 May 19411040Pola11 May 19410230Pola69,1Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Gigliola and then night torpedo firing exercises with torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno13 May 19411030Pola13 May 19411150Pola31,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno14 May 19410800Pola14 May 19411855Pola60,1Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno16 May 19410820Pola16 May 19411830Pola47,7Exercises with the submarine Toti in zone 2, escorted by auxiliary Morrhua.

Zelik, Bruno17 May 19410744Pola17 May 19411807Pola55,4Exercises with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Cilicia.

Zelik, Bruno20 May 19410800Pola20 May 19411840Pola60,4Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno21 May 19410800Pola21 May 19411910Pola59,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno22 May 19410800Pola22 May 19411840Pola61,3Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno24 May 19410800Pola25 May 19410157Pola75Exercises with the submarines Narvalo, Bausan, Speri and Toti, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio, Jadera and Morrhua.

Zelik, Bruno26 May 19410805Pola26 May 19411811Pola60,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno28 May 19410800Pola28 May 19411355Pola54,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno31 May 19410730Pola1 Jun 19410251Pola95,4Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno3 Jun 19410745Pola3 Jun 19411835Pola62,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno4 Jun 19410800Pola4 Jun 19411540Pola68,1Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno6 Jun 19410825Pola6 Jun 19411834Pola35Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno7 Jun 19411305Pola8 Jun 19410150Pola57,8Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno9 Jun 19410800Pola9 Jun 19411640Pola67,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno11 Jun 19410800Pola11 Jun 19411820Pola60,3Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno13 Jun 19410800Pola13 Jun 19411850Pola56,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno14 Jun 19410734Pola14 Jun 19411820Pola59,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno16 Jun 19410800Pola16 Jun 19411820Pola53,8Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno17 Jun 19411045Pola18 Jun 19410321Pola69,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

6Zelik, Bruno19 Jun 19411710Pola21 Jun 19410130Pola422Patrolled in Adriatic.

Zelik, Bruno26 Jun 19410737Pola26 Jun 19411705Pola60,3Sailed with the submarine Enrico Toti, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno28 Jun 19410737Pola29 Jun 19410245Pola86,5Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera and the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Zelik, Bruno30 Jun 19410800Pola30 Jun 19411819Pola60,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno2 Jul 19410741Pola2 Jul 19411900Pola61,3Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno3 Jul 19411230Pola3 Jul 19411845Pola61,3Gunnery exercises with the submarines Jalea and Speri and the auxiliary Principessa Mafalda.

Zelik, Bruno5 Jul 19410740Pola5 Jul 19411730Pola52,3Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno15 Jul 19410745Pola15 Jul 19411905Pola56,4Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno16 Jul 19410730Pola16 Jul 19411900Pola63,5Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno19 Jul 19410940Pola19 Jul 19411500Pola51,6Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno19 Jul 19411955Pola20 Jul 19410230Pola54Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno22 Jul 19410745Pola22 Jul 19411820Pola61,7Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno24 Jul 19410504Pola24 Jul 19412105Pola189Trials with the submarine Ammiraglio Cagni.

Zelik, Bruno25 Jul 19410830Pola25 Jul 19411830Pola60,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno28 Jul 19410740Pola28 Jul 19411740Pola51,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno29 Jul 19410743Pola30 Jul 19410230Pola72,8Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Zelik, Bruno1 Aug 19410800Pola1 Aug 19411825Pola53,6Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno4 Aug 19410100Pola4 Aug 19411815Pola63,3Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno8 Aug 19410740Pola8 Aug 19411752Pola57,2Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno12 Aug 19410733Pola12 Aug 19411552Pola52,1Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno12 Aug 19412107Pola13 Aug 19410556Pola64Exercises with the submarines Jalea and Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, the torpedo boat Audace and the light cruiser Da Barbiano.

Zelik, Bruno16 Aug 19410715Pola16 Aug 19411420Pola56,9Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore and the torpedo boat Audace.

Zelik, Bruno22 Aug 19411900Pola23 Aug 19410113Pola52Sailed with the submarine Adua, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Zelik, Bruno28 Aug 19411900Pola29 Aug 19410122Pola54Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno3 Sep 19411104Pola3 Sep 19411849Pola53,8Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno5 Sep 19410800Pola5 Sep 19411658Pola60,9Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno10 Sep 19410800Pola10 Sep 19411645Pola51,1Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno10 Sep 19411830Pola11 Sep 19410018Pola52Exercises.

Zelik, Bruno13 Sep 19410800Pola13 Sep 19411635Pola53,8Exercises with the submarines Bausan, Medusa and Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliaries Morrhua and Jadera.

Zelik, Bruno13 Sep 19411830Pola14 Sep 19410120Pola53Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando12 Nov 19410805Pola12 Nov 19411543Pola40,5Exercises with submarine Des Geneys, escorted by auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Calda, Ferdinando17 Nov 19410818Pola17 Nov 19411525Pola11Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando19 Nov 19410807Pola19 Nov 19411740Pola50Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando24 Nov 19410804Pola24 Nov 19411740Pola53,5Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando28 Nov 19410905Pola28 Nov 19411620Pola55,5Exercises with the submarines Speri, Jalea and Mameli, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Tron.

Calda, Ferdinando29 Nov 19410807Pola29 Nov 19411650Pola60,7Exercises with the submarines Emo, Toti and Medusa, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Trau.

Calda, Ferdinando1 Dec 19410805Pola1 Dec 19411747Pola48,8Exercises, escorted by auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Calda, Ferdinando3 Dec 19410800Pola3 Dec 19411715Pola54Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Audace and auxiliaries Trau, Jadera and San Giorgio.

Calda, Ferdinando5 Dec 19411635Pola5 Dec 19412310Pola49Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat Audace.

Calda, Ferdinando10 Dec 19410807Pola10 Dec 19411803Pola59Exercises with submarines Mameli, Toti and Emo, escorted by auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Calda, Ferdinando12 Dec 19410820Pola12 Dec 19411610Pola53,5Exercises with submarines Jalea and Speri, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso, and the auxiliaries Trau and San Giorgio.

Agostini, Alberto16 Dec 19410805Pola16 Dec 19411720Pola53,5Exercises.

Agostini, Alberto19 Dec 19410830Pola19 Dec 19411644Pola59,5Exercises with the submarine Mameli, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Agostini, Alberto12 Jan 19420840Pola12 Jan 19421640Pola15Exercises.

Agostini, Alberto13 Jan 19420832Pola13 Jan 19421657Pola47Exercises with submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary Grado.

Calda, Ferdinando21 Jan 19421620Pola22 Jan 19420002Pola57Exercises with the submarine Medusa, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Calda, Ferdinando24 Jan 19420834Pola24 Jan 19421816Pola51Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando26 Jan 19420835Pola26 Jan 19421747Pola65Exercises with the submarines Speri and Mameli, escorted by the torpedo boat Calatafimi and the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Trau.

Calda, Ferdinando29 Jan 19421030Pola29 Jan 19422250Pola72Exercises with the submarine Speri, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Calda, Ferdinando10 Feb 19420840Pola10 Feb 19421430Pola20Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando12 Feb 19421335Pola12 Feb 19421852Pola19Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando14 Feb 19420815Pola14 Feb 19421430Pola24Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando16 Feb 19421330Pola16 Feb 19421830Pola32Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando18 Feb 19420819Pola18 Feb 19421350?Pola22Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando23 Feb 19420820Pola23 Feb 19421340Pola18,5Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando25 Feb 19420740Pola25 Feb 19421450Susa (Fiume)56Passage Pola-Fiume.

Calda, Ferdinando7 Mar 19420805Susa (Fiume)7 Mar 19421350Susa (Fiume)13Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando9 Mar 19421250Susa (Fiume)9 Mar 19421810Susa (Fiume)13Exercises with submarine Jalea, escorted by auxiliary Trau.

Calda, Ferdinando10 Mar 19420805Susa (Fiume)10 Mar 19421405Susa (Fiume)13Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Trau.

Calda, Ferdinando16 Mar 19421336Susa (Fiume)16 Mar 19421737Susa (Fiume)10,5Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando17 Mar 19420830Susa (Fiume)17 Mar 19421401Susa (Fiume)13Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando2 Apr 19422025Susa (Fiume)3 Apr 19420040Susa (Fiume)41Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary San Giorgio and the motorboat 6 F.

Calda, Ferdinando3 Apr 19422000Susa (Fiume)4 Apr 19420013Susa (Fiume)34Exercises with the submarines Asteria and Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Calda, Ferdinando6 Apr 19420956Susa (Fiume)6 Apr 19421621Susa (Fiume)22,5Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Calda, Ferdinando7 Apr 19421425Susa (Fiume)7 Apr 19422250Susa (Fiume)41Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Abbazia.

Calda, Ferdinando9 Apr 19420955Susa (Fiume)10 Apr 19420205Susa (Fiume)77,5Exercises with submarine Asteria (and Manara ?), escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Trau.

Calda, Ferdinando10 Apr 19421600Susa (Fiume)11 Apr 19420050Susa (Fiume)67Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Trau.

Calda, Ferdinando12 Apr 19421024Susa (Fiume)12 Apr 19421645Pola70Passage Susa-Pola. Apparently sighted by HMS Turbulent at 1620 hours on the 12th, but was too far to attack.

Calda, Ferdinando17 Apr 19420820Pola17 Apr 19421428Pola27Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando21 Apr 19420820Pola21 Apr 19421428Pola22,2Exercises, escorted by MAS 553.

Calda, Ferdinando22 Apr 19421300Pola22 Apr 19421850Pola27Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando28 Apr 19420815Pola28 Apr 19421436Pola28Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando1 May 19421315Pola1 May 19422400Pola82,5Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando4 May 19420824Pola4 May 19421435Pola26Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando5 May 19421345Pola6 May 19420045Pola65Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando7 May 19420800Pola7 May 19421550Pola29Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando11 May 19420835Pola11 May 19421443Pola25Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando12 May 19421415Pola12 May 19421942Pola33Exercises.

Calda, Ferdinando14 May 19420830Pola14 May 19421420Pola21Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos8 Jun 19421242Pola8 Jun 19421845Pola27Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos11 Jun 19420825Pola11 Jun 19421410Pola28Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos15 Jun 19421420Pola15 Jun 19421935Pola27Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos17 Jun 19421005Pola17 Jun 19421505Pola18Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos18 Jun 19421327Pola18 Jun 19421915Pola22Exercises.

7Fraternale, Athos19 Jun 19421900Pola20 Jun 19421148Pola117Hydrophone watch, west of Istrian coast. Uneventful.

8Fraternale, Athos20 Jun 19421815Pola21 Jun 19421015Pola107Hydrophone watch. Uneventful.

9Fraternale, Athos22 Jun 19421835Pola23 Jun 19420920Pola120Hydrophone watch. Uneventful.

10Fraternale, Athos23 Jun 19421820Pola24 Jun 19421030Pola130Hydrophone watch. Unevenful.

Fraternale, Athos25 Jun 19421340Pola25 Jun 19421800Pola20Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos29 Jun 19420814Pola29 Jun 19421400Pola14Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos1 Jul 19420840Pola1 Jul 19421650Pola28Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos1 Jul 19420840Pola1 Jul 19421650Pola28Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos2 Jul 19420840Pola2 Jul 19421940Pola24Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos5 Jul 19420425Pola5 Jul 19420730Pola9Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos6 Jul 19420900Pola7 Jul 19420125Pola40Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos8 Jul 19421330Pola8 Jul 19421930Pola30Exercises.

11Fraternale, Athos9 Jul 19421400Pola10 Jul 19421030Pola102Hydrophone watch.

12Fraternale, Athos13 Jul 19420943Pola14 Jul 19421113Pola105Hydrophone watch.

Fraternale, Athos24 Jul 19420834Pola24 Jul 19421408Pola29Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos25 Jul 19420730Pola25 Jul 19421310Pola25,5Exercises.

13Fraternale, Athos28 Jul 19421915Pola29 Jul 19421020Pola90Patrolled in northern Adriatic. Unevenftul.

Fraternale, Athos30 Jul 19421400Pola30 Jul 19421850Pola25Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos31 Jul 19420830Pola31 Jul 19421235Pola25Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos3 Aug 19420840Pola3 Aug 19421145Pola4Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos5 Aug 19420835Pola5 Aug 19421153Pola34,5Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos6 Aug 19421040Pola6 Aug 19421505Pola22Exercises.

14Fraternale, Athos7 Aug 19421925Pola8 Aug 19421041Pola106Anti-submarine patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

15Fraternale, Athos8 Aug 19421904Pola9 Aug 19420910Pola106Anti-submarine patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful. Heard only H.E.

Fraternale, Athos10 Aug 19421322Pola10 Aug 19421810Pola29Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos11 Aug 19421400Pola11 Aug 19421820Pola27Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos14 Aug 19420845Pola14 Aug 19421140Pola15Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos18 Aug 19420845Pola18 Aug 19421057Pola9Exercises.

16Sauro, Libero18 Aug 19421918Pola19 Aug 19421930Pola152Anti-submarine patrol and ASDIC exercises with the destroyer Bombardiere in northern Adriatic in 40°31.5'N, 18°54'E. Report signed by C.C. Libero Sauro (who may have been in temporary command of the submarine as Fraternale was absent).

17Fraternale, Athos20 Aug 19420610Pola22 Aug 19420630Valona407,5Hydrophone watch in 40°31.5'N, 18°54'E. Uneventful. Sighted only aircraft and heard H.E.

18Fraternale, Athos23 Aug 19421510Valona25 Aug 19420630Pola386Hydrophone watch. Uneventful.

Fraternale, Athos7 Sep 19421400Pola7 Sep 19421840Pola22Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos9 Sep 19421405Pola9 Sep 19421800Pola17Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos12 Sep 19420810Pola12 Sep 19421150Pola16Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos17 Sep 19420745Pola17 Sep 19422055Pola8Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos19 Sep 19420810Pola19 Sep 19422240Pola17Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos21 Sep 19420810Pola21 Sep 19422215Pola52Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos23 Sep 19420809Pola23 Sep 19422242Pola48Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos29 Sep 19420805Pola30 Sep 19420030Pola28Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos1 Oct 19420800Pola1 Oct 19422334Pola42Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos5 Oct 19420708Pola6 Oct 19420005Pola81,5Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos8 Oct 19420820Pola9 Oct 19420010Pola44,5Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos16 Oct 19420810Pola16 Oct 19421910Pola40,5Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos17 Oct 19420810Pola17 Oct 19421250Pola16Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos20 Oct 19420815Pola20 Oct 19421140Pola13Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos26 Oct 19421330Pola26 Oct 19421825Pola16Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos27 Oct 19420800Pola27 Oct 19422105Pola26Exercises.

Fraternale, Athos28 Oct 19421307Pola28 Oct 19421832Pola18Exercises.

Resio, Mario4 Nov 19420812Pola4 Nov 19421815Pola48,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario6 Nov 19420800Pola6 Nov 19422135Pola43Exercises.

Resio, Mario9 Nov 19420710Pola9 Nov 19422035Pola37,7Exercises.

Resio, Mario11 Nov 19420740Pola11 Nov 19421645Pola10,6Exercises with the torpedo boat Orione.

Resio, Mario12 Nov 19420808Pola12 Nov 19421246Pola21Exercises.

Resio, Mario17 Nov 19420700Pola17 Nov 19422030Pola38,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario20 Nov 19420716Pola20 Nov 19421905Pola37Exercises.

Resio, Mario25 Nov 19420700Pola25 Nov 19421415Pola17Exercises.

Resio, Mario2 Dec 19420740Pola2 Dec 19421940Pola33Exercises.

Resio, Mario9 Dec 19420712Pola9 Dec 19421200Pola11Exercises.

Resio, Mario16 Dec 19422340Pola18 Dec 19421255Brindisi374Passage Pola-Brindisi. Then refit.

Resio, Mario8 Mar 19430910Brindisi8 Mar 19431620Brindisi5Trials.

Resio, Mario9 Mar 19430910Brindisi9 Mar 19431600Brindisi57Trials.

Resio, Mario15 Mar 19431225Brindisi15 Mar 19431445Brindisi14Trials.

Resio, Mario16 Mar 19431400Brindisi16 Mar 19431540Brindisi14Trials.

Resio, Mario17 Mar 19430815Brindisi17 Mar 19430940Brindisi11,5Trials.

Resio, Mario18 Mar 19431740Brindisi18 Mar 19431935Brindisi13,5Trials.

Resio, Mario19 Mar 19431013Brindisi19 Mar 19431150Brindisi6,5Trials.

Resio, Mario19 Mar 19432337Brindisi21 Mar 19430845Pola389Passage Brindisi-Pola.

Resio, Mario24 Mar 19430800Pola24 Mar 19431330Pola74Exercises.

Resio, Mario25 Mar 19430810Pola25 Mar 19431210Pola20,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 Mar 19430820Pola26 Mar 19431235Pola17Exercises.

Resio, Mario29 Mar 19430730Pola29 Mar 19431855Pola54,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario1 Apr 19430800Pola1 Apr 19431900Pola85,7Exercises.

Resio, Mario6 Apr 19430800Pola7 Apr 19430056Pola73,3Exercises.

Resio, Mario8 Apr 19430820Pola8 Apr 19431340Pola45Exercises.

Resio, Mario9 Apr 19430750Pola9 Apr 19431850Pola53,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario16 Apr 19430805Pola16 Apr 19432135Pola36Exercises.

Resio, Mario17 Apr 19430800Pola17 Apr 19431842Pola43,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario22 Apr 19430845Pola22 Apr 19431435Pola26,5Exercises with the destroyers Crispi and Sebenico and the torpedo boat Orsa.

Resio, Mario23 Apr 19430800Pola23 Apr 19431300Pola29Exercises.

Resio, Mario27 Apr 19430130Pola27 Apr 19430735Fiume60Passage Pola-Fiume.

Resio, Mario27 Apr 19431425Fiume28 Apr 19430045Fiume47,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario29 Apr 19431304Fiume30 Apr 19430030Fiume50,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario1 May 19431400Pola2 May 19430105Pola56,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario4 May 19431400Fiume5 May 19430030Fiume55Exercises.

Resio, Mario6 May 19431400Fiume7 May 19430005Fiume30Exercises.

Resio, Mario7 May 19431540Fiume7 May 19431710Fiume2Exercises.

Resio, Mario8 May 19430000Fiume8 May 19430615Pola58Passage Fiume-Pola.

Resio, Mario15 May 19431426Pola15 May 19431855Pola26Exercises.

Resio, Mario18 May 19430825Pola18 May 19431223Pola22Exercises.

Resio, Mario20 May 19430830Pola20 May 19431251Pola30Exercises.

Resio, Mario22 May 19430710Pola22 May 19431100Pola27Exercises.

Resio, Mario22 May 19431515Pola22 May 19432057Pola39Exercises.

Resio, Mario23 May 19430715Pola23 May 19431159Pola34Exercises.

Resio, Mario24 May 19431400Pola24 May 19431910Pola36Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 May 19430715Pola26 May 19431320Pola28Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 May 19431500Pola26 May 19431945Pola18Exercises.

Resio, Mario28 May 19430805Pola28 May 19431100Pola20Exercises.

Resio, Mario28 May 19431405Pola28 May 19431855Pola23Exercises.

Resio, Mario3 Jun 19430805Pola4 Jun 19431310Pola17Exercises.

Resio, Mario5 Jun 19430805Pola5 Jun 19431410Pola24Exercises.

Resio, Mario5 Jun 19431500Pola5 Jun 19431920Pola16Exercises.

Resio, Mario11 Jun 19430815Pola11 Jun 19431310Pola18Exercises.

Resio, Mario11 Jun 19431505Pola11 Jun 19431840Pola16Exercises.

Resio, Mario12 Jun 19430630Pola12 Jun 19431215Pola25Exercises.

Resio, Mario12 Jun 19431516Pola12 Jun 19431845Pola15Exercises.

Resio, Mario16 Jun 19430807Pola16 Jun 19431230Pola14Exercises.

Resio, Mario16 Jun 19431430Pola16 Jun 19431910Pola7Exercises.

Resio, Mario17 Jun 19430915Pola17 Jun 19431208Pola16Exercises.

Resio, Mario17 Jun 19431445Pola17 Jun 19432015Pola15Exercises.

Resio, Mario25 Jun 19430837Pola25 Jun 19431107Pola13Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 Jun 19430802Pola26 Jun 19431335Pola15Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 Jun 19431520Pola26 Jun 19431900Pola16Exercises.

Resio, Mario30 Jun 19430805Pola30 Jun 19431235Pola18Exercises.

Resio, Mario30 Jun 19431430Pola30 Jun 19431845Pola11Exercises.

Resio, Mario1 Jul 19430737Pola1 Jul 19431125Pola20Exercises.

Resio, Mario7 Jul 19430605Pola7 Jul 19431215Pola23Exercises.

Resio, Mario7 Jul 19431515Pola7 Jul 19431900Pola18Exercises.

Resio, Mario9 Jul 19430800Pola9 Jul 19431215Pola24Exercises.

Resio, Mario9 Jul 19431440Pola9 Jul 19431900Pola21Exercises.

Resio, Mario10 Jul 19430700Pola10 Jul 19431120Pola20Exercises.

Resio, Mario13 Jul 19430800Pola13 Jul 19431200Pola18Exercises.

Resio, Mario13 Jul 19431405Pola13 Jul 19431900Pola21Exercises.

Resio, Mario14 Jul 19430745Pola14 Jul 19431130Pola18Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat San Martino, the auxiliary Aurora and the tug No.90.

Resio, Mario14 Jul 19431440Pola14 Jul 19431935Pola21Exercises.

Resio, Mario15 Jul 19432240Pola16 Jul 19430430Fiume61Passage Pola-Fiume.

Resio, Mario16 Jul 19431345Fiume16 Jul 19431710Fiume28Exercises.

Resio, Mario16 Jul 19432110Fiume17 Jul 19430050Fiume30Exercises.

Resio, Mario17 Jul 19431250Fiume17 Jul 19431900Fiume33Exercises.

Resio, Mario19 Jul 19431012Fiume19 Jul 19431700Fiume51Exercises.

Resio, Mario19 Jul 19432055Fiume20 Jul 19430215Fiume45Exercises.

Resio, Mario21 Jul 19431030Fiume21 Jul 19431815Fiume38Exercises.

Resio, Mario21 Jul 19432050Fiume22 Jul 19430050Fiume35Exercises.

Resio, Mario23 Jul 19431000Fiume24 Jul 19430130Fiume30Exercises.

Resio, Mario24 Jul 19431235Fiume24 Jul 19431835Fiume30Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 Jul 19431000Fiume26 Jul 19431800Fiume41Exercises.

Resio, Mario26 Jul 19432135Fiume27 Jul 19430120Fiume30Exercises.

Resio, Mario28 Jul 19431030Fiume28 Jul 19431350Fiume16Exercises.

Resio, Mario28 Jul 19432135Fiume29 Jul 19430600Fiume81Exercises.

Resio, Mario29 Jul 19431430Fiume29 Jul 19432000Fiume32Exercises.

Resio, Mario31 Jul 19430705Fiume31 Jul 19431250Fiume37Exercises.

Resio, Mario31 Jul 19431440Fiume31 Jul 19431930Fiume31Exercises.

Resio, Mario2 Aug 19430740Pola2 Aug 19431300Pola26,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario17 Aug 19430800Pola17 Aug 19431210Pola28Exercises.

Resio, Mario18 Aug 19430800Pola18 Aug 19431200Pola25Exercises.

Resio, Mario18 Aug 19431430Pola18 Aug 19431930Pola34Exercises.

Resio, Mario20 Aug 19430800Pola20 Aug 19431350Pola34,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario20 Aug 19431615Pola20 Aug 19431945Pola24Exercises with torpedo boat Clio.

Resio, Mario21 Aug 19430800Pola21 Aug 19431150Pola16Exercises.

Resio, Mario21 Aug 19431430Pola21 Aug 19431925Pola34,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario23 Aug 19430700Pola23 Aug 19431226Pola34Exercises.

Resio, Mario23 Aug 19431530Pola23 Aug 19431830Pola34,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario25 Aug 19430730Pola25 Aug 19431230Pola33Exercises.

Resio, Mario25 Aug 19431500Pola25 Aug 19431900Pola24,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario27 Aug 19430800Pola27 Aug 19431200Pola24Exercises.

Resio, Mario27 Aug 19431440Pola27 Aug 19431840Pola20Exercises.

Resio, Mario28 Aug 19430800Pola28 Aug 19431200Pola22,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario28 Aug 19431440Pola28 Aug 19431900Pola20Exercises.

Resio, Mario30 Aug 19431500Pola30 Aug 19431905Pola27Exercises.

Resio, Mario2 Sep 19430800Pola2 Sep 19431145Pola29Exercises.

Resio, Mario3 Sep 19430800Pola3 Sep 19431900Pola43Exercises.

Resio, Mario4 Sep 19430800Pola4 Sep 19431810Pola47Exercises.

Resio, Mario6 Sep 19430800Pola6 Sep 19431910Pola54,5Exercises.

Resio, Mario9 Sep 19432340Pola12 Sep 19430800Taranto605Passage Pola-Taranto.
  11 Sep 1943
1555 (e)

(0) Off Brindisi.
The Polish submarine ORP Sokol (Lt. Cdr. G.C. Koziolkowski, D.S.C., K.W.) was encountered and she fired a warning shot at the Italian submarine. Vettor Pisani replied with one round. Sokol transferred Sub. Lt. Fritz and two ratings and directed the Italian submarine to Taranto, escorting her until 2220 hours. Vettor Pisani was met off Taranto by the destroyer HMS Paladin and brought in.

Fellner, Alfredo5 Oct 19430900Taranto7 Oct 19430950Naples485Passage Taranto-Naples with the submarine Otaria, escorted by the corvettes Driade and Scimittara.

Andolfi, Aldo1 Dec 19431050Naples2 Dec 19430800Naples4Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia with the submarine Onice, but then towed back due to defects first by Onice, then by an Italian tug. Attempted on board repairs before finally returning to harbour. Then repairs and refit.

Andolfi, Aldo18 Mar 19440720Naples19 Mar 19441445Augusta271Passage Naples-Augusta. Could not dive used as power supply.

Andolfi, Aldo22 Mar 19440716Augusta24 Mar 19440730Taranto295Passage Augusta-Taranto. Then refit.

Andolfi, Aldo13 May 19440630Taranto13 May 19441710Taranto55Trials.

Andolfi, Aldo20 May 19440625Taranto20 May 19441355Taranto34A/S exercises with the torpedo boat Aretusa.

Andolfi, Aldo25 May 19440805Taranto25 May 19441420Taranto7Gyrocompass tests.

Andolfi, Aldo27 May 19440637Taranto27 May 19441437Taranto40A/S exercises with the torpedo boat Aretusa, the corvette Folga and the auxiliary Regina Elena.

Andolfi, Aldo3 Jun 19440617Taranto3 Jun 19441500Taranto42,2A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo6 Jun 19440800Taranto6 Jun 19441741Taranto23Escorted submarine Giovanni Da Procida.

Andolfi, Aldo8 Jun 19440600Taranto8 Jun 19441415Taranto41,6A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo10 Jun 19440610Taranto10 Jun 19441610Taranto46,1A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo13 Jun 19440615Taranto13 Jun 19441355Taranto39A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo17 Jun 19440617Taranto17 Jun 19441325Taranto49A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo20 Jun 19440620Taranto20 Jun 19441329Taranto46A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo22 Jun 19440640Taranto22 Jun 19441315Taranto43,5A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo27 Jun 19440632Taranto27 Jun 19441340Taranto50A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo29 Jun 19440640Taranto29 Jun 19441315Taranto42A/S exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo4 Jul 19440621Taranto4 Jul 19441337Taranto38Exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo6 Jul 19440703Taranto6 Jul 19441324Taranto32Exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo11 Jul 19440638Taranto11 Jul 19441221Taranto32Exercises.

Andolfi, Aldo13 Jul 19440635Taranto13 Jul 19441450Taranto34,3Exercises.

De Ferrante, Luigi18 Jul 19440650Taranto18 Jul 19441601Taranto42Exercises.

De Ferrante, Luigi20 Jul 19440649Taranto20 Jul 19441638Taranto42,3Exercises.

De Ferrante, Luigi25 Jul 19440645Taranto25 Jul 19441550Taranto44,1Exercises.

De Ferrante, Luigi3 Aug 19440700Taranto3 Aug 19441655Taranto26Exercises.

De Ferrante, Luigi8 Aug 19440620Taranto8 Aug 19441530Taranto47Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo19 Aug 19440610Taranto19 Aug 19441600Taranto31Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo24 Aug 19440615Taranto24 Aug 19441505Taranto36,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo26 Aug 19440621Taranto26 Aug 19441450Taranto38,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo5 Sep 19440621Taranto5 Sep 19441450Taranto34Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo28 Sep 19440610Taranto28 Sep 19441825Taranto71Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo5 Oct 19440618Taranto5 Oct 19441420Taranto49Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo23 Oct 19441543Taranto23 Oct 19442135Taranto25,4Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo24 Oct 19440620Taranto24 Oct 19441900Taranto76Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo28 Oct 19440900Taranto28 Oct 19441510Taranto38,6Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo1 Nov 19440635Taranto1 Nov 19441437Taranto59,9Exercises with the destroyer USS Shubrick (DD-639).

Scano, Giacomo6 Nov 19441140Taranto6 Nov 19441710Taranto34,1Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo13 Nov 19440621Taranto13 Nov 19441535Taranto74Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo16 Nov 19440625Taranto16 Nov 19441510Taranto45,8Exercises with torpedo boats Animoso, Sagittario and Ariete and the auxiliary Regina Elena.

Scano, Giacomo29 Dec 19440740Taranto29 Dec 19441525Taranto44,9Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo3 Jan 19450745Taranto3 Jan 19451630Taranto35Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo5 Jan 19450700Taranto5 Jan 19451545Taranto31,9Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo8 Jan 19450658Taranto8 Jan 19451624Taranto30Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo10 Jan 19450655Taranto10 Jan 19450854Taranto5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo12 Jan 19450800Taranto12 Jan 19451637Taranto26,4Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo13 Jan 19450730Taranto13 Jan 19451400Taranto20,9Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo22 Jan 19450714Taranto22 Jan 19451507Taranto22,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo3 Feb 19450757Taranto3 Feb 19451915Taranto45Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo5 Feb 19451457Taranto5 Feb 19452130Taranto38Exercises with the submarines Platino and Diaspro.

Scano, Giacomo9 Feb 19451329Taranto9 Feb 19452310Taranto58Exercises with the auxiliary Regina Elena.

Scano, Giacomo17 Feb 19450656Taranto17 Feb 19451618Taranto38Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo22 Feb 19451300Taranto22 Feb 19451745Taranto30Trials.

Scano, Giacomo26 Feb 19450755Taranto26 Feb 19451520Taranto34Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo28 Feb 19450800Taranto28 Feb 19451600Taranto35Trials.

Scano, Giacomo7 Mar 19450750Taranto7 Mar 19451500Taranto23,8Exercises with the submarine Manara and the auxiliary Regina Elena in 40°26'N, 17°00'E.

Scano, Giacomo8 Mar 19451210Taranto8 Mar 19452217Taranto21,3Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo12 Mar 19450800Taranto12 Mar 19451517Taranto27,3Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo14 Mar 19450800Taranto14 Mar 19451545Taranto27,5Exercises with the submarine Diaspro.

Scano, Giacomo15 Mar 19450850Taranto15 Mar 19451735Taranto35,7Exercises with the submarine Settimo and the auxiliary Regina Elena.

Scano, Giacomo20 Mar 19450655Taranto20 Mar 19451230Taranto18,7Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo1 Apr 19450745Taranto1 Apr 19451215Taranto28,6Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo3 Apr 19450655Taranto3 Apr 19451435Taranto36,4Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo6 Apr 19451228Taranto6 Apr 19452045Taranto33,8Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo9 Apr 19451325Taranto9 Apr 19452023Taranto27,3Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo16 Apr 19450756Taranto16 Apr 19451550Taranto31,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo18 Apr 19451330Taranto18 Apr 19452045Taranto32,9Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo25 Apr 19450520Taranto25 Apr 19451553Taranto56,3Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo30 Apr 19450647Taranto30 Apr 19451938Taranto68,8Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo3 May 19451130Taranto3 May 19451930Taranto37Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo7 May 19451325Taranto7 May 19452240Taranto53Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo9 May 19450810Taranto9 May 19451705Taranto38Exercises with the submarine Nichelio.

Scano, Giacomo14 May 19450800Taranto14 May 19451710Taranto42,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo18 May 19451427Taranto18 May 19452250Taranto46,3Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo22 May 19450725Taranto22 May 19451712Taranto44,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo25 May 19450702Taranto25 May 19451752Taranto92Exercises with the submarine Squalo.

Scano, Giacomo30 May 19451425Taranto30 May 19452250Taranto31,5Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo2 Jun 19450707Taranto2 Jun 19451720Taranto49Exercises with the submarine Otaria.

Scano, Giacomo4 Jun 19450810Taranto4 Jun 19451630Taranto30Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo6 Jun 19451436Taranto6 Jun 19452010Taranto19Exercises.

Scano, Giacomo18 Jul 19450335Taranto18 Jul 19450852Taranto22,5Exercises with the submarine Giada.

Scano, Giacomo20 Jul 19450346Taranto20 Jul 19450850Taranto21Exercises with the submarine Otaria.

Scano, Giacomo25 Jul 19450345Taranto25 Jul 19450950Taranto23,5Exercises with the submarine Nichelio.

Scano, Giacomo30 Jul 19450337Taranto30 Jul 19451010Taranto25,5Exercises with the submarine Nichelio.

Scano, Giacomo16 Aug 19451600Taranto16 Aug 19451905Taranto16Exercises.

412 entries. 412 total patrol entries (18 marked as war patrols) and 4 events.

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