Italian submarines in World War Two

Luciana Manara (MR)

TypeOcean going 
ClassBandiera (5) 
Laid down 25 Feb 1928 Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone
Launched5 Oct 1929
Commissioned6 Jun 1930
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Salvatore Todaro27 Apr 194021 Sep 1940
T.V. Romeo Romei21 Sep 194014 Oct 1940
Innocenzo Ragusa14 Oct 194012 Dec 1940
C.C. Bruno Pilli13 Dec 194017 Jan 1941
T.V. Innocenzo Ragusa18 Jan 194131 Oct 1941
C.F. Alfredo Criscuolo1 Nov 19418 Jan 1942
T.V. Massimiliano Iasiello8 Jan 19423 Feb 1942
T.V. Libero Sauro4 Feb 194213 Feb 1942
C.C. Alberto Agostini14 Feb 19423 Jun 1942
C.C. Antonio De Giacomo4 Jun 194219 Nov 1942
S.T.V. Fernando Ubaldelli20 Nov 19422 Dec 1942
T.V. Teucle Meneghini6 Dec 194224 Feb 1943
C.C. Alberto Crepas25 Feb 194330 May 1943
T.V. Gaspare Cavallina31 May 194310 Dec 1943
T.V. Alberto Donato10 Dec 194315 Apr 1944
T.V. Enzo Mariano16 Apr 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Todaro, Salvatore3 Jun 19401230Trapani3 Jun 19401840Trapani38Exercises.

Todaro, Salvatore16 Jun 19400810Trapani16 Jun 19401210Trapani24Exercises.

1Todaro, Salvatore18 Jun 19402010Trapani30 Jun 19402205Trapani2014Patrolled between Gaudo Island and Ras El Tin (Libya) in 33°32'N, 23°38'E on a patrol line with Menotti.
  29 Jun 19401745
1741 (e)

(e) 37° 06'N, 16° 25'E
A Sunderland aircraft machine gunned the submarine who replied with her antiaircraft armament. Reaction on Luciano Manara was slow, as the aircraft was first mistook to be Italian. Todaro decided to dive before the aircraft drop a bomb, but Manara dived very slowly due to a failure in the diesel exhaust valve. This was Sunderland "S" of 230 Squadron which, luckily for the submarine, was not armed with bombs, having just sunk the submarine Rubino and was carrying her survivors, the latter being in one of the rare occasions where an attack on one of the Regia Marina submarines could be observed from the other side. At periscope depth, the Italian captain observed the aircraft heading to the southwest and appearing to be losing altitude. He believed the aircraft might have crashed beyond the horizon but it reached Malta without mishaps.

2Todaro, Salvatore9 Jul 19400030Trapani12 Jul 19401305Trapani411Sailed with Menotti and patrolled between La Galite and Tunisia in 37°30 'N, 10°20'E.

Todaro, Salvatore18 Jul 19400855Trapani18 Jul 19401300Trapani20Exercises.

Todaro, Salvatore2 Aug 19400815Trapani2 Aug 19401130Trapani18Exercises.

3Todaro, Salvatore5 Aug 19401530Trapani11 Aug 19401100Trapani1044Patrolled off south of Balearic Islands in 38°10'N, 05°20'E, keeping on same parallel to 04°40'E and as far as 04°00'E during the night.
  7 Aug 1940173538° 00'N, 4° 00'E
(0) Approximately.
A submarine similar to the NEGHELLI class, but perhaps an enemy unit, was observed at a distance of 5-6,000 metres. Todaro tried to close to deliver an attack but could not reach a good position.

Todaro, Salvatore18 Aug 19400815Trapani18 Aug 19401200Trapani14Exercises.

Todaro, Salvatore27 Aug 19400815Trapani27 Aug 19401150Trapani19Exercises.

Todaro, Salvatore14 Sep 19400815Trapani14 Sep 19401150Trapani19Exercises.

Todaro, Salvatore18 Sep 19400830Trapani18 Sep 19401140Trapani24Exercises.

Todaro, Salvatore21 Sep 19400900Trapani21 Sep 19401200Trapani22Exercises.

Romei, Romeo23 Sep 19400800Trapani23 Sep 19401200Trapani28Exercises.

Romei, Romeo3 Oct 19401430Trapani4 Oct 19401000Trapani206Passage Trapani-Naples.

Ragusa, Innocenzo14 Oct 1940Naples12 Dec 1940NaplesRefit in Naples. Change in command.

Pilli, Bruno14 Dec 19400815Naples14 Dec 19401730Naples48Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno19 Dec 19400830Naples19 Dec 19401630Naples38Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno23 Dec 19400845Naples23 Dec 19401820Naples32Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno27 Dec 19400855Naples27 Dec 19401730Naples37Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno30 Dec 19400830Naples30 Dec 19401645Naples36Exercises.

Pilli, Bruno31 Dec 19401315Naples31 Dec 19401655Naples32Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo21 Jan 19410800Naples21 Jan 19411230Naples34Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo21 Jan 19411845Naples22 Jan 19411915Trapani208Passage Naples-Trapani.

Ragusa, Innocenzo28 Jan 19410800Trapani28 Jan 19411210Trapani19Exercises.

4Ragusa, Innocenzo1 Feb 19411500Trapani5 Feb 19411345Trapani473Sailed with Santarosa for patrol west of Malta, within 10 miles on meridian from 36°25'N, 12°40'E, on a patrol line with Santarosa. No enemy sighted or heard.
  5 Feb 19411138
(0) Off Marsala.
Two Heinkel 111 bombers from X. Fliegerkorps made threatening dives. The submarine refrained from arming her MGs and the bombers finally left.

5Ragusa, Innocenzo12 Feb 19412100Trapani22 Feb 19411610Trapani1160Patrolled southwest of Malta, within 15 miles from 35°55'N, 13°35'E on a NW-SE axis.
  15 Feb 19411715
(0) Off Malta.
Hydrophone effects were heard and later associated to the presence of an enemy submarine off Lampedusa. The torpedoes were loaded in the tubes and the submarine surfaced at 1735 hours, but sighted nothing.
  16 Feb 19410520-0610
(0) Off Malta.
An intermittent light was seen and was believed to be from survivors of a downed aircraft. The submarine searched the area but found nothing.

Ragusa, Innocenzo13 Mar 19410800Trapani13 Mar 19411145Trapani19Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo20 Mar 19410800Trapani20 Mar 19411145Trapani18Exercises.

6Ragusa, Innocenzo17 Apr 19412115Trapani28 Apr 19411430Trapani1044Patrolled southwest of Malta within 15 miles from 35°27'N, 13°42'E on a NW-SE axis. Uneventful. Heard only H.E.

Ragusa, Innocenzo20 May 19410800Trapani20 May 19411000Trapani5Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo21 May 19410800Trapani21 May 19411200Trapani18Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo30 May 19410800Trapani30 May 19411200Trapani18Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo5 Jun 19410800Trapani5 Jun 19411240Trapani21Exercises.

7Ragusa, Innocenzo5 Jun 19412343Trapani12 Jun 19410740Trapani1141Patrolled south of Sardinia, in 37°50'N, 10°00'E ,then proceeding on course 265° to within 10 miles from 37°42'N, 06°00'E in anticipation of an enemy naval force from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

Ragusa, Innocenzo20 Jun 19410800Trapani20 Jun 19411300Trapani17Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo2 Jul 19410800Trapani2 Jul 19411130Trapani21Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo8 Jul 19410800Trapani8 Jul 19411130Trapani20Exercises.

Ragusa, Innocenzo18 Jul 19410800Trapani18 Jul 19411130Trapani20Exercises.

8Ragusa, Innocenzo22 Jul 19411830Trapani27 Jul 19411335Trapani602Patrolled west of Malta in 36°10'N, 13°30'E, on a patrol line with Bandiera. On 23rd July, was ordered to shift patrol to 220° - 10 miles.
  24 Jul 19410855
(0) West of Malta.
MARICOSOM informed the submarine (signal of 1040/23) that a convoy (a battleship, three cruisers and fourteen merchant ships) [operation SUBSTANCE] had been sighted at 0730/23 in 052° - Cape Bougaroni - 50 miles. A second signal (MARICOSOM 1835/23) reported a battleship, an aircraft carrier, three cruisers, five destroyers and ten merchant ships was at 1700 in 030° - Cape Blanc - 50 miles and Luciano Manara was ordered to move 120° - 10 miles from her present position. Merchant ships were to be the preferred targets. At 0855 hours, four unescorted large merchant ships were sighted at a range of 12,000 metres. The submarine could not close the range to less than 11,000 meters but, at 0940 hours, sighted a Savoia 79 bomber flying toward the convoy and the submarine made an enemy report at 1005 hours.
  24 Jul 19411610
(0) West of Malta.
A 6,000-ton tanker, steering 330°, was sighted at a distance of 9,000 metres. The submarine surfaced at 1620 hours and tried to close on the surface with her gun crew at the ready; a destroyer suddenly appeared, forcing the submarine to submerge and contact was lost. The submarine surfaced again at 1640 hours and made an enemy report.
  24 Jul 19412020
(0) West of Malta.
A destroyer was sighted 9,000 metres away; the submarine tried to close but lost contact at 2057 hours.

9Ragusa, Innocenzo31 Jul 19411605Trapani5 Aug 19410720Trapani535Patrolled east of Pantelleria in 36°25'N, 12°42'E, on a patrol line with Bandiera. Uneventful.

10Ragusa, Innocenzo10 Aug 19410027Trapani22 Aug 19411030Trapani1036Patrolled in zone K.2, an area between 36°53'N and 36°57'N and 11°12'E and the Tunisian coast, off Ras Mustafa.
  13 Aug 19411503-1533
(0) 215° - Ras Mustafa - 14 miles.
At 1400 hours, an unknown freighter on a southerly course was observed at a distance of 9,000 metres and the submarine took an intercepting course. As no French ship was listed on the calendar at this time, so two torpedoes were readied in the bow tubes.

At 1503 hours, the range had closed to 6,000 metres and a warning shot was fired across her bows, followed by seven more rounds until the vessel was finally brought to a stop. This was the Vichy French Ville De Bastia (1,336 GRT, built 1920) on passage from Tunis to Sfax. She was released after verifying her identity. The French protested the incident, but the Italians authorities had been misinformed by Marine Alger who mentioned that she was going to Marseille. Several French ships were sighted during this patrol but without further incident.

Ragusa, Innocenzo16 Sep 19411545Trapani17 Sep 19411410Naples206Passage Trapani-Naples for refit.

Criscuolo, Alfredo1 Nov 1941Naples8 Jan 1942NaplesRefit in Naples.

Iasiello, Massimiliano3 Feb 19421005Naples3 Feb 19421555Naples39Trials.

Sauro, Libero13 Feb 19420925Naples13 Feb 19421152Naples10Trials.

Agostini, Alberto18 Feb 19420845Naples18 Feb 19421620Naples39Gyrocompass tests.

Agostini, Alberto20 Feb 19420850Naples20 Feb 19421622Naples29Trials.

Agostini, Alberto22 Feb 19421521Naples23 Feb 19421535Messina220Passage Naples-Messina.

Agostini, Alberto3 Mar 19421559Messina6 Mar 19421140Pola652Passage Messina-Pola. Sighted only Italian vessels.
  3 Mar 1942102842° 11'N, 16° 31'EA derelict mine was sunk by machine gun fire.

Agostini, Alberto16 Mar 19421215Pola16 Mar 19421729Fiume61Passage Pola-Fiume.

Agostini, Alberto18 Mar 19420925Fiume18 Mar 19421925FiumeExercises with Asteria and Jalea, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Abbazia.

Agostini, Alberto1 Apr 19420928Fiume1 Apr 19421730Fiume16Exercises with Asteria and Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary Jadera and two motorboats.

Agostini, Alberto3 Apr 19422115Fiume3 Apr 19422355Fiume22Exercises with the submarines Pisani and Asteria, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Agostini, Alberto4 Apr 19420840Fiume4 Apr 19421230Fiume5,5Exercises with the submarines Pisani and Asteria, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and Jadera.

Agostini, Alberto7 Apr 19421410Fiume7 Apr 19422323Fiume31Exercises with the submarine Pisani, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Abbazia.

Agostini, Alberto8 Apr 19420905Fiume8 Apr 19421543Fiume12Exercises with the submarines Jalea and Asteria, escorted by the auxiliaries Abbazia and Trau.

Agostini, Alberto8 Apr 19422000Fiume9 Apr 19420207Fiume46,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Abbazia and Trau.

Agostini, Alberto10 Apr 19421411Fiume11 Apr 19420145Fiume42Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Trau.

Agostini, Alberto11 Apr 19421000Fiume11 Apr 19421421Fiume16Exercises with the submarines Diaspro, Jalea and Asteria, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Jadera.

Agostini, Alberto16 Apr 19421230Fiume17 Apr 19420105Fiume50,5Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Jadera.

Agostini, Alberto18 Apr 19420936Fiume18 Apr 19421345Fiume24Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Agostini, Alberto21 Apr 19421225Fiume21 Apr 19422112Fiume32Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3 and the auxiliary Jadera.

Agostini, Alberto23 Apr 19420930Fiume24 Apr 19420059Fiume54,5Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Agostini, Alberto25 Apr 19421008Fiume25 Apr 19421507Fiume14Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Agostini, Alberto28 Apr 19421240Fiume29 Apr 19420015Fiume48Exercises with the submarines Jalea and Giada, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Agostini, Alberto30 Apr 19421304Fiume30 Apr 19422345Fiume40Exercises with the submarines Jalea and Giada, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Agostini, Alberto4 May 19421227Fiume5 May 19420223Fiume81Exercises with the submarine Diaspro, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Agostini, Alberto6 May 19421445Fiume6 May 19421706Fiume22Exercises.

Agostini, Alberto8 May 19421255Fiume9 May 19420104Fiume82Exercises with the submarine Diaspro, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Agostini, Alberto11 May 19421415Fiume11 May 19422245Fiume35Exercises with the submarines Giada and Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat T.3.

Agostini, Alberto13 May 19421105Fiume13 May 19421600Fiume18Exercises.

Agostini, Alberto15 May 19421351Fiume15 May 19422030Fiume26Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Agostini, Alberto18 May 19421131Fiume19 May 19420216Fiume55Exercises.

Agostini, Alberto20 May 19421415Fiume21 May 19420210Fiume49Exercises with the submarine Menotti, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Agostini, Alberto22 May 19421430Fiume22 May 19422005Fiume23Exercises with the submarine Menotti, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Agostini, Alberto25 May 19421427Fiume26 May 19420132Fiume27Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Agostini, Alberto27 May 19421422Fiume28 May 19420145Fiume52Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Agostini, Alberto29 May 19420930Fiume30 May 19420145Fiume63Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Agostini, Alberto1 Jun 19421430Fiume2 Jun 19420115Fiume65Exercises.

Agostini, Alberto3 Jun 19421416Fiume4 Jun 19420255Fiume70,5Exercises with the submarines Ascianghi and Menotti, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

De Giacomo, Antonio5 Jun 19421422Fiume6 Jun 19420308Fiume85Exercises with the submarine Menotti, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

De Giacomo, Antonio8 Jun 19421419Fiume9 Jun 19420221Fiume56Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio11 Jun 19421006Fiume12 Jun 19420320Fiume84Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio13 Jun 19420832Fiume13 Jun 19422045Fiume71Exercises with the submarine Menotti, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Trau.

De Giacomo, Antonio16 Jun 19420930Fiume17 Jun 19420035Fiume63Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio18 Jun 19421410Fiume18 Jun 19422015Fiume25Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio22 Jun 19421720Fiume22 Jun 19422046Fiume16Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio23 Jun 19422100Fiume24 Jun 19420155Fiume35Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio24 Jun 19422100Fiume25 Jun 19420125Fiume50Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio26 Jun 19421420Fiume27 Jun 19420040Fiume65Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio29 Jun 19421443Fiume30 Jun 19420135Fiume50Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio1 Jul 19421406Fiume2 Jul 19420309Fiume58Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio3 Jul 19421445Fiume4 Jul 19420250Fiume79Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio6 Jul 19421430Fiume7 Jul 19420200Fiume60Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio8 Jul 19421425Fiume9 Jul 19420125Fiume63Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio10 Jul 19421610Fiume11 Jul 19420120Fiume45Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio14 Jul 19421429Fiume15 Jul 19420205Fiume68Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio16 Jul 19421420Fiume17 Jul 19420315Fiume67Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio20 Jul 19421445Fiume21 Jul 19420210Fiume71Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio22 Jul 19421337Fiume23 Jul 19420100Fiume58Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio24 Jul 19421220Fiume25 Jul 19420120Fiume50Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio28 Jul 19421210Fiume28 Jul 19421900Fiume25Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio30 Jul 19420800Fiume30 Jul 19421640Fiume31Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio1 Aug 19420910Fiume1 Aug 19421455Fiume17Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio3 Aug 19420720Fiume3 Aug 19421245Fiume15Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio3 Aug 19421515Fiume4 Aug 19420127Fiume43Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio5 Aug 19421015Fiume6 Aug 19420045Fiume51,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio7 Aug 19421500Fiume8 Aug 19420110Fiume65,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio11 Aug 19420915Fiume11 Aug 19421320Fiume9,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio11 Aug 19421600Fiume11 Aug 19421820Fiume10,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio13 Aug 19421450Fiume14 Aug 19420030Fiume59,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio17 Aug 19421510Fiume18 Aug 19420025Fiume63Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio19 Aug 19421515Fiume19 Aug 19422015Fiume11Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio20 Aug 19421452Fiume21 Aug 19420105Fiume71Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio22 Aug 19420830Fiume22 Aug 19421220Fiume12Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio24 Aug 19421510Fiume24 Aug 19421820Fiume12,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio26 Aug 19421510Fiume27 Aug 19420050Fiume65Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio28 Aug 19421610Fiume28 Aug 19422025Fiume14,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio31 Aug 19421500Fiume1 Sep 19420101Fiume64Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio2 Sep 19421500Fiume3 Sep 19420105Fiume53,8Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio4 Sep 19421950Fiume5 Sep 19420100Fiume41Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio7 Sep 19421505Fiume8 Sep 19420145Fiume69,69Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio11 Sep 19421458Fiume11 Sep 19422355Fiume53,25Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio14 Sep 19420830Fiume14 Sep 19421830Fiume64,75Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio15 Sep 19420430Fiume15 Sep 19421300Fiume2,48Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the torpedo boat Fortunale.

De Giacomo, Antonio17 Sep 19421500Fiume17 Sep 19422015Fiume10,6Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the torpedo boat Fortunale.

De Giacomo, Antonio19 Sep 19420825Fiume19 Sep 19421830Fiume13,56Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio21 Sep 19421135Fiume21 Sep 19422020Fiume10,85Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the auxiliary Marcello.

De Giacomo, Antonio23 Sep 19421410Fiume24 Sep 19420017Fiume46,11Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

De Giacomo, Antonio25 Sep 19420841Fiume25 Sep 19421545Fiume16,85Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

De Giacomo, Antonio28 Sep 19420930Fiume28 Sep 19421400Fiume13,93Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the auxiliary Abbazia.

De Giacomo, Antonio29 Sep 19421125Fiume29 Sep 19422320Fiume35,87Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the gunboat Cattaro.

De Giacomo, Antonio30 Sep 19421015Fiume30 Sep 19422400Fiume51,25Exercises with the submarine Delfino, escorted by the gunboat Cattaro.

De Giacomo, Antonio2 Oct 19420825Fiume2 Oct 19421742Fiume50,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio5 Oct 19421330Fiume5 Oct 19422400Fiume58Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio6 Oct 19421050Fiume6 Oct 19422400Fiume67Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio8 Oct 19420740Fiume8 Oct 19421340Fiume34,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio9 Oct 19421040Fiume9 Oct 19422300Fiume64Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio12 Oct 19420945Fiume12 Oct 19422235Fiume64Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio13 Oct 19421230Fiume13 Oct 19421900Fiume28Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio15 Oct 19420945Fiume15 Oct 19421725Fiume32Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio16 Oct 19421230Fiume16 Oct 19422400Fiume63Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio19 Oct 19421200Fiume19 Oct 19422120Fiume45Exercises with the submarines Delfino and Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

De Giacomo, Antonio21 Oct 19421220Fiume21 Oct 19422240Fiume55Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio23 Oct 19421230Fiume23 Oct 19422100Fiume43Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio26 Oct 19420930Fiume26 Oct 19421530Fiume26,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio26 Oct 19421820Fiume26 Oct 19422200Fiume27Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio28 Oct 19421050Fiume28 Oct 19422020Fiume55,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio29 Oct 19421150Fiume29 Oct 19421645Fiume26,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio31 Oct 19420835Fiume31 Oct 19422145Fiume68Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio2 Nov 19420920Fiume2 Nov 19422010Fiume74Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio3 Nov 19421100Fiume3 Nov 19422035Fiume64Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio5 Nov 19420945Fiume5 Nov 19421745Fiume48Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio6 Nov 19421040Fiume6 Nov 19421645Fiume40Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio7 Nov 19421250Fiume7 Nov 19421745Fiume27Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio9 Nov 19420820Fiume9 Nov 19421140Fiume22,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio10 Nov 19421645Fiume10 Nov 19422150Fiume45Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio12 Nov 19420725Fiume12 Nov 19421200Fiume32Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio13 Nov 19420725Fiume13 Nov 19421200Fiume31,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio16 Nov 19421315Fiume16 Nov 19422050Fiume54,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio17 Nov 19420835Fiume17 Nov 19422000Fiume79Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio19 Nov 19420830Fiume19 Nov 19421715Fiume45,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio19 Nov 19421845Fiume19 Nov 19422215Fiume47Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio20 Nov 19420830Fiume20 Nov 19421250Fiume25,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio20 Nov 19421816Fiume20 Nov 19422030Fiume20Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio23 Nov 19420835Fiume23 Nov 19421735Fiume51Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio24 Nov 19420850Fiume24 Nov 19421230Fiume23Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio25 Nov 19420900Fiume25 Nov 19421410Fiume28,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio26 Nov 19421305Fiume26 Nov 19422030Fiume52,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio27 Nov 19420825Fiume27 Nov 19421745Fiume48Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio28 Nov 19420815Fiume28 Nov 19421700Fiume58,5Exercises.

De Giacomo, Antonio30 Nov 19420755Fiume30 Nov 19422005Fiume79,5Exercises.

Ubaldelli, Fernando1 Dec 19420800Fiume1 Dec 19422017Fiume78Exercises.

Ubaldelli, Fernando2 Dec 19421228Fiume2 Dec 19422025Fiume52Exercises.

Ubaldelli, Fernando5 Dec 19420825Fiume5 Dec 19421615Fiume68,5Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle7 Dec 19421645Fiume7 Dec 19421940Fiume25Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle8 Dec 19421030Fiume8 Dec 19421215Fiume14Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle9 Dec 19421110Fiume9 Dec 19421350Fiume22Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle9 Dec 19421710Fiume9 Dec 19421917Fiume22Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle10 Dec 19420720Fiume10 Dec 19420930Fiume11Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle10 Dec 19421510Fiume10 Dec 19421720Fiume19Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle11 Dec 19420725Fiume11 Dec 19420945Fiume10Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle11 Dec 19421435Fiume11 Dec 19421725Fiume15,5Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle12 Dec 19421020Fiume12 Dec 19421345Fiume18,5Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle12 Dec 19421540Fiume12 Dec 19421700Fiume12,5Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle15 Dec 19421130Fiume15 Dec 19421445Fiume15Exercises.

Meneghini, Teucle19 Dec 19420850Fiume19 Dec 19420950Fiume2,5Entered dock?

Crepas, Alberto25 Feb 19431500Fiume25 Feb 19431800Fiume10Trials.

Crepas, Alberto27 Feb 19431545Fiume27 Feb 19431850Fiume30Trials.

Crepas, Alberto2 Mar 19431300Fiume2 Mar 19431850Fiume29Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto3 Mar 19431355Fiume3 Mar 19431625Sussa (Fiume)20Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto5 Mar 19430805Sussa (Fiume)5 Mar 19432335Sussa (Fiume)75Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto6 Mar 19430805Sussa (Fiume)6 Mar 19431240Sussa (Fiume)21Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto8 Mar 19431230Sussa (Fiume)8 Mar 19431830Sussa (Fiume)26Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto10 Mar 19431200Sussa (Fiume)10 Mar 19432230Sussa (Fiume)70Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto11 Mar 19430820Sussa (Fiume)11 Mar 19431040Sussa (Fiume)22,5Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto12 Mar 19430915Sussa (Fiume)12 Mar 19432300Sussa (Fiume)90Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto15 Mar 19431200Sussa (Fiume)15 Mar 19432315Sussa (Fiume)81Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto16 Mar 19430830Sussa (Fiume)16 Mar 19431115Sussa (Fiume)20,5Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto17 Mar 19431155Sussa (Fiume)18 Mar 19430025Sussa (Fiume)72Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto19 Mar 19430830Sussa (Fiume)19 Mar 19431955Sussa (Fiume)62Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto22 Mar 19430900Sussa (Fiume)22 Mar 19432310Sussa (Fiume)62Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto24 Mar 19430710Sussa (Fiume)24 Mar 19432200Sussa (Fiume)63Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto26 Mar 19430810Sussa (Fiume)26 Mar 19432315Sussa (Fiume)64Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto29 Mar 19431420Sussa (Fiume)29 Mar 19431857Sussa (Fiume)36Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto31 Mar 19431305Sussa (Fiume)31 Mar 19432300Sussa (Fiume)51Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto2 Apr 19431405Sussa (Fiume)2 Apr 19432400Sussa (Fiume)59Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto5 Apr 19431346Sussa (Fiume)5 Apr 19432300Sussa (Fiume)50Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto7 Apr 19431240Sussa (Fiume)7 Apr 19432400Sussa (Fiume)62Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto9 Apr 19431255Sussa (Fiume)9 Apr 19432340Sussa (Fiume)65Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto12 Apr 19431230Sussa (Fiume)12 Apr 19432315Sussa (Fiume)65Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto14 Apr 19431100Sussa (Fiume)14 Apr 19432250Sussa (Fiume)74Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto15 Apr 19431220Sussa (Fiume)15 Apr 19431450Sussa (Fiume)14,7Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto16 Apr 19431403Sussa (Fiume)17 Apr 19430027Sussa (Fiume)55Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto19 Apr 19431212Sussa (Fiume)19 Apr 19432330Sussa (Fiume)52Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto21 Apr 19431400Sussa (Fiume)22 Apr 19430140Sussa (Fiume)71,5Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto23 Apr 19431140Sussa (Fiume)23 Apr 19432400Sussa (Fiume)72Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto26 Apr 19431140Sussa (Fiume)27 Apr 19430115Sussa (Fiume)73Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto28 Apr 19431230Sussa (Fiume)29 Apr 19430100Sussa (Fiume)75Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto30 Apr 19431220Sussa (Fiume)30 Apr 19432400Sussa (Fiume)70Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto3 May 19431525Sussa (Fiume)3 May 19432400Sussa (Fiume)51Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto5 May 19431545Sussa (Fiume)6 May 19430015Sussa (Fiume)31Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto6 May 19431015Sussa (Fiume)6 May 19431135Sussa (Fiume)3,5Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto7 May 19431410Sussa (Fiume)7 May 19431610Sussa (Fiume)12Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto7 May 19432015Sussa (Fiume)7 May 19432345Sussa (Fiume)29,5Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto10 May 19431330Sussa (Fiume)11 May 19430110Sussa (Fiume)54Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto12 May 19431315Sussa (Fiume)13 May 19430100Sussa (Fiume)55Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto14 May 19431023Sussa (Fiume)15 May 19430025Sussa (Fiume)80Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto17 May 19430945Sussa (Fiume)18 May 19430110Sussa (Fiume)94Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto19 May 19431320Sussa (Fiume)19 May 19432400Sussa (Fiume)59Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto21 May 19431315Sussa (Fiume)22 May 19430015Sussa (Fiume)58Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto22 May 19431025Sussa (Fiume)22 May 19431145Sussa (Fiume)4Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto24 May 19431230Sussa (Fiume)25 May 19430057Sussa (Fiume)76Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto26 May 19431245Sussa (Fiume)27 May 19430125Sussa (Fiume)74Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto28 May 19431200Sussa (Fiume)29 May 19430245Sussa (Fiume)76Exercises.

Crepas, Alberto31 May 19431210Sussa (Fiume)1 Jun 19430132Sussa (Fiume)72Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare2 Jun 19431210Sussa (Fiume)3 Jun 19430110Sussa (Fiume)72Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare4 Jun 19430945Sussa (Fiume)5 Jun 19430218Sussa (Fiume)100Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare7 Jun 19431045Sussa (Fiume)7 Jun 19431530Sussa (Fiume)11,5Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare8 Jun 19431220Sussa (Fiume)8 Jun 19431818Sussa (Fiume)25Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare9 Jun 19431635Sussa (Fiume)10 Jun 19430045Sussa (Fiume)40Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare11 Jun 19430945Sussa (Fiume)11 Jun 19431415Sussa (Fiume)24Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare12 Jun 19430925Sussa (Fiume)12 Jun 19431416Sussa (Fiume)20Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare15 Jun 19431215Sussa (Fiume)16 Jun 19430150Sussa (Fiume)70Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare17 Jun 19431100Sussa (Fiume)18 Jun 19430200Sussa (Fiume)78Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare19 Jun 19431100Sussa (Fiume)20 Jun 19430125Sussa (Fiume)85Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare22 Jun 19431100Sussa (Fiume)23 Jun 19430100Sussa (Fiume)77Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare24 Jun 19430705Sussa (Fiume)24 Jun 19431235Sussa (Fiume)23Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare26 Jun 19431210Sussa (Fiume)27 Jun 19430030Sussa (Fiume)61Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare29 Jun 19431215Sussa (Fiume)29 Jun 19432100Sussa (Fiume)34Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare30 Jun 19431430Sussa (Fiume)1 Jul 19430045Sussa (Fiume)84Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare3 Jul 19431145Sussa (Fiume)4 Jul 19430120Sussa (Fiume)87Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare6 Jul 19431225Sussa (Fiume)7 Jul 19430105Sussa (Fiume)86Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare8 Jul 19431220Sussa (Fiume)9 Jul 19430025Sussa (Fiume)60Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare10 Jul 19431122Sussa (Fiume)11 Jul 19430110Sussa (Fiume)59Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare13 Jul 19431132Sussa (Fiume)13 Jul 19431358Sussa (Fiume)14Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare14 Jul 19431000Sussa (Fiume)14 Jul 19431510Sussa (Fiume)30Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare14 Jul 19432115Sussa (Fiume)15 Jul 19430120(Fiume)38,5Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare16 Jul 19432200Sussa (Fiume)17 Jul 19430400Pola60Passage Sussa-Pola.

Cavallina, Gaspare18 Jul 19430018Pola19 Jul 19431525Brindisi386,5Passage Pola-Brindisi.

Cavallina, Gaspare25 Jul 19431440Brindisi25 Jul 19431930Brindisi11Trials.

Cavallina, Gaspare31 Jul 19431600Brindisi31 Jul 19432000Brindisi10Trials.

Cavallina, Gaspare2 Aug 19431400Brindisi2 Aug 19431705Brindisi18,5Trials.

11Cavallina, Gaspare3 Sep 19432002Brindisi5 Sep 19430420Brindisi216Sailed for patrol east of Sicily but returned because of defects and was at Brindisi when Italy surrendered and joined the Allies.

Cavallina, Gaspare8 Oct 19431523Brindisi8 Oct 19431840Brindisi15Exercises.

Cavallina, Gaspare14 Oct 19431425Brindisi14 Oct 19431745Brindisi15Exercises.

12Cavallina, Gaspare27 Oct 19431750Brindisi3 Nov 19430658Brindisi772Special Mission, landed three groups of men in the Northern Adriatic. Due to her age, she could longer take part in any mission and was relegated to training duty.
  27 Oct 19432045A hospital ship was sighted but Manara kept away so as not to reveal herself.
  29 Oct 1943201042° 40'N, 14° 03'E
(0) Near Roseto Degli Abruzzi (North of Pescara).
An SOE agent was successfully landed on the coast.
  31 Oct 1943214143° 55'N, 12° 55'E
(0) Approximately. Between Pesaro and Fano.
The submarine landed two agents (an officer and one other rank, SOE and ISLD) on the coast.
  1 Nov 1943044544° 32'N, 14° 26'EThe submarine landed three agents (two officers and one other rank, SOE and ISLD).

Cavallina, Gaspare10 Dec 19431015Brindisi10 Dec 19431330Brindisi22Trials.

Donato, Alberto11 Dec 19431515Brindisi12 Dec 19430925Taranto142Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Donato, Alberto16 Dec 19430640Taranto16 Dec 19431607Taranto49A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto22 Dec 19430845Taranto22 Dec 19431556Taranto33A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto29 Dec 19430655Taranto29 Dec 19431510Taranto36,3A/S exercises with torpedo boats Ardimentoso and Ariete.

Donato, Alberto3 Jan 19440640Taranto3 Jan 19441425Taranto36A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto7 Jan 19440642Taranto7 Jan 19441730Taranto41A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto14 Jan 19440835Taranto14 Jan 19441156Taranto17Trials.

Donato, Alberto18 Jan 19440640Taranto18 Jan 19441750Taranto58A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto21 Jan 19440800Taranto21 Jan 19441650Taranto41A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto28 Jan 19441645Taranto30 Jan 19440859Palermo367,8Passage Taranto-Palermo, escorted by the corvette Baionetta.

Donato, Alberto1 Feb 19441000Palermo1 Feb 19441600Palermo29A/S exercises with the destroyer USS Charles F. Hughes (DD-428).

Donato, Alberto4 Feb 19440728Palermo4 Feb 19441310Palermo29A/S exercises with the minesweeper USS YMS-15 and the patrol vessel USS PC-625.

Donato, Alberto10 Feb 19440937Palermo10 Feb 19441304Palermo16A/S trials with hydrophones, escorted by the minesweeper USS YMS-21 and degaussing tests (which were not satisfactory).

Donato, Alberto16 Feb 19440800Palermo16 Feb 19441208Palermo25A/S exercises with the patrol vessel USS PC-557 and the net tender USS Hackberry (AN-25).

Donato, Alberto17 Feb 19440800Palermo17 Feb 19441232Palermo32A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto21 Feb 19440925Palermo21 Feb 19441300Palermo17A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto28 Feb 19441218Palermo28 Feb 19441400Palermo7A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto29 Feb 19440850Palermo29 Feb 19441300Palermo22A/S exercises with the destroyer USS Ericsson (DD-440).

Donato, Alberto6 Mar 19441805Palermo7 Mar 19441722Augusta195Passage Palermo-Augusta.

Donato, Alberto12 Mar 19440515Augusta12 Mar 19441638Malta105Passage Augusta-Malta.

Donato, Alberto15 Mar 19440728Malta15 Mar 19441841Malta63A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto16 Mar 19440733Malta16 Mar 19442008Malta74A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto21 Mar 19440755Malta21 Mar 19441613Malta53A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto24 Mar 19441125Malta24 Mar 19441827Malta54A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto25 Mar 19441055Malta25 Mar 19441903Malta55A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto28 Mar 19441759Malta29 Mar 19440758Augusta110Passage Malta-Augusta.

Donato, Alberto30 Mar 19440555Augusta31 Mar 19441048Taranto276Passage Augusta-Taranto.

Donato, Alberto12 Apr 19440640Taranto12 Apr 19441540Taranto39,8A/S exercises.

Donato, Alberto14 Apr 19440802Taranto14 Apr 19441619Taranto39Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo20 Apr 19441012Taranto20 Apr 19441816Taranto49,5A/S exercises with the corvettes Aliseo and Ape.

Mariano, Enzo22 Apr 19440530Taranto22 Apr 19441405Taranto44A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo25 Apr 19440552Taranto25 Apr 19441625Taranto53,8A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo27 Apr 19440607Taranto27 Apr 19441640Taranto56,8A/S exercises.

13Mariano, Enzo30 Apr 1944Taranto30 Apr 1944TarantoUsed as power supply.

Mariano, Enzo2 May 19440613Taranto2 May 19441420Taranto41,5A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo11 May 19440610Taranto11 May 19441427Taranto49,6A/S exercises with the torpedo boat Indomito, corvettes Gabbiano, Sibilla and Baionetta and the tug Tifone.

Mariano, Enzo13 May 19440650Taranto13 May 19441310Taranto35A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo16 May 19440630Taranto16 May 19441425Taranto49A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo18 May 19440650Taranto18 May 19441422Taranto41A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo23 May 19440620Taranto23 May 19441532Taranto46,3A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo25 May 19440615Taranto25 May 19441410Taranto41,3A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo29 May 19440748Taranto29 May 19441700Taranto32A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo1 Jun 19440630Taranto1 Jun 19441420Taranto46,3A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo6 Jun 19440635Taranto6 Jun 19441525Taranto34,5A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo12 Jun 19440700Taranto12 Jun 19441510Taranto34A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo16 Jun 19440607Taranto16 Jun 19441425Taranto45,3A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo21 Jun 19440612Taranto21 Jun 19441435Taranto45A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo24 Jun 19440626Taranto24 Jun 19441150Taranto22,5A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo1 Jul 19440632Taranto1 Jul 19441440Taranto28,2A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo7 Jul 19440640Taranto7 Jul 19441900Taranto56,3A/S exercises.

Mariano, Enzo2 Aug 19441828Taranto4 Aug 19441225Augusta269,6Passage Taranto-Augusta.

Mariano, Enzo4 Aug 19441950Augusta5 Aug 19440620Malta102Passage Augusta-Malta.

Mariano, Enzo12 Aug 19441035Malta12 Aug 19441700Malta40Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo16 Aug 19440940Malta16 Aug 19441900Malta47,8Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo17 Aug 19440850Malta17 Aug 19441730Malta45,3Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo18 Aug 19440755Malta18 Aug 19441918Malta46,9Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo19 Aug 19440840Malta19 Aug 19441520Malta41,6Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo28 Aug 19440745Malta28 Aug 19441730Malta44Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo29 Aug 19440700Malta29 Aug 19441540Malta43,2Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo3 Sep 19440730Malta3 Sep 19441728Malta44Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo4 Sep 19440735Malta4 Sep 19441355Malta39,9Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo5 Sep 19440735Malta5 Sep 19441615Malta43,3Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo6 Sep 19441013Malta6 Sep 19442015Malta64,6Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo29 Sep 19440837Malta29 Sep 19441727Malta42,6Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo4 Oct 19441158Malta4 Oct 19441840Malta39,8Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo5 Oct 19441055Malta5 Oct 19441835Malta42,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo11 Oct 19440825Malta11 Oct 19441715Malta48,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo27 Oct 19441755Malta28 Oct 19440810Augusta111Passage Malta-Augusta.

Mariano, Enzo29 Oct 19440654Augusta30 Oct 19441355Taranto254Passage Augusta-Taranto for refit.

Mariano, Enzo29 Jan 19450730Taranto29 Jan 19451235Taranto20,5Trials.

Mariano, Enzo2 Feb 19450925Taranto2 Feb 19451634Taranto34,5Trials.

Mariano, Enzo7 Feb 19451350Taranto7 Feb 19451920Taranto31,8Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo8 Feb 19450653Taranto8 Feb 19451536Taranto41Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo14 Feb 19450630Taranto14 Feb 19451237Taranto31Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo14 Feb 19451504Taranto14 Feb 19452140Taranto37,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo16 Feb 19451155Taranto16 Feb 19452120Taranto44,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo21 Feb 19451328Taranto21 Feb 19452032Taranto27,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo23 Feb 19450655Taranto23 Feb 19451540Taranto22,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo25 Feb 19450655Taranto25 Feb 19451340Taranto34,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo5 Mar 19450803Taranto5 Mar 19451620Taranto33,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo10 Mar 19450655Taranto10 Mar 19451400Taranto24,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo15 Mar 19450725Taranto15 Mar 19451445Taranto35,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo17 Mar 19450715Taranto17 Mar 19451440Taranto33Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo22 Mar 19451102Taranto23 Mar 19450245Taranto84,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo16 Apr 19450645Taranto16 Apr 19450910Taranto18,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo19 Apr 19451800Taranto20 Apr 19451030Brindisi163Passage Taranto-Brindisi.

Mariano, Enzo23 Apr 19450907Brindisi23 Apr 19451650Brindisi36,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo26 Apr 19450857Brindisi26 Apr 19451400Brindisi29Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo30 Apr 19450805Brindisi30 Apr 19451645Brindisi39Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo3 May 19451410Brindisi3 May 19452040Brindisi34,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo7 May 19450817Brindisi7 May 19451230Brindisi52,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo13 May 19450800Brindisi13 May 19451134Brindisi21Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo21 May 19451644Brindisi21 May 19451905Brindisi13,5Trials.

Mariano, Enzo25 May 19450540Brindisi25 May 19451519Brindisi52Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo27 Jul 19450805Brindisi27 Jul 19451240Brindisi33Trials.

Mariano, Enzo30 Jul 19450805Brindisi30 Jul 19451235Brindisi25Trials.

Mariano, Enzo3 Aug 19450806Brindisi3 Aug 19451315Brindisi24Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo11 Aug 19450747Brindisi11 Aug 19451533Brindisi34,5Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo13 Aug 19450805Brindisi13 Aug 19451505Brindisi27Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo20 Aug 19450710Brindisi20 Aug 19451558Brindisi39Exercises.

Mariano, Enzo31 Aug 19450715Brindisi31 Aug 19451400Brindisi31Exercises. Disarmed in 1945.

375 entries. 369 total patrol entries (13 marked as war patrols) and 14 events.

All Italian submarines