Italian submarines in World War Two

Corallo (CO)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassPerla (22) 
Laid down 1 Oct 1935 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched2 Aug 1936
Commissioned26 Sep 1936
End service
Loss date13 Dec 1942
Loss position36° 58'N, 5° 07'E
Fate Sunk on 13th December 1942 north of Bougie, Algeria, in position 36°58'N, 05°07'E by depth charges from the sloop HMS Enchantress.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Alfredo Gatti10 May 194031 Jul 1940
C.C. Loris Albanese31 Jul 194016 Mar 1941
T.V. Gino Andreani16 Mar 194113 Jun 1942
T.V. Renato Scandola14 Jun 194217 Jun 1942
C.C. Gino Andreani17 Jun 194227 Jun 1942
T.V. Serafino Corio28 Jun 194210 Jul 1942
C.C. Mario Tei11 Jul 194214 Aug 1942
T.V. Guido Guidi14 Aug 194213 Dec 1942

Ships hit

DateCommanderShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.28 Apr 1942C.C. Gino AndreaniDar El SalamFishing vessel138TunisianSunk
2.28 Apr 1942C.C. Gino AndreaniTunisFishing vessel41TunisianSunk
3.7 Jun 1942C.C. Gino AndreaniHadj MohamedFishing vessel26TunisianSunk

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Gatti, Alfredo10 May 1940Monfalcone31 Jul 1940MonfalconeAt Monfalcone under repairs. Change in command.

Albanese, Loris5 Aug 19400900Monfalcone5 Aug 19401610Monfalcone63,5Trials.

Albanese, Loris7 Aug 19400915Monfalcone7 Aug 19401650Pola78Passage Monfalcone-Pola and trials.

Albanese, Loris10 Aug 19400800Pola10 Aug 19401945Fiume68Passage Pola-Fiume and trials.

Albanese, Loris15 Aug 19400725Fiume15 Aug 19401255Pola68Passage Fiume-Pola.

Albanese, Loris16 Aug 19400800Pola19 Aug 19401245Trapani836Passage Pola-Trapani.

Albanese, Loris28 Aug 19402118Trapani29 Aug 19401545Messina186Passage Trapani-Messina.

1Albanese, Loris29 Aug 19401845Messina18 Sep 19401930Tobruk1595Patrolled in the eastern Mediterranean between (1) 33°32' N, 24°28' E (2) 33°00' N, 25°06' E (3) 34°52' N, 26°06' E (4) 34°20' N, 26°40' E. Following a severe depth-charging, the submarine had to go to Tobruk for temporary repairs.
  4 Sep 19401115
(0) Approximately 60 miles south of Crete.
At 1115 hours, Corallo was at a depth of 40 metres when she reported being attacked with fourteen bombs by an aircraft. She was undamaged, but went down to 70 metres to escape.
  13 Sep 19400812
(0) Approximately 60 miles south of Crete.
At 0812 hours, Corallo was at a depth of 40 metres when she reported being attacked repeatedly by aircraft until 1640 hours. She was undamaged, but went down to 70-75 metres to escape.
  17 Sep 19401830
1940 (e)
33° 34'N, 25° 34'EAt 1750 hours, Corallo was steering 135° at a depth of 50 metres, when her hydrophones picked up noises.

At 1800 hours, the submarine had come up to periscope depth to observe, at a distance of 7,000 metres, an aircraft carrier of the ILLUSTRIOUS class, a KENT class cruiser and seven destroyers steering 183°, 16 knots.

At 1830 hours, a pair of torpedoes (533mm, W - H type) were fired at 5-second interval from bow tubes, at range of 1,500 metres. The submarine went to a depth of 80 metres and stopped all engines. After 75 seconds, two explosions were heard, which were attributed more to depth-charges than torpedo hits. The submarine went further down, reaching a depth of 120 metres when 40 depth charges exploded, some very close. It was believed Corallo eventually reached a depth of over 140 metres. The precision of the counter-attack led C.C. Albanese to believe that the enemy destroyers were equipped with sonar.

These were indeed HMS Illustrious with the battleship HMS Valiant, the light cruisers HMS Liverpool and HMS Gloucester, escorted by five destroyers including HMS Hasty. HMS Kent had actually been torpedoed by an Italian bomber and was being escorted to Alexandria by another group of ships. The torpedoes had missed the destroyer HMS Hasty and she had immediately turned to the attack.

Corallo had been damaged by the depth-charges and began surfacing at about 2100 hours. By a freak accident, the air pressure forced the hatch opened at a depth of 10-15 metres, ejecting the First Officer T.V. Alfredo GATTI and he was never found. A rating shot himself after the depth-charging.

Perhaps unjustly, C.C. Albanese received a severe reprimand from Admiral Falangola (Head of MARICOSOM) for his actions during the severe depth charging, although his courage was never questioned.

1bAlbanese, Loris21 Sep 19401315Tobruk23 Sep 19400858Tripoli671Passage Tobruk-Tripoli.

1cAlbanese, Loris26 Sep 19401800Tripoli29 Sep 19400900Messina396Passage Tripoli-Messina. Uneventful.

Albanese, Loris28 Oct 19400845Messina28 Oct 19401645MessinaExercises?

Albanese, Loris8 Nov 19400832Messina8 Nov 19401730Messina67Exercises.

2Albanese, Loris9 Nov 19401530Messina13 Nov 19401530Messina568,5Patrolled southeast of Malta on a line extended 20 miles NE and SW from 35°25' N, 15°45' E.
  11 Nov 19400000
(0) SE of Malta.
At 0000 hours, two destroyers were sighted at a range of 6,000 metres, proceeding at 20 knots. Corallo could not get in favourable attack position and disengaged.

3Albanese, Loris16 Nov 19400930Messina19 Nov 19401740Messina523Patrolled southeast of Malta within a radius of 20 miles from 35°20' N, 16° E (on a patrol line with Bandiera, 60 miles to the south). Uneventful.

3bAlbanese, Loris19 Nov 19402100Messina23 Nov 19401340Messina470Patrolled southeast of Malta within a radius of 20 miles from 35°20' N, 16° E (with Bandiera, 60 miles to the south). Uneventful.

Albanese, Loris6 Dec 19401008Messina6 Dec 19401730Messina59Trials.

Albanese, Loris14 Dec 19400830Messina14 Dec 19401610Messina59,5Trials.

Albanese, Loris18 Dec 19401212Messina19 Dec 19401020Naples224Passage Messina-Naples.

Albanese, Loris10 Jan 19410815Naples10 Jan 19411430Naples33Trials.

Albanese, Loris12 Jan 19410800Naples12 Jan 19411300Naples25Exercises.

Albanese, Loris13 Jan 19410800Naples13 Jan 19411230Naples24Exercises.

Albanese, Loris14 Jan 19410812Naples15 Jan 19411450Cagliari272Passage Naples-Cagliari.

4Albanese, Loris21 Jan 19410120Cagliari21 Jan 19412200Cagliari200Sailed for patrol off Tunisian coast within a radius of 10 miles from 37°40' N, 10°00' E. Early return due to defects.

5Albanese, Loris1 Feb 19411330Cagliari5 Feb 19411640Cagliari456,5Patrolled west of Sardinia between 37°25' N and 37°35' N, and between 05°50' E and 06°50' E. Uneventful, except for H.E.

6Albanese, Loris8 Feb 19412350Cagliari9 Feb 19411430Cagliari89Sailed for patrol, but returned early because of defects. Albanese was reprimanded as it was felt that repairs could have been carried out at sea.

7Albanese, Loris15 Feb 19412130Cagliari18 Feb 19411245Cagliari331Patrolled east of La Galite on a line extending 20 miles north of 37°30' N, 09°50' E. Uneventful. Heard only H.E. probably from a French convoy.

Albanese, Loris14 Mar 19410800Cagliari14 Mar 19411250Cagliari29Exercises.

Andreani, Gino17 Mar 19410800Cagliari17 Mar 19411210Cagliari26Exercises, escorted by the tug Varo.

Andreani, Gino19 Mar 19410802Cagliari19 Mar 19411140Cagliari24Exercises.

Andreani, Gino22 Mar 19410800Cagliari22 Mar 19411210Cagliari19Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.29.

Andreani, Gino1 Apr 19411330Cagliari1 Apr 19411800Cagliari28Exercises.

8Andreani, Gino3 Apr 19411250Cagliari9 Apr 19411645Cagliari629,5Patrolled north of Tunisian coast on a a line NE/SW from 37°10' N, 08°10' E (with Turchese east of Galite Island). Sighted only French vessels.

Andreani, Gino23 Apr 19410805Cagliari23 Apr 19411224Cagliari23,7Exercises with the minesweeper R.D.29.

9Andreani, Gino8 May 19412217Cagliari12 May 19411105Cagliari360Patrolled west of La Galite on a line extending 10 miles north and south from 37°40' N, 08°00' E, to intercept a force reported to have sailed from Gibraltar. Uneventful except for H.E. and distant explosions.

Andreani, Gino14 May 19410804Cagliari14 May 19411200Cagliari31Exercises with the minesweeper R.D.34.

Andreani, Gino17 May 19410805Cagliari17 May 19411225Cagliari29Exercises with the minesweeper R.D.34.

10Andreani, Gino21 May 19410445Cagliari23 May 19411040Cagliari283Patrolled west of Galite Island on a line extending 10 miles and 10 miles south from 37°40' N, 08°00' E (patrol line with Diaspro east of Galite Island), to intercept Force H which was reported to have sailed from Gibraltar. Uneventful, heard only H.E.

Andreani, Gino27 May 19410445Cagliari28 May 19411040Naples273Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Andreani, Gino2 Jun 19411425Naples2 Jun 19411830Naples28Trials.

Andreani, Gino5 Jun 19410930Naples6 Jun 19411307Cagliari275Passage Naples-Cagliari.

11Andreani, Gino13 Jun 19412018Cagliari19 Jun 19410010Cagliari763Operating against Force H in western Mediterranean on 37°54' N parallel between 06° and 08° E.
  14 Jun 19411320
(0) Western Med.
At 1320 hours, fifteen planes flying in an easterly direction, were sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. These were probably Hurricanes flown off from HMS Ark Royal and HMS Victorious for Malta (operation TRACER). Corallo reported the sighting.

12Andreani, Gino22 Jun 19410735Cagliari22 Jun 19411800Cagliari63Hydrographic observation, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.41.

13Andreani, Gino2 Jul 19412124Cagliari12 Jul 19411120Cagliari1090Patrolled in the western Mediterranean on a line extending 20 miles NE an SW of 37°50, 02°40' E (patrol line with Diaspro) to intercept an enemy force coming from Gibraltar.
  4 Jul 19411610
(0) Probably near Baleares.
At 1610 hours, a submarine similar to Sirena, was sighted at a range of 6,000 metres [Admiral Falangola wrote in his assessment that the submarine was certainly enemy]. This may have been Diaspro, but she did not report any incident. This could not have been HMS P 33 proceeding from Gibraltar to Malta as she was already east of Sardinia at the time.

Andreani, Gino16 Jul 19410732Cagliari17 Jul 19411320Naples273Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Andreani, Gino3 Sep 19410845Naples3 Sep 19411525Naples31Trials.

Andreani, Gino6 Sep 19410803Naples6 Sep 19411435Naples26Trials.

Andreani, Gino7 Sep 19410835Naples7 Sep 19411910Naples48Trials.

Andreani, Gino9 Sep 19410814Naples9 Sep 19411430Naples30Exercises.

Andreani, Gino10 Sep 19411906Naples11 Sep 19410035Naples27Exercises.

Andreani, Gino15 Sep 19410805Naples15 Sep 19411900Naples61Exercises with the torpedo boat Cascino.
  15 Sep 1941
1257 (e)
At 1257 hours, the submarine HMS Unique (Lieutenant A.F. Collett, RN) had just come to periscope depth, when a submarine of the DURBO class was sighted bearing 310°, steering 185°, apparently exercising with a GENERALE class destroyer. This was almost certainly Corallo exercising at the time with the torpedo-boat Cascino.

The British submarine was unable to gain an attacking position and was thwarted by the presence of the destroyer.

Andreani, Gino19 Sep 19410815Naples19 Sep 19411220Naples29Exercises.

Andreani, Gino29 Sep 19411013Naples29 Sep 19411800Naples32Exercises.

14Andreani, Gino3 Oct 19411607Naples5 Oct 19411630Naples439Sailed for patrol 33 miles north of Ras Zebib on a line 5 miles west from this point (on a barrage line with Ambra 13 miles north, and Ametista 33 miles north of the Cape) via the north coast of Sicily, but then recalled. Uneventful.

Andreani, Gino15 Oct 19410815Naples15 Oct 19411507Naples30Exercises.

Andreani, Gino17 Oct 19410915Naples18 Oct 19411645Augusta292Passage Naples-Augusta at 9.5 knots.

Andreani, Gino23 Oct 19411315Augusta23 Oct 19411650Augusta18Exercises.

Andreani, Gino30 Oct 19410830Augusta30 Oct 19411200Augusta16,5Exercises.

15Andreani, Gino1 Nov 19411030Augusta10 Nov 19411545Augusta947Patrolled east of Linosa, between 35°40' N and 36°20' N, and between 13°00' E and 13°20' E. Did not sight any ship.
  1 Nov 19411610
(0) Off Porri Islet.
At 1610 hours, two enemy fighters or recce aircraft were sighted, one of which made a motion to attack but then desisted. Corallo's gun crew remained at the ready to repel the attack and the submarine proceeded on the surface.
  1 Nov 19411630-1643
(0) Off Porri Islet.
At 1630-1643 hours, a derelict mine was fired upon with 210 rounds of 13.2mm rounds but without being able to sink it.
  10 Nov 19410805
(0) Near Ragusa.
At 0805 hours, a derelict mine was fired upon, Some 150 rounds of 13.2mm rounds and 150 rounds of 6.5mm were expended and it sank without exploding.

Andreani, Gino20 Nov 19411458Augusta20 Nov 19411706Augusta20Exercises.

Andreani, Gino25 Nov 19410854Augusta25 Nov 19411700Messina74Passage Augusta-Messina.

16Andreani, Gino26 Nov 19410125Messina4 Dec 19411750Messina924,8Patrolled east of Malta, between 35°10' N and 35°50' N, and between 16°20' E and 16°40' E. Uneventful.

Andreani, Gino19 Dec 19410900Messina19 Dec 19411130Messina11Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Diversi.

Andreani, Gino12 Jan 19420915Messina12 Jan 19421145Messina13,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Diversi.

Andreani, Gino17 Jan 19421305Messina17 Jan 19421825Messina39,5Exercises.

17Andreani, Gino21 Jan 19421407Messina29 Jan 19421115Augusta896Sailed with the submarine Platino for a patrol off Malta between 34°00' N and 34°20' N, and between 15°40' E and 16°00' E. On 26th January, she was ordered to an area between 34°40' N and 35°00' N, and between 14°20' E and 14°40' E. Patrol lines with Platino to protect Italian convoys and intercept enemy traffic. Uneventful.

Andreani, Gino4 Feb 19420900Augusta4 Feb 19421740Messina70Passage Augusta-Messina.

Andreani, Gino25 Feb 19421612Messina25 Feb 19421901Messina15Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Castiglia.

Andreani, Gino26 Feb 19421510Messina26 Feb 19421730Messina15Exercises.

Andreani, Gino1 Mar 19420850Messina1 Mar 19421230Messina24Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Marras.

Andreani, Gino2 Mar 19421000Messina2 Mar 19421740Augusta72Passage Messina-Augusta.

18Andreani, Gino4 Mar 19421755Augusta14 Mar 19421000Augusta1068Patrolled south of Malta between 34°40' N and 35°00' N, and between 14°20' E and 14°40' E. Uneventful. Heard only distant explosions.

Andreani, Gino15 Apr 19420405Augusta16 Apr 19421000Trapani282Passage Augusta-Trapani.

Andreani, Gino20 Apr 19420805Trapani20 Apr 19421210Trapani24Exercises.

19Andreani, Gino20 Apr 19421555Trapani5 May 19421012Trapani792,5Sailed with the submarine Onice, escorted by the torpedo boat Cigno until 2320 hours on the 20th, to patrol from 35°53' N to 36°57' N on meridian 11°12' E, off Cape Bon or zone K, to attack traffic to Malta. On 22nd April, attempted to communicate underwater with Onice, but without result.
  23 Apr 19420952
(0) Off Cape Bon.
At 0952 hours, the French steamer Liberia, escorted by the minesweeper Héron, was sighted on a southerly course.
  26 Apr 19421105
(0) Off Cape Bon.
At 1105 hours, the French minesweeper Héron was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres for the second time in four days.
  28 Apr 19420212-032037° 01'N, 11° 09'EAt 0212 hours, the Tunisian schooner Dar El Salam (A.D. 293, 138.33 GRT), on passage from Djerba to Bone, was stopped with a burst of machine gun fire. The crew of seven Tunisian nationals was ordered to abandon ship and were rescued. The vessel was sunk with fifteen 100mm rounds.
  28 Apr 19420345-040037° 01'N, 11° 09'EAt 0345 hours, the Tunisian fishing vessel Tunis (41 GRT) was stopped with a burst of machine gun fire. The crew of six were ordered to abandon ship and were rescued. The vessel was sunk with a single 100mm round.
  30 Apr 19421825
(0) Near Cape Bon.
At 1825 hours, the Italian ship Apollo (3,177 GRT, built 1905) escorted by an aircraft were sighted.

Andreani, Gino22 May 19421339Trapani22 May 19421637Trapani21,5Trials.

20Andreani, Gino24 May 19422350Trapani10 Jun 19420030Trapani1484Patrolled near Galite Island between 37°20' N and 37°45' E, and 09°00' E and 09°40' E. Sighted several Italian and French ships.
  7 Jun 19420200-034537° 24'N, 9° 10'EAt 0145 hours, a faint light was sighted. At 0200 hours, it was identified as a schooner. She was ordered to bring her papers to the submarine.

This was the Tunisiam motor vessel Hadj Mohamed (26 GRT) on passage Bizerta-Bone.

As the vessel was navigating in a forbidden zone and without regulation lights, she was sunk with seventeen rounds of gunfire after the crew of six was taken on board the submarine.

21Scandola, Renato14 Jun 19421755Trapani17 Jun 19421150Trapani318Patrolled west of Malta between 36°20' N and 36°40' N, and between 12°20' E and 13°40' E, to intercept an enemy convoy. Uneventful. Heard only H.E. and distant explosions.

Andreani, Gino19 Jun 19421800Trapani20 Jun 19421920Messina197Passage Trapani-Messina.

Andreani, Gino22 Jun 19420935Messina23 Jun 19420550Naples184,5Passage Messina-Naples.

Corio, Serafino28 Jun 1942Naples10 Jul 1942NaplesAt Naples. Change in command.

Tei, Mario11 Jul 1942Naples14 Aug 1942NaplesAt Naples. Change in command.

Guidi, Guido27 Aug 19420930Naples27 Aug 19421800?Naples31Trials.

Guidi, Guido28 Aug 19421500Naples28 Aug 19421930Naples9Trials.

Guidi, Guido31 Aug 19421400Naples31 Aug 19422330Naples32Trials.

Guidi, Guido1 Sep 19420835Naples1 Sep 19421730Naples32Trials and exercises.

Guidi, Guido3 Sep 19422240Naples5 Sep 19421135La Spezia333Passage Naples-La Spezia.

Guidi, Guido9 Sep 19420840La Spezia9 Sep 19422110La Spezia32Exercises.

Guidi, Guido10 Sep 19420806La Spezia10 Sep 19421713La Spezia55Exercises.

Guidi, Guido12 Sep 19420825La Spezia12 Sep 19421410La Spezia31Exercises.

Guidi, Guido15 Sep 19421230La Spezia17 Sep 19420915Trapani402Passage La Spezia-Trapani.

Guidi, Guido19 Sep 19420815Trapani19 Sep 19421400Trapani28Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.40.

Guidi, Guido23 Sep 19420815Trapani23 Sep 19421300Trapani19Exercises.

Guidi, Guido3 Oct 19421410Trapani3 Oct 19421845Trapani25Exercises.

Guidi, Guido14 Oct 19421425Trapani14 Oct 19421950Trapani26,5Exercises.

22Guidi, Guido19 Oct 19421325Trapani2 Nov 19420050Trapani1996Sailed with the submarine Turchese and patrolled in the western Mediterranean, east of Gibraltar, between 38°10' N and 38°40' N, and between 02°20' E and 02°40' E. On 25th October 1942, she was ordered to an area between 38°40' N and 39°00' N, and between 00°20' E and 00°40' E. Sighted several neutral ships.
  19 Oct 19421555
(0) 325° - Cape Grosso di Levanzo - 1 mile.
At 1555 hours, a derelict mine was sighted at 400 metres and destroyed by machine gun fire.
  21 Oct 19420140At 0040 hours, a shadow was sighted under the moonlight path. It was sighted again at 0140 hours and believed to be the submarine Turchese steering 270°. She was sighted again at 0250 hours.
  21 Oct 1942105037° 33'N, 5° 04'EAt 1000 hours, a vessel was sighted steering south. At 1050 hours, it was identified as the French Djebel Aurès (2,835 GRT, built 1929) steering 175°.
  22 Oct 19421255At 1245 hours, the hydrophones picked up the noises of a vessel.

At 1255 hours, the vessel was sighted at a distance of 10,000 metres and at 1350 hours, she was recognised as an Italian hospital ship of the SATURNIA class.
  23 Oct 19420415-0442At 0415 hours, an illuminated vessel was sighted and, at 0442 hours, a second similar vessel was sighted. It was believed to be the Italian liners Giulio Cesare (21,900 GRT, built 1921) and Duilio (23,635 GRT, built 1934). They had been given a safe conduct to go to Gibraltar for the repatriation of Italians colonists from East Africa.

23Guidi, Guido7 Nov 19420125Trapani14 Nov 19421845Trapani851Sailed for a patrol in western Mediterranean between 37°20' N and 37°40' N, and between 06°40' E and 09°55' E. At 1615 hours on the 8th, she was ordered to proceed to an area between 37°00' N and 37°20' N, and between 08°00' E and 08°20' E. At 2215 hours on the 8th, she received new orders to proceed to area between 37°00' N and 37°20' N, and between 06°20' E and 06°40' E, then to position 38°06' N, 07°40' E. On 10th November, she carried out a reconnaissance of Philippeville.
  8 Nov 19421615At 1615 hours, the submarine was ordered to proceed to an area between 37°00' N and 37°20' N, and between 08°00' E and 08°20' E.

At 1645 hours, Corallo proceeded to the new area.
  8 Nov 19421930At 1930 hours, two aircraft were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres.
  8 Nov 19422215At 2215 hours, the submarine received new orders to go to an area between 37°00 and 37°20 N and 06°20 E and 06°40 E. Corallo altered course to the new area.
  9 Nov 19420703At 0703 hours, a ship, believed to be French, was sighted at a distance too far to be identified.
  10 Nov 1942012037° 17'N, 7° 07'EAt 0120 hours, a submarine was sighted that appeared of the MARCELLO class. Corallo turned away to avoid a being the target of a torpedo attack and manned her machine guns (the deck gun could not be manned on account of the heavy seas) then dived.

At 0408 hours, the submarine explored the port of Philippeville but sighted nothing.

At 1945 hours, the submarine was informed that French traffic on the North African coast had been suspended.
  12 Nov 19421305At 1305 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  12 Nov 19421420At 1420 hours, an aircraft was seen from periscope depth and the submarine went deep.
  13 Nov 19420735At 0735 hours. Corallo was returning to Trapani when the submarine Avorio was encountered and recognition signals exchanged.
  13 Nov 1942195138° 10'N, 10° 30'ECorallo had been asked by MARICOSOM (1715/13) to report her position and replied she was in 38°10' N, 10°30' E.

At 2010 hours, she received a signal (1855/13) that an enemy submarine had been sighted in 38°00' N/38°06' N and 11°50' E/12°00' E [this was HMS Parthian who had carried out an unsuccessful attack on the steamer Sivigliano].

At 2204 hours, a signal from MARICOSM (2025/13) was received, informing her of a possible encounter with the submarine Diaspro.

At 2207 hours, a signal from MARICOSM (2020/13) was received, ordering her to stay west of 10°40' E and north of 38°00' N.
  14 Nov 19420700At 0700 hours, the submarine Diaspro was encountered and recognition signals were exchanged.
  14 Nov 19421138At 0833 hours, information was received that the transport Brindisi and four destroyers could be encountered.

At 1138 hours, the four destroyers were seen. Corallo altered course to avoid being seen.

Guidi, Guido15 Nov 19421802Trapani16 Nov 19422032Naples216Passage Trapani-Naples.

Guidi, Guido24 Nov 19420802Naples24 Nov 19421345Naples38Exercises.

Guidi, Guido25 Nov 19421507Naples27 Nov 19420947La Maddalena229Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

Guidi, Guido30 Nov 19421415La Maddalena30 Nov 19421621La Maddalena10,5Trials.

24Guidi, Guido2 Dec 19420428La Maddalena4 Dec 19420330La Maddalena279Defensive patrol off Ajaccio (41°40' N, 08°20' E and 49°55' N (sic, 41°55 N?) and Corsican coast. Uneventful.

Guidi, Guido6 Dec 19421810La Maddalena7 Dec 19421510Cagliari150Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari.

25Guidi, Guido10 Dec 19421735Cagliari13 Dec 1942Night 12/13Sunk with all hands720Sailed with submarine Argento for patrol between 37°00' N and 37°20' N, and between 08°00' E and 08°20' E. She was to explore the Bay of Bougie on 13th December and return to her original area (ca. 14th December). On 18th December, ordered to Italian Grid 7983, off Cape du Fer (zone A and B). Was ordered back on 23rd December, but failed to answer. Depth-charged then rammed by HMS Enchantress, in 36°58' N, 05°07' E (off Bougie). No survivors (six officers and forty-five ratings lost).
  11 Dec 1942022038° 10'N, 8° 45'E
(0) 345° - La Galite - 39 miles or Italian Grid 4782/3.
At 0220 hours, a cruiser and two destroyers were sighted steering 240°, 25 knots. Corallo was unable to attack them.
  13 Dec 1942
0500 (e)
At 0500A hours, the sloop HMS Enchantress, sighted three torpedoes on the port bow and she turned to port to comb the tracks. She had been escorting convoy E.T.5.P. with the Canadian corvette HMCS Baddeck. The torpedoes missed astern, the nearest by only 6 feet!

The attack had been made by Corallo.

At the same time, HMS Enchantress was turning, a radar contact was made at 1,000 yards. It was from a U-boat surfacing. Corallo was moving away at 10 knots and fired two stern torpedoes. They also missed by less than 10 feet.

At 0504 hours, HMS Enchantress had increased speed and rammed the submarine. She also dropped a depth charge set at depth of 50 feet. Corallo appeared to have gone deep.

At 0506 hours, a second run was made with six depth charges set at depths of 350 and 550 feet. At 0525 hours, this was followed by another pattern of 7 depth charges at the same depths and a final one at 0538 hours with 3 depth charges at 550 feet.

An unexplained explosion had been heard and felt at 0529 hours. It is believed that Corallo was lost in this attack, as she disappeared with all hands. T.V. Guido Guidi, five officers and forty-five ratings perished.

126 entries. 103 total patrol entries (25 marked as war patrols) and 34 events.

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