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Mario Tei

Born  19 Jul 1911Arrone (Terni)


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


10 Oct 1940 Croce di guerra al valore militare
29 Jan 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
29 Jan 1948 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
29 Jul 1949 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

MICHELE BIANCHI (T.V. First Officer): from 15.04.1940 to April 1941+.
MICHELE BIANCHI (T.V. resp.): from 08.04.1941 to 30.04.1941 (refit at Bordeaux).
ALPINO BAGNOLINI (T.V. C.O.): from 01.11.1941 to 07.07.1942.
Promoted to C.C. in July 1942).
CORALLO (C.C. C.O.): from 11.07.1942 to 14.08.1942 (refit at Taranto, LUIGI SETTEMBRINI (C.C. C.O.): from 16.08.1942 to 27.08.1942 (refit at Taranto).
SQUALO (C.C. C.O.): from 01.09.1942 to 17.04.1943.
REGINALDO GIULIANI (C.C. C.O.): from 01.05.1943 to 09.09.1943.

Commands listed for Mario Tei

Submarine Type Rank From To
Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)Ocean goingT.V.8 Apr 194130 Apr 1941
Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)Ocean goingT.V.1 Nov 19417 Jul 1942
Corallo (CO)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.11 Jul 194214 Aug 1942
Luigi Settembrini (ST)Ocean goingC.C.16 Aug 194227 Aug 1942
Squalo (SQ)Ocean goingC.C.1 Sep 194217 Apr 1943
Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)Ocean goingC.C.1 May 19439 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Mario Tei

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Mario Tei

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)8 Apr 1941Bordeaux30 Apr 1941BordeauxRefit.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)16 Dec 19411520Bordeaux16 Dec 19411520+BordeauxSailed for patrol, but her port propeller got caught in a cable and the departure was delayed.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)17 Dec 19410840Bordeaux17 Dec 19411212Le Verdon82Passage Bordeaux-Le Verdon including trials.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)17 Dec 19411400Le Verdon17 Dec 19411830Le VerdonTrials.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)18 Dec 19410850Le Verdon18 Dec 19411720La Pallice74Passage Le Verdon-La Pallice escorted by a Sperrbrecher and trials on the way at Le Pertuis d'Antioche.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)19 Dec 19410840La Pallice19 Dec 19411415La Pallice (anchorage)18Trials.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)19 Dec 19411603La Pallice (anchorage)19 Dec 19411641La Pallice (moored)Moved from anchorage to Quai Carnot.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)23 Dec 19410850La Pallice23 Dec 19411825La Pallice30Trials.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)29 Dec 19411040La Pallice29 Dec 19411800La Pallice15Sailed for trials, but turned back due to the escort not showing up.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)8 Jan 19420800La Pallice8 Jan 19421800La PalliceTrials.

1.Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)14 Jan 19421545La Pallice20 Feb 19421422Le Verdon6456Patrolled west of Azores. Uneventful.
  15 Jan 1942082945° 25'N, 4° 27'WAt 0829 hours, a submarine was observed at 1,200 metres. Bagnoligni had two torpedo tubes ready to fire and her MGs manned. The submarine turned away and submerged. It was later believed it was a German U-boat of 500 tons and was probably U-373 returning to La Pallice.
  14 Feb 19421001
(0) Point 3.
At 1001 hours, an aircraft was seen at 12,000 metres and the submarine dived.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)21 Feb 19420800Le Verdon21 Feb 19421202BordeauxPassage Le Verdon-Bordeaux.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)22 Apr 19421048Bordeaux22 Apr 19421905Le VerdonPassage Bordeaux-Le Verdon.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)24 Apr 19420850Le Verdon24 Apr 19421452Le Pertuis d'AntiochePassage Le Verdon-La Pallice and trials at Le Pertuis d'Antioche.

Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)25 Apr 19420700Le Pertuis d'Antioche25 Apr 19420813La PallicePassage Le Pertuis d'Antioche-La Pallice.

2.Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)26 Apr 19421500La Pallice28 Jun 19420725Le Verdon10333,6Patrolled off Brazil, between Rocas Island and Pititinga Light and along the coast as far as Cape Negro and the parallel 05°45'S and the meridian 33°50'W.
  2 May 19422025
1935 (e)
38° 58'N, 16° 01'WAt 2025 hours, the submarine Cappellini was encountered and recognition signals were exchanged.
  3 May 1942105037° 28'N, 16° 44'WAt 1050 hours, a Portuguese steamer was sighted steering 260°, 10-11 knots.
  12 May 1942154014° 40'N, 28° 03'WAt 1540 hours, at a distance of 20-22 miles, a steamer was observed zigzagging at 13 knots (later corrected to 16 knots). As the vessel was closing on Bagnolini, she dived for a submerged attack. It appeared to be a large three-funneled vessel, similar to Statendam (29,511 GRT, a Dutch ship sunk in Rotterdam in May 1940). The submarine closed the range to 6,500 metres and was preparing to launch torpedoes, but these were set for a maximum range of 4,000 metres and Bagnolini could not close to less than 5,000 metres. The attack was aborted.
  20 May 194211264° 00'S, 34° 01'WAt 1126 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  20 May 194213504° 01'S, 33° 56'WAt 1350 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  21 May 194211155° 44'S, 34° 06'WAt 1115 hours, a destroyer was sighted. Shortly after, an aircraft was also observed to fly above the warship. Bagnolini dived and turned away.
  21 May 194221055° 30'S, 34° 09'WAt 2105 hours, a steamer was sighted at 10,000 metres steering 320-330°, 10 knots. Bagnolini closed on the surface, but was forced to submerge at 2203 hours, when a Catalina was sighted. The submarine surfaced at 2240 hours, but could not regain contact.
  22 May 194210453° 09'S, 35° 35'WAt 1045 hours, a steamer escorted by a destroyer was observed at a distance of 22-24 miles. Bagnolini closed to attack, but the destroyer turned toward her. She dived and lost contact.
  22 May 194217173° 09'S, 35° 35'WAt 1717 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  22 May 194218392° 55'S, 35° 43'WAt 1839 hours on 27th May, a smoke was sighted on the horizon. It was a steamer steering 000°, 8 knots, heading straight for Bagnolini, so she dived for a submerged attack. Her course had been miscalculated and Bagnolini had to surface to be able to close the range and she submerged again at 2143 hours.

At 2230 hours, she surfaced and closed full speed, but had lost contact at 2300 hours.

At 0140 hours on 23rd May, Bagnolini dived to try to regain contact with her hydrophones but to no avail.
  23 May 194202302° 32'S, 35° 52'WAt 0230 hours, two lights were sighted. It appeared to be two vessels signaling with blue lights. Bagnolini had dived. She surfaced at 0505 hours and sighted them, this time at 800-900 meters, and dived again. Two depth-charges were heard about 400 or 500 meters away.
  28 May 194200295° 27'S, 31° 50'WAt 1934 hours on 27th May, in 06°30' S, 31°42' W, a tanker was sighted at 10,000 metres, steering 030°, 10 knots.

At 0029 hours on 28th May, the range was closed to 1,800 metres and a pair of torpedoes (533mm, S.I. 270 type) was fired from the bow tubes at a distance of 1,800 metres at a 5-second interval. Depth was set at 4 metres, with a maximum range 4,000 metres at 45 knots. The tanker appeared to be of the CANDOLITE class. One of the torpedoes was observed to break surface after a run of about 500-600 metres. They both missed. Five or six minutes later, two explosions were heard. The submarine took some distance before returning for a second attack.

At 0316 hours, another pair of torpedoes (533mm, S.I. 270 type) was fired from the bow tubes at 1,500-1,600 metres, at a 10-second interval. An explosion was heard after 91 seconds but nothing was seen, except that the vessel had reduced her speed but was still pulling away. Bagnolini having only stern torpedoes ready, C.C. Tei decided not to attempt another attack. The success was not confirmed.

  7 Jun 194221195° 27'N, 18° 33'W2119 hours, a steamer was sighted at 14-15,000 metres, steering 100°, 10 knots. Bagnolini attempted to intercept it and closed to 2,000 meters. She lost contact in rain squalls. After fruitless attempts to regain contact, she gave up the chase at 0100 hours on 8th June.
  23 Jun 1942120943° 17'N, 12° 55'WAt 1209 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.

3.Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)28 Jun 19421247Le Verdon28 Jun 19421709BacalanPassage Le Verdon-Bacalan.

4.Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (BI, I.12, UIT.22)28 Jun 19421812Bacalan28 Jun 19421900BordeauxPassage Bacalan-Bordeaux.

Corallo (CO)11 Jul 1942Naples14 Aug 1942NaplesAt Naples. Change in command.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)16 Aug 1942Taranto27 Aug 1942TarantoRefit at Taranto. Change in command.

Squalo (SQ)8 Sep 19420800Pola8 Sep 19421225Pola23Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)10 Sep 19421400Pola10 Sep 19422130Pola30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)11 Sep 19420730Pola11 Sep 19421220Pola5Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)12 Sep 19421400Pola12 Sep 19422130Pola22Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)15 Sep 19420800Pola16 Sep 19420022Pola51Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)16 Sep 19421804Pola16 Sep 19422255Pola30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)24 Sep 19420800Pola24 Sep 19422215Pola64Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)26 Sep 19420635Pola26 Sep 19421230Pola34Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)2 Oct 19420800Pola2 Oct 19422330Pola85Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)3 Oct 19420730Pola3 Oct 19422345Pola60Exercises with torpedo boats Uragano and T.3 and the tug Parenzo towing a target.

Squalo (SQ)5 Oct 19420500Pola5 Oct 19421030Fiume58Passage Pola-Fiume.

Squalo (SQ)6 Oct 19421025Fiume7 Oct 19420015Fiume11Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)8 Oct 19420745Fiume8 Oct 19421255Fiume30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)9 Oct 19421005Fiume9 Oct 19422310Fiume79Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)12 Oct 19420615Fiume12 Oct 19421117Pola58Passage Fiume-Pola.

Squalo (SQ)13 Oct 19420818Pola13 Oct 19421900Pola31Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)14 Oct 19421508Pola15 Oct 19421115Pola2Trials.

Squalo (SQ)19 Oct 19421340Pola19 Oct 19421825Pola34Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)21 Oct 19421425Pola21 Oct 19422230Pola47Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)22 Oct 19420810Pola22 Oct 19420930Pola3Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)23 Oct 19421502Pola23 Oct 19422240Pola48Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)24 Oct 19420835Pola24 Oct 19421310Pola40Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)27 Oct 19421330Pola27 Oct 19421833Pola40Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)3 Nov 19420805Pola3 Nov 19421615Pola26Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)5 Nov 19420825Pola5 Nov 19421706Pola20Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)7 Nov 19420702Pola7 Nov 19422023Pola40Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)10 Nov 19420700Pola10 Nov 19422037Pola32Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)12 Nov 19420830Pola12 Nov 19421150Pola19Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)13 Nov 19420800Pola13 Nov 19421855Pola20Exercises.

5.Squalo (SQ)14 Nov 19421415Pola15 Nov 19421015Pola100Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic with the submarine Bandiera. Uneventful.

Squalo (SQ)16 Nov 19420705Pola16 Nov 19421835Pola30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)18 Nov 19420700Pola18 Nov 19422027Pola30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)23 Nov 19420800Pola23 Nov 19421900Pola17Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)24 Nov 19420700Pola24 Nov 19421230Pola12Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)27 Nov 19421028Pola27 Nov 19421700Pola15Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)1 Dec 19420700Pola1 Dec 19421800Pola38Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)7 Dec 19420718Pola7 Dec 19421800Pola34,8Trials.

Squalo (SQ)9 Dec 19420715Pola9 Dec 19421800Pola35Trials.

Squalo (SQ)12 Dec 19420739Pola12 Dec 19421735Pola30Trials.

Squalo (SQ)13 Dec 19420930Pola13 Dec 19421020Pola3Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)15 Dec 19420803Pola15 Dec 19421205Pola30Trials.

Squalo (SQ)16 Dec 19421030Pola16 Dec 19421622Pola26Trials.

Squalo (SQ)30 Dec 19421030Pola30 Dec 19421130Pola3Changed anchorage.

Squalo (SQ)14 Jan 19430755Pola14 Jan 19431540Pola20Trials.

Squalo (SQ)22 Jan 19430500Pola22 Jan 19431055Fiume62Passage Pola-Fiume.

Squalo (SQ)22 Jan 19430500Pola22 Jan 19431055Sussa (Fiume)62Passage Pola-Sussa (Fiume).

Squalo (SQ)23 Jan 19431030Pola23 Jan 19431540Pola20Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)25 Jan 19431143Pola25 Jan 19432245Pola60Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)26 Jan 19431045Pola26 Jan 19432120Pola58Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)28 Jan 19431044Pola28 Jan 19432335Pola68Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)29 Jan 19431041Pola29 Jan 19432120Pola49Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)2 Feb 19431100Fiume2 Feb 19431543Fiume20Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)3 Feb 19431010Fiume3 Feb 19432123Fiume45Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)4 Feb 19431030Fiume4 Feb 19432120Fiume52Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)6 Feb 19431035Fiume6 Feb 19432235Fiume68Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)8 Feb 19431000Fiume8 Feb 19432140Fiume40Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)10 Feb 19431015Fiume10 Feb 19432130Fiume42Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)11 Feb 19431050Fiume11 Feb 19432230Fiume82Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)13 Feb 19431000Fiume13 Feb 19432205Fiume57Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)15 Feb 19431103Fiume15 Feb 19431215Fiume12Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)16 Feb 19431030Fiume16 Feb 19431610Fiume26Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)18 Feb 19431031Fiume18 Feb 19431710Fiume22Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)19 Feb 19431005Fiume19 Feb 19432218Fiume46Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)20 Feb 19431210Fiume20 Feb 19432118Fiume30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)22 Feb 19430846Fiume22 Feb 19431332Fiume9Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)22 Feb 19431720Fiume22 Feb 19432315Fiume27Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)23 Feb 19430930Fiume23 Feb 19431835Fiume16Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)25 Feb 19430930Fiume25 Feb 19432216Fiume42Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)26 Feb 19431012Fiume26 Feb 19432300Fiume43Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)27 Feb 19431230Fiume27 Feb 19431800Fiume13Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)1 Mar 19430945Fiume1 Mar 19432315Fiume16Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)4 Mar 19431030Fiume4 Mar 19432145Fiume38Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)6 Mar 19431000Fiume6 Mar 19432225Fiume51Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)8 Mar 19431240Fiume8 Mar 19431830Fiume21Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)10 Mar 19431125Fiume10 Mar 19432325Fiume58Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)12 Mar 19430910Fiume12 Mar 19432320Fiume72Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)14 Mar 19432333Fiume15 Mar 19430528Pola61Passage Fiume-Pola, escorted by torpedo boat T.3.

Squalo (SQ)14 Mar 19432339Fiume15 Mar 19430523Pola61Passage Fiume-Pola.

Squalo (SQ)19 Mar 19430820Pola19 Mar 19431224Pola13Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)20 Mar 19430750Pola20 Mar 19431230Pola11Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)20 Mar 19431520Pola20 Mar 19432115Pola12Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)23 Mar 19430000Pola23 Mar 19430720Fiume65Passage Pola-Fiume escorted by the torpedo boat T.3. Then refit.

Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)11 May 19431100Bordeaux11 May 19431600Le VerdonPassage Bordeaux-Le Verdon with submarine Tazzoli (date and time from C.C. Tei's memory).

Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)12 May 19431400Le Verdon12 May 19432000Le VerdonSailed for La Pallice with Tazzoli, but had to turn back because of defects (date and time from C.C. Tei's memory).

Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)13 May 19431400Le Verdon14 May 19430000La PallicePassage Le Verdon-La Pallice again with Tazzoli (date and time from C.C. Tei's memory). According to German sources kindly provided by Dr Axel Niestlé, Tazzoli and Giuliani sailed from Le Verdon at 0800 for transfer to La Pallice escorted by the minesweepers M 344, M 83, M 84 and Sperrbrecher 5 and 9. At 1007 Sperrbrecher 9 developped a defect and all ships returned to Royan, anchoring at the roads at 1246. They sailed again at 1424 and arrived at La Pallice at 2300 same day. (Originally, this transfer was planned for 11.05.43, but was delayed).

6.Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)16 May 19430900La Pallice20 May 19431850La PalliceSailed for the Far East with Tazzoli, but turned back because of defects (date and time from C.C. Tei's memory who reported her returning to La Pallice at 2100 hours on the 18th). From German sources kindly provided by Dr Axel Niestlé, Tazzoli and Giuliani left La Pallice at 1200 under escort of M 83, M 84 and Sperrbrecher 21 via Points P1 and point Pilz. Point Pilz (BF 6848 or 45°57' N, 02°15' W) was reached at 1632 and both boats then proceeded independently. (Originally, departure planned for 15.05.43, but delayed).

7.Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)23 May 19430800Bordeaux28 Jul 19431245SabangSupply trip from Bordeaux to Singapore (130 tons). Two German passengers: Engine Expert Schmidt and Civil Engineer Lange. Reconstructed patrol report from C.C. Tei memory and various notes. On 10th July 1943, a document from BETASOM mentioned that she was believed lost, as she had made no signal since reporting on 17th June to be in 10°00'S, 06°00'W.
  3 Jun 19431150
1030 (e)

(0) 120 miles SW of Madeira (Giuliani).
At 1150 hours, Giuliani was surprised by a four-engine bomber, which emerged from a fog bank only 800 metres away. It strafed the submarine who replied with her machine guns. C.C. Tei took an opportune time to take his submarine into the fog bank and submerged. Two depth charges were heard but caused no damage.

The aircraft was Liberator 'F' of 1st A/S Squadron (USAAF) operating from Fort Lyautey. It had discovered the submarine by radar as it was steering 253° at 12 knots. Of six intended depth charges, only one was released on the first run from a height of 75 feet. On the second run, all depth charges hung up but the submarine was strafed. During the third and last run, two depth charges were dropped, but another two hung up. There was no evidence of damage.

MARICOSOM was informed of the attack by intercepting an enemy signal reporting that it had occurred at 1130 hours in 30°00' N, 21°10' E (later corrected to W). They estimated Giuliani's position at 0900 hours as 30°00' N, 22°30' W.
  17 Jun 19430800-12009° 30'S, 6° 30'WFrom 0800 to 1200 hours, Giuliani cruised in the area where she was to meet Tazzoli. The latter failed to show up and Giuliani resumed her original course.
  21 Jul 19431130At 1130 hours, a steamer was sighted steering toward Ceylon at a distance of 15,000 metres. The same day, Giuliani managed to contact the sloop Eritrea after 35 days of attempts.

8.Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)29 Jul 19431900Sabang1 Aug 19431200SingaporePassage from Sabang to Singapore escorted by sloop Eritrea (date and time from C.C. Tei's memory).

Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)5 Sep 1943Singapore5 Sep 1943SingaporeEmbarked 100 tons of rubber and 99 tons of other materials and sailed out for trials.

Reginaldo Giuliani (GN, I.14, UIT.23)9 Sep 1943Singapore9 Sep 1943SingaporeSeized by the Japanese and later transferred to German Navy as UIT-23. The KTB of BdU of 27th January 1944, has the following entry: "No suitable Commander available in Penang for UIT-23. Boat remains in Penang until the arrival of a boat from home that can transfer an officer onto UIT-23 as Commander".

126 entries. 110 total patrol entries (8 marked as war patrols) and 19 events.

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