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Ugo Esmenard

Born  4 Dec 1917Bologna
Died   1994(76)Rome


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


5 Jan 1945 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
7 Apr 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare
12 Apr 1946 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare

Career information

FRATELLI BANDIERA (T.V. C.O.): from 19.11.1943 to 16.12.1943.
NICHELIO (T.V. C.O.): from 22.12.1943 to 01.01.1944.
NICHELIO (T.V. C.O.): from 31.01.1944 to end of war.

Commands listed for Ugo Esmenard

Submarine Type Rank From To
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)Ocean goingT.V.19 Nov 194316 Dec 1943
Nichelio (NC)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.22 Dec 19431 Jan 1944
Nichelio (NC)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.31 Jan 1944Aug 1945

Ships hit by Ugo Esmenard

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Ugo Esmenard

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)23 Nov 19430640Augusta24 Nov 19431235Naples253,8Passage Augusta-Naples with the submarine Squalo and destroyer HMS Paladin for long refit.

Nichelio (NC)22 Dec 1943Brindisi1 Jan 1944BrindisiAt Brindisi. Change in command.

Nichelio (NC)17 Feb 19440950Brindisi17 Feb 19441510Brindisi30Exercises.

1.Nichelio (NC)25 Feb 19441100Brindisi2 Mar 19440740Brindisi601,5Special Mission. Landed a group of ten agents North of Pesaro.
  25 Feb 19441619At 1619 hours, a bomber was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres. The submarine dived.
  25 Feb 19442357At 2357 hours, two MTBs were sighted at 500 metres. The submarine dived.
  26 Feb 19441835At 2357 hours, an MTB was sighted at 800 metres. The submarine dived to 60 metres.
  27 Feb 1944210044° 06'N, 13° 48'EFrom 2100 hours to 0130 hours on the 28th February, Nichelio landed ten SOE agents (special operation ADVENT).

Nichelio (NC)22 Mar 19440015Brindisi22 Mar 19441125Brindisi35Exercises.

2.Nichelio (NC)25 Mar 19441345Brindisi3 Apr 19440750Brindisi847Special Mission. Carried out two landing operations in Northern Istria.
  30 Mar 1944004044° 57'N, 13° 10'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0040 hours, four ISLD agents were landed (two for HARVEST and two for TURF).
  31 Mar 1944013545° 02'N, 13° 10'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0135 hours, three ISLD agents were landed (special operation TRIBUTE).
  2 Apr 19441838At 1838 hours, an aircraft was sighted and the submarine dived immediately, but at a depth of 70 meters detected H.E. Realising it must two Allied A/S vessels, Nichelio surfaced and found herself in presence with two JERVIS class destroyers and recognition signals were exchanged.

3.Nichelio (NC)21 Apr 19440902Brindisi25 Apr 19440540Brindisi496Special operation DASTARD (SOE). Landed a group of Greeks with stores on Island of Zante near 37┬░48'50'N, 20┬░39'E.
  23 Apr 1944001537° 48'N, 20° 39'EAt 0015 hours, three Greeks agents of Force 133 (SOE) were landed with stores on the island of Zante (special operation DASTARD).

4.Nichelio (NC)24 May 19440840Brindisi29 May 19441040Brindisi532Special Mission to land a group of Greeks with material on Island of Zante.
  26 May 1944021037° 48'N, 20° 30'EBetween 0210 and 0325 hours, Nichelio attempted to land a group of Greek agents and stores on the island of Zante. The operation was cancelled due to a failure to get a recognition signal.
  27 May 19440305-034037° 57'N, 20° 30'EBetween 0305 and 0340 hours, Nichelio landed a group of Greeks with stores.

Nichelio (NC)17 Jun 19441330Brindisi17 Jun 19441645Brindisi24Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)11 Jul 19440940Brindisi11 Jul 19441700Brindisi21,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)17 Jul 19440845Brindisi17 Jul 19441300Brindisi24Exercises.

5.Nichelio (NC)21 Jul 19440710Brindisi27 Jul 19441155Brindisi548Special Operations DASTARD III and DASTARD IV (SIS). Landed groups with material on Zante and Cephalonia. Then refit until November 1944.
  21 Jul 19441200
(0) Probably ca. 50 miles east of Brindisi.
At 1200 hours, the submarine came across a sailing boat with two Italian soldiers who had escaped from Valona. The two men were picked up as they were short on food.
  23 Jul 1944005838° 19'N, 20° 24'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0058 hours, a large motorboat towing two other boats were sighted. Nichelio turned away.
  23 Jul 1944024538° 19'N, 20° 24'EAt 0245 hours, three Greek agents with the wireless set "Slipstream" were landed on Cephalonia (special operation DASTARD III).
  24 Jul 1944030037° 49'N, 20° 38'EAt 0300 hours, an undetermined number of agents were landed (special operation DASTARD IV part one).
  25 Jul 1944021537° 49'N, 20° 38'EAt 0215 hours, an undetermined number of agents were landed (special operation DASTARD IV part two).

Nichelio (NC)27 Nov 19440845Brindisi27 Nov 19441645Brindisi62Trials.

Nichelio (NC)10 Dec 19441125Brindisi12 Dec 19440725Taranto212Passage Brindisi-Taranto with the torpedo boat Animoso. The engine of the submarine broke down and she had to be towed for some time by the torpedo boat before resuming her voyage by her own means.

Nichelio (NC)18 Dec 19440740Taranto18 Dec 19441615Taranto50Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)20 Dec 19440730Taranto20 Dec 19441610Taranto46Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)22 Dec 19440725Taranto22 Dec 19441630Taranto51Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)27 Dec 19440745Taranto27 Dec 19441615Taranto40,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)29 Dec 19440750Taranto29 Dec 19441600Taranto42,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)14 Mar 19450835Taranto14 Mar 19451140Taranto6Trials.

Nichelio (NC)17 Mar 19451205Taranto17 Mar 19451634Taranto24Trials.

Nichelio (NC)20 Mar 19450801Taranto20 Mar 19451353Taranto6Gyrocompass tests.

Nichelio (NC)21 Mar 19450707Taranto21 Mar 19451430Taranto30Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)24 Mar 19450735Taranto24 Mar 19451657Taranto54Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)27 Mar 19450615Taranto27 Mar 19451555Taranto49Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)4 Apr 19450754Taranto4 Apr 19451614Taranto21Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)5 Apr 19450645Taranto5 Apr 19451458Taranto24,6Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)10 Apr 19450650Taranto10 Apr 19451438Taranto38,6Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)13 Apr 19450750Taranto13 Apr 19451555Taranto37Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)19 Apr 19450645Taranto19 Apr 19451448Taranto34Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)23 Apr 19451320Taranto23 Apr 19452002Taranto42Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)1 May 19451353Taranto1 May 19452220Taranto63,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)4 May 19450543Taranto4 May 19451343Taranto64Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)5 May 19451500Taranto5 May 19451955Taranto48,1Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)9 May 19450735Taranto9 May 19451640Taranto79,8Hydrophone trials.

Nichelio (NC)15 May 19450753Taranto15 May 19451530Taranto5,4Trials.

Nichelio (NC)16 May 19450815Taranto16 May 19451744Taranto67,1Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)21 May 19450503Taranto21 May 19451010Taranto32Trials.

Nichelio (NC)22 May 19451230Taranto27 May 19452030Gibraltar1265Passage Taranto-Gibraltar, escorted by corvette Cormorano.

Nichelio (NC)4 Jun 19451440Gibraltar10 Jun 19450830Taranto1346Passage Gibraltar-Taranto.

Nichelio (NC)21 Jun 19450410Taranto21 Jun 19451005Taranto28Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)22 Jun 19450750Taranto22 Jun 19451545Taranto34Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)25 Jun 19450755Taranto25 Jun 19451545Taranto48Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)27 Jun 19451440Taranto27 Jun 19452213Taranto56Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)3 Jul 19451459Taranto3 Jul 19452215Taranto25Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)4 Jul 19450750Taranto4 Jul 19451553Taranto26Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)6 Jul 19450629Taranto6 Jul 19451531Taranto34Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)9 Jul 19450755Taranto9 Jul 19451622Taranto33Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)13 Jul 19450740Taranto13 Jul 19451545Taranto32Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)15 Jul 19451900Taranto16 Jul 19450230Taranto53Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)18 Jul 19451043Taranto18 Jul 19451543Taranto41Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)23 Jul 19450805Taranto23 Jul 19451550Taranto27Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)25 Jul 19450342Taranto25 Jul 19451124Taranto29Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)27 Jul 19450611Taranto27 Jul 19451415Taranto23Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)30 Jul 19450349Taranto30 Jul 19451150Taranto29Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)1 Aug 19451515Taranto1 Aug 19452151Taranto26Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)8 Aug 19450350Taranto8 Aug 19451435Taranto28Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)9 Aug 19450800Taranto9 Aug 19451556Taranto26Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)11 Aug 19450623Taranto11 Aug 19451600Taranto26,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)13 Aug 19450656Taranto13 Aug 19451550Taranto28Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)16 Aug 19451147Taranto16 Aug 19451820Taranto33Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)17 Aug 19451601Taranto17 Aug 19452040Taranto18Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)21 Aug 19450640Taranto21 Aug 19451625Taranto26,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)22 Aug 19451006Taranto22 Aug 19451803Taranto32Exercises.

74 entries. 64 total patrol entries (5 marked as war patrols) and 15 events.

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