Italian submarines in World War Two

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)

TypeOcean going 
ClassBandiera (5) 
Laid down 11 Feb 1928 Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone
Launched7 Aug 1929
Commissioned10 Sep 1930
End service
Stricken1 Feb 1948
Loss date
Loss position
History Stricken on 1st February 1948.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Maria Renato Pelella22 Mar 194011 Jul 1940
T.V. Pietro Prosperini16 Jul 194025 Feb 1941
S.T.V. Giovanni Manunta25 Feb 194125 Mar 1941
S.T.V. Franco Fiaschi25 Mar 19419 Apr 1941
T.V. Carlo Forni10 Apr 19417 Dec 1941
T.V. Amedeo Stinchi8 Dec 194128 Dec 1941
T.V. Massimiliano Iasiello29 Dec 19413 Feb 1942
T.V. Libero Sauro3 Feb 194215 Mar 1942
C.C. Mario Vannutelli15 Mar 19427 Aug 1943
C.C. Rodolfo Scarelli7 Aug 194311 Sep 1943
T.V. Giuseppe Ridella19 Sep 194321 Nov 1943
T.V. Ugo Esmenard19 Nov 194316 Dec 1943
C.C. Marco Revedin17 Dec 194320 Apr 1944
T.V. Carlo Girola21 Apr 194418 Apr 1945
T.V. Eugenio Parodi19 Apr 194514 Oct 1945

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Pelella, Maria Renato1 Jun 19400720Trapani1 Jun 19401200Trapani36Exercises.

1Pelella, Maria Renato17 Jun 19401155Trapani1 Jul 19400946Trapani1418Patrolled 20 miles west of Cape Palos (Spain), between 37°20'N and 38°00'N, and between 00°00'W and 00°40'W. The submarine had a frustrating time as most vessels encountered were Spanish and one was even Italian, resulting in several aborted attacks.
  21 Jun 19401945+ or 201137° 03'N, 0° 42'W
(0) Approximate position. About 20 miles west of Cape Palos (Spain).
An armed merchant vessel was first detected by the hydrophones at a range of 7,000 metres. The submarine closed to 1,200 metres before firing a torpedo (533mm, W 260 type) but missed, probably because of the heavy seas. The target has not been identified.

Pelella, Maria Renato8 Jul 19400815Trapani8 Jul 19401035TrapaniExercises.

2Fecia di Cossato, Carlo16 Jul 19400015Trapani16 Jul 19400650Trapani63,5Sailed for patrol in 37°55'N, 09°20'E but was ordered back very quickly.

Prosperini, Pietro2 Aug 19400816Trapani2 Aug 19401120Trapani21Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro22 Aug 19401605Trapani23 Aug 19401218Naples210Passage Trapani-Naples.

Prosperini, Pietro21 Sep 19400940Naples21 Sep 19401710Naples26Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro23 Sep 19400900Naples23 Sep 19401650Naples41Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro26 Sep 19400900Naples26 Sep 19401430Naples28Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro27 Sep 19400900Naples27 Sep 19401220Naples8Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro30 Sep 19401815Naples1 Oct 19401350Trapani204Passage Naples-Trapani.

Prosperini, Pietro4 Oct 19400800Trapani4 Oct 19401130Trapani13,5Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro7 Oct 19401448Trapani8 Oct 19400825Messina184Passage Trapani-Messina.

3Prosperini, Pietro12 Oct 19402100Messina25 Oct 19400850Messina1335Patrolled south of Crete in area between 34°10'N and 34°45' N, and between 24°50'E and 25°40'E.
  18 Oct 19402340
(0) South of Crete.
Two destroyers on A/S search were sighted at a distance of 1,200 metres. The submarine dived to 60 meters and was not detected.

4Prosperini, Pietro8 Nov 19401705Messina13 Nov 19401620Messina696Patrolled southeast of Malta in 34°45'N, 15°40'E. Uneventful.

5Prosperini, Pietro15 Nov 19402345Messina19 Nov 19401715Messina1164Patrolled southeast of Malta within 20 miles of 34°20'N, 16°00'E. Sighted only an aircraft at a distance. Recalled by MARICOSOM.

5bProsperini, Pietro19 Nov 19401900Messina23 Nov 19401430Messina1164Patrolled southeast of Malta within 20 miles of 34°20'N, 16°00'E. Sighted only an aircraft.

Prosperini, Pietro4 Dec 19400815Messina4 Dec 19401500Messina56Exercises.

Prosperini, Pietro9 Dec 19401640Messina10 Dec 19401245Trapani187Passage Messina-Trapani.

6Prosperini, Pietro22 Dec 19402000Trapani27 Dec 19401330Trapani552Patrolled in Sicilian Channel on an SE axis 20 miles from 36°20'N, 13°00'E . Uneventful.

7Prosperini, Pietro7 Jan 19411800Trapani13 Jan 19411000Trapani664Patrolled in the Sicilian Channel on the meridian from 36°25'N, 12°40'E. Uneventful except for hearing distant explosions.

Prosperini, Pietro24 Feb 19411400Trapani25 Feb 19411300Naples206Passage Trapani-Naples.

Manunta, Giovanni25 Feb 1941Naples25 Mar 1941NaplesRefit at Naples. Change in command.

Fiaschi, Franco25 Mar 1941Naples9 Apr 1941NaplesRefit at Naples. Change in command.

Forni, Carlo16 Apr 19411150Naples16 Apr 19411815Naples54Exercises.

Forni, Carlo19 Apr 19411047Naples19 Apr 19411940Naples33,5Exercises.

Forni, Carlo22 Apr 19411035Naples22 Apr 19411800Naples25Exercises.

Forni, Carlo24 Apr 19410715Naples24 Apr 19411830Naples57,5Exercises.

Forni, Carlo26 Apr 19410840Naples26 Apr 19411635Naples26Exercises.

Forni, Carlo29 Apr 19410830Naples29 Apr 19411515Naples34Exercises.

Forni, Carlo1 May 19410830Naples1 May 19411600Naples34Exercises.

Forni, Carlo6 May 19410900Naples6 May 19411600Naples45,5Exercises.

Forni, Carlo7 May 19410800Naples7 May 19411440Naples26Exercises.

Forni, Carlo10 May 19411030Naples10 May 19411645Naples39Exercises.

Forni, Carlo12 May 19410800Naples12 May 19411210Naples34Exercises.

Forni, Carlo14 May 19410800Naples14 May 19411200Naples24Exercises.

Forni, Carlo14 May 19411415Naples14 May 19411900Naples30,5Exercises.

Forni, Carlo16 May 19410800Naples16 May 19411510Naples55Exercises.

Forni, Carlo18 May 19411925Naples18 May 19412400Naples26Exercises.

Forni, Carlo19 May 19411930Naples20 May 19410035Naples28Exercises.

Forni, Carlo20 May 19411415Naples21 May 19410800Trapani184Passage Naples-Trapani.

Forni, Carlo20 May 19411830Naples21 May 19411330Trapani202Passage Naples-Trapani.

Forni, Carlo28 May 19410845Trapani28 May 19411245Trapani20Exercises.

Forni, Carlo3 Jun 19410715Trapani3 Jun 19410930Trapani14Exercises.

8Forni, Carlo5 Jun 19412340Trapani12 Jun 19410640Trapani1185Patrolled near Cape Spartivento (Sardinia) in 38°20'N, 10°00'E. Uneventful.

Forni, Carlo19 Jun 19411415Trapani20 Jun 19410800Messina184Passage Trapani-Messina.

Forni, Carlo30 Jun 19411415Messina1 Jul 19410820Trapani186Passage Messina-Trapani.

Forni, Carlo4 Jul 19410730Trapani4 Jul 19411240Trapani19Exercises.

Forni, Carlo12 Jul 19410730Trapani12 Jul 19411230Trapani18Exercises.

Forni, Carlo19 Jul 19410730Trapani19 Jul 19411300Trapani23Exercises.

9Forni, Carlo22 Jul 19411840Trapani27 Jul 19411040Trapani509Patrolled southeast of Pantelleria in 36°40'N, 12°40'E, on a barrage line with Manara.
  23 Jul 19411920
(0) SE of Pantelleria.
A convoy of six ships steering 250° at 14 knots was sighted at a distance of 16,000 metres. The submarine could not close the range to attack.
  23 Jul 19412123
(0) SE of Pantelleria.
As she was surfacing, the submarine sighted a large vessel at a distance of 7,000 metres but lost contact at 2150 hours.
  24 Jul 19410705
(0) SE of Pantelleria.
A motorship proceeding at 14 knots was sighted at a range of 13,000 metres. As the submarine closed to attack, a destroyer was sighted at 0745 hours at a range of 3,000 metres and the submarine turned toward her to attack, The destroyer made an alteration of course and the submarine was forced to abandon the attempt and concentrate on the motorship, but could not close the range and the attack was abandoned.

10Forni, Carlo31 Jul 19411550Trapani5 Aug 19410800Trapani584Patrolled east of Pantelleria in 36°40'N, 12°50'E, on a barrage line with Manara.
  3 Aug 19410350
(0) East of Pantelleria.
Fratelli Bandiera was informed of a damaged cruiser and altered course to intercept, but nothing was sighted.

11Forni, Carlo22 Aug 19412010Trapani5 Sep 19411525Trapani1199Patrolled off Ras Mustafa, between 36°53'N and 36°57'N, and between 11°12'E and the Tunisian coast.
  27 Aug 1941031536° 50'N, 11° 07'EAt 0258 hours, a dark shadow was sighted at a range of 2.5 miles and at 0315 hours two torpedoes were fired at the target from a distance of 1,200 metres. They missed. The target was the transport Deucalion (9,919 GRT, built 1940) on passage from Malta to Gibraltar, but the attack was not observed.
  27 Aug 19410318-0355
0150 GMT or 0439B (e)
36° 50'N, 11° 07'E
(e) 36° 58'N, 11° 06'E
(0) 325°° - Cape Bon - 6.8 miles.
Fratelli Bandiera gave chase and opened fire from 3,000 metres. Deucalion replied with her gun and her shells exploded a few metres from the submarine, temporarily blinding the gun crew. Deucalion was hit once on the paravane gear on the port side; she initially thought to have been shelled by shore batteries or to have detonated a mine. The escort destroyer HMS Farndale, who had sailed a few hours after Deucalion and was joining her, sighted an object but did not realise that it was a submarine.
  27 Aug 19410440
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
A destroyer was sighted hugging the coast and travelling northward at high speed. This was HMS Farndale. The submarine attempted to intercept but she passed beyond range.
  29 Aug 19410936
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The French steamer P.L.M. 16 (4,005 GRT, built 1921) was sighted. The submarine had been informed of her passage.
  29 Aug 19412003
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The French steamer Jumièges (1,700 GRT, built 1913) was sighted. The submarine had been informed of her passage.
  30 Aug 19410702
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The Italian transport Florida II (3,313 GRT, built 1905) was sighted being towed northward. She had been damaged by RAF bombs off Sfax in May 1941.
  31 Aug 19411525
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
An armed transport was observed. This was the Italian Eridano (3,586 GRT, built 1912).
  31 Aug 19411700
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The Italian transport Etruria (2,633 GRT, built 1906) was sighted. She was later observed to drop anchor off Kelibia in company with Eridano and the wine carrier Lupa (379 GRT, built 1918).
  1 Sep 19411059
(0) 5 miles from Ras Mustafa.
The submarine stopped the transport Strasbourgeois (2,895 GRT, built 1929) with a warning shot. The French ship was on a trip from Casablanca to Sfax with a cargo of barley, but Forni had not been informed of her passage. She was released upon examination.
  3 Sep 19410946
(0) Near Ras Mustafa.
Fratelli Bandiera sighted the French freighter Nantaise (1,798 GRT, built 1920) on a trip from Port de Bouc to Sousse and ordered her to stop. She had not been informed of her passage and released her after examination.
  4 Sep 19411835
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The French destroyer Bombarde was sighted proceeding northward. She had sailed from Sfax for Tunis.

12Forni, Carlo25 Sep 19411826Trapani1 Oct 19412315Trapani955Patrolled off Algerian coast to intercept a force from Gibraltar in area between 37°50'N and 38°10'N, and between 07°20'E and 07°40'E on a barrage line with Squalo. At 2050 hours on 28th September, she was ordered to 37°20'N, 07°30'E.
  27 Sep 19412340
(0) Western Med (near Algerian coast?).
A submarine, believed to be Italian, was sighted at 1,000 metres. Forni did not take a chance and Fratelli Bandiera turned away.
  28 Sep 19412050
(0) Western Med (near Algerian coast?).
The submarine was ordered to intercept an enemy ship believed to have been damaged by air attack (actually Deucalion, but she was unscathed), in 37°20' N, 07°30' E. She arrived in the position at midnight but sighted nothing.
  29 Sep 1941005037° 20'N, 7° 30'EA submarine similar to Squalo was sighted and Forni elected to turn away.
  29 Sep 19410752
0810 (e)
37° 20'N, 7° 30'E
(e) 37° 26'N, 7° 14'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0752 hours, a pair of destroyers were observed at 10,000 metres and one of these depth charged the submarine from 0816 to 1130 hours. This was HMS Gurkha who dropped fourteen depth charges set at depth from 150 to 300 feet. The submarine made good her escape.
  30 Sep 1941010537° 20'N, 7° 30'E
(0) Approximately.
An unknown submarine was sighted and Fratelli Bandiera turned away. This was most probably Squalo.

13Forni, Carlo3 Oct 19411827Trapani4 Oct 19412040Trapani140Sailed for defensive patrol on a point 6 miles SSW of Punta Bassana (Marettimo)[approx. 37°51 N, 12°08'E].
  4 Oct 19410345
0355 (e)

(0) 8 miles south of Marettimo.
An enemy submarine was sighted at a distance of 2,500 metres steering 160°, 12 knots. This was HMS Urge returning to Malta. Bandiera turned to port to attack but the enemy submarine dived very quickly (40 seconds) as the range had closed to 1,000-1,200 metres and contact was lost.
  4 Oct 19411817
(0) 275° - Punta Sottile - 5.5 miles.
A derelict mine of the anti-sweeping buoy type was sunk by machine gun and musket fire.
  4 Oct 19411820
(0) 275° - Punta Sottile - 5.5 miles.
An Italian submarine, believed to be Ambra or Ametista, was sighted [this was Ametista].

Forni, Carlo7 Oct 1941Trapani7 Oct 19410840+TrapaniAt Trapani, the submarine Squalo discharged her gun accidentally. Bandiera had one rating wounded, Narvalo had one killed and two wounded and Squalo had one wounded.
  7 Oct 19410840+
(0) At Trapani.
Squalo accidentally fired her deck gun. One rating was wounded on Bandiera. One rating was killed and two wounded on Narvalo and one rating was wounded on Squalo.

14Forni, Carlo10 Oct 19411815Trapani20 Oct 19412230Trapani1136Patrolled east of La Galite, between 37°20'N and 37°40'N, and between 10°00'E and 10°20'E. Uneventful.

15Forni, Carlo11 Nov 19412125Trapani19 Nov 19411950Trapani1097Patrolled in zone K.2, between 36°53'N and 36°57'N, and between 11°12'E and the Tunisian coast. On 17th November, she was ordered to an area west of Malta, between 35°00'N and 35°40'N, 13°10'E and 13°40'E. Uneventful.

Forni, Carlo26 Nov 19411415Trapani27 Nov 19411200Naples186Passage Trapani-Naples.

Stinchi, Amedeo8 Dec 1941Naples28 Dec 1941NaplesRefit at Naples. Change in command.

Iasiello, Massimiliano29 Dec 1941Naples3 Feb 1942NaplesRefit at Naples. Change in command.

Sauro, Libero5 Mar 19420920Naples5 Mar 19421310Naples28Exercises.

Sauro, Libero10 Mar 19420813Naples10 Mar 19421726Naples30,5Exercises.

Sauro, Libero11 Mar 19420813Naples11 Mar 19421726Naples30,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Mar 19420811Naples17 Mar 19421638Naples37,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Mar 19420725Naples18 Mar 19421722Naples51,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Mar 19420752Naples24 Mar 19421652Naples27,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Mar 19420815Naples28 Mar 19421605Naples52,2Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Mar 19420728Naples30 Mar 19421605Naples62,2Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Apr 19420735Naples3 Apr 19421016Naples23Trials.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Apr 19422115Naples7 Apr 19420925Pola926Passage Naples-Pola. Escorted through the Messina Straits by the auxiliary Lago Tana.
  6 Apr 1942102041° 37'N, 17° 15'EA derelict mine was sunk by machine gun fire.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Apr 19420628Pola12 Apr 19421151Fiume58Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio. Was later joined by the submarine Pisani from Fiume and made the passage Pola-Fiume.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Apr 19421225Fiume16 Apr 19420020Fiume26,5Exercises with the submarine Diaspro, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Trau.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Apr 19421305Fiume17 Apr 19421750Fiume14Exercises with the submarine Diaspro, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Vannutelli, Mario20 Apr 19422050Fiume21 Apr 19420100FiumeExercises with the submarine Diaspro, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Apr 19421215Fiume23 Apr 19422005Fiume29Exercises, escorted by torpedo boat T.3 and the auxiliary Trau.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Apr 19420930Fiume25 Apr 19420010Fiume58Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Apr 19421950Fiume28 Apr 19420035Fiume29Exercises with the submarines Diaspro and Giada escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario1 May 19420756Fiume2 May 19420055Fiume35Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario5 May 19420930Fiume6 May 19420041Fiume76Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Vannutelli, Mario7 May 19421233Fiume7 May 19421520Fiume16,5Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario9 May 19420952Fiume9 May 19421236Fiume16Exercises with the submarine Jalea, escorted by torpedo boat T.3.

Vannutelli, Mario12 May 19421028Fiume13 May 19420221Fiume61Exercises with submarines Giada and Diaspro, escorted by torpedo boat T.3.

Vannutelli, Mario14 May 19421322Fiume15 May 19420255Fiume54Exercises with the submarine Diaspro, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario16 May 19420645Fiume16 May 19421540Fiume50Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 May 19421333Fiume19 May 19421537Fiume11,6Exercises with the submarine Serpente escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario19 May 19422120Fiume20 May 19420200FiumeExercises with the submarine Serpente, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario20 May 19421400Fiume21 May 19420130FiumeExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 May 19421412Fiume22 May 19420310Fiume38,5Exercises with the submarine Serpente, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario23 May 19420800Fiume23 May 19421407Fiume29,9Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario26 May 19420841Fiume27 May 19420531Fiume69Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Vannutelli, Mario28 May 19421345Fiume29 May 19420045Fiume42,5Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario30 May 19420715Fiume30 May 19421038Fiume14,7Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Jun 19421415Fiume3 Jun 19420025Fiume36Exercises with the submarine Serpente, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario4 Jun 19420820Fiume4 Jun 19421620Fiume13,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Jun 19420900Fiume6 Jun 19421552Fiume15Exercises with the submarines Ascianghi and Serpente, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Jun 19420920Fiume10 Jun 19420203Fiume45,5Exercises with the submarine Serpente, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Jun 19420800Fiume13 Jun 19420115Fiume38Exercises with the submarine Serpente, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Jun 19420855Fiume15 Jun 19422055Fiume12Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Jun 19420937Fiume17 Jun 19421629Fiume11,3Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Jun 19421203Fiume19 Jun 19421915Fiume13Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario25 Jun 19421520Fiume26 Jun 19420154Fiume47,3Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Jun 19420824Fiume27 Jun 19421726Fiume30,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Jun 19421415Fiume1 Jul 19420157Fiume41,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario1 Jul 19420610Fiume1 Jul 19421203Pola58Passage Fiume-Pola.

16Vannutelli, Mario2 Jul 19421313Pola3 Jul 19420929Pola105,5Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch).

17Vannutelli, Mario3 Jul 19421815Pola4 Jul 19420910Pola78Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch).

Vannutelli, Mario6 Jul 19421357Pola6 Jul 19421943Pola15Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Jul 19420800Pola10 Jul 19420139Pola32Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Jul 19421540Pola12 Jul 19420905Pola60,5Exercises.

18Vannutelli, Mario14 Jul 19421830Pola15 Jul 19420925Pola58,5Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch).

Vannutelli, Mario16 Jul 19420830Pola16 Jul 19421230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario16 Jul 19421813Pola16 Jul 19422300Pola31Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Jul 19421322Pola19 Jul 19421840Pola18Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Jul 19420704Pola22 Jul 19422000Pola18,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Jul 19421330Pola23 Jul 19421835Pola15Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Jul 19421400Pola28 Jul 19421820Pola14,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Aug 19421810Pola3 Aug 19422230Pola20Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Aug 19420815Pola6 Aug 19421125Pola25,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Aug 19421412Pola7 Aug 19420720Pola93Exercises.

19Vannutelli, Mario7 Aug 19421955Pola8 Aug 19420723Pola93Defensive patrol (hydrophone watch).

Vannutelli, Mario8 Aug 19420845Pola8 Aug 19421537Pola34,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario11 Aug 19420855Pola11 Aug 19421841Pola33,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Aug 19420814Pola15 Aug 19421457Pola51Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Aug 19420800Pola18 Aug 19420959Pola22Exercises.

20Vannutelli, Mario20 Aug 19421405Pola21 Aug 19420900Venice82,8Passage Pola-Venice and defensive patrol (hydrophone watch).

Vannutelli, Mario22 Aug 19422300Venice23 Aug 19420700Pola73,5Passage Venice-Pola.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Aug 19420755Pola27 Aug 19421337Pola29,5Exercises with the torpedo boat Fortunale, the destroyer Francesco Crispi and the motor boat R.R.90.

Vannutelli, Mario29 Aug 19420750Pola29 Aug 19421501Pola38,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario31 Aug 19420810Pola31 Aug 19421404Pola18Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Sep 19420840Pola3 Sep 19421718Pola16Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Sep 19420652Pola6 Sep 19421207Pola6Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Sep 19420652Pola7 Sep 19421204Pola6Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario8 Sep 19421705Pola8 Sep 19421721Pola2,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario11 Sep 19421405Pola11 Sep 19421809Pola17Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario14 Sep 19420707Pola14 Sep 19422332Pola48Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Sep 19420755Pola18 Sep 19422120Pola55,3Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Sep 19420810Pola19 Sep 19421205PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Sep 19420459Pola22 Sep 19421730Pola73,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario25 Sep 19420610Pola25 Sep 19421830Pola59,2Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Sep 19420800Pola29 Sep 19420050Pola45Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Sep 19420800Pola30 Sep 19422358Pola73,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Oct 19420800Pola5 Oct 19421731Pola72Exercises with the torpedo boat Uragano and the tug Parenzo towing a target.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Oct 19420800Pola7 Oct 19421330Pola35,05Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Oct 19420800Pola9 Oct 19421434Pola56,05Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Oct 19420800Pola10 Oct 19421300Pola51Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Oct 19420800Pola12 Oct 19421110Pola31,05Sonar exercises with the torpedo boats Uragano and San Martino and the tugs Marittimo and Parenzo.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Oct 19420800Pola15 Oct 19421800Pola32Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Oct 19420800Pola19 Oct 19421330Pola27,05Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Oct 19420850Pola21 Oct 19421330Pola17Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Oct 19420825Pola23 Oct 19421440Pola29Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Oct 19420800Pola24 Oct 19421400Pola51,2Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario26 Oct 19420800Pola26 Oct 19421515Pola22Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Oct 19420800Pola28 Oct 19421330Pola39Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Nov 19420800Pola2 Nov 19421330Pola28Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Nov 19420500Pola3 Nov 19422200Fiume137Passage Pola-Fiume.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Nov 19420733Fiume5 Nov 19421320Fiume21Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Nov 19420640Fiume6 Nov 19421128Fiume12Exercises, then docked.

Vannutelli, Mario8 Nov 19421200Fiume8 Nov 19421200FiumeLeft the dock.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Nov 19420820Fiume9 Nov 19421700Fiume42Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Nov 19421030Fiume10 Nov 19421530Fiume16Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario11 Nov 19420730Fiume11 Nov 19421230Pola70Passage Fiume-Pola.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Nov 19420500Pola12 Nov 19421720Pola23Exercises with the torpedo boat Orione and the tug Parenzo.

21Vannutelli, Mario14 Nov 19421400Pola15 Nov 19421035Pola150Hydrophone watch.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Nov 19420630Pola19 Nov 19421620Pola50Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Nov 19420635Pola21 Nov 19422006Pola42Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Nov 19420800Pola23 Nov 19421145Pola4Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario26 Nov 19420700Pola26 Nov 19421230Pola29Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Nov 19420707Pola28 Nov 19421900Pola26Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Nov 19420720Pola30 Nov 19421740Pola25Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario11 Dec 19420705Pola11 Dec 19421130Pola24Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Dec 19420800Pola15 Dec 19420915Pola7Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario17 Dec 19420800Pola17 Dec 19421700Pola23Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Dec 19420800Pola18 Dec 19421730Pola30Trials.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Dec 19420840Pola19 Dec 19421500Pola40Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Dec 19421300Pola22 Dec 19421700Pola23,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Dec 19420745Pola24 Dec 19421200Pola11,5Exercises.

22Vannutelli, Mario28 Dec 19421115Venice31 Dec 19420735Pola270,7Hydrophone watch off Istrian coast. Uneventful.

Vannutelli, Mario4 Jan 19431304Pola4 Jan 19431710Pola23Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario7 Jan 19430800Pola7 Jan 19431700Pola35Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario9 Jan 19430805Pola9 Jan 19431137Pola19,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario13 Jan 19431230Pola13 Jan 19431715Pola24Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario15 Jan 19431230Pola15 Jan 19431530Pola21Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario16 Jan 19431235Pola16 Jan 19431715Pola21Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario19 Jan 19431240Pola19 Jan 19431703Pola18Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario20 Jan 19431230Pola20 Jan 19431630Pola14Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Jan 19431230Pola21 Jan 19431645Pola21Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario26 Jan 19430830Pola26 Jan 19431630Pola26Exercises with the torpedo boats Tifone and T.3 and the tug Molara.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Jan 19431230Pola27 Jan 19431640Pola16Exercises with the torpedo boats Tifone and Pegaso and the tug Molara.

Vannutelli, Mario28 Jan 19430830Pola28 Jan 19431610Pola32Exercises with the torpedo boats Tifone and Pegaso and the tug Atleta.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Jan 19431230Pola30 Jan 19431625Pola14Exercises with torpedo boat Tifone, the auxiliary Aurora and the tug Molara.

Vannutelli, Mario31 Jan 19430830Pola31 Jan 19431200Pola13Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario4 Feb 19430830Pola4 Feb 19431130PolaExercises with the torpedo boats Tifone and Pegaso as well as tugs no.90 and Molara.

Vannutelli, Mario4 Feb 19431500Pola4 Feb 19431730Pola40Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Feb 19430800Pola6 Feb 19431630Pola40Exercises with torpedo boat Pegaso and the auxiliary Aurora.

Vannutelli, Mario8 Feb 19431230Pola8 Feb 19431630Pola23Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Feb 19431230Pola10 Feb 19431630Pola23Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario11 Feb 19431230Pola11 Feb 19431630Pola23Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Feb 19430700Pola18 Feb 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Feb 19431400Pola18 Feb 19431730Pola52Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario20 Feb 19430700Pola20 Feb 19431200Pola27Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Feb 19430800Pola22 Feb 19431215PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Feb 19431330Pola22 Feb 19431800Pola52Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Feb 19430800Pola24 Feb 19431100PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario24 Feb 19431330Pola24 Feb 19431545Pola32Exercises [mileage from 0800 hours on 24th February].

23Vannutelli, Mario25 Feb 19431430Pola26 Feb 19430930VenicePassage Pola-Venice and defensive patrol (hydrophone watch).

24Vannutelli, Mario26 Feb 19432330Venice27 Feb 19430700Pola172Passage Venice-Pola and defensive patrol (hydrophone watch) [mileage from 25th February].

Vannutelli, Mario1 Mar 19430800Pola1 Mar 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario1 Mar 19431345Pola1 Mar 19431600Pola42Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario3 Mar 19430800Pola3 Mar 19431215PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Mar 19431345Pola3 Mar 19431815Pola58Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario5 Mar 19430800Pola5 Mar 19431215PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Mar 19431400Pola5 Mar 19431800Pola45Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario8 Mar 19430800Pola8 Mar 19431215PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario8 Mar 19431345Pola8 Mar 19431800Pola49Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario10 Mar 19430800Pola10 Mar 19431215PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario10 Mar 19431345Pola10 Mar 19431800Pola56Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario12 Mar 19430800Pola12 Mar 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Mar 19431345Pola12 Mar 19431800Pola52Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario16 Mar 19430800Pola16 Mar 19431245PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario16 Mar 19431315Pola16 Mar 19432030Pola45Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario18 Mar 19430800Pola18 Mar 19431230Pola24Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Mar 19430800Pola22 Mar 19431215PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Mar 19431345Pola22 Mar 19431815Pola46Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Mar 19430700Pola23 Mar 19431100PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario23 Mar 19431500Pola23 Mar 19431900Pola41Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Mar 19430800Pola30 Mar 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario30 Mar 19431500Pola30 Mar 19432300Pola57Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Apr 19430800Pola2 Apr 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario2 Apr 19431500Pola2 Apr 19432300Pola54Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Apr 19430800Pola5 Apr 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Apr 19431430Pola5 Apr 19431800Pola65Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario5 Apr 19432055Pola5 Apr 19432255PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario6 Apr 19430930Pola6 Apr 19431130Pola8Demagnetization.

Vannutelli, Mario8 Apr 19430800Pola8 Apr 19431200Pola31Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Apr 19430800Pola12 Apr 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario12 Apr 19431700Pola12 Apr 19432200Pola64Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario14 Apr 19430800Pola14 Apr 19431230PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario14 Apr 19431400Pola14 Apr 19431730Pola60Exercises [mileage for day].

Vannutelli, Mario16 Apr 19430745Pola16 Apr 19431000Pola21Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario21 Apr 19431500Pola21 Apr 19431530Pola1Entered dock for long refit.

Vannutelli, Mario22 Jul 19431602Pola22 Jul 19432020Pola14,5Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario27 Jul 19430820Pola27 Jul 19431134Pola19Exercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Aug 19430820Pola3 Aug 19431150PolaExercises.

Vannutelli, Mario3 Aug 19431510Pola3 Aug 1943Time?PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo10 Aug 19430845Pola10 Aug 19431135PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo10 Aug 19431510Pola10 Aug 19431840PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo11 Aug 19430830Pola11 Aug 19431210PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo11 Aug 19431520Pola11 Aug 19431930PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo13 Aug 19430845Pola13 Aug 19431200PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo13 Aug 19431515Pola13 Aug 19431730PolaExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo14 Aug 19432220Pola15 Aug 19430545FiumePassage Pola-Fiume.

Scarelli, Rodolfo16 Aug 19430800Fiume17 Aug 19430340FiumeExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo18 Aug 19431100Fiume19 Aug 19430230FiumeExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo20 Aug 19430600Fiume21 Aug 19430105FiumeExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo23 Aug 19431030Fiume24 Aug 19430040FiumeExercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo30 Aug 19430147Sussa or Susak (Fiume)1 Sep 19430640Brindisi453Passage Sussa-Brindisi.
  30 Aug 19430850A German aircraft appeared and recognition signals were exchanged.

25Scarelli, Rodolfo7 Sep 19431819Brindisi11 Sep 19432040Taranto704Sailed for patrol then surrendered at Taranto. Apparently, was damaged by bombing attack.

Galzigna, Aredio12 Sep 19430940Taranto13 Sep 19432040Malta331Sailed with submarines Atropo and Jalea for transfer from Taranto to Malta for surrender. Escorted by the destroyers Riboty and HMS Troubridge.

Ridella, Giuseppe19 Nov 19431615Malta20 Nov 19431100Augusta125Passage Malta-Augusta with the submarines Brin, Squalo and Settembrini, escorted by the corvette Chimera.

Esmenard, Ugo23 Nov 19430640Augusta24 Nov 19431235Naples253,8Passage Augusta-Naples with the submarine Squalo and destroyer HMS Paladin for long refit.

Revedin, Marco17 Dec 1943Naples20 Apr 1944NaplesRefit in Naples. Change in command.

Girola, Carlo29 Apr 19441106Naples29 Apr 19441716Naples21Exercises.

Girola, Carlo15 Jul 19440850Naples15 Jul 19441708Naples27Trials.

Girola, Carlo21 Jul 19440830Naples21 Jul 19441530Naples0Gyrocompass tests.

Girola, Carlo30 Jul 19441734Naples31 Jul 19441858Augusta245,2Passage Naples-Augusta with the torpedo boat Fabrizi.

Girola, Carlo4 Aug 19440900Augusta5 Aug 19441628Taranto262Passage Augusta-Taranto with the corvette Cormorano.

Girola, Carlo7 Aug 19440755Taranto7 Aug 19441248Taranto37,5Trials.

Girola, Carlo11 Sep 19440800Taranto11 Sep 19441648Taranto53Trials.

Girola, Carlo15 Sep 19440805Taranto15 Sep 19441555Taranto39,5Trials.

Girola, Carlo26 Sep 19440740Taranto26 Sep 19441312Taranto37Trials.

Girola, Carlo6 Oct 19440809Taranto6 Oct 19441533Taranto28Exercises.

Girola, Carlo6 Oct 19440809Taranto6 Oct 19441533Taranto28Trials.

Girola, Carlo8 Oct 19440850Taranto8 Oct 19441442Taranto37Exercises.

Girola, Carlo8 Oct 19440850Taranto8 Oct 19441442Taranto37Trials.

Girola, Carlo15 Oct 19441223Taranto15 Oct 19441625Taranto26Exercises.

Girola, Carlo15 Oct 19441223Taranto15 Oct 19441625Taranto26Trials.

Girola, Carlo23 Oct 19441530Taranto23 Oct 19442137Taranto24Exercises.

Girola, Carlo29 Oct 19440723Taranto30 Oct 19441253Augusta248Passage Taranto-Augusta with the submarine Jalea and the torpedo boat Animoso.

Girola, Carlo3 Nov 19440630Augusta4 Nov 19441455Malta214,2Passage Augusta-Malta with the submarine Jalea and the armed trawler HMT Stroma.

Girola, Carlo7 Nov 19440608Malta7 Nov 19441348Malta59,5Sailed with the submarine Jalea for Port Said, but had to turn back due to defects.

Girola, Carlo9 Nov 19440600Malta9 Nov 19441630Malta81,5Trials.

Girola, Carlo11 Nov 19440800Malta11 Nov 19441130Malta22Trials.

Girola, Carlo12 Nov 19440630Malta12 Nov 19441330MaltaTrials.

Girola, Carlo13 Nov 19440555Malta17 Nov 19441035Alexandria892Passage Malta-Alexandria.

Girola, Carlo2 Dec 19441643Alexandria4 Dec 19440634Haifa312Passage Alexandria-Haifa with the submarine Zoea.

Girola, Carlo12 Dec 19440727Haifa12 Dec 19441325Haifa32,5Exercises.

Girola, Carlo13 Dec 19441630Haifa15 Dec 19440732Alexandria332Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Girola, Carlo18 Dec 19440710Alexandria18 Dec 19441448Alexandria44Exercises with the escort destroyers HMS Wheatland and RHS Kanaris.

Girola, Carlo21 Dec 19440930Alexandria21 Dec 19441650Alexandria44Exercises with the escort destroyer RHS Kanaris.

Girola, Carlo23 Dec 19440635Alexandria23 Dec 19441504Alexandria51,5Exercises with the sloop HMS Crane.

Girola, Carlo27 Dec 19440640Alexandria27 Dec 19441607AlexandriaDemagnetisation of the submarine.

Girola, Carlo28 Dec 19440744Alexandria28 Dec 19441624AlexandriaDemagnetisation of the submarine.

Girola, Carlo29 Dec 19440930Alexandria29 Dec 19441248AlexandriaTrials.

Girola, Carlo3 Jan 19450640Alexandria4 Jan 19451553Haifa322Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Girola, Carlo6 Jan 19450945Haifa7 Jan 19450117Haifa155Exercises.

Girola, Carlo9 Jan 19450745Haifa10 Jan 19451300Haifa190,5Exercises.

Girola, Carlo26 Jan 19450610Haifa27 Jan 19450110Haifa184Exercises.

Girola, Carlo28 Jan 19451245Haifa29 Jan 19450105Haifa109Exercises.

Girola, Carlo4 Feb 19451022Haifa4 Feb 19451522Haifa33Exercises.

Girola, Carlo5 Feb 19451244Haifa5 Feb 19452230Haifa90Exercises.

Girola, Carlo8 Feb 19451222Haifa8 Feb 19451939Haifa69Exercises.

Girola, Carlo9 Feb 19451230Haifa9 Feb 19452110Haifa78Exercises.

Girola, Carlo13 Feb 19451240Haifa13 Feb 19451943Haifa54Exercises.

Girola, Carlo15 Feb 19451625Haifa17 Feb 19450645Alexandria333Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Girola, Carlo21 Feb 19451050Alexandria21 Feb 19451755Alexandria48Exercises with the destroyer HMS Penn and the frigate HMS Usk.

Girola, Carlo1 Mar 19450815Alexandria3 Mar 19450900AlexandriaDocked.

Girola, Carlo3 Mar 19451000Alexandria4 Mar 19451410Haifa308Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Girola, Carlo23 Mar 19451135Haifa23 Mar 19452142Haifa105Exercises.

Girola, Carlo24 Mar 19451140Haifa24 Mar 19452115Haifa92Exercises.

Girola, Carlo27 Mar 19451135Haifa27 Mar 19452113Haifa101Exercises.

Girola, Carlo30 Mar 19451133Haifa30 Mar 19451645Haifa55Exercises.

Girola, Carlo5 Apr 19451130Haifa5 Apr 19452150Haifa107Exercises.

Girola, Carlo6 Apr 19451135Haifa6 Apr 19452135Haifa100Exercises.

Girola, Carlo7 Apr 19451139Haifa7 Apr 19452142Haifa85Exercises.

Girola, Carlo10 Apr 19451132Haifa10 Apr 19452130Haifa90Exercises.

Girola, Carlo11 Apr 19451135Haifa11 Apr 19452155Haifa90Exercises.

Girola, Carlo17 Apr 19451135Haifa17 Apr 19452236Haifa112Exercises.

Girola, Carlo18 Apr 19451240Haifa18 Apr 19452245Haifa95Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio24 Apr 19451235Haifa24 Apr 19452206Haifa82Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio2 May 19451301Haifa2 May 19452045Haifa70Exercises.

Parodi, Eugenio5 May 19450740Haifa6 May 19451510Alexandria333Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Parodi, Eugenio7 May 19450645Alexandria7 May 19451514Alexandria50Exercises with the destroyer HMS Javelin. Cut short as the destroyer's sonar failed.

Parodi, Eugenio10 May 19450645Alexandria10 May 19451430Alexandria41Exercises with the destroyer HMS Javelin.

Parodi, Eugenio14 May 19450648Alexandria14 May 19451442Alexandria55Exercises with the destroyer HMS Javelin.

Parodi, Eugenio18 May 19450705Alexandria18 May 19451350Alexandria53Exercises with the escort destroyer HMS Liddesdale.

Parodi, Eugenio25 May 19451320Alexandria25 May 19451638AlexandriaTrials.

Parodi, Eugenio26 May 19450650Alexandria27 May 19451552Haifa313Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Parodi, Eugenio18 Jun 19452335Haifa18 Jun 19450945Alexandria313Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Parodi, Eugenio22 Jun 19450715Alexandria22 Jun 19451835Alexandria78Exercises with 837 Squadron of the Fleet Air Arm.

Parodi, Eugenio7 Jul 19450653Alexandria7 Jul 19451424Alexandria50,5Exercises with the minesweeper HMS Welfare.

Parodi, Eugenio17 Jul 19451040Alexandria17 Jul 19451820Alexandria61,5Exercises with the escort destroyers HMS Farndale and HMS Calpe.

Parodi, Eugenio20 Jul 19450640Alexandria20 Jul 19451500Alexandria50Exercises with the destroyer HMS Liddesdale.

Parodi, Eugenio26 Jul 19450740Alexandria26 Jul 19451500Alexandria46Exercises with the sloop HMS HMS Hind.

Parodi, Eugenio29 Jul 19450650Alexandria29 Jul 19451445Alexandria47Exercises with the sloop HMS HMS Hind.

Parodi, Eugenio30 Jul 19450700Alexandria30 Jul 19451423Alexandria44,6Exercises with the sloop HMS HMS Hind.

Parodi, Eugenio2 Aug 19451329Alexandria4 Aug 19450818Haifa363Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Parodi, Eugenio17 Aug 19451405Haifa17 Aug 19451745Haifa22Trials.

Parodi, Eugenio21 Sep 19451743Haifa23 Sep 19451155Alexandria311Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Parodi, Eugenio6 Oct 19450606Alexandria10 Oct 19451315Brindisi859Passage Alexandria-Brindisi.

358 entries. 340 total patrol entries (25 marked as war patrols) and 28 events.

All Italian submarines