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Amedeo Stinchi

Born  23 Nov 1910Naples


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


25 Sep 1940 Croce di guerra al valore militare
20 Nov 1941 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
4 Jul 1943 Croce di guerra al valore militare
7 Feb 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare

Career information

BARBARIGO (T.V. First Officer): from 26.09.1938 to ?
SERPENTE (T.V. resp.): from 01.12.1941 to 10.01.1942 (refit at Naples).
FRATELLI BANDIERA (T.V. resp.): from 08.12.1941 to 28.12.1941 (refit at Naples).
Promoted to C.C. on ?
ENRICO TOTI (C.C. C.O.): from 20.05.1942 to 18.08.1942.
SANTORRE DI SANTAROSA (C.C. C.O.): from 15.08.1942 to 04.12.1942. From 05.12.1942 to at least January 1943, served as Second in Command of 2° GRUPSOM (Naples).

Commands listed for Amedeo Stinchi

Submarine Type Rank From To
Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.1 Dec 1941
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)Ocean goingT.V.8 Dec 194128 Dec 1941
Enrico Toti (TO)Ocean goingC.C.20 May 194218 Aug 1942
Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)Ocean goingC.C.15 Aug 19424 Dec 1942

Ships hit by Amedeo Stinchi

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Amedeo Stinchi

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)1 Dec 1941Naples1 Dec 1941NaplesRefit in Naples.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)8 Dec 1941Naples28 Dec 1941NaplesRefit at Naples. Change in command.

Enrico Toti (TO)22 May 19420930Monfalcone22 May 19421645Monfalcone47Trials.

Enrico Toti (TO)27 May 19420836Monfalcone27 May 19421545Pola67Passage Monfalcone-Pola with the submarine Ascianghi.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 May 19420648Pola28 May 19422320Pola93Trials escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Enrico Toti (TO)29 May 19421130Pola29 May 19421350Pola4Trials.

Enrico Toti (TO)30 May 19421110Pola30 May 19421640Monfalcone67Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Enrico Toti (TO)11 Jun 19420936Monfalcone11 Jun 19421825Monfalcone54,7Trials.

Enrico Toti (TO)18 Jun 19420940Monfalcone18 Jun 19421706Pola67Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Enrico Toti (TO)22 Jun 19420909Pola23 Jun 19421740Brindisi369,4Passage Pola-Brindisi.

Enrico Toti (TO)24 Jun 19420010Brindisi24 Jun 19421325Taranto142,1Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Enrico Toti (TO)26 Jun 19420830Taranto26 Jun 19421508Taranto?Gyrocompass tests.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 Jun 19421020Taranto28 Jun 19421715Taranto28,5Exercises.

Enrico Toti (TO)29 Jun 19421550Taranto29 Jun 19421742Taranto4,5Exercises.

1.Enrico Toti (TO)30 Jun 19421125Taranto5 Jul 19422030Derna (harbour entrance)608Supply mission to Derna (61 tons of German petrol and 4.5 tons of foodstuff) but as she arrived there she was ordered to proceed to Ras Hilal. ULTRA sigint had learnt that Toti was used to transport stores to Derna, passing through 33°34'N, 22°29'E.
  3 Jul 19421425The submarine sighted an unknown aircraft and dived immediately.

2.Enrico Toti (TO)5 Jul 19422030Derna6 Jul 19420545Ras Hilal60Passage Derna-Ras Hilal. Uneventful. She disembarked part of her cargo (petrol in jerrycans) but was then ordered to re-embark it and deliver it at Tobruk.

3.Enrico Toti (TO)6 Jul 19421109Ras Hilal6 Jul 19422045Ras Hilal1Changed anchorage.

4.Enrico Toti (TO)7 Jul 19420802Ras Hilal7 Jul 19420821Ras Hilal0,2Changed anchorage.

5.Enrico Toti (TO)8 Jul 19422235Ras Hilal9 Jul 19420930Tobruk104Passage Ras Hilal-Tobruk. Uneventful. Disembarked her cargo except for 205 jerrycans of petrol.

6.Enrico Toti (TO)9 Jul 19421945Tobruk10 Jul 19421100Ras Hilal110Passage Tobruk-Ras Hilal. She unloaded her remaining 205 jerrycans of petrol.

7.Enrico Toti (TO)10 Jul 19422000Ras Hilal13 Jul 19421340Taranto627,7Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk.
  12 Jul 19420923
(0) About 70 miles west of Zante.
An aircraft suddenly appeared and flew only 50 metres from the submarine, which had time to fire seven machine gun rounds before checking fire, when it was observed to be German.
  12 Jul 1942DuskA submarine was observed in the distance and recognised as Santorre Di Santarosa.

Enrico Toti (TO)28 Jul 19420800Taranto28 Jul 19421636Taranto72,2Trials.

8.Enrico Toti (TO)31 Jul 19421100Taranto3 Aug 19420750Tobruk702,5Supply mission to Tobruk (61 tons of Italian petrol, 3.7 tons of anti-tank ammunition and 1.5 ton of valuables).
  1 Aug 19421535
(0) South of Strait of Otranto.
An unknown steamer was sighted. The submarine altered course to avoid being seen.

9.Enrico Toti (TO)3 Aug 19421800Tobruk6 Aug 19421340Taranto1372,5Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk. Uneventful. Heard only H.E. of an expected convoy.

Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)22 Sep 19420800Taranto22 Sep 19421700Taranto60Exercises.

10.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)24 Sep 19421100Taranto27 Sep 19420801BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi with 75.1 tons of ammunition (German sources give 13.5 ton of ammunition for Air Force and 63.2 tons of ammunition for Army).
  26 Sep 19420745An unidentified aircraft was sighted at a range of 6,000 metres, forcing the submarine to dive.
  27 Sep 19421820
(0) Off Benghazi.
The submarine had just left Benghazi, when she witnessed an air raid on the harbour. Prudently, Stinchi took her down.

11.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)27 Sep 19421636Benghazi30 Sep 19421515Taranto1143Return trip to from supply mission to Benghazi [mileage is for round trip].
  27 Sep 19421820
(0) Off Benghazi.
The submarine had just left Benghazi, when she witnessed an air raid on the harbour. Prudently, Stinchi took her down.
  29 Sep 19420230A hospital ship was sighted.

Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)14 Oct 19420811Taranto14 Oct 19421230Taranto25Exercises.

Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)16 Oct 19421111Taranto16 Oct 19421347Taranto10Exercises.

12.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)17 Oct 19421100Taranto20 Oct 19420900BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi (69.3 tons: 44.3 tons of ammunition and 25 tons of German lubricating oil).
  18 Oct 19420625An Italian convoy was sighted at 12,000 metres and the submarine dived to avoid an incident.
  18 Oct 19421406An unidentified aircraft was sighted at a distance of 12,000 metres and the submarine dived.

13.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)20 Oct 19421600Benghazi23 Oct 19421540Taranto1195Return trip to from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

14.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)31 Oct 19421115Taranto4 Nov 19420950TobrukSupply mission to Tobruk with 69.7 tons of German ammunition.
  2 Nov 19422000The Italian hospital ship Virgilio (11,718 GRT, built 1928) was sighted.
  2 Nov 19422135-2150Two vessels were sighted, one believed to be an F-lighter, probably from an Italo-German convoy. Stinchi prudently elected to dive.
  3 Nov 19420455Another Italo-German convoy was sighted and the submarine turned away.
  3 Nov 19420618
(0) Near Tobruk.
Many aircraft were observed flying toward Tobruk and the submarine dived.

15.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)4 Nov 19421912Tobruk7 Nov 19421625Taranto1444Return trip from supply mission to Tobruk [mileage is for round trip].
  5 Nov 19420800-1110Many Axis aircraft were sighted and the submarine exchanged signals with some of them.

16.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)18 Nov 19420140Taranto21 Nov 19420800BueratSupply mission to Buerat (61 tons: 35.6 tons of ammunition and 25.4 tons of petrol for the German Army).
  21 Nov 19420745
0737.5 (e)

(e) 31° 27'N, 15° 45'E
One torpedo torpedo track, was sighted and immediately after two more. The submarine reacted by a full turn to port and avoided them. Actually four torpedoes were fired by HMS P 44 (Lt. T.L. Barlow, RN).

17.Santorre Di Santarosa (SN)23 Nov 19421730Buerat26 Nov 19421545Taranto1501Return trip from supply mission to Buerat. Then refit in Taranto [mileage is for round trip].
  26 Nov 19420530
(0) Off Cape Colonne.
The submarine Ciro Menotti was sighted and recognition signals were exchanged.

42 entries. 35 total patrol entries (17 marked as war patrols) and 17 events.

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