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Carlo Girola

Born  6 Sep 1914La Spezia


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


20 Aug 1940 Croce di guerra al valore militare
22 Mar 1943 Croce di guerra al valore militare
5 Jan 1945 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
15 Apr 1945 Croce di guerra al valore militare
15 Mar 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare
12 Apr 1946 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

PIETRO CALVI (S.T.V. officer): from 10.02.1940 to ?
GIUSEPPE FINZI (S.T.V. officer): from 01.06.1940 to July 1940+.
Promoted to T.V. on ? SERPENTE (T.V. First Officer): from 30.03.1942 to April 1942+.
NICHELIO (T.V. C.O.): from 06.08.1942 to 22.06.1943
F.R.115 (T.V. resp.): from ? to 13.07.1943+.
F.R.113 (T.V. C.O.): from 13.07.1943 to 24.07.1943
SQUALO (T.V. C.O.): from 25.07.1943 to 18.11.1943.
FRATELLI BANDIERA (T.V. C.O.): from 21.04.1944 to 18.04.1945.

Commands listed for Carlo Girola

Submarine Type Rank From To
Nichelio (NC)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.6 Aug 194222 Jun 1943
FR 113 (ex-Requin) ()T.V.13 Jul 194324 Jul 1943
Squalo (SQ)Ocean goingT.V.25 Jul 194318 Nov 1943
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)Ocean goingT.V.21 Apr 194418 Apr 1945

Ships hit by Carlo Girola

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Carlo Girola

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Nichelio (NC)7 Aug 19420837La Spezia7 Aug 19421359La Spezia50,5Trials.

Nichelio (NC)8 Aug 19420913La Spezia8 Aug 19421651La Spezia84Trials.

Nichelio (NC)10 Aug 19420844La Spezia10 Aug 19421806La Spezia50Trials.

Nichelio (NC)13 Aug 19420923La Spezia13 Aug 19421638La Spezia52Trials escorted by MAS 509.

Nichelio (NC)17 Aug 19421137La Spezia17 Aug 19421853La Spezia38Trials.

Nichelio (NC)20 Aug 19420815La Spezia20 Aug 19421740La Spezia45Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)21 Aug 19420814La Spezia21 Aug 19421652La Spezia34Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)26 Aug 19420825La Spezia26 Aug 19421810La Spezia45Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)28 Aug 19420820La Spezia28 Aug 19421715La Spezia45Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)29 Aug 19420840La Spezia29 Aug 19421828La Spezia6Trials.

Nichelio (NC)29 Aug 19422015La Spezia30 Aug 19420042La Spezia49Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)31 Aug 19420837La Spezia31 Aug 19421502La Spezia35Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)2 Sep 19420750La Spezia2 Sep 19421127La Spezia91,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)3 Sep 19420844La Spezia3 Sep 19421630La Spezia63,2Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)4 Sep 19420834La Spezia4 Sep 19421300La Spezia23Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)7 Sep 19421214La Spezia7 Sep 19421916La Spezia43,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)8 Sep 19420918La Spezia8 Sep 19421510La Spezia35Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)9 Sep 19421910La Spezia10 Sep 19420105La Spezia40,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)11 Sep 19420845La Spezia11 Sep 19421607La Spezia30,5Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)15 Sep 19420006La Spezia17 Sep 19420820Cagliari352Passage La Spezia-Cagliari.

Nichelio (NC)21 Sep 19420756Cagliari21 Sep 19421240Cagliari28Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)24 Sep 19420750Cagliari24 Sep 19421443Cagliari47,5Exercises.

1.Nichelio (NC)25 Sep 19421800Cagliari14 Oct 19420937Cagliari1261,3Patrolled between 37°00'N and 37°30'N, 02°00'E and 02°20'E, 50 miles north of Cape Blanc.
  26 Sep 19420818At 0818 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  26 Sep 19421120At 1120 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  9 Oct 1942213537° 31'N, 2° 17'EAn Italian submarineof the ASTERIA class was sighted. Nichelio turned away.

This was actually Argento.
  11 Oct 1942214837° 50'N, 2° 14'EAt 2148 hours, a small vessel, believed to be a torpedo-boat or corvette, was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres, proceeding at 18 knots.

Nichelio was getting ready to fire her stern torpedoes when, at 2149 hours, a second vessel appeared and was going straight for the submarine as she crash-dived. At 2151 hours, five depth-charges were heard but they were not close.

Nichelio (NC)23 Oct 19420807Cagliari23 Oct 19421134Cagliari22Exercises.

2.Nichelio (NC)29 Oct 19420159Cagliari31 Oct 19420810Cagliari322,5Patrolled in 37°40'N, 08°50'E on a patrol line with Argo, Porfido and Asteria but recalled at 2030 hours on the 30th.
  29 Oct 19421022At 1022 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.

3.Nichelio (NC)7 Nov 19420330Cagliari17 Nov 19420810Cagliari1736,1Patrolled off Bougie, between 37°40'N and 38°00'N, and between 06°40'E and 07°00'E, but shortly after moved to 37°45'N to 04°00'E. T.V. Girola was reprimanded for lack of determination during this patrol.
  8 Nov 19420851At 0851 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  8 Nov 19421008At 1008 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 8,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  10 Nov 19422155At 2155 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 8,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  11 Nov 19420807At 0807 hours, a submarine of the ASTERIA class was observed through the periscope.
  12 Nov 1942013037° 45'N, 6° 58'EAt 0130 hours, three vessels heard with the hydrophones. The submarine did not sight anything, but later heard depth-charges.
  15 Nov 1942212038° 05'N, 7° 05'EAt 2120 hours, two vessels believed to be A/S vessels were heard. The submarine remained submerged, on listening watch.

4.Nichelio (NC)23 Nov 19420016Cagliari4 Dec 19421408Cagliari1105,7Patrolled off Bougie between 37°20'N and the Algerian coast, and between 03°00'E and 03°20'E until 31st December, then to area between 37°20'N and the Algerian coast, and between 06°20'E and 06°40'E.
  23 Nov 19421305At 1305 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 8,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  23 Nov 19421347At 1347 hours, two aircraft were seen at a distance of 10,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  23 Nov 19421631At 1631 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 10,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  24 Nov 1942111237° 09'N, 6° 20'EAt 1112 hours, an MTB steering 245° at 12 knots, was sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. It was followed two minutes later, by a motor ship of about 600-800 tons, sighted at 1,500 metres.
  26 Nov 1942091536° 57'N, 5° 25'EAt 0915 hours, British corvette was sighted. It was first detected with hydrophones at 0646 hours. T.V. Girola decided not to attack a small vessel.
  30 Nov 1942120537° 15'N, 3° 06'EAt 1205 hours, a 200-ton steamer, probably a fishing vessel, was sighted. Again, T.V. Girola decided not to attack a small vessel.
  3 Dec 1942195837° 18'N, 6° 27'EAt 1958 hours, a large MTB was sighted at 400-500 metres.

Nichelio (NC)5 Dec 19420756Cagliari6 Dec 19420810Naples276Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Nichelio (NC)27 Dec 19420855Naples27 Dec 19421337Naples25,8Trials.

Nichelio (NC)4 Jan 19431133Naples4 Jan 19431625Castellammare di Stabia40Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia and exercises.

Nichelio (NC)5 Jan 19430810Castellammare di Stabia5 Jan 19430945Naples17Passage Castellammare di Stabia-Naples.

Nichelio (NC)5 Jan 19431514Naples6 Jan 19431438Cagliari270Passage Naples-Cagliari.

5.Nichelio (NC)11 Jan 19431805Cagliari19 Jan 19432110Cagliari730Patrolled in western Mediterranean between 37°20'N and Algerian coast, and between 06°00'E and 06°20'E, on a patrol line with Wolframio.
  17 Jan 19431902
1923 (e)
37° 20'N, 6° 20'EAt 1902 hours, the lookout aft spotted an aircraft coming from the south. Although it could have been a Junker 88, T.V. Girola ordered the submarine to crash-dive.

At 1910 hours, Nichelio surfaced and proceeded northward.

At 1918 hours, an aircraft was sighted on the port bow at a distance, making directly for the submarine. There was no time to crash-dive and Girola ordered the machine guns manned and they opened fire at a range of 1,000 metres. The aircraft was identified as of the Armstrong Whitworth [Whitley] type.

At 1919 hours, it flew over at a height of 30-40 metres and dropped five bombs. One fell 20 metres off the starboard bow, bomb fragments hit the submarine, causing a leak forward which prevented diving. The aircraft was observed to fire back at the submarine with its stern gun.

At 1922 hours, the aircraft flew over the submarine at a height of 2,000 metres without dropping a bomb.

At 1955 hours, the aircraft attempted a surprise attack, dropping a single bomb which fell 50 metres from the port beam.

At 2005 hours, it flew at a height of 50 metres and, reaching 100 metres on the port side,it strafed the submarine. Fire was returned with the twin Breda machine-guns aft. The submarine could not used the deck gun due to the poor condition of the ammunition.

At 2020 hours, the leak forward had been plugged and the submarine dived and gradually reached 100 metres to test her water tightness.

At 0223 hours on the 18th, she received the order to return to base.

The aircraft was Hudson 'J' of 500 Squadron piloted by Flight Lieutenant H.G. Holmes. It had detected the submarine by radar, at a range of 5 miles, attacking by taking advantage of the moonlight. It had actually dropped three depth charges, which overshot the target on the first run. One 250-lb G.P. bomb was released from 1,600 feet on the second run and missed the starboard bow by 20 feet. The bomber had also strafed Nichelio, who replied inaccurately on the first run, using both cannon and machine-guns, but her aim became more accurate afterward, although the aircraft was not hit.

The submarine was actually hit by three depth-charges, one of which was found imbedded in the bow after her return to Cagliari; the other two did not explode. The A/S bomb also caused some damage requiring the submarine to return to Naples for repairs, which would take nearly a month.
  18 Jan 19431355
1349 (e)
38° 02'N, 6° 29'EAt 1355 hours, an aircraft was sighted at a high altitude. It dived on the submarine, releasing a single bomb, which missed by 300 metres ahead. It was identified as of the Armstrong Whitworth [Whitley] type. Nichelio submerged at 1356 hours and, two minutes later, at a depth of 80 meters, she was shaken by three depth charges without incurring damage.

The aircraft was Hudson 'K' of 608 Squadron piloted by Lieutenant E.U. Johansen. It followed up the earlier attack by the 500 Squadron Hudson and sighted a surfacing U-boat of the GEMMA class at 1345 hours. The attack was made with an A/S bomb which exploded 100-150 yards ahead of the sub. The submarine immediately dived The Hudson followed up by releasing a stick of depth charges, without observing results. It released a smoke float and stayed on the scene observing until a later attack by Wellington 'S' of 150 Squadron.
  18 Jan 1943235538° 20'N, 6° 38'EAt 2355 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 3,000 metres. Nichelio was ready to open fire, when the aircraft turned away at a distance of 2,000 meters and the submarine dived immediately.
  19 Jan 1943081438° 48'N, 7° 21'EAt 0814 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 8,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  19 Jan 1943110038° 48'N, 7° 30'EAt 1100 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 6,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  19 Jan 19431330
(0) Probably ca. 50 miles SW of Cagliari.
At 1330 hours, an Italian aircraft was seen at 6,000 metres and exchanged recognition signals.

Nichelio (NC)21 Jan 19431600Cagliari22 Jan 19431700Naples288Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Nichelio (NC)19 Feb 19430810Naples19 Feb 19431718Naples86,5Trials.

Nichelio (NC)20 Feb 19431047Naples21 Feb 19430905La Maddalena253,5Passage Naples-La Maddalena.

Nichelio (NC)25 Feb 19430725La Maddalena25 Feb 19431305La Maddalena38Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)25 Feb 19431436La Maddalena25 Feb 19431617La Maddalena4Tests for fuel leak.

Nichelio (NC)27 Feb 19430731La Maddalena27 Feb 19431233La Maddalena35Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)7 Mar 19430911La Maddalena7 Mar 19431217La Maddalena20Trials.

Nichelio (NC)10 Mar 19430905La Maddalena10 Mar 19431220La Maddalena19Trials.

Nichelio (NC)12 Mar 19430807La Maddalena12 Mar 19431242La Maddalena18Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)15 Mar 19430804La Maddalena15 Mar 19431224La Maddalena22,5Exercises.

6.Nichelio (NC)18 Mar 19430125La Maddalena4 Apr 19431210La Maddalena1045,3Patrolled in western Mediterranean on a line with Gorgo, between 38°20'N and the Algerian coast, and between 05°40'E and 06°40'E [or between 37°40'N and 38°10'N, and between 05°50'E and 06°20'E?].
  20 Mar 1943014537° 58'N, 6° 04'EAt 0145 hours, a submarine was sighted steering 230° course, 2 knots. Nichelio turned away.
  21 Mar 1943110037° 53'N, 5° 43'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1100 hours, three Swedish relief ships including Formosa (7,033 GRT, 1921) and Carmen (?) were sighted at a distance of 3,000 metres. They had been first detected with hydrophones at 1035 hours.
  21 Mar 1943230037° 52'N, 6° 06'EAt 2300 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 3-4,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  22 Mar 1943222838° 17'N, 5° 47'EAt 2228 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 3-4,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  23 Mar 1943031238° 03'N, 5° 51'EAt 0312 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 3-4,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  25 Mar 1943111037° 25'N, 6° 22'EAt 1110 hours, two steamers towing balloons, were sighted at 15-20,000 metres. They passed out of range.
  25 Mar 1943122037° 25'N, 6° 22'EAt 1220 hours, a large steamer was sighted at 15-20,000 metres. It passed out of range.
  29 Mar 1943091037° 25'N, 6° 10'E
(0) Approximately.
From 0910 to 0932 hours, the submarine heard sixteen depth charges very close.
  30 Mar 1943024538° 01'N, 5° 54'EAt 0245 hours, two Swedish relief ships were sighted steering 270°.

Nichelio (NC)5 Apr 19431007La Maddalena6 Apr 19431020Naples230Passage La Maddalena-Naples.

Nichelio (NC)7 Apr 19430850Naples7 Apr 19431150Naples13Trials.

Nichelio (NC)20 Apr 19430905Naples20 Apr 19431625Pozzuoli43Trials and passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Nichelio (NC)2 May 19430807Pozzuoli2 May 19431040Pozzuoli11Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)5 May 19430226Pozzuoli6 May 19430630La Maddalena188,4Passage Pozzuoli-La Maddalena.

Nichelio (NC)10 May 19431030La Maddalena10 May 19431200Porto Palma6Passage La Maddalena-Porto Palma.

7.Nichelio (NC)15 May 19431830La Maddalena2 Jun 19430800La Maddalena716Patrolled in western Mediterranean between 38°40'N and 39°20'N, and between 06°20'E and 07°00'E (replaced Argento who was unable to sail due to engine defects). On 29th May, Nichelio and Gorgo were ordered to leave their patrol at 1400 hours on the 30th and return via Point B (Cape Scorno, Island of Asinara).
  16 May 1943225539° 53'N, 6° 40'EAt 2255 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 4-5,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  20 May 1943020038° 59'N, 6° 26'EAt 0200 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 4-5,000 metres and the submarine dived.
  30 May 1943184238° 39'N, 7° 08'EAt 1842 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 10,000 metres and the submarine dived.

Nichelio (NC)2 Jun 19431346La Maddalena2 Jun 19431416Porto Palma11Passage La Maddalena-Porto Palma.

Nichelio (NC)3 Jun 19430825Porto Palma3 Jun 19430925La Maddalena11Passage Porto Palma-La Maddalena.

Nichelio (NC)4 Jun 19432230La Maddalena6 Jun 19430810Naples230Passage La Maddalena-Naples.

Nichelio (NC)16 Jun 19431110Naples16 Jun 19431200Pozzuoli11Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Nichelio (NC)17 Jun 19430800Pozzuoli17 Jun 19431200Pozzuoli10Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)18 Jun 19430800Pozzuoli18 Jun 19431200Pozzuoli11,8Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)19 Jun 19431100Pozzuoli19 Jun 19431200Pozzuoli5,1Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)21 Jun 19430800Pozzuoli21 Jun 19431200Pozzuoli12Exercises.

Nichelio (NC)23 Jun 19430425Pozzuoli23 Jun 19431325Pozzuoli30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)29 Jul 19430720Brindisi29 Jul 19431050Brindisi14,5Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)31 Jul 19430750Brindisi31 Jul 19431135Brindisi16,5Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)3 Sep 19432110Brindisi5 Sep 19430750Taranto184,5Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

8.Squalo (SQ)7 Sep 19431415Taranto10 Sep 19431930Augusta450Sailed for patrol in southern Tyrrhenian Sea, off Cape Colonne, and arrived in Augusta to surrender.
  9 Sep 19430750Three British corvettes were sighted, but although Squalo was proceeding on her way to surrender, Girola elected to submerge.
  9 Sep 19431030The submarine Bragadino was encountered and after a discussion, the two commanders agreed to proceed to Augusta.
  9 Sep 19431110The same three British corvettes were sighted again, but no action was taken.
  9 Sep 19431210The same three British corvettes were sighted again, but no action was taken.
  9 Sep 19431510The submarine Bandiera came into view and the three submarine commanders met on board Bragadino to discuss the situation. There were some doubts as to the authenticity of the orders received, but at 2115 hours and these were confirmed and the three submarines proceeded to Augusta.

Squalo (SQ)17 Sep 19430545Augusta17 Sep 19431815Malta106Passage Augusta-Malta with submarines Bragadino, Vortice and Zoea.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)29 Apr 19441106Naples29 Apr 19441716Naples21Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)15 Jul 19440850Naples15 Jul 19441708Naples27Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)21 Jul 19440830Naples21 Jul 19441530Naples0Gyrocompass tests.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)30 Jul 19441734Naples31 Jul 19441858Augusta245,2Passage Naples-Augusta with the torpedo boat Fabrizi.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)4 Aug 19440900Augusta5 Aug 19441628Taranto262Passage Augusta-Taranto with the corvette Cormorano.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)7 Aug 19440755Taranto7 Aug 19441248Taranto37,5Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)11 Sep 19440800Taranto11 Sep 19441648Taranto53Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)15 Sep 19440805Taranto15 Sep 19441555Taranto39,5Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)26 Sep 19440740Taranto26 Sep 19441312Taranto37Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)6 Oct 19440809Taranto6 Oct 19441533Taranto28Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)6 Oct 19440809Taranto6 Oct 19441533Taranto28Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)8 Oct 19440850Taranto8 Oct 19441442Taranto37Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)8 Oct 19440850Taranto8 Oct 19441442Taranto37Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)15 Oct 19441223Taranto15 Oct 19441625Taranto26Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)15 Oct 19441223Taranto15 Oct 19441625Taranto26Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)23 Oct 19441530Taranto23 Oct 19442137Taranto24Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)29 Oct 19440723Taranto30 Oct 19441253Augusta248Passage Taranto-Augusta with the submarine Jalea and the torpedo boat Animoso.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)3 Nov 19440630Augusta4 Nov 19441455Malta214,2Passage Augusta-Malta with the submarine Jalea and the armed trawler HMT Stroma.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)7 Nov 19440608Malta7 Nov 19441348Malta59,5Sailed with the submarine Jalea for Port Said, but had to turn back due to defects.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)9 Nov 19440600Malta9 Nov 19441630Malta81,5Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)11 Nov 19440800Malta11 Nov 19441130Malta22Trials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)12 Nov 19440630Malta12 Nov 19441330MaltaTrials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)13 Nov 19440555Malta17 Nov 19441035Alexandria892Passage Malta-Alexandria.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)2 Dec 19441643Alexandria4 Dec 19440634Haifa312Passage Alexandria-Haifa with the submarine Zoea.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)12 Dec 19440727Haifa12 Dec 19441325Haifa32,5Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)13 Dec 19441630Haifa15 Dec 19440732Alexandria332Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)18 Dec 19440710Alexandria18 Dec 19441448Alexandria44Exercises with the escort destroyers HMS Wheatland and RHS Kanaris.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)21 Dec 19440930Alexandria21 Dec 19441650Alexandria44Exercises with the escort destroyer RHS Kanaris.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)23 Dec 19440635Alexandria23 Dec 19441504Alexandria51,5Exercises with the sloop HMS Crane.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)27 Dec 19440640Alexandria27 Dec 19441607AlexandriaDemagnetisation of the submarine.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)28 Dec 19440744Alexandria28 Dec 19441624AlexandriaDemagnetisation of the submarine.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)29 Dec 19440930Alexandria29 Dec 19441248AlexandriaTrials.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)3 Jan 19450640Alexandria4 Jan 19451553Haifa322Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)6 Jan 19450945Haifa7 Jan 19450117Haifa155Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)9 Jan 19450745Haifa10 Jan 19451300Haifa190,5Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)26 Jan 19450610Haifa27 Jan 19450110Haifa184Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)28 Jan 19451245Haifa29 Jan 19450105Haifa109Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)4 Feb 19451022Haifa4 Feb 19451522Haifa33Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)5 Feb 19451244Haifa5 Feb 19452230Haifa90Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)8 Feb 19451222Haifa8 Feb 19451939Haifa69Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)9 Feb 19451230Haifa9 Feb 19452110Haifa78Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)13 Feb 19451240Haifa13 Feb 19451943Haifa54Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)15 Feb 19451625Haifa17 Feb 19450645Alexandria333Passage Haifa-Alexandria.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)21 Feb 19451050Alexandria21 Feb 19451755Alexandria48Exercises with the destroyer HMS Penn and the frigate HMS Usk.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)1 Mar 19450815Alexandria3 Mar 19450900AlexandriaDocked.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)3 Mar 19451000Alexandria4 Mar 19451410Haifa308Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)23 Mar 19451135Haifa23 Mar 19452142Haifa105Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)24 Mar 19451140Haifa24 Mar 19452115Haifa92Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)27 Mar 19451135Haifa27 Mar 19452113Haifa101Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)30 Mar 19451133Haifa30 Mar 19451645Haifa55Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)5 Apr 19451130Haifa5 Apr 19452150Haifa107Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)6 Apr 19451135Haifa6 Apr 19452135Haifa100Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)7 Apr 19451139Haifa7 Apr 19452142Haifa85Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)10 Apr 19451132Haifa10 Apr 19452130Haifa90Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)11 Apr 19451135Haifa11 Apr 19452155Haifa90Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)17 Apr 19451135Haifa17 Apr 19452236Haifa112Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)18 Apr 19451240Haifa18 Apr 19452245Haifa95Exercises.

155 entries. 122 total patrol entries (8 marked as war patrols) and 41 events.

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