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Paolo Scrobogna

Born  12 Dec 1912
Died   1988(75)Treviso


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


Career information

H.6 (S.T.V. resp.): from 27.08.1940 to 07.09.1940.
PIETRO MICCA (S.T.V. First Officer): from 09.01.1942 to June 1942+.
Promoted to T.V. on ?
PIETRO MICCA (T.V. C.O.): from 20.02.1943. to 20.03.1943.
PIETRO MICCA (T.V. C.O.): from 08.06-1943 to 29.07.1943 (sunk, Scrobogna survived).
H.6 (T.V. C.O.): from 07.09.1943 to 13.09.1943. Joined RSI.

Commands listed for Paolo Scrobogna

Submarine Type Rank From To
H 6 (H6)CoastalS.T.V.27 Aug 19407 Sep 1940
Pietro Micca (MC)MinelayingT.V.8 Jun 194329 Jul 1943
H 6 (H6)CoastalT.V.7 Sep 194313 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Paolo Scrobogna

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Paolo Scrobogna

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
H 6 (H6)27 Aug 1940La Spezia27 Aug 1940La SpeziaRefit at La Spezia.

Pietro Micca (MC)12 Mar 19430830Taranto12 Mar 19431440Taranto47Trials.

Pietro Micca (MC)13 Jun 19430809Taranto13 Jun 19431200Taranto27,7Exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)14 Jun 19431744Taranto14 Jun 19432050Taranto29,5Exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)16 Jun 19431316Taranto16 Jun 19431811Taranto39,9Exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)6 Jul 19430648Taranto6 Jul 19431005TarantoExercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)14 Jul 19430540Taranto14 Jul 19431016TarantoExercises with the torpedo boats Partenope and Pallade.

1.Pietro Micca (MC)19 Jul 19430345Taranto20 Jul 19431415Taranto147Hydrophone watch in 39°49'N, 17°36'E, on a patrol line with Zoea.
  19 Jul 19430933At 0933 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by machine gun fire.
  19 Jul 19431015At 1015 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by machine gun fire.

2.Pietro Micca (MC)21 Jul 19430644Taranto23 Jul 19430658TarantoSailed with Zoea for hydrophone watch in 39°40'N, 17°30'E, east of Punta Alice (Gulf of Taranto). Uneventful.

3.Pietro Micca (MC)24 Jul 19431855Taranto29 Jul 19430605SunkMicca sailed from Taranto for Naples around Sicily. Due to defects she was forced to return to Taranto.At 0605 hours, on 29th July 1943, when 3 miles southwest of Cape Santa Maria di Leuca, she was torpedoed by HMS Trooper and sunk.
  29 Jul 19430605
0654.5 (e)
39° 45'N, 18° 17'EAt 0605 hours, Pietro Micca was returning to Taranto when two torpedo tracks were sighted. The first was avoided, but the second hit just aft of the conning tower and the submarine sank very quickly.

The culprit was the submarine HMS Trooper (Lieutenant G.S.C. Clarabut, RN). Two objects had been sighted at 0638C hours, in poor visibility. At 0645 hours, this was identified as a MARCELLO class submarine at a distance of 4,800 yards, steering 330° at 11-15 knots. The British submarine was handicapped because her ASDIC was out of action and enemy speed had to be estimated. The Italian submarine was then observed to alter course to 275°.

At 0654.5 hours, six torpedoes were fired at range of 4,600 yards and one hit was heard. A torpedo was a circler and missed the British submarine by passing over her stern so the result of the attack could not be observed.

Eighteen survivors (including T.V. Paolo Scrobogna) were picked up by the pilot vessel Vincenzo Dormio (F.81, 217 tons, built 1917), sent to escort her in, which arrived on the scene just after the attack. Two officers and fifty-two ratings perished. A number of vessels were immediately dispatched to attempt a rescue as it was believed that some survivors were in the forward section. These were the corvettes Sfinge, Pomona, Scimitarra and Driade and the auxiliary Monella (A.S.200). The submarine Onice was also sailed but was eventually diverted to Gallipoli.

Sfinge sailed from Taranto at 1125 hours, bringing several specialists with her, including Capitano G.N. Galbo (who had served on Micca) and five deep sea divers. The corvette reached the spot at 1600 hours, where she found Bormio, the auxiliary Monella and two minesweepers already there to give any assistance. The soundings by Sfinge revealed that the wreck was at a depth of 84 metres. The divers declared that this was beyond their capabilities and, reluctantly, the effort was abandoned.

In 1995, the wreck of Pietro Micca was located 2.5 miles - 241 ° from Santa Maria di Leuca or 45°30' N, 18°17.5' E in 82-84 meters of water.

H 6 (H6)7 Sep 19431610La Spezia8 Sep 19431530BonifacioPassage La Spezia-Bonifacio with the submarine Rismondo.

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