Naval Warfare Movies

Warships: Kriegsmarine German Navy 1914-1945

Producer: Periscope Film LLC

Published: 2008
Length: 90 min.

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Twice in the 20th Century Germany's navy, the Kriegsmarine, threatened England's dominance of the oceans. During WWI, Reinhard Scheer's fleet faced the full strength of the Royal Navy at Jutland and won a partial victory. Nevetheless Germany lost the war, in part because its reliance upon unrestricted submarine warfare brought the United States into the conflict. During WWII, U-boats decimated Allied shipping and nearly brought England to its knees. The surface fleet however could not hope to challenge the Royal Navy's might, and after the Bismarck's daring raid in 1941, its capitol ships rarely ventured beyond home waters. Featured on this DVD are rare German films from a U.S. Navy archive. Originally produced for civilians, these newsreels contain fascinating footage of the Kriegsmarine in WWI and WWII. This includes an historic sound film featuring the cruiser Scharnhorst, as well as silent films with historic music soundtracks featuring U-boats, battleships, and Germany's never-finished aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin. Please note: due to their age and rarity, audio and visual quality can vary. Films are in black and white. Soundtracks and intertitles are in German.

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