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The Hunt for Red October

Director: John McTiernan
Producer: Paramount
Starring: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Sam Neill, Vlado Benden, Michael George Benko

Published: 2008
Country: USA
Length: 135 min.
Keywords: Feature

This movie was originally made in 1990. This version is from 2008.

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Widescreen/Blu-Ray. PG rating. Hunt For Red October. A contemplative thriller by early 1990's standards, The Hunt For Red October was the first movie based on the successful Jack Ryan novels of Tom Clancy. Hunt for Red October stars Alec Baldwin as eccentric CIA analyst Ryan and Sean Connery as Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius. In the movie, Ramius sets the plot in motion when he murders his political adviser, burns his orders, and steers his sub Red October towards American waters, hoping to defect Robbed of much of the book's Cold War appeal by the time of its release, the movie was nonetheless embraced by American audiences; it was among the ten highest-grossing movies of 1990.

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